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Hopsin – “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6” + Album Announcement


18 July 2013 No Comment

Since beginning his “Ill Mind Of Hopsin” video series 4 years ago, Funk Volume Records co-founder Hopsin has already racked up nearly 120 million views to his YouTube channel, in addition to seeing his label thrust into the spotlight with the recent explosive success of artists Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton. Today he released the latest installment, “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6,” in which he details the experience of losing a childhood friend to drug addiction. The track will be featured on his highly anticipated upcoming album Knock Madness, which will be released on November 26. Known for explicitly detailing his struggle toward success as an independent artist, as well as scorching critiques of the current state of hip-hop music and its effects on youth culture, this new song and visual finds Hopsin delving deeply into perhaps his most personal material yet.


“I wanted to show what early wrong decisions can do to youngsters in the long run,” Hopsin begins, “I also wanted to show what they can possibly miss out on.” His staunch opposition against drug and alcohol usage has become a recurring theme in much of his work, and also stands in stark contrast to what most artists in the hip-hop community promote on a daily basis. Hopsin, however, has never been afraid to push boundaries and separate himself from the crowd.


Undoubtedly what stands out most is Hopsin’s lyrical content, prowess, and delivery, recalling the aggressive, in-your-face styles of Eminem, DMX and Tupac, some of his biggest influences, which was evident on his previous effort, 2010’s Raw. On Knock Madness, Hopsin says fans can expect his signature style, “just more enhanced, and I’m touching on more life topics.” With the astronomical success of his YouTube videos and Funk Volume’s skyrocketing visibility, 2013 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for this talented artist.

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