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Title: Latest from Just Blaze!!!
Post by: MaddStone on September 24, 2007, 01:12:29 AM
Just peeped something from Just Blaze:

"You get to a certain point where you look at everything thatís going on within the culture overall.  And you get to a certain point where you start to wonderÖ what happened?

Then you realize itís not a cultire anymore, itís a business. Well, it is a culture that has BECOME a business, which is always a gift and a curse.

The curse is starting to get on my nerves.

Or like Timbo The King (who apparently has some not so nice things to say about me in the final Scratch mag, but thatís okay), Iím bored.

Thought I maybe needed to switch it up a bit, so Iím working on some stuff for Jennifer Hudson right now. Cut a few songs,  this one record is retarded. If you liked "Throwback", youíll LOVE this.. some real

cla**ic soul.

(If it makes the cut that is)

Saigon video shoot this weeked, and mastering the rest of the album shortly after.

Looks like they want to do a 4th quarter release after allÖ serious gamble but that this point, heyÖ.why not.

See you on the other side.

PS. Remember you have never heard me talk about release dates, or even time frames before, so donít start with the "heard it all before, just put the album out/leak more songs already"  nonsense .

ĎCause youíve never heard anything from meÖ until now.

More updates and rants in due time, probably sooner than later. Some other things are about to happen."

And that was str8 from the man himself.Keen to check Saigon album & the Jennifer Hudson material.Niceness. :wink:
Title: Latest from Just Blaze!!!
Post by: MaddStone on September 24, 2007, 01:27:09 AM
I just totally enjoy Just Blaze's random thoughts and insights into certain industry things.Check below:

"Iím not gonna get too much into this, but the whole Kanye/50 thing is the talk of the town and quite a few people have asked my take on it. Gorilla vs. Teddy Bear, SuperVillain vs. Joe Everyman, David vs.. well you get the picture. Anyway. Iíve just been sitting back and watching, from the inside and out, and listening to what everyoneís been saying. I came across my main man Jay Smoothís vlog asking consumers to boycott BOTH albums in order to further breakdown whatís left of the industry so it can be properly rebuilt. I wholeheartedly agree with most of what he said for the most part but (and do NOT turn this into a Just vs. JayÖ unless he plays Fight Night) in light of this weeks numbers, the boycott obviously didnt happen. Like i said I agree for the most part, but my take on it is slightly different. If you look at the numbers, compared to the majority of sales this year, one point is strongly proven. PEOPLE WILL STILL BUY GOOD MUSIC. There are songs I like and dislike on both albums, but theyre were both solid albums, and better than most that came out this year.  It doesnt matter who sold exactly what, but between Ye, 50 and the Country Guy, almost 2 million records were purchased last week. More than some labelís entire hip-hop rosters sold in the past 12 months. Now granted of course there was a huge hype machine behind 2 out of the 3, but at the end of the day, people donít always feed into the hype machines, as we all know, and they arenít as stupid as we generally a**ume the ma**es to be. While I do agree that there definitely needs to be some destruction and reconstruction in the music business overall, good music also needs to be made.  I think the problem is partially due to an antiquated and ineffective buisness model, as well as an abundance of artists/labels not making a product pepole actually feel compelled to buy.

Iím not totally sour on all music  right now, and I donít turn my nose up at something just because itís what "the kids" are into todayÖ (I get a huge kick out of Soulja Boy, tho Iím not bumping it) But there has to be a balance.  Pop music is just that. Popular music, and has been here sinceÖ. well forever. Always will be too. Speaking of Soulja Boy, all you people who hate on records like that, Chicken Noodle Soup, Lip Gloss, etc. Shut up. I mean really. these are kids.  Theyíre like 15, 16! You act like its a grown 30 year old woman or man making these records. Theyíre made by some (mostly) talented kidsÖ FOR kids for the most part. Nothing more than todayís "Ieshaís" and "Playgroundís" I mean, if some 16 year old kid came out pushin weight and bussin his gun for his man in the feds, thatís when Iíd have a problem. Let a kid be a kid. When T.I. makes "Tomato Grilled Cheese and a 20 oz. Snapple", get mad. But yes, balance is another thing that is sorely missing.

Anyway back to my original point: Artists, labels, A&Rís, etc.  Stop blaming the internet, DJís,  mixtapes, the Africans, and the Chinese. Granted we will probably never see the days of an album selling 15 million physical copies anymore, but if you,  help BUILD, push,  market, and provide opportunities for the artists you sign ,your results may be a little better than they have been.  Find artsts, who are just that.. true artists, who arenít just trying to churn out something that sounds like the 10 other records that just played on the radio. And if the people can relate to, look up to, or just plain love them somehow, even better. I mean how many records are out there that are huge, and the people know nothing about the artist themselves?..  and donít care to. They just wana bounce to it in the club and drive homeÖ (while listening to a CD they might have actually BOUGHT).  I know you donít find Kanyeís 50 Centís and Country Guys all the time, but the cookie cutters are getting dull, and people need something a little more tanglible right now. And if they can actually FEEL it.. they might just BUY itÖ you canít dance all the time. Yor feet will hurt after a while.

Im sorry if none of this makes any sense. Iíve had a rough few days and itís 630 a.m. Iím also full aware there are MANY problems that the decline is a result of. This is just one that crossed my mind and Iím too drained to get into any more of it right now .My heart is in the right place though, even if my mind isnít. Maybe Iíll re-write it or add on ater."

No wonder I dig dude......