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Title: Cape Town Rock Bubble
Post by: MaddStone on November 29, 2004, 09:07:00 AM
Just thought I´d hit peeps up on non-hip hop related music again.This CPT band is gonna be hitting The whole of SA hard next year.One of the tightest rock bands out there at the mo.They toured with Saron gas a few times and been paying major dues.Dudes r madd cool and been working hard on their debut.

Gigging extensively in Jan next year and r a tight live act.If u get the chance peep them.U wont be disappointed.Song from EP, peep the link.Luv this song:

The Wayne Joshua Band - Gone Too Far
Title: Cape Town Rock Bubble
Post by: MaddStone on November 30, 2004, 06:34:00 PM
Some more info and update on this phenomenal band:

`The Wayne Joshua Band` has officially been signed up to Musketeer Records (Saron Gas, Seether, Candice Hillebrand, Fevertree) and have changed their name to, `Fahrenheit`. All will be made public knowledge via Radio and Publicity in Feb 2005`. See ya soon!

Fahrenheit Debut Album in Stores Countrywide Feb 2005.

I cant wait.I gotta link with the boys and hear some snippets of this album´s beauty.It´s sure to be tight.They never disappoint. :-]
Title: Cape Town Rock Bubble
Post by: Naturelle on November 30, 2004, 07:24:00 PM
I prefer their first name better but what do i know.

Yeah theres a lotta talent in SA especially Rock and Hiphop. Pity most artists hav to sign to US based record companies to be noticed.
Proof that our music is billboard chart material is Seether. Collaborating with the big guns and having ur vid on constant rotation on MTV. Seether has  made can too.
Title: Cape Town Rock Bubble
Post by: MaddStone on November 30, 2004, 07:29:00 PM
So right Nat, in reference to the signing to US labels.SA industry needs to back our artists more.We have major talent, just need the capital.

As for their original name, it was really cool, but I´ll ask them why they changed it.Anyways, DL the song.Its really really tight.
Title: Cape Town Rock Bubble
Post by: Original Syn on December 02, 2004, 12:51:00 PM
AAAKKKKKCHOOOOOO-ELLLY, Seether is a  great example of how the US takes our shit, repackages it and sells it back to us for 50times the price.

The only member of the original Saron Gas to be in Seether is the lead singer. Within 2 months of them getting to the US after bein signed, the label decided he was the seriously marketable one, so they dropped the rest of the band, sent the frontman to gym, voice coaches and stylists and set him up with the lead singer from Evanescense and then put him in front of a bunch of (American) former session musicians who never made any original material, Oh and they gave him a writing advisor so he they cud make his lyrics more commercially viable.

He went with it, dropped his friends of 15 years and bought the american nightmare. The rest of the band are back in SA trying to make their livings as session musicians in Durbs and Jozi, they lookin to put a new band 2getha, just they findin a new frontperson.

I luved Saron Gas, they were raw and really gifted, his lyrics were poignant and real, and the band played with emotion, what the fuk was wrong with that?

This industry is a bitch for real.
Title: Cape Town Rock Bubble
Post by: MaddStone on December 02, 2004, 05:28:00 PM
Yeah, u can say that again and again and again.It is a female dog and its not pretty like that.U just gotta make choices that will determine ur integrity and all.