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Title: Ntale's Groove
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African diaspora journey through music. Check it out!

The concept behind Ntale’s Groove started with one simple question: Where am I from? Over the years I have become obsessed with finding the African roots to my heritage. But like most African Americans, I can only trace my lineage back to my great grandfather. Slavery and Segregation have made make it virtually impossible for me to go back any further. Ntale’s Groove serves as my imaginary journey to Africa through music. Ntale’s Groove touches on numerous genres throughout the African Diaspora and attempts to show that groove is the glue that links black music throughout the world. This project also attempts to reconcile my own vision of Africa with its much harsher, more complicated reality.

Starting January 7th on Laid Back Radio, I will be releasing one song per week over an 11 weeks period. Each song release will be accompanied with a short story written by author Bayo Awseu. In each of the short stories Bayo abstracts Ntale into his own character who is searching for his place in the world around him.

I recorded the “Behind Ntale’s Groove Radio Show” to showcase musicians that played on the album. This show features original compositions from some of the Ntale’s Groove musicians as well as music that influenced the making of the album.**icbeatz-kampala-hustle-ntales-groove