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Title: Hip Hop crossing over
Post by: N.A 187 on February 20, 2011, 11:12:32 AM
For Hip Hop to grow and reach the largest ma**es should the movement cross over. Most heads would debate that hip hop is loosing is purest form. Publications are mostly showcasing artists who are willing to cross over and blend the verbalism with other genres.

Music is a universal language that bouds down to expression wether about how we feel about current world issues or our history yet should hip hop expand in all these dimesions wont it loose its core form? Slick Rick adapted the European flavoure of Drum and Ba** and laced it well with his profound story telling concepts. Lately the likes of Kanye West dwell on the metronone which a lot of underground cats tend to renoun played out. This too can be viewed as a form of crossing over.
The likes of Ray Charles won their Grammies through crossing over, before that their were only popular around their own country. With lengardy artists such as Chucka khan, Teddy Pendagra**, Marvin Gay..etc being  sampled by even the most confrontational artists like Blu-Below the heavens, Canibus-Whats going on, Rhymfest-sister or Jay-z-ignorant on their casual tracks who's to say sampling is not crossing over or that crossing over is selling out. Most of the songs mentioned here sold millions but does this guerantee artists that crossing over will get you ma** appeal?