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General Discussion / SA HIP HOP IN schools
« on: October 10, 2008, 08:03:58 PM »
I had 2 share this,i just got to my mom's place a few minutes ago.(it's sumwhere in n isolated area in the eden of AFRICA;LIMPOPO ),bored thinkin abt otha stuf i need 2 do once i get back 2 pta,then i picked up my little sister's school file filled with tests in it(grade 5/standard 3 for de old school)one of the tests got  a question askin about a well known sa hip hop group,the answer been black noise,n she got it ryt,mo hip hop questions n she got 84%

General Discussion / beta mode is out
« on: September 19, 2008, 05:51:27 PM »
Sup people

Just letting you know that Beta mode is finally out, feel free to browse around to get familiar with the place.
At the moment we only have basic features and capabilities in place, we are currently working on some of the features and updating this site almost daily. We still working on the layout as well, but it's browseable if there's such a word.
And the Mobile Application will be released by the end of September (or in 2 weeks time), so lookout for that. So in the meantime, do signup and expect a lot of great things to follow...It's FREE to signup.

For those who've never heard what the whole initiative is about, well is based on a study of the music industry's lows and highs, and the imbalances that exist (that is imbalances in the followed regulations governing music, and imbalances in between getting the music from the artists to the consumers; with some existing music delivery methods been unaccomodating/unfair to artists while some are unfair to the consumers or whoever is responsible for the delivery method) These imbalances have kept world wide music sales about $36.9 Billion lower than the 1996 sales.
Therefore is about finding a balance, satisfying the artists, those involved in working music delivery methods and the consumers. is a combination of All the music delivery methods that are in someway currrently satisfactory (radio/tv music chart shows, etc) with some practices that work in other industries (loyalty/affiliate programs, etc)
In other words, is about finding everyway possible (includes Cool Stuff,Gigs Around and My Account) to bring about a balance that FORCES music sales while satisfying the most people in the process.

I could go on and on, but most of the features have not been updated yet so this is where i'll stop. But one feature to lookout for is the loyalty program (ours is a multilevel program without any meetings or joining fee), meaning when people download some stuff, it's not only the artist that will get paid, but the person downloading will also earn some cash.That is coming soon

At the moment it's still a lot of work in progress but we should soon be bringing you the final product.

I am now tired but need to keep working so people, dont forget to checkout


Media / Re: Rhyme and Reason
« on: July 30, 2008, 11:16:02 PM »
I believe Rhyme & Reason and many other music shows are great platforms which we need to exploit to the full.i think we often underestimate what can be done through these shows,and that is our main problem. The songs played on these shows could burn the sun (quality of sa music has reached a level where it's jus heat waves al de way).we've gotten far but we not at the end yet,we stil got some way to go, sittin and complainin about the distance we stil need to go aint gon get us where we want to see ourselves.Can all the artists that i haven't contacted about givin feedback on our solution please send me a PM

Media / Re: Rhyme and Reason
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:57:00 PM »

As you might have noticed, i don't post much and that is because i try to avoid wasting time on nothing as much as possible.

I saw this thread some time back, but was late for a meeting so i couldn't comment.

Lets unite and start finding answers.
Lets CREATE a REAL industry rather than continuously informing everyone that the current industry is an illusion. We all know that!
Whats the way forward into a REAL industry.

Now that is something i would have told you back in 2003, during the times of Open Mic set and the show that was on 5FM with Dj Kamza. That is the time i started to look for a solution. That is one of the main reasons why i made sure i moved from Limpopo to Gauteng, but i'll come back to that later.

I'm biased (a little bit) but if I think of shows like the Hiphocalypse, Headwarmers, the show on TUT and (I haven't heard it, but I've been told good things) The Bridge, and I think about what is possible with hip-hop radio, then I look at Metro and...
a**uming that's Top Stereo you talking about

I had a flat mate last year, cool, big hip hop fan and REAL guy (In a harsh way, he made me focus on the solution much more by pointing out some of my ignorant ways when he realized i was onto something that could be the solution). Anyway, he was at Tukies and told me about the TUT show and that he attends some lectures with the host, so that's how i found out about the Station, he followed the show religiously.
The station doesn't have a website so i had to go to the campus to find those in charge, met Dj Guru, cool guy that even followed up on my communications with his BAAS.

Now the baas, Jeremy Thorpe (yes the black station is run by a white guy). Called him, got his email address in which i told him i wanted to share an idea that will help promote artists more and force music sales for the music the station plays. And as a reply he accussed me of been one of "Organizations and people trying to piggy bank on the success of the station" ::)

But hopefully soon he'll be forced to contact me about that because it's unfair that he's not prepared to do more to promote the artists that make people listen to his station.

Back to the solution. From 2005, i've spent a lot of time researching, learnign new skills and coming up with a model that would be great and fair to all involved in music (artist,radio,tv,consumer, etc) and the laws that control music. After a lot of distractions along the way, early this year (2008), I managed to get a Tukies programming student who does most of the programing (smart Indian guy). This dude was supposed to finish up his degree but about 2 months back, Parallel interviewed him, he showed them part of the work he had done on my project and he was hired on the spot, left Tukies and now earning a pretty pay.[that's just so you know this is serious]

I had a post about a survey (received over 200 views) that i'm doing, just trying to get some artists' views on the basics of the project and i have to say i've found it quite funny that the only person who responded (Dplanet) is a guy that didn't take part in the complaining in this thread.

Was waiting for Cash...nothing, Nyam...nothing, All other artists on AG sayin they trying to do big things...nothing

Try research the world wide music sales and see why after hard lessons learnt, Universal, SonyBMG, Emi,Warner and many other recording companies joined more than 400 different experimental music delivery methods since 2006 (with most joined in 2007)

What happened to
Lets unite and start finding answers
Are we prepared to search and test out the answers?

here is the link to the post:

General Discussion / Re: Survey
« on: July 02, 2008, 05:41:38 PM »
ok u lost me at.......... wait u neva had me. dude i would love to help u out bt lets be real du really expect me read al dat!!!

Dude thanks for at least staring at the post...that's something

To all my "non-black" people reading this, please ignore the quote above...Black people do read.

@New, Jack hope you really find the link useful

@NewbiesRule ...................... at least you didn't complain

Found another interesting link which deals more about copyright laws which don't seem to really work in the 21st century. The article was written by some old guy from harvard (stand to be corrected), very informal and extremely long (i haven't finished reading it my self).

@spongebob dude,  dont worry you already excused from reading this, if i eva hav time to,i'll photoshop the whole article as suggested

the article is at:
it's an old article so it might be a bit outdated with some points

Respect and love to all

Please don't forget to hit me up with your details if you'll like to take part in the survey

Be kind enough to send me a PM so i can send you a summary of the project for you to go through and let me know what you think of it.

Please indicate:
Your Name
Country and City
Email address

Please indicate If your are:

1. Artist (which will include the singer/rapper, producer and anyone else involved in song recording).

2. Indie or Signed?

3. Just a Recording company or Working at a broadcasting station (radio/tv)

General Discussion / Survey
« on: July 01, 2008, 05:54:25 PM »
Sup ppl

Man aint been here for a very long time :o been finishing up a 4 year old project...just putting final touches to it :) glad i'm done

For those who down with stats; you know that world wide music sales are still down 8% (that's from about US$39 billion to US$2.9 billion), Although SA is up 2%, at the time we are at, and the level of quality of our music we should have been doing much more better (comparing the music to before 1996). Partly to blame was the big recording companies because of slow reaction to consumers' preference of digital music to CDs. Now that the Big 4 are awake, we've seen a lot of new experimental music delivery methods emerge since 2006. e.g BEBO, eMusic, Spiralfrog, Omnifone, etc...
We've built a delivery method that we believe should work to force sales and music promotion to go up (took about a year of research and 7 months coding/programming).

When i personally started putting the project together officially in 2005, it was just about getting SA music (mainly hip hop) to other continents but soon had to shut the project down (after getting contacts in Japan, all over Europe, US and Africa) because i realized there was more to the problem and i've been working on a music delivery system/method that i believe should be fair to consumers, artists, and broadcasting stations and we've finally put together something that will work for all under the music control Laws we currently have in place (Was difficult cause the old model laws do not work so much anymore, slowing growth down). There are a couple of imbalance(s) in the whole industry that we've been addressing with the project.

Anywho...I'm currently busy with a survey, just trying to find out from artists, recording companies, consumers and broadcasting station managers if they think the project is something they will support and if there are improvements that we'll have to be done immediately.

So please be kind enough to send me PM so i can send you a summary of the project for you to go through and let me know what you think of it.

Please indicate:
Your Name
Country and City
Email address

Please indicate If your are:

1. Artist (which will include the singer/rapper, producer and anyone else involved in song recording).

2. Indie or Signed?

3. Just a Recording company or Working at a broadcasting station (radio/tv)

Thanks in advance to those that will be kind enough to hit me up.

Almost forgot, Checkout for the stats.

Producers - Production Showcase / Back with more hot beats
« on: September 05, 2007, 09:44:32 AM »
Sup ppl,so after 2 whole weeks,there isn't even 1 dat good or really bad?please jus take 5 minutes of ur tym 2 folo de link n let me know wat u think of the beats i put up here:

Producers - Production Showcase / Back with more hot beats
« on: August 24, 2007, 07:32:08 PM »
Sup all

Back again, jus bn a lil busy trying to survive dis lyf and got a lil sidetracked while doin dat.

Back with some new beats for you to check a nice playlist for yal on my site.

Got a dancehal track that i did for de wicked dancers and your's cald "my jamaica"

Also got a lil colab i did with Dali Lama(which he dont know abt) usin a plugin i got from somewher,hot track...check dat out

Finaly got a midi keyboard controller and still not good with dem keys but getn there,chk out a track calld "hitin dem keys" for de piano ppl.

I 4got what else i put there, you'll tel me about it...and for those busy with mixtapes anytime soon or know of someone dat is,let me know what you think of the beats...

Critics are very welcome s wel...even haters cos i'll jus brush it of and keep building de craft

De site is:

Producers - Discussion / whatever type of production you into
« on: April 21, 2007, 05:33:10 PM »
if you dont know this site already well then here it is

Mr. Pretoria once put a link to vids featuring a vid by this guy, much more nice stuf.all those production stuff made too easy :idea:  for fl,Reason and whole buch of other production ways

enjoy at:

Producers - Discussion / On tha Fly
« on: March 28, 2007, 10:00:41 PM »
MPC/E-mu GM Sound Module/ Midi Keyboard mixed down to Minidisc. No Pc

looking forward to hearing what that is all about.
downloading right now

Producers - Discussion / New Beats
« on: March 09, 2007, 11:24:49 PM »
I c u practice wat u preachd 2 me abt de quality of de kicks n de ba**,very nice,sum dude who was abt 2 liv de flat overheard me playin de beat,he didnt wan liv wen he listend carefuly 2 de 1st beat,he arrivd late 4 his test,nice stuf 4 my laid back chilin days

Producers - Discussion / Much improved sound(tested fully workin site)
« on: March 09, 2007, 08:39:53 PM »
Know it took me 2 long 2 get back 2 de feedback of de beat,4 those that dont know,it was engineerin test week in tuks so it bn hectic week:(¶thanks to al those that actually took the time out 2 check de beat out,especially those that gave feedback.¶Beloe,u got ryt vision,de idea was havin more about 4 peopl with atleast 1 lady included in de whole song n jus goin crazy on de beat,stuf that was in my head was sicker than al "touch it" remixes.¶Syc i appreciate ur input a lot,u de 1 that told me about dis site,i checked ur stuf out n thought dey's crazy tyt n now u actually like wat i do,felt gud afta readin ur feedback.¶to al those that jus come in n nt check de beat,pls check it out at

I just fixed the controlls on the beautifully so please check this beat out and let me know what you think.


I've never been so irritated by codes in my life and dont get me wrong i love writing codes.I had to switch to flash,you'll be promted to download the player.

Click play or directly on the song

Producers - Discussion / much improved sound
« on: March 05, 2007, 10:56:10 PM »
nothin, happening on that site.

Sorry about that, as you can see i posted this very late, right after i uploaded the beat so i didn't notice that the controlls are not working

But the sound still loads about 40 seconds after the site is opened, only proplem is that you cant controll anything but you can still here the sound

I'll fix the controlls to make it easier for you to check the beat

Producers - Discussion / much improved sound
« on: March 03, 2007, 11:57:55 PM »
Sup people, thanks for your feedback from last time.lot of thanks to Bondizzo, just downloaded your beats, looking forward to checking them out, i took your advice and got my self some new drumkits plus fl7 has new hot plugings.

So anyone please tell me what you think of this sound, it's my first beat in a long time, focus a bit more on the kicks which were weak before.

I just cooked this beat today so i'm still loving it, you think i got good reason to?

play the sound here

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