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General Discussion / Black Noise new track "Black is Back"
« on: August 05, 2013, 01:32:58 PM »

Here is the link to the video:- 
Black Noise is South Africa’s 1st hip hop crew, created in 1988 from the remainder of break-dancers from 1982. 2013 sees the 25th anniversary of this now legendary group. ‘Black Is Back’ is the new single from Black Noise as they prepare to celebrate their landmark 25th Anniversary. Black Noise is currently in studio recording a new album. Check their discography at:-

Emile YX? ( the anchor of Black Noise is on his 3rd season of the popular TV series ‘Step Up Or Step Out’, while also working on a book about the history of Hip Hop in Cape Town. New members DJ Madfingaz & Jean-Pierre contribute a fresh approach to the crew. DJ Madfingaz is a 20 year hip hop veteran that recently won the GHFM’s SMOOTHIES DJ competition and does a weekly live mix on GHFM’s drive show. Jean-Pierre holds numerous commercial radio hits under his belt. ‘Black Is Back’ features the stunning Nikki Autumn on vocals & Dale Costa Fortune on the songs production and video.

Black Noise contact details:
Emile Jansen
Mobile:      082 3958125

Black Noise Biog:

Black Noise was started from the remainder of the original Breakdancers/ B-Boys of 1982. Members came from breakdance crews like Pop Glide Crew, Supreme Rockers, Jam Rock crew and Balistic Rock. Originally named The Chill Convention,
 In 1988 the legendary pioneer South African Hip Hop Group, Black Noise was formed. In 1990 they released their 1st CD, Pumpin Loose Da Juice with Tusk records. Black Noise have since recorded and released all their CDs independently. They have also toured themselves to Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Holland, England, Italy, Namibia and the USA. Black Noise has also performed with South African and International musical legends like Robbie Jansen, Hilton Schilder, Basil “Manenberg” Coetzee, The Rockets, Brenda Fa**ie, Hugh Masekela, Manu Dibungo, Salif Keita, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Steve Hofmeyer, Celtic Rumours, Little Sister, Dr Victor, Marc Alex, Prophets of Da City, Goddessa, 2 Unlimited, Shabba Ranks, Duran Duran, Sybil, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Black Thought of the Roots, Joe, Snoop Doggy Dog, Pharrell, Sean Paul and many more.   
In 1992, through Emile and Desiree, Black Noise created the Do For Self Concept and toured their own community, doing the “What is Hip Hop?” library tour that was followed by workshops teaching breakdancing. In 1993 Emile created Da Juice Hip Hop Magazine.  In 1995 they released Black Noise 2nd CD, Rebirth. In that same year Black Noise released a ca**ette named “Black Facts”, in St Louis, Missouri, USA. In 1996 they released Black Noise 3rd CD Hip Hop wont Stop. 1997 Black Noise crew entered Battle of the Year, World Breakdance Champs and won 3rd forSouth Africa in the world. In 1997 Black Noise released a rough sessions CD called Questions. In 1998 Emile was the first to bring Capoeira to Cape Town, in the form of ABADA Capoeira. In 1999 we hosted Battle of the Year South Africa and selected the first South Africa Allstar team to represent South Africa at the World Champs in Germany. In 2000, the South Africa breakdance team won 4th in the world. In 2001 Black Noise released their 4th CD Circles of Fire. A track from that CD, “Keep on Dancing”,  was selected for the Battle of the Year compilation. Emile then toured Black Noise to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Holland. In 2003 Black Noise 5th CD Rotational High.  Emile also released his own solo CD called Who Am I?  and in 2005 wrote a book called My Hip Hop is African & Proud. In 2006 Black Noise released their 6th CD called Getcha on the Floor. In 2006 Emile released a CD called Conquering Lions with Angolan artist Jamayka Poston which was followed by his 2nd Solo CD called Roar-Live it Loud. Emile also judged at the Red Bull BC One World one on one breakdance Champs hosted in JHB. Through Emile YX? and Heal the Hood Project, Black Noise has released 6 compilations CDs and 5 local artists CDs, Graffit magazine for Mak1 and a book called RAPSS. Black Noise teaches the positive side of hip hop culture globally and through Emile & Heal the Hood hosts the event Shut Just Dance, African Hip Hop Indaba, Battle of the Year, R16, Freestyle Session, Cape Flats Uprising and African Battle Cry.

Some of Black Noise Achievements
1988 – finalists in the regional Shell Road to Fame, change from Chill Convention to Black Noise
1989 – Mayors Award for Greening the City rap
1990 - Most Promising New Artists in Supercurl Contest, performed with Yvonne Chaka Chaka
1991 - Performed with Brenda Fa**ie & Marc Alex. Tour to Johannesburg
1992 – Signed with Tusk records & release Pumpin’ Loose Da Juice
1993 - first place on top 10 on Radio Metro with song “A Day After” & Da Juice Magazine is born
1993 - Perform with 2Unlimited and Duran Duran
1994 - Do For Self Concerts and Concept is born.
1994 – a**isted with Voters Education Tour prior to the first election in South Africa
1994 – Participated in the ANC election campaign, Performed with Shabba Ranks
1994 – Represented South Africa at the  Universal Zulu "Hip Hop" Nation anniversary in New York
1995 – Black Noise tour Sweden with the promotion of UN movie about youth
1996 – Record and release “Rebirth” independently in South Africa and Missouri, USA
1997 – winners of 3rd place at Battle of the Year, World breakdancing Champs in Germany
1997 - Toured with Senegalese Rap Group  Positive Black Soul
1997 - First group to record on Robben Island with Mike-T-Frank, Artists-in-Residence Programme
1997 – Launch African Battle Cry to teach hip hop in South Africa, toured Namibia & Belgium
1998 – Tour Sweden and Germany, performed with Manu Dibangu
1998 – record and release “Hip Hop Won’t Stop”, independently
1999 – Tour nationally to promote hip hop especially break-dancing
1999 – a**ist in hosting the South African leg of the World Break-dance Champs, Battle of the Year
2000 – a**ist in hosting the first 4 day African Hip Hop Indaba & S.A. leg of World Break-dance Champs
2000 – Tour Germany, Sweden  & S.A. Team wins 4th at World Break Champs
2001 – One of first 8 groups to get funded by MMINO
2001 – Release of 4th Album “Circles of Fire”
2002 – Tour Sweden and established Heal the Hood Sweden
2002 - Perform at Black August with Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez
2003 – Release of 5th Album “Rotational High” with Integral Music AB , Sweden
2003 – Performed at Alsang Pa Skansen, huge Swedish National live TV broadcast
2004 - Tour Sweden, Holland, Norway and release "Jam Sessions" & Hip Hop How To DVD
2004 - Perform with Joe and a**isted the ANC in their election campaign
2005 – Tour Norway and Sweden
2006 – Tour Sweden and release Hip Hop How to DVD 2
2007 – Tour Schools as part of Anti – tik drug Campaign on the Cape Flats
2007 – Emile YX? releases 2nd Solo Album, ROAR – Live it Loud
2007 – Emile YX? wins Community Builder Award
2007 – Black Noise takes a break from performance as members do solo albums and work
2007 – Emile YX? tours Heal the Hood to Norway, Italy and England
2008 – Black Noise members regroup for 20th Anniversary “Best of Black Noise CD & Tour”
2009 -  Black Noise tours nationally with Heal the Hood project
2010 -  Black Noise participates in the World Cup Fan-park performances
2010 - Black Noise members Emile YX? and Angelo represent the group in Washington DC as part of an exchange
2011 - Black Noise participate in a Sprite funded tour to promote the African hip Hop Indaba throughout the Western Cape
2012 - Black Noise releases a song and video called "Black noise born and bred on the Cape Flats
2013 - Black Noise regroups with new MC JP and DJ Madfingaz and release Black is Back song and video 
Over the years Black Noise has worked and performed on the same stages as many local and international artists like Robbie Jansen, Hilton Schilder, Basil Manenberg Coetzee, The Rockets, Prophets of the City, Brenda Fa**ie,Yvonne Chaka Chaka, TheUsual, Marc Alex, Wired to the Floor, Sons of Sela**ie, Little Sister, Roots Rockers, N2, Tina Schouw, Syndicate Sisters, Steve Hoffmeyer, Kurt Darren, Jitsvinger, Shane Cooper, Vicky Sampson, Jennifer Jones, Zane Adams, The Boyz Manu Dibango, Salif Keita, Baba Maal, Moodphase 5, Godessa, BVK, Zola, Mr Devious, Freshlyground, HHP, Gumshev, Jitsvinger, Jack Parow, Kyle Sheperd, Boomshaka, Daddy Boastin', Fatima Rainey, Black Thought of The Roots, Talib Kweli, Joe, Duran Duran, 2Unlimited, Dr Alban, Shabba Ranks, Dead Prez, Mario, Snoop Dog, Joe, Canibus, Def P, Akwazi, Sean Paul, Pharrel Williams, K’naan and Arrested Development to name a few.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

On the 26th & 27th July, help me fill Artscape Theater with 1500 kids who can't afford going to the theater  Buy a R 60 ticket or 2 to BREAK & Break the norm that fuels the Cape Flats societal ills storm. email me at if you want us to give the tickets to kids we work with. Thanks.

I'm trying to fill the Artscape Theater for this HIP HOP DANCE THEATER production called "BREAK" with kids that can't afford to and never have attended Artscape Theater. We are asking people to buy tickets that we will give to kids that we work with from Blikkiesdorp, Khayelitsha, Lavender Hill, Lotus River, Manenberg, Mitchells Plain, Ceres, Atlantis etc ... Tickets are R 60 each. Please forward my request to others who may be able to a**ist. Link to compu-ticket to buy it online. Send us the confirmation when you have purchased the ticket. I am trying to get 150 people to a**ist us to get 10 friends to buy a ticket each for themselves or for the kids that we or they work with.
People from outside of South Africa have been finding it hard to buy BREAK tickets for kids from compu-ticket, so please Electronically Transfer your donation to:-
Name:- Heal the Hood Project
Bank:- Standard Bank
Branch:- Blue Route
Branch Code:- 025609
Account #:- 072055065
Swift Code:- SBZAZAJJ

Bringing Revolutionary Experiences Awakening Kids

First we took them by bus to Worcester and Manenberg with "Hip Hop by Bus" and "Project Breaking", then we took them on a walk up Table Mountain, with "Up the Rock", then we took them surfing with our "Learn to Surf Day" and NOW, through "B.R.E.A.K" we will bring youth from the economically poorer areas to Artscape Theater to watch the Hip Hop Theater Production called BREAK.

I initially created the concept "Mixing it Up", a Hip Hop Dance Theater Production in the hope of creating work for dancers. Last night I asked myself the question, who will they be performing for and who will be impressed the most by seeing the young dancers in this space?

I suddenly realized that with "BREAK", I also wish to create new spectators and sense of responsibility among our global community. Most of these dancers in our production have never been exposed to Hip Hop Dance Theater before, because Hip Hop and our "streets"(economically poorer communities) are seldom able to attend the theater. We now also want to break the cycle of economic exclusion that fuels the hopelessness, violence and crime on the Cape Flats. We can do this  by asking others who can, to buy tickets for kids who can't.

Not only will "Break" be a break from the norm, break of peoples perception of what South African Hip Hop Dance is, break from stereotypes of who we are and who we have to be, but we have decided that break should also be an acronym for Bringing Revolutionary Experiences Awakening Kids. So, keeping that in mind, we are getting local and international friends and family to buy tickets and pay for transport for kids from Khayelitsha, Manenberg, Delft, Lavender Hill, Mitchells Plain, Scottsville, Bonteheuwel, Hanover Park, Hout Bay, Ocean View, Cloetesville Stellenbosch, Blikkiesdorp, etc to come and watch our creation.

We have already had purchases of tickets from the USA, Sweden, Cape Town and I have purchased 10 tickets myself to challenge others to stop complaining and take action. I ask that others also "Be the change they wish to see in the world" by buying a ticket of R60 for a kid and we can change our reality. This is not giving a man a fish, but giving them an experience they will never forget and which might change their lives forever.

"Change starts with me, my family, community, city, country, continent, world."

Love and Light to you all,
God Bless
Emile YX?

Hip Hop Events / Re: African Battle Cry 2012 3rd Nov - 22 Dec
« on: November 21, 2012, 02:16:50 PM »
Please go check out this Saturdays event

Heal the Hood & Kraaifontein Hip Hop will be hosting workshops in b-boying, MC survival kit, Krump, DJing at Club Detriot in Kraaifontein, followed by dance showcases and battles and MC performances

Starts at 1pm - 6 pm cover charge is R10

Hip Hop Events / African Battle Cry 2012 3rd Nov - 22 Dec
« on: October 22, 2012, 08:38:05 PM »
AFRICAN BATTLE CRY 2012 - 3RD NOV -22 DEC 2012 -

Anyone interested in including their communities in the Western Cape African Battle Cry, please contact me to be included. or 0823958125 

Saturday   3rd November 2012 - ABC Launch Event/ Meeting in City
Sunday 4th November 2012 - Heal the Hood at V & A Waterfront Amphi-theatre 16H00
Monday   5th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – CAFDA / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Tuesday   6th November 2012 – 15H30 – 16H30 – Lotus River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Wednesday   7th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Ottery / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Thursday   8th November 2012 – 14H00 – 15H00 – Elsies River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Friday    9th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Parkwood
Saturday 10th November 2012 – Kayamandi, Stellenbosch
Sunday    11th November 2012 –
Monday   12th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – CAFDA / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Tuesday   13th November 2012 – 15H30 – 16H30 – Lotus River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Wednesday   14th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Ottery / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Thursday   15th November 2012 – 14H00 - 15H00 – Elsies River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Friday    16th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Parkwood
Saturday 17th November 2012 – 13H00 - Kalksteinfontein
Sunday    18th November 2012 –
Monday   19th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – CAFDA / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Tuesday   20th November 2012 – 15H30 – 16H30 – Lotus River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Wednesday   21st November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Ottery / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Thursday   22th November 2012 – 14H00 - 15H00 – Elsies River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Friday    23rd November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Parkwood
Saturday 24th November 2012 – Kraaifontein, Club Detroit
Sunday    25th November 2012 –
Monday   26th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – CAFDA / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Tuesday   27th November 2012 – 15H30 – 16H30 – Lotus River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Wednesday   28th November 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Ottery / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Thursday   29th November 2012 – 14H00 - 15H00 – Elsies River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Friday    30th November 2012 - Heal the Hood Showcase for Clicks till 13H00 - Mitchells Plain
Saturday 01st December 2012 – Riviersonderend
Sunday    02nd December 2012 –
Monday   03rd December 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – CAFDA / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Tuesday    04th December 2012 – 15H30 – 16H30 – Lotus River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Wednesday   05th December 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Ottery / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Thursday    06th December 2012 – 14H00 - 15H00 – Elsies River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Friday    07th December 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Parkwood
Saturday 08th December 2012 – 8 December 2012 – Launch of the summer fesrival – Muizenberg Beach Front
Sunday    09th December 2012 –   Up the Rock # 4 Hike with Hip Hop Youth
Monday   10th December 2012 –   Heal the Hood might set up HTH Limpopo ... TBC
Tuesday   11th December 2012 –   Heal the Hood might set up HTH Limpopo ... TBC
Wednesday   12th December 2012 – Heal the Hood might set up HTH Limpopo ... TBC
Thursday   13th December 2012 –   Heal the Hood might set up HTH Limpopo ... TBC
Friday    14th December 2012 –   Heal the Hood might set up HTH Limpopo ... TBC
Saturday   15th December 2012 -
Sunday    16th December 2012 –   Learn to Surf event at Surfers Corner, Muizenberg & then annual Concert in the park – Maynardville
Monday   17th December 2012 –   15H00 – 16H00 – CAFDA / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Tuesday   18th December 2012 –   15H30 – 16H30 – Lotus River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Wednesday   19th December 2012 – 15H00 – 16H00 – Ottery / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Thursday   20th December 2012 –   14H00 - 15H00 – Elsies River / 17H30 – 18H30 Gra**y Park Civic
Friday    21th December 2012 –   15H00 – 16H00 – Parkwood
Saturday   22th December 2012 - African Battle Cry Final

Thursday   27th December 2012 –   Afrikaaps Album Launch - Concert   
Friday    28th December 2012 –   Afrikaaps Album Launch - Concert

Sunday    30 December 2012 –   Afrikaaps Album Launch - Concert

Wednesday   09th January 2012   Heal the Hood returns to Office …
email - to include your event/ area or call Heal the Hood Offcies at 0217060481

Screening of Heal the Hood Documentary "From B-Boys to Being Men" 28th April 2012

Come support District Six Museum HIP HOP BIOSCOPE this Saturday from 14H00 to network. 15H00 is "Maak it Aan" doccie by Nadine Cloete about Quintin Jitsvinger Goliath and 16H00 is "From B-boys to Being Men" about work done by Tanswell Jansen Emile Lester Jansen & Shaquile Sean DaBase Southgate with Heal the Hood Project and its R20 at the door, limited seats. Heal the Hood Offices 0217060481

Q & A with artists after screenings Check it out at

We had to change times & Update ...


Mon - C.A.F.D. A in Retreat from 15H00
Tues - Lotus River Multi- Purpose Centre @ 14H30
Weds - Ottery Community Centre @ 14H30
- Khayelitsha Library @ 16H30
Thurs - Lavender Hill @ New World Foundation @ 15H00
Fri - Gra**y Park @ Gra**y Park Library @ 14H30

For More Info call 0823958125 or 0217060481

« on: April 16, 2012, 01:55:19 PM »
hahaha ...ja jong ... if you're getting old and forgot your pa**word that happens ne ...

Heal the Hood Project offering FREE B-Boys Cla**es

Mon    - C.A.F.D. A in Retreat from 15H00
Tues   - Lotus River Multi- Purpose Centre @ 15H00
Weds  - Ottery Community Centre @ 15H00
Thurs  - Lavender Hill @ Hillwood Primary @ 15H00
Fri       - Gra**y Park @ Gra**y Park Library @ 14H30

For more info call 0217060481
Get free monthly Heal The Hood Newsletter, send email to

Heal the Hood Project offering FREE B-Boys Cla**es

Mon    - C.A.F.D. A in Retreat from 15H00
Tues   - Lotus River Multi- Purpose Centre @ 15H00
Weds  - Ottery Community Centre @ 15H00
Thurs  - Lavender Hill @ Hillwood Primary @ 15H00
Fri       - Gra**y Park @ Gra**y Park Library @ 14H30

For more info call 0217060481
Get free monthly Heal The Hood Newsletter, send email to

« on: April 12, 2012, 12:51:28 AM »
Sorry for the late response ... The song is not about hating white folk. It points out a mentality that black people still have not learnt ... TO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES ON ALL LEVELS and NOT WAIT FOR HAND-OUTS. We were honest by saying that we should not trust specific white folk back when we wrote this song .... blacks don't own the mines nor control the economy ...whites still own this black country ... is that us being racist, or just saying what is true ... most of the economy of South Africa is still in the hands of white folks ... I agree its not all white folks, but white folks non the less. The song s not an attack on all white people, but we need the other white folk like yourself to start speaking out against these idiots that mis-represent you. We were also playing on the words of blue-eyed man because of the physical attack on our oppressor giving him a blue eye ... and if you not a perpertrator of white supremacy THEN ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU ARE ANGRY AT ME ... The last verse was written by Ray, who says that he is proud to be a blackman ... nothing wrong with that right ... So I really don't know why you upset with the songs content. besides, ray is married to a white woman  ... Hope you do not stress too much about the usage of the terms white and black, as to most people in this country, we are still considered to be "coloured" , so its kinda ironic that it upsets you. PEACE & LOVE ... emile

22 & 23 September (try-outs) Lieve Vrouw, Amersfoort
29 & 30 September, Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag, (30 sept première)
4 October, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (Rabozaal)
5 October, De Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam
... 6 October, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
7 October, Toneelschuur, Haarlem
13 October, Bijlmerparktheater, Amsterdam
15 October LUX, Nijmegen

Afrikaaps CD and various of the casts CDs will also be on sale at the performances. Cast travelling with the play are Jitsvinger, Kyle Shephard, Moenier Adams, Janine Van Rooy, Bliksemstraal, Jetro Louw, Shane Cooper and Emile YX?

Please connect with us we are in Holland from the 7th October already. Please contact us here in Holland at 0639572531.

Emile YX?



Cover Charge:- R50 at computicket 

Saturday, March 19 at 11:30pm - March 20 at 2:30am
Location - Baxter Theatre

More Info   
A celebration of the 23rd anniversary of South African hip-hop pioneers and oldest hip-hop group, Black Noise, showcasing performances and footage of songs from throughout their career. Also showcased will be some of the hottest MCs, breakdancers/b-boys, krumpers, lockers, poppers and new-school hip-hop from the Cape Flats, as well as some guests from the USA.

Black Noise Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary at the Baxter - 13th February 2010 - cc R50

South African Hip Hop Pioneers and oldest Hip Hop group celebrates its 22nd Anniversary at the Baxter Theatre. Black Noise Anniversary will showcase performances and footage of songs from throughout their career.

It will also showcase some of the hottest MCs, singers, breakdancers/ b-boys, krumpers, lockers, poppers and new skool Hip Hop from the Cape Flats. Many of these groups have been influenced by Black Noise over the years. This event will launch a 10 leg Cape Flats Uprising Hip Hop Tour throughout the Western Cape of which all proceeds will go to the schools, Hip Hop Artists and Heal the Hood Project. Come support this historic event and legendary legacy of the Western Cape.

16H00 - 20H00    B-Boy, Krump, Popping & New Skool Battles
20H00 - 23H00    Concert with performances by Ernestine Deane, DJ Thee Angelo, Vicky Sampson, Emile YX? the best dancers in each category and Black Noise closes off the show

Brief Black Noise History:-
Black Noise was formed from the original breakdancers/ b-boys from 1982. They were South Africa’s fist all elements Hip Hop Group, i.e. DJ, MCs, B-boys, Graffiti Artists and Hip Hop Activists. Black Noise was the first South African Hip Hop Group to record, press and tour its own CD nationally and internationally. Emile YX?, one of the groups founding members, with the help of Black Noise, has created many community outreach projects like African Battle Cry, Battle of the Year South Africa, African Hip Hop Indaba, Freestyle Session South Africa, Shut Up Just Dance, Up the Rock, Cape Flats Uprising, Positive Poster Day and sent more than 100 b-boys to the World Breakdance Champs in Germany, etc. Through these events and national touring, Black Noise has created thousands of new Hip Hop activists throughout South Africa and the world. Black Noise have shared stages with artists like Robbie Jansen, Hugh Masakela, Basil Manenberg Coetzee, Brenda Fa**ie, Prophets of Da City, Black Thought of The Roots, K’naan, Snoop Doggy Dog, Bra**e Vannie Kaap, Joe, Duran Duran, Sean Paul, Talib Kweli and many more. Black Noise is self managed and toured Sweden, Norway, Belgium, USA, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Zimbabwe, Namibia, England, Germany and Ireland. For more info on Black Noise, check   

More info:- 082 3958125 or 021 7060481

Hip Hop Events / Re: Emile YX? and Black Noise Performances
« on: January 04, 2010, 09:55:48 AM »
This ain’t Xeno, this be Afro-phobia, Cause mostly Africans are being killed here
Our outward expression of self-hate is so clear, Africans were well taught to hate what’s from Africa - AFROPHOBIA -

African Battle Cry decided to have something different this year, by hosting a sand-castle style graff battle in the sand at Blue Waters, just heading to Monwabisi Beach from Strandfontein. We will also be having a 5 a side Hip Hop Soccer tournament on the beach that day. Bring your hip hop family to the beach and join us on this fun day

Where:- Blue Waters, Cape Town
When:- 13th Dec 2009 from 11H30 in the morning
What:-  Sand-castle Graff Competition and 5 a side soccer tournament
Fee:- R20 per person to enter all competitions
Prizes:- CDs, DVDs, Clothing, Money for the soccer ...

Bring your skills, smiles, respect for nature and no attitude ...

Contact Fabian at 0731366140 or Heal the Hood Offices at 021 7060481 

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