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if y'all Sick, then IM-DYING//
the typa new rap gen be back on a new year...
y'all know i'm soaring the skiez coz I'M-FLYING//
RHYME SCHEME??// na dudez INTEL sick to a point that each i drop
i leave ur rap on MIME'S-DREAM// chumpz "stakes" on DIME-SCREAMZ//

man i'm like **Bruce Willis** in Rap, coz i got *DIE-HARD* FANS//,
Money making PLANS//, word-play and punz just to generate RANDS//,
if i be PRO, i'm HOT u not//
 y'all be like white men in Zim, coz u losing a **PLOT**//,

not the sickest, the cruelest, straight from the coolest,
 Nasty Bloem Katt 4 life//
i'm not only winning battles but i also hit brickz, shoot to kill and stealing ur wife//.
 i'm penetrating weak kuntz,
and leave 'em beggin 4 mercy each time i take ur

jst a free for ma MAN SARC,

i'mma cut both ur arms jst top beat you **HANDS DOWN**

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: November 27, 2008, 01:26:06 PM »
Wa**up cats...just spitting on this mayn...

hehehehehehe... ;D one kinda muda fuca nucca

Too much stress in this life's pursuit of success/
Some succumb to suck cum. For one cent or much less/
they undress for rough sex/
get addressed as suspects/
a princess turned ruffneck...for respect and some cheques/
Coked outta her mind for the next trance-action/
she's da main attraction for husbands' lost pa**ion/
her body the product...fluids are the currency/
exchanged violently
invades her privacy
she takes it silently
feels pain vaginally
"he came inside of me"
will she remain virus free?

to be continued...


Quote:Thats Dope Dope Dope! like the whole choir on crack.

i'm covering ma head wit a condom, u just f***ing wit ma mind(**Mad ILL**)

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: "Headz" and "Tailz"
« on: October 24, 2008, 03:44:44 PM »
how simple is "all u gotta do is give out ur version of HEADZ and TAILZ"?

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: "Headz" and "Tailz"
« on: October 24, 2008, 03:27:01 PM »
Yeah Mad u can nevr b impressd

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: 8 BAR CONCEPTS... JUMP IN
« on: October 24, 2008, 03:21:25 PM »
insert 50CENT, in a slot//
get the concept,like coke u snort//
2 to power 3 Barz// like leaving faces with Scarz//
i'm a star eventhough i ain't from marz//

hope AG is Convertible// my skill invertible//
Jumpin In is what's happening// leave ur sorrow when ur Heart is saddening//
Skriptz is a Bloem-Kat, y'all gotta Respect//i'm wiping all Fakes as i Inspect//

they also call me Shaix// coz i do whatever it takes//
to wipe Fakes with no Mistakes//

i see u the Devil coz u got 8th horn//U horny man,
and u will only get ur Dick to b torn// i started rap when i was Born//
all emceez jst about to b in Mourn//

square root 64 barz still miss it?//
u can't catch ma rapz, but u still diss it//
i get u kicked in bladder// watch ur a** as u fall from ladder//
i'm twice the python and the adder// i'll hit u harder

i'm driven by Misconceptionz in 8s(Aids), that's y i'm in incurable//
my linez can't be bitten by 8 ants, that's y i'm incredible//
even if u bite from thousand emceez, ur linez can't have "kilo-bitez"// ;)
u empty like a system folder wit zero kilobytez//

i break emceez like gla**//
like small boyz on the monday morning i got cla**//
u rush, no fuss, still spittin on 8 barz//
ur style losing value like bra**//i spit golden//
that's y event Pac in heaven is noddin'//

over and OUT, yo Sarcastic...."Bloem is The Name, these fakes should know better"//
i can kill this wit a single letter// like weight and and occupying space my lines are matter//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: "Headz" and "Tailz"
« on: October 24, 2008, 02:46:15 PM »
all u gotta do is give out ur version of HEADZ and TAILZ

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / "Headz" and "Tailz"
« on: October 24, 2008, 02:40:34 PM »
time after time, wit linez to match//
i got rhymez 4 u to catch//
like a thief in the night, u got ur a** to watch//

to me is like takin 2 coins in a tin//
i come out "Headz" u come out "Tailz" to pin//
u lose i win// all real katz, let's make this rap to spin//
that's y i'll never stop smokin, i ain't a quitter//
i'm a rhyme kicker and a throat slitter//

i Head-up the Revolution, all Tailz will Follow//
make u hollow, leave u like a streetkid stomach hollow//
skriptz turn all mondayz yellow//

No excuse// no monday bluez// still killing crewz//
like givin' u bruise//still kicking like bruce//
not li, but yes me// now u see//

whenever i look at ur name i see things i don't "like-kid"//
u a small-boy, in afrikaans a "laaitie"//
i said b4, let me say it once more//
i am a Head, wit strength More-//

now u hungry like a desperate streetkid without glue//
u lost in rhymez like a foreigner without clue//
i rob u and leave u without a left shoe//
call ur lawyer or anyone if u wanna sue//
try rhyming f*** it evry1 is yelling "Boo"//

yeah man, i'm on money coz i'm hungry//
the best emceez in this SA f***in Country//
what u think, going to rap only 4 bling//
i'm Goliath, u David without a sling//
make ur katz sing//try to be West Life and Fly witout wing//

All Headz, and Tailz this is ur Chance//
let's make AG Dance//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: October 23, 2008, 05:33:09 PM »
This Boy!

ayt this an open mic freestyle//
skriptz at it again wit an ill trial//
why i don't i come to ur funeral?//
start making beat with a coffin so that i freestyle//

yeah picture me like u working with cam-coder//
my verses and "skriptz"(scripts) are typed with servers coder//
i'm the retard, like crazy man holding an axe in front of a mirror//
in ma eyez it ain't over even when u dead i bring an era//

with flows like a nile// i spark micz wit just a line//
that's a pun in reverse man//before replyin to this kid go rehearse man//
i got all senses plus 2(7-senses)//don't care u ma friend or the foe//
i'm killing this// like the beef when i'm grilling this//
newbie in a state of mind like designerz of puma//
i'm a soldier wit a balliton more that supporterz of zuma//

"truth untold", as this skill unfold//i spit dynamites and Gold//
behold new king on the throne// all the older wannabez about to b overthrown//
like a revolution, i bring solution//causing emceez to dissolve//
even if u were a poke'mon in rap u wouldn't evolve//i'm the sun in this game y'all gotta revolve//
what's ma name?// what a shame all these lame emceez still fussin//
u ain't hussling// u struggling to afford a single "vetkoek"//
y'all ugly geez u smile wit a sad look//i ain't scared of Mad,Crook//
or all the wannabez who be frontin'//Bloem is what i'm representin'//
i'm a marathon runner, y'all sprinter be pantin'// resentin ma skill, i take u bak to ur birth like i was resettin//
start repentin'// i will make u lose teeth like i was a dentist//

all honour to real katz that can't be killed by curiosity//
not talking about these "tailz" who be filled with simplicity//
i got TNT's bombz and all amunition// stand in ma path u guarranteed demolition//
battle wit is suicidal like slittin wrist//i'm worse than all problems and risks//
my saliva spits is able to penetrate brickz//wit a tongue like chain-saw on tree figs//

a big Hulla to all bloem Katz and Real "Headz",

« on: October 14, 2008, 05:41:07 PM »
the truth be said//yung rapper with skill that mad//
u sad? i ain't ur dad// oopz ma bad// CUT representing just be glad//
just a newbie on "AG"// so show some respect b4 i show u "ORGIE"//
i'm skriptz man// the dude that makes churchez and paliarments look like wonder land//

i bring new sensation to pron like tie-ing ur D*ck wit Dinamite just to give u "Blow Job"//
u acting up Snob// but i'mma drain u to sorrow like spongebob// D12 scared of me coz i hold the globe//
with me around u won't cope// take a rope.... u lost hope// even if u overdosed Dagga u wouldn't be dope//

i got Sarcas and Swordz and all Katz in Bloem// Swaggaz to us are afghan coz the sound is alwas doom//
don't sweat it u about to be erased and defaced// amazed? yeah skriptz still killz like fire ablazed//
i ain't from soweto// but sure as hell "Bas'd" in the Ghetto//
yo katz standup 4 new kid On AG Hulla

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