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Politics / Re: Art???????
« on: May 12, 2010, 05:27:11 PM »
whilst not seeking to dickride or comment on the artist's work, having not reflected any further after my initial shock.. the vilification of those not in agreement is further evidence of the rot endemic in our society.. a plurality of opposing voices provides us with the opportunity to learn & critique our premises.. we ought all endeavour to be dialecticians..

aside: methinks trying to quantify non white suffering owing to apartheid is the most slippery of all slopes.. all blacks are now exalted as having fought the system when it's well documented that more than a few were working to prop up the system.. in addition: is it to say that those that were jailed suffered more than those that faced the jackboot of opression on the daily? what of exiles.. there were those in MK camps & others manning offices the world over.. i digress..

all this to say.. we ought not shout down opposing voices.. even that ninja du bois co signs me on this one.. "But the hushing of the criticism of honest opponents is a dangerous thing. It leads some of the best of the critics to unfortunate silence and paralysis of effort, and others to burst into speech so pa**ionately and intemperately as to lose listeners. Honest and earnest criticism from those whose interests are most nearly touched,--criticism of writers by readers, --this is the soul of democracy and the safeguard of modern society" souls of black folk...

General Discussion / Re: Julius
« on: April 09, 2010, 01:01:14 PM »
@ Afterbirth

So we should just say f*** the international community and go @ it alone huh ? wow. that's your solution ? in this day in age right ? what ? should we just focus on doing business with just the rest of our black brothers around the world and become a POWEHOUSE like that right ? this is not the 1800's my friend.  We all know what the world has become. The powers that be are THERE and they run shit and unfortunately aint much we can do about it. If it aint the "white capitalists" then it's the Chinese, who also got their own agenda. That's life.

MrC your sarcasm is duly noted..
though methinks it's naive to think that julius has any impact on south africa's economic fortunes.. having done my stint working in the financial markets it's evident to me that those looking for the bottom line see him to be a buffoon.. even after his most inflammatory statements, portfolio flows, that look at flows of hot money [ie. gauge investor sentiment in the markets] haven't markedly changed.. even during our darkest hours.. JZ rape.. corruption trial.. elevation to president nothing changed.. it's the DA & their ilk that harp on about international investors to mask their true intentions of maintaining white privilege & scuppering the transformation of our society..

General Discussion / Re: Julius
« on: April 09, 2010, 12:53:15 PM »
afterbirth, how do you know those were Malemas motives? because it was a British journalist that interrupted him?

can't say i know his motives.. but from his tirade about this not being an american press room where journalists run amok, but it rather being a building housing a revolutionary party.. figured he was alluding to the type of news generated on JZ's trip..

the cat has treated black South African journalists the same way. and is he apart from the kind of corrupt and ineffectual government you describe? the mans actions definitely speak against that idea.

am in agreement with him on the paucity of south african journalism. said on numerous occasions that south african journalists aren't too conversant in the news they report on.. wholly lacking in context to say nothing of substance.. yearn for an instance where politics matters would be reported on by those with a thorough understanding of politics, economics similarly and so forth.. that these lapdogs have been given a platform from which to rant & seem to think us oblivious to their shortcomings seriously irks me.. 

the JZ government's attempt to reorientate the trajectory of south african society is only an afterthought to sound bites from juju & his ilk.. no mention is made of the fact that at least 5% of PIC funds are to be used to fund developmental programmes.. south africa's industrial policy's being rewritten.. the SARB's mandate broadened to include growth considerations..

General Discussion / Re: Julius
« on: April 09, 2010, 12:19:24 PM »
You think foreign investors will still wanna do business in this country

We don't care about the white journalist. We're talking about Malema here and his reaction, which was way over the top for what the journalist did. Is it the first time in the history of media briefings that a journalist interrupts someone ? NO.

these two matters are not unrelated.. that we've been pandering to the whims of international [read: white] capital in the post liberation era without any tangible results has irked very many within the alliance.. the trickle down economics bandied about by those involved in the 1996 cla** project have not had a material effect on the lives of our people & malema's outbursts ought be understood in that context.. we swallowed the prescripts of the washington consensus whole all the while currying favour with the international media & capital.. so the world cup was awarded to SA.. another excuse to divert government expenditure from those that go to bed with nothing but want in their stomachs & appease the international community.. the truth is that all this posturing hasn't changed perceptions of africans.. malema's response though inappropriate was him telling the british media that so vilified JZ on his trip to the UK that we will no longer be prescribed to by colonisers & imperialists.. though we are willing to listen to bob across the pond.. 

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 07, 2010, 03:37:56 PM »
some ninja on ET's pa**ing..

“White folks just need to calm down, if they worked for instead of against empowerment, they would have divided the black majority to be one of different cla**es. The black middle cla** would have more liberal and probably sided with them on some issues, but no they had to make black folk resentful and they put them in one small box now they wanna come to us just because we twang and act like we on the same team. Because truth be told any white person crying for a white supremacist gets a shaq face from me, any person fighting for the preservation of Hendrik Verwoed Street gets a shaq face from me. I don’t agree Julius on a lot of things but any white folk trying to get me to denounce him for the sake of them feeling more secure gets a shaq face from me. Cope hugging Terre blanches family gets a shaq face from me. Miles (coconut) talking like his Miles X gets a Shaq face from me. All you cats making this a bigger issue than black teens killing each other in Gugs get a big shaq face from me."

[can't attach the shaq face..]

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 07, 2010, 03:23:53 PM »
no offence intended my bro. if i didnt communicate it well i'll blame it on my inability to articulate myself well.

ever so sensitive you are rr.. will get you a sultry strawberry brutal fruit when we next link up..

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 07, 2010, 03:11:10 PM »
don't cry for him azania.. 1993, after the murder of South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani, he ignored calls for calm..

"All I can say, is that a murderer was murdered," declared Terre’Blanche. "If he had continued and the communists had continued with the war to overthrow the state authority and take my country, then I might have had to shoot him myself!"

f*** him & his ilk..

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 07, 2010, 03:02:16 PM »
it wasnt sarcasm bro and theres nothing wrong with the way you write/speak but its just that it becomes difficult for people like me who dont have the same level of education as you and the others. I was just saying it because we are often blamed for not taking part in "meaningful" debates here.

im not making a big deal out of it, im just sayin'

you're psychotic.. highest level of education i have is a matric certificate i long since used to wipe my a** with..  related to that is what briCk was saying & having given it further thought and am in agreement with.. them peoples supporting the alleged murderers are doing so to right a longstanding injustice.. their a**isting another with legal fees is to seek to redress the glaring cla** disparities.. until the rural poor have attained the kind of freedom we piss on, support of this kind is laudable..

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 07, 2010, 02:35:32 PM »
not taking way from anything you've said bro. I "comprehend" some of it, but just to be off topic a bit, this is one of the reasons its hard for some of us to participate in debates on this site. for some of us, its not that we dont take part because we're into just fooling around and love Colin Powell jokes but the english gets over our heads even when we understand the words but how they are put together gets our heads.

sarcasm's duly noted RR..
just a bit miffed that everyone's hollering about ET when a true son of the soil [dr. Molefi Sefularo] died on sunday & not a peep from the chattering cla**es.. to add insult to injury: on the day he died.. enews only reported on it at 19:11 having given ET about 8 mins & other inconsequential ish the rest..

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 07, 2010, 02:05:54 PM »
f*** all of that.. murder's always morally reprehensible.. insofar as it relates to ET being murked by black dudes.. it has given away the moral high ground attained by our people after years of struggle.. the AWB now feel somewhat legitimised to the extent that they're spewing vitriol in the media & there isn't ish that level headed people can say owing to the political climate created by this & other inflammatory statements of late.. aside: related to all this is my view on the death penalty.. it is fundamentally unsound not because punitive measures haven't been shown to be an adequate deterrent, rather as taking another's life diminshes our collective humanity.. that there are ninjas out trynna defend the indefensible's gonna lead me to another black label draught..

Media / Re: Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 05, 2010, 02:11:42 PM »
Apparently there is talk that they are gonna try to disrupt the world cup.
what.. with all 3 of them..

Politics / Re: the ANC
« on: April 01, 2010, 11:59:35 AM »

& so the delegitimisation of anyone who dares speak a semblence of truth to power continues..

General Discussion / Re: Brother Ali
« on: March 20, 2010, 04:46:35 PM »
whats Alis dopest track?

picket fence on the shadows on the sun..

General Discussion / Re: Brother Ali
« on: March 19, 2010, 07:55:47 PM »

Interview is on the way soon, motherf***ers.  8)

exhausting my queer moment for the year.. let that ninja know he's the truth..

« on: March 19, 2010, 03:23:32 PM »
zula stay winning..
they've got black label draughts.. halala zamalek spartan beer.. dope set by zaki.. arguably better than at last year's jazz.. didn't really catch any of the other acts with baldi flashing the car guards..

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