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what happened to Khumalo, is he gone to spurs?

They'll sign him during the 2011 January transfer window...

Sports Arena / Re: Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: July 01, 2010, 01:52:04 PM »
Damn! Damn! The nigerian President is Thorough, he single-handedly banned the Nigerian national team for playing for 2 years! I hope Zuma and Sarkozy would follow suit!

and what will that achieve exactly?

Sports Arena / Re: Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: June 23, 2010, 05:39:53 PM »
I think Pelembe has played for his country's team already so that's too late

what about those f***in brazilians?

Ja Fereirra and them have not played for Brazil yet


Morgan Gould, Bongani Khumalo, Siyabonga Sangweni, Na**if Morris, Aaron Mokoena (yes him) are all better than Ferreira or any Brazilian to have played in South Africa. If you want to adopt players adobt players that are better than what we currently have.

and the away goal rule only applies if the aggregate score is a tie (seems obvious but I am mentioning it because I've heard some funny shit).

Sports Arena / Re: UEFA BUILD UP
« on: April 09, 2010, 10:13:26 AM »

I thought that celebration was gay :)

Man United could have wrapped that game just a silly mistake from that Rafael dude.Only in Europe baby you can experience this kind of greatness whereby A right- foot player can cause so much Havoc in the Left wing and a left-footed player can cause so much havoc in the right wing. Imagine if Siphiwe Tshabalala or Chenene were told to play in the right wing im sure they would stare at the coach with a strange look of confusion ;D


Teko Modise...

Politics / Re: the ANC
« on: March 08, 2010, 06:13:29 PM »

why do people vote for this party?

To answer your question succinctly...

None of the parties on the ballot offer anything for the majority.

ask yourself this question, what does a person earning less than minimum wage, supplementing it with child support grants have to gain by voting for the DA, COPE, ID, IFP, UDM, ACDP, FF+, PAC, AZAPO, APC.

the answer is NOTHING
what bullshit.

You can call it bullshit and I know the DA. COPE and em think it is bullshit but it's a fact. Go to the squatter camps or any hood for that matter and ask them this question. They without fail will answer, "these other parties offer us nothing" plain and simple.

and to the detriment of the opposition these are in the majority.

Politics / Re: the ANC
« on: March 05, 2010, 04:34:35 PM »

why do people vote for this party?

To answer your question succinctly...

None of the parties on the ballot offer anything for the majority.

ask yourself this question, what does a person earning less than minimum wage, supplementing it with child support grants have to gain by voting for the DA, COPE, ID, IFP, UDM, ACDP, FF+, PAC, AZAPO, APC.

the answer is NOTHING

Producers - Discussion / Re: making Beats 101
« on: November 25, 2009, 05:24:47 PM »
let me try and explain it more easier then.

snare, - if you listen to a lot of songs,there's usually 3 different drum sounds used.

the kick is the part of the drums that goes "BOOM"
the snare goes like "TAH"
the hi-hat goes like "ts-ts"

normally the sequencing would be like
and the hi-hats in the back would go like

hope u get that.listen to any song and u should be able to identify those drum sounds.

Sampling - taking a previously recorded piece of music and using it in your composition to make your own song.

Chopping - is taking a piece of audio, any length, and playing around with it. say there's a song u like, the song is like 3 minutes long. u identify this part that is like 10 seconds maybe that u are really feeling and want to use in your song. what u do then is cut that part out of the song and just end up with the 10 seconds from the 3minute song. some people then would probably take that 10second piece of music and repeat it over and over again, just add their own instruments in the back. this is called looping. others would take that 10 seconds part, and cut it down into pieces of like 1 seconds and 2 seconds and then re-arrange the parts, to form a whole new composition that is different to the original 10 seconds loop. this is called chopping.

plug in - is a piece of additional software that you put into like FruityLoops that would normally give some sort of effect to your sound. like for example say u have a snare sound, but u want the snare to sound like it has an echo of sorts, u would apply an effect called reverb or delay which comes as a plug-in.

akai - is a company name.
mpc - is a drum's hardware, like a computer,but used to compose music, kinda like a piano in a way.

hope that helps man.

now that's 101

straight from The School Of Federated Beat Making as presented by Prof. Carly The Great aka Mr Two Teams aka Wawa's Daddy  ;D ;D

General Discussion / Re: Y THE F**K
« on: November 06, 2009, 05:18:35 PM »
its like a girl that acts fly around us cause we give her attention when there actually is a dude who is tired of f***ing her

but the question is; does the fact that there is a dude who's tired of f***ing her alter her flyness?

unless ofcoz she's not that fly and the only reason y'all give her attention is because she's the only girl you can get close to enough to give her attention and that altered the way you see her.


General Discussion / Re: ID Numbers?
« on: October 05, 2009, 04:17:49 PM »
Here's what the South African ID Number is made up of:


YYMMDD : Date of birth.
G  : Gender. 0-4 Female; 5-9 Male.
SSS  : Sequence No. for DOB/G combination.
C  : Citizenship. 0 SA; 1 Other.
A  : Usually 8, or 9 [can be other values]
Z  : Control digit. There's a whole calculation for this last digit, based on all the preceding 12 digits.

This is 8 or 9 for the "new" Green ID book where as 0 thru 7 is for the old Blue ID book.

Sports Arena / Re: UP THE BUCS
« on: September 10, 2009, 06:42:01 PM »
@ Liquidz I think we should keep this  thread goin until it hits 10 000 views lol and keep talkin shit to all Pirates haterz out there. We got great players, great kit (of which its the best in Africa) play great football and most importantly Our fans. Ive noticed more beatiful broadz are attending n supporting Pirates in the stadium. Yey ive never seen a beatiful broads  supporting Chiefs or Celtics in the stadiums all i see are Caster Semenya look alikes LMAO.

UP THE BUCS, ezikaMagebhula ezagebhula umhlabakamaspala zaw'bhekisa phezulu, ezimnyama ngenkani uma ungemnyama zikuthela ngopende zikuneke ngemasende...etc.

but I seen this, pardon my Swahili, bad bitch in one Amakhosikazi game wearing a nice golden top (it's what was under the top that's nice, as if I needed a disclaimer), I wouldn't mind scheduling the derby for every other day if I played against that midfielder, I would give new meaning to "our daily bread".


now back to the lecture at hand (c) S.N. double O Pee


Craig Roslee in now on the ship. Welcome!

The problem with bafana are these flipping defensive middle-fielders. Benson, Kagiso & McBeth. These dudes are hella slow. The other team always closes down our attackers before we can take the ball foward, and we have to play it back.At least Pienaar and Teko try to be a bit creative and take players on which is what we need.

Pienaar, Teko & Simphiwe should be our core middle-field, with KG as the only holding player. Mabalane can come in for Teko/Simphiwe as a sub, Van Heerden for Pienaar. Upfront for me Katlego Mphela and Khenyeza can do job. Khenyeza can be a torn yo especially with good feed from the middle. Bring in Sandile Ndlovu as a sub for a bit of physical presence at times,he can hold defenders off well. Bring in Franklin Cale.Richard then as the last striker.f*** Parker.

Defense wise,loose Mokoena. Get Gould and Booth to play central, Nasif as sub. Bring back Bryce Moon on the right.Bench Gaxa, he rarely attacks. Our wing game is dead. Find someone to also alternate with  Tshepo Masilela as well, he can be a bit off sometimes.

Then i say we good to go.
What changes would ya'll make ? Cos we do have the players, but our combination's are totally wrong.

I agree with some points but you are also planning wrong combinations.

Morris, Booth and Gould are all man markers and if you have two of these players in the same game as central defenders you are inviting problems. They need a sweeper and for me: Mokoena is that man, period.

The problem with our team is that we don't seem to know how we are playing, I mean with two distroyers you'd expect our wing backs to attack more because they'll have cover but they don't do that often enough. In any case why play two all the time? against a Brazil that might be understood but an Ireland? f*** nah.

Again how many goals have we conceded from free kicks on the edge of the box? all of them have one constant, Schillo rushing towards the ball and jumping while turning his back giving the ball a free pa**age to goal. We need to change how we defend these free kicks.

We need players to take responsibility if it means you make a mistake trying to fashion a chance then so be it, this cautious approach by our players is what's killing us. They rather make a secure back pa** than a risking forward run.

Sports Arena / Re: Sport Centre on Metro FM
« on: August 14, 2009, 06:14:59 PM »
hurry on to ur point bruh

Bafana Bafana (read: Joel Natalino Santana) are on track.

Sports Arena / Re: Sport Centre on Metro FM
« on: August 14, 2009, 05:42:19 PM »
i'm a Kaiser Chiefs fan and i support Modise coz he's also an intergral part of Bafana! i agree with Capt Schi... for the adoration he's been shown(he's the face of our national team) you'd think it'd reflect on the field.

the fact that he's rated above Pienaar perplexes me... all i'm saying is, the signs that he'd be the best r fading strongly in my eyes.. he needs to step his game up!

That is where the problem is. Who rates him higher than Steven Pienaar? those people who rate him higher than "Schillo" are the ones who are quick to say he didn't perform or he didn't rise to the occa**ion because their expectation of him were not met.

Steven Pienaar has been in top flight football for more than 10 years, he's been in top flight European football for what 8 or so years, he played in the Champions League against one of the best if not "thee best "Arsenal teams ever a**embled, lead by non other than Patrick Vieira and he came out smelling like roses. And they rate Tsholofelo Modise higher than him? I am a Teko Modise fan but I will never rate him higher than Pienaar, Schillo's experience alone sonns "The General". Teko Modise has been uninterrupted top flight football for a mere three seasons, that's 1, 2, 3 seasons against Steven Pienaar? come on.

Sports Arena / Re: Sport Centre on Metro FM
« on: August 14, 2009, 05:31:18 PM »
Oh and just to adress your other points,
Zinedine or any other great player, is great in spite of his team mates or winning any medals.
That's what makes them great the ability to rise above instead of being drowned by it. Including winning palyer of the tournamnet when even their teams do badly.  

Bafana is not building.
Winning is never secondary.  
We just play, "fight" and lose like a team ranked 77 in the world.

It's either we good or bad team.
No such thing as building. Maybe we are just where we belong in the chain football wise.        

Orlando Pirates are under achievers and they have been for the past 6 years, yet Teko has risen above that, that's what made him Footballer of the year two seasons running.

And you say he hasn't stepped up, step up to what may I ask?

He tries to carry the whole of Orlando Pirates and his teammates let him down by not pulling their weight and win something, somehow you blame Modise for that.
You say everyone wants him to succeed but I say "everyone is expecting too much from him", hence when they played on Wed the commentator inspite of Van Heerden being the worst on the pitch kept mentioning Teko by name saying he needs go off.

The boy has too much expected of him, that's why he didn't perform well in the Confed and he admits as much, because he was trying too hard to impress when he just needed to be himself.

We didn't loose like a team ranked 77th (and we were 72nd before Wed), you must have not watched the game. Serbia were just clinical that's why they won other than that they didn't look like they were going to beat us 'til they scored. And I attribute that to our defence combination (in second half) being new, Rowan hasn't played in the team for how long? Bongani 'til Wed had yet to play with Booth who only came back to the team just before the Confed.

OH! best believe we DO belong around 70th in the World of Football and that is because we always want to win and we forget to build for the future. Our undoing was that we held on the cla** of '96 for too long and forgot to build for today. Mamadou (and you) wants us to do what we've been doing all along axe the coach when we should be looking at problems to fix.

Like how is it that it took Pitso/Carlos to call Tsepo Masilela whenhe was in Mvela for him to make it into professional football. Like why was Teko Modise in the first division when his talent clear shows he should have been in top flight for longer. I'll tell you it's because when coaches come to take charge of Bafana and any team in SA they want to win at all cost because we won't understand loses. The best way to win is to run to the tried and tested players as a quick fix, instead of risking new yet untested talent we play with a personnel that is heavy on the legs and long in tooth.

I'll tell you this, if cool heads prevail at SAFA and we keep the coach until the World Cup we will perform better than your and Mamadou's expectations. Mark my words.

O! by the way football doesn't stop after 2010, what happens after that? Bring back Benny! fire the coach! etc. and come 2012 we won't qualify for the Cup of African Nations, come 2014 we won't qualify for the Brazil Fifa World Cup.

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