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Geek Section / The Broadband price war has officially begun!
« on: September 22, 2009, 04:18:22 PM »

tell everyone you know! Its about time we had some real competition up in thi bish!
source ---------->

R 29 per GB ADSL offering launched
Staff Reporter MyBroadband | 22 September, 2009  Email
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(5.00) Afrihost set to shake up ADSL market with R 29.00 per GB ADSL service

Local hosting company Afrihost has released the proverbial cat among the pigeons with its R 29.00 per GB ADSL offering.  The company today announced that it has cut the price of its ADSL data bundles from R 57 per GB to R 29 per GB.

Afrihost’s 1 GB data bundle now costs R 29.00 per month while the company’s 2 GB, 3 GB and 5 GB ADSL data bundle pricing has been reduced to R 58, R 87 and R 145 respectively.  Data top-ups have fallen to R29 per GB and their prepaid data lowered to R49 per GB.

The ADSL bandwidth is provisioned over the Internet Solutions backbone and all accounts come standard with email accounts and webmail access.  The accounts are month-to-month contracts with no long term lock-ins.

“With our new offer we wanted to make as BIG a splash as possible and give the most value to our clients - so after much debating and calculating we decided to go as low as we can go,” explains Afrihost CEO Gian Visser.

Afrihost made it clear that it is a limited offer aimed at early adopters.  “Remember we can't guarantee that we will offer this R29.00 deal forever - but what we can guarantee you is that if you are quick enough and signup in time then your price of R29 per GB will be locked in for whatever package you bought,” Visser said.

Existing Afrihost ADSL clients may be happy to hear that their subscription price has also been changed to R 29.00 per GB.

General Discussion / The honeymoon is over
« on: August 06, 2009, 08:55:37 AM »
iv noticed that we have been engaging in very interesting debates on AG lately. just thought id add on to the theme of racism in the country. i took this article from news24.

the link:

please read the following and comment on your own opinions about life in post apartheid south africa. i would really like to know how people right here on AG feel, especially after reading the comments on news24.

lets discuss

Quote from: Max DuPreezlink=topic=26613.msg218122#msg218122 date=1249392040
The struggle against apartheid was a "non-racial" struggle. "Non-racialism" is at the heart of our democracy and our new constitution. Non-racial, non-sexist, non-nuclear.


South Africa is a multi-racial country, not a non-racial one. Multi-racial means we have several race groups, non-racial is supposed to mean race doesn't really count; we see the human being before we see race.

No we don't.

Thabo Mbeki didn't like white people, especially Afrikaners. He called them "colonialists of a special kind". In his mind you were either a "settler" or a "native".

Jacob Zuma replaced Mbeki after a camouflaged coup in Polokwane. This was the man who invited Steve Hofmeyr, Leon Schuster and Dan Roodt to a braai at his village. Some of his best friends are Indians. JZ loves the minorities.

Ja, right.

The post-Polokwane ANC, the Zuma-ANC is as every inch as chauvinistic when it comes to ethnicity as the Mbeki-ANC was. If not worse.

The simple truth is that if non-racialism was indeed alive at some point, it is now dead.

Stone dead. Deceased. It's snuffed it. It's not resting, it's not just stunned, it has pa**ed on. Kicked the bucket.

Racial solidarity, on the other hand, is alive and well and thriving.

Whites sit and wait for blacks to falter so they can shout: incompetent! Buffoon! Affirmative action! Quota system!

Around the braai whites swap their stories of uneducated, incompetent blacks who had been pushed into positions of power above them.

Their black counterparts also swap stories around the braai fires: of how racist their white colleagues are, of how there is still no real transformation, about whites being paid better than blacks even when they do the same job.

It is now the black man's turn, they say.

Many whites enjoyed it when the Judge President of the Western Cape, John Hlophe, demonstrated his utter unsuitability to be a judge of the high court by his racist utterances to white lawyers, by questionable business decisions and by trying to influence judges of the Constitutional Court to be pro-Zuma. You see, those whites said.

Black lawyers and others have formed the Justice for Hlophe Alliance and call every single white person who wonders whether Hlophe would be such a great choice as Chief Justice as a despicable racist. Hlophe has now become a national symbol of black pride just because so many whites don't like him.

At the Judicial Services Commission prominent black lawyers hara** all white applicants for judicial positions simply because their skins are of a pale hue.

The national leadership of the ruling party keep tjoepstil when their youth league clowns aim a barrage of racist and sexist attacks at the premier of the Western Cape. She's white and has the audacity to lead a party that has won the provincial election. She's got to be an evil racist.

Go to any internet chat room in South Africa and you will see three out of five white correspondents saying stuff like "we're a Zimbabwe in the making", and "blacks have proved all over Africa that they can't run an economy or a democracy".

Most of us South Africans still attack and defend from our racial trenches. Knee-jerk reactions.

The "rainbow nation" was just a mirage, after all.

Racial solidarity is the biggest enemy of harmony and progress in South Africa.

PS. In my column last month I defended Springbok coach Pieter de Villiers's right to be eccentric and say things that offend some. But I ended by saying: "It's just a pity he doesn't have the tactical and strategic abilities one would expect of the coach of the world's number one rugby team."

Well, after two convincing victories over the All Blacks I must swallow my words. No-one can still reasonably argue that the Boks' form is simply due to a hangover from the Jake White era.

I was wrong, Pieter. Sorry. Now rub it in by rubbishing the Wallabies.

General Discussion / Its meth isnt it?
« on: July 28, 2009, 03:41:15 PM »

 :o :o :o

Media / facebook suicide note fail
« on: June 23, 2009, 10:29:40 AM »

we all have a friend like caleb

Media / WTF??!!!!
« on: June 04, 2009, 08:04:37 AM »
i mean seriously??!!! gay penguins??
i fear for the future of my children for real. this world is on the brink of ending

Gay penguins now proud parents
2009-06-03 22:20

Berlin - Two homosexual penguins have successfully hatched an egg that was rejected by its parents and are now proudly rearing the chick, the German zoo housing the couple said on Wednesday.

"Z and Vielpunkt, both males, gladly accepted their 'Easter present' and began straight away with hatching the egg," the zoo in Bremerhaven in northern Germany said.

"Since the chick arrived they are behaving in the same way as one would expect a heterosexual couple to do. Both happy fathers are now diligently handling the everyday care... of their adopted offspring," the zoo said.

Z and Vielpunkt are part of a six-strong gay community among the zoo's collection of endangered Humboldt penguins who rose to fame in 2005 when four Swedish females were brought in an unsuccessful attempt to "cure" them.

"Homosexuality is nothing unusual among animals," the zoo said on Wednesday. "Sex and coupling up in our world do not necessarily have anything to do with reproduction."

The Humboldt penguin is normally found on the coast of Chile and Peru, but numbers have dropped to between 12 000 and 20 000 as industrial fishing methods have led to dwindling stocks of the anchovies on which they feed.

AG Wire / Eminems MTV walkout staged or real?
« on: June 02, 2009, 06:50:32 AM »
em's reaction looked pretty real to me. he did seem kinda pissed off.
do y'all think this was staged?

Check the video on the link

Sacha Cracks Up, Eminem Walks Out
Posted Jun 1st 2009 1:50AM by TMZ Staff

It was shades of Shaq last night at the MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen gave Eminem a taste of "Bruno." The question -- was Eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed like a Britney concert?

Geek Section / @ pyro
« on: April 14, 2009, 08:56:08 AM »
iv been using the iphone 3g for about 8months now. safari is pretty expensive to use as compared to operamini which i use on my htc. but as you know, i cant install it on the iphone because of java limitations. is there a cheaper alternative browser available for the iphone that i could use without actually jailbreaking it?
im a bit scared of flashing the phone cos the last phone i tried to flash got bricked and is now probably the most expensive paper weight in the country.

Sports Arena / Extreme theatricks
« on: March 12, 2009, 11:28:42 AM »
gotta love football mang! lol!!

Traders / *Home Studio Sale*
« on: March 04, 2009, 04:01:38 PM »
1 x Behringer 5 channel mixer with mic pre amp
1 x Behringer studio mic (immaculate condition)
1 x Pair Wharfedale Diamond Pro 2A powered studio        monitors
1 x M-audio Trigger Finger (Like New)
1 x 49 key Midi Keyboard controller

Tons & Tons of Software and Vst's

Including FL Studio 8 XXL
Cakewalk Sonar 7
Reason 3
Cubase SX
Steinburgs Nuendo
Spectrasonics Trilogy
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Korg Vst

and much more.

 serious buyers please send me a pm.

Humour / Jokes / meet the browns
« on: March 02, 2009, 04:20:50 PM »

Humour / Jokes / Credit crunch
« on: February 17, 2009, 09:42:41 AM »

Son                 :           Conditions at school have reached critical ma**, please send money or I'll commit suicide.

Dad replies    :           Conditions at home are even worse, therefore your permission to commit suicide has been is approved.
R.I.P. my Son.

Humour / Jokes / FAIL...
« on: January 23, 2009, 09:29:00 AM »

General Discussion / OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: November 06, 2008, 12:23:56 PM »
yall have to hear this!!! recorded on yfm last night! it aint safe out there no-mo! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Politics / YES WE CAN
« on: November 05, 2008, 07:31:58 AM »
and they sure did do it. wow. im pretty emotional right now. this is a great time to be alive. everything is possible with dedication and hard work. obama has just taken on the heaviest burden a man could ever carry. here is wishing him all the best for his first term as president of the united states of america.

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