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General Discussion / Let speak POLICE brutality
« on: July 15, 2009, 02:38:24 PM »
Aight..police protection? what about....vital or waste of tax payers money? Me thinks... only if resource are allocated properly and there's no abuse of power

However, the case is different with S.A. metro rail. If u ever been on a train in S.A., especially in the KZN province, u'll know about the first know what happening in there = a couple of hard labour nuccas going or coming from work bursting and blazin they spliffs........However, SAPS is now after those nuccas.......they wanna ban spliff in the train, which is acceptable given the fact that it's illegal in S.A.

However, these ma fos is going beyond doing their jobs....they go around sniffing nigger hands, mouths and nostrils looking for a weed breath....teling them to breath in or out as if they are stilll in high schoool.

If the breath is detected....damn, you're facing beat down....klaps an upper cuts....and if you fight back...damn you get befok

And then we got the TOWNSHIP RAIDS...looking for guns and ish...shit!!! at midnight....niggers just bang and kick your door to the floor...enter the shack...scatter shit all over infront of the whole, mom and dad. And where do they think those kids are gonna find dignity and self respek if their father is slapped infront of their eyes...if their home is vandalised while their parents are helplessly watching....shit!! lil nuccas will rebel and turn to crime for answers.....and all u mafos is gonna say the hood/shacks is f***ed up...e.g. Diepsloot is a ma**

However, crime is a big issue in our country...............and our govt is busy allocating resources stupidly (sorry about that...but that just how I feel

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Absolute Vernac
« on: January 13, 2009, 05:07:26 PM »
Strictly vernac. No gimmicks

Theme----------Definition of a Full time Ballers

I wanna be a full time baller
Every day I get my money mfana izib' indodla
That's why ngikhiph' inambanamba, while wena uy'mosha
Always on a hustle baby i-office yami umhosha
But ngeke ungizwe ngincenga ngoba angisiye umahosha
Ngiphethe amasosha, ashintsha umshini aphinde ayihoshe
Inqawe ishunqe sek'shubile, faka imali uzobona
Ngoba uBee esentlanzeko wasithola eGol'gotha
Ngilokhu ngingqongqoza,
While uhlupha ekhaya untshontshela ugogo
Kukhala umama ekhishini masekuvuleke ibhodwe
Uthi uyisikhokho, but intshiza mabekunika ayikhokhwa
Ilihlo liyaxhoshwa, but this time uzolala izikhotha

Emgwageni sibuka amasela egingqi i-IS
Nkantini, ihleli ephashini ngisasobishini
Ngob' i-life  elok'shini ibeke umngani othulini
Wagqoka inzila umama waqinisa emhlathini
Emphakathini sisahleli ehlathini
Sijabula imizuzu emibili siphinde back osizini
That's why ngihlonipha isela elagqabula itekisi
Laphanta laphikelela kwazekwaqhwiza umentshisi
Kwaqhela ibhokisi, indlela yam'hlophe okobisi
Izifiso zaphumelela njengama-sperms emithisi
Idladla ubhazabhaza kanye nenkabi enensthiza
So don't say this ain't good life cos ubusaba ukuzibiza

General Discussion / Speak Out------Programme on SABC 2---Wensday 9:30
« on: December 11, 2008, 03:41:32 PM »
Damn, Dosto is doing a very good job after a long disappearance on S.A TV.

I think Speak Out, on SABC 2 is the best reality show ever in S.A.. I mean there is no sugercoating of any nature, just straight make up....nothing.....just ordinary people....

And they do really speak out for the helpless and the poor. I think this is what TV's supposed to be---------REAL--------. Fighting inequalities. Ensuring that that the poor are head and protected. Ensuring that the greedy capitalists are not exploiting everyone. The sad part is that.....I've been seeing a lot of black people exploiting other blacks through stuff like----education, financing, and etc. I mean people who start those fly-by-night schools, takin' up a poor kids money, promising them a future---out of poverty, with employment and all benefits of being part of the world----then snatching it all away by disappearing with their money or creating stories. Damn, how do you sleep at night. Like yesterday, I saw this old women collapsing and going unconscious on national T.V, just cos she couldn't explain why she lied about her fake Nursing Academy---accredition non, her nursing certificate non---and about the R2000 she took from a kid, which she ain't paying back. Ambulances had to fetch her. And she still has to face charges now (well done Dosto)

Damn, I love Speak OUT

Come ma people let watch Speak OUT

General Discussion / Vinyl LPs, Records, or Albums
« on: December 04, 2008, 11:05:54 AM »
Just got a bunch of these from an older friend of mine who use to DJ---I guess, he thinks he's grown up for this..nucca bought a new house. I mean they are a lot...from RNB, HIP HOP, KWAITO, AND JAZZ---Stuff from---Guru, EVE, X-ZIBIT, Eminem, DRE, Monifa, R Kelly, Jay Z, Marvin Gay, 112, EXCAPE, Snoop, Wyclef, Guffy of ghetto Ruff and etc. I mean I have a whole crate of Old Skool Hip Hop, RnB, and Kwaito, Jazz.....even the ol "I wanna sex u up single"  ;D ;D

 I just wanna know..............

1.How to take care for them. Cos a very few don't have covers anymore. And are scratched
2. If it worth for me to buy equipment to play them....just for a good listen...some ish I can hook up with my system...Vinly player...if there's anything as such ::)
3. Or if I don't have a pile of junk that I need to throw I away immediately  (which doesn't feel right at all) :-\ :-\
4. What affordable quality equipment is available out there

General Discussion / Super Clever Beings
« on: November 28, 2008, 04:32:58 PM »
Okay, super clever beings know everything. They diss everything. They call everything stupid, foul, malfunctioning and offer no solutions to the problem. They diss leaders but lead no one. And even fear the thot of leading anyone. Or have no thot of leading anyone. They keep the world going backward by posing questions which they know have intricate solutions, and most of the time, solutions which can never be implemented. In other words, they are unrealistic, and so stagnate progress by proposing their little Lil Put (Fantasy Island) to reality. They are, in my opinion, GODís wasted effort in the universe.

These are my people. I been one of them and Iím now trying to be part of the world.

So letís all be the part of the world, and view it equally. Put others first. Think about how they feel. Think about how theyíll react to what ever we pose. Realise the fact that, we are not after all the greatest inventions that GOD ever made. Realise the fact that we are just like anyone else. And allow anyone else to be what they are, no matter how stupid/clever we think they may be

Been checking out what I have been glued to in 2008 and the past 3 years. Just a recap of what I got, borrowed, bootleged, bought, and etc. And I'm glad to say it's been S.A. that's been feeding me for the the whole year, except for NAS's Nigger and DMX (which I don't consider cos it old-that's flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood). Copped me some Zuluboy.....Yeah, just one S.A album for the whole year. Scks!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, Hype kept ma ear to the street, with crews like Drie on that Dwadl' iVerstaan, nuccas like Blackmoss, Zakwe, Abdus (on that eZaselok'shin track), Blacklez, Kronikseed, Damola (yeah, still hooked on that Grownman's Buz' bootleg), ProKid (Uthini Ngo PRO), . Damn, many more. Nyambino's was also blessing us with them Cap City bootlegs, either blez or dk, it was all goodie. D also had us going with 'em Razza videos, all nicessness

Still on that Maximum Sentence Mix (My Destiny, For Hip Hop, Iceberg Hail, yo yo yo, S.A. is hot), Landmynz Vol 1  (Rise of  the Underdawg, When it's Real, Hell is Home- yeah 3WR is always on point, 21 Rhyme Slaute). Still on Terror's Vir My Enemies, that Maradona's Not a Thug, PRO's Heads and Tales,

Damn, it been a good one and there's lot I left out. Loving S.A. hip hop right now

tell me ur's.


General Discussion / Anyone got their ish at Musica:
« on: August 20, 2008, 03:47:52 PM »
Going to Musica at 4:30 for iNqolobane ka Zuluboy. Anybody else got their ish there. Hit me, can support yo hustlenyana hahaha. For real thou


Hot Traxxx / Damola's Grown Man Business
« on: August 18, 2008, 12:35:55 PM »
First, couldn't locate the thread, so don't shoot me for what' I'm doing.

2nd, couldn't listen to the tracks, original, mixes and acapella, due to the poor quality speakers I have here at work.

So I took my time this weekend, burnt that ish and bumped it on my 15 inches. Hahaha

Lyrically supa doopa track. Story telling can never be articulated this way. Profound ish, really gronw's ish: on that diversifying tip with regards to hustling. Love that cos that's where I am trying to establish ma self.

With regards to the Mixes love that Mr C remix, I think it brought out the emotion in there. The original nice on that ol' school tip, boom bap sort 'alike. Like the first remix as well.

African hip hop is the future of hip hop. Anyone who said ish is dead should "migrate like the African citizen" and come through to the motherland cos WE ON FIRE

General Discussion / Positive stuff in this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: July 04, 2008, 12:54:02 PM »
Yeah man. Another good day. A friend posted me some good food of thot this morning. Quoted some goodie for ma "hip hop familia"

The headmaster of St Stithians, Dave Knowles delivered the following (after observing all S.A.'s misfortunes: power cuts, oil prices, crime, FIFA 2010):

" ... Finally, here is my resolve and my truth:-

To be positive

To stop whingeing

To stop blaming

To ignore the doomsday jokes sent out by people who want you to feel as bad as they do..."

"...To commit, regularly, to this beautiful country of ours

To believe in God's plan for us..."

"...I know this - that if I do not work to create the life I want, I will

have to endure the life I get."

Look out for the whole article on the net. Was actually suprised by the fact that we had power cuts back in 1981 (18 hours of national darkenss. hahaha).

Online English to Zulu Translator Needed ASAP

If you know a link or anything, please help. Been surfing it all morning, but nada

Humour / Jokes / Let's talk about your girl's Gynaecologist
« on: June 09, 2008, 03:48:59 PM »
Damn, I can't bare the thot of another nigger going through my girl's private belongings. However, she got to take it to the Gynae when she got them lady problems. You know.

What pisses me off is that most Gynae's are man. Lord why? Oh why?

And your girl be on some "Am going to see MY Gynae"

Come on now.Do you mean he owns my pussy now? Hahaha

General Discussion / The Growth of S.A Hip Hop Through Hype
« on: April 23, 2008, 04:54:43 PM »
I've been checking how S.A hip hop is growing through HYPE MIXTAPES from Vol1 to 20 (and the mag as whole). Unfortunately, I have lost most of my mixes due to suckers not copping that ish then settling for stealing mines. However, I still Hold Vol9, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19 and 20.

Okay, back to to The MUSIC, I mean ish has grown, and like the big man (MIZI) says it there's no money. However, the art is there in quality and quantity: track listings always have new names we never had of; production is getting tighter mag by mag; the whole country is covered (kasi to burb, CPT, PE, DBN to J-sec, and LIMPOPO); the content is getting crazier as well, with few disappointments; all elements seem to be progressing with J-SEC and CPT still holding it down on that GRAF ART AND B-BOYS- a lot of group names are coming out (but don't sleep on DBN with GRAFF art cos MEREBANK AND WENTWORTH got mad art sicker then the one covered on the APRIL/MAY issue). I mean we reaching the golden era with no cash in the pockets. I dunno if I'm speaking tongues or lies, but for me this ish is brewing like crazy. And shows get mad attendencies as well.

Ooh, before I forget, THANKS HYPE keep that ish coming

that's my take, tell me yours

Peace. Hip Hop till I'm 7 ...............5

General Discussion / S.A. Collabo Fan Wish List
« on: April 11, 2008, 03:36:37 PM »
Maradona (3rd World Riders) & Terror MC (P-Unit): Resurrected thugafication. That Kasi resurrection : Produced by Nyambo or Cash
Blacklez (Cap City) & Cone (3rd World Riders): That street grind essence : Produced by Nyambo
Mrc C (J-Sec) & Shon G (Code 031 DP ish): That story telling is ill. Yeah, vernec and English why not. Just real hip hop: D Planet be the man
Raketi & F-Ezzy (Already head the F and Zulu collabo): Vernec punch society. For all those niggers who think they donít bleed: Produced by Omen
T.O.P & F-Ezzy: Hahahaha. Kasi is gully ish: Got to be Top Shayela
Koli (That Crack) & Damola (DK): Nah, skill wonít match exactly. But the voices will complement each other. Damolaís a sicko. Hahaha ďwrap it up, itís candy in the stars, And we got that iron orĒ. Dang that 7 thirty was crazy: Got to be produced by Nyambo

Politics / What's killing u: Inspired by politricks of thy self
« on: February 08, 2008, 02:59:10 PM »
Eish bantu, this life sometimes

The Comfort Zone: Shit's killing me. Feeling comfortable draws me back to the first step of the success ladder. I think I function better when I'm in ish/trouble/under pressure. I don't know if I make sense. I don't know if am alone. But, what I know is, eish, I hate being comfortable cos I can't even tell when I'm gonna fall. OK, picture this: when you broke, I mean bankrupt or something, you find time to think about a lot of things you should have accomplished or wanna accomplish, you on some overdosing smoker tip. As a result you get motivated/inspired/etc, and work hard, working towards your goals till they are achieved. On the other hand, when you got it, damn you're are lazy, think less, party too much, f too much, and all that bull. Everything just seems cool, while it ain't. Damn, the comfort zone, shit is steering my liffe in circles. Damn that I've made it feeling, it bull

Producers - Discussion / Based in PTA: As from Monday for 3 Months
« on: September 27, 2007, 05:04:26 PM »
Yeah, yeah, I'm coming. Ouch didn't check how it gonna sound, but hey, I'm coming up there, Monday I will be there. So it's gonna be hip hop, hip hop, hip hop I'll be seeking. To anyone interested school me on the where to go chapter. And sisters, hahaha. Yeah get ready :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
Hope they gonna like me  :(  :(  :(  Hahaha, F that, they surely will. hahaha


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