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Hip Hop Events / NEW: Hip Hop @ RJ's on Friday nites....
« on: September 30, 2009, 10:08:40 PM »
Sup yall

we back and at it again but this time on friday nights!!!! yaayyy!!!

Artist Line Up:

Devious D
Cyrus the Virus
Dark Spark & The News
Nuklear Headz

Hi Hats
Mystikal Ebony

R10 @ the door but COME WITH A FRIEND & ITS FREE 4 ALL

yeah peoples.....dont say I didnt tell ya

RAMI J's....Cnr Henry Nxumalo & Jeppe Streets....Newtown

in8 ;)

Hip Hop Events / HIP HOP @ RJ's
« on: August 17, 2009, 11:12:25 PM »
Sup yall

Dont miss the opening night of Hip Hop @ RJ's, Newtown, promises to be a dope evening.

Date: 27 August 2009 (Thurs night)

Time: 7pm - 2am

Venue: RJ's (RamiJ's)
          Corner Henry Nxumalo & Jeppe Str
          Opp Astor, next to Charlie Parker

Cover: R10
          Raffle R10 (CD's, coolerboxes, zol and other prizes for grabs)

Artist Line up:

3rd Wave
Last Days Fam
Bantu Education
Deep Soweto
Recess Poetry*


Big "A"

For more info plz join the group " Live Music @ RJs" on facebook or email

BTW Sunday Afternoon = Trip Hop/Jazz/Lounge/Live bands/ Comedy/ Poetry @ RJ's
its free so if you bored and need a dope chill out, come through!!!


Hip Hop Events / Killah Priest in JHB
« on: May 07, 2009, 02:49:33 PM »

UnLearn Agency Official Press Release

Hip Hop can’t stop, won’t stop, it don’t stop!!

Clearly hip hop is not dead. Whilst most of us are still high off the Back to the City hip hop festival, along comes yet another great hip hop event. Over the past year SA heads have been spoilt with great international hip hop acts. Just in the past 5 months we have seen ?uest Love, Mos Def, Zaki Ibrahim and Slum Village. Now, the UnLearn Agency (who brought you Back to the City) bring you Killah Priest.

Referred to by both the media and his fans as a prophet, innovator, and poet, Killah Priest is recognized as one of the most vivid lyricists in Hip Hop. Priest (as he prefers to be called) is a tangential a**ociate of the Wu-Tang Clan. His first recorded appearances were on records such as Wu side projects and solo albums as the Gravediggaz, Ol' Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers, and, most importantly, Genius/GZA's seminal Liquid Swords.

His contributions became legendary and paved the way for the release of his acclaimed debut album, Heavy Mental. Priest released a second album, View from Masada, in 2000. In 2007, he released his third album, The Offering which secured his status as one of the most compelling solo artists in the Wu-Tang stable. (

Now, the UnLearn Agency presents another night of Hip Hop feasting. Featuring the dopest local emcees and DJs alongside Killah Priest.

Killah Priest with DJ Kallisto
Whosane and Lanky
Tha Hymphatic Thabz featuring Shorty Skillz & Robo
The Anvils

Music AtLast

Hosted by:   
Lee & Siya

When:  16 May 2009

Where:   Carfax, Newtown, Johannesburg

How much:   R 150

For more information contact:  Dominique Soma at

Hip Hop Events / OFFICIAL: Back2daCity
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:22:08 PM »

Back to the City is back!!

Nowadays, it is not often that you find a hip hop event which truly celebrates the spirit and culture of hip hop as a whole – as it was meant to be. The third annual ‘Back to the City’ hip hop festival takes over the streets of Newtown, Johannesburg again.

Featuring artists representing the pinnacle of artistic expression from South Africa, this unique youth event has grown into the largest public display of the full scope of hip hop culture in South Africa. The one day festival presents a day of live music, street art, break-dancing, art installation, skateboarding, film, street fashion, gaming, speakers and panel discussions. From the daytime events to the nightly performances, this is one time that the inner city comes alive with true freedom of expression providing a destination for hip hop fans, artists and culturalists. Over 5,000 people will come together and celebrate Freedom Day through the experience of hip hop and youth culture.

“This is the reason I love hip hop and what makes me a head…”
Hype Magazine review of Back to the City 2008

This year there will be over 20 live performances and dj’s will entertain throughout the day. Featured artists include Archetypes; Hymphatic Thabs; HHP; Tumi; Ben Sharpa; Jozi; DJ Kenzhero; Zuluboy; Prokid; Lemonka mix tape featuring Tuks; DJ Naked, Fifi, the Anvils and many many more.

One of the aims of the “Back to the City” initiative is to take a neglected part of Newtown and transform the space with and colour and life, creating awareness as well as sustainable revenue to the surrounding companies. Ten graffiti crews will utilise the highway pillars as their canva**es, creating colourful masterpieces in the city. This year we feature the Ice Collectivo a graffiti crew from Marseilles. They will be teaming up with Faith 47, Rasty, Hac One, Kasi and other local writers for a two day workshop taking place at the Alliance Francaise in Diepkloof, Soweto. Skateboarding and BMX ramps will also be constructed to add another element of street culture to this outdoor initiative. Ritual Stores will host a fine and digital arts exhibition as well as film screenings, which will feature a collective of artists from various backgrounds. These art pieces will be up for sale as well as the Ritual Store merchandise.

 ‘Back to the City’  also celebrates the fifth element of hip hop – knowledge of self. This manifests in a daytime educational summit. This portion of the programme is made up workshops and panel disucssions. Topics include music business, sponsorship, distribution and retail. Featured speakers and panellists include TS Records, Pioneer Unit,  Buttabing and MTN Xploded.

When:  Freedom Day (27 April) 2009

Where:   Coner Bree and Henry Nxumalo streets, Newtown, Johannesburg

How much:   ‘Back to the City’ has always been a free event however, due to a reduction in sponsorship and the current global economy, a minimal R30 will be charged

Visit   to view the final programme for the day.
For more information contact: or

General Discussion / f***ed up...
« on: October 07, 2008, 12:08:57 AM »
Wat do u do wen uve f***d up real bad, lyk nt just urself bt ur fam, ur frnds, ur man (real soulmate if thers such a ting) and ur morals? Im in a situation dats realy confusing, dnt even know how 2 deal wit it... And if u get caught its quarantine frm luv nd confinement 2 tortue 4 lyf. f***, dis is so f***d up! Da only ting helping is vodka. Damn!
I need anada tot, l8a

General Discussion / Feening 4......
« on: September 26, 2008, 01:19:45 PM »
a cold savanah
a blunt with my boys
a good vibe
an hour with my favourite gigalo

oh yeah and interesting converse on ag

General Discussion / Dear Agians
« on: August 02, 2008, 04:11:42 PM »
Dear AG Fam

By the time most of you read this, I will be gone! yes yes, plz dont cry. i knoe yall gonna miss me, i'll probably miss you too. no im not commiting suicide but as from tomorrow i will no longer be gracing you with my presence all day. i will however keep an eye on you and bless you with a word from my endearing, enchanting lips every afternoon.

*take my handkerchief and dry your eyes, im gonna mis you, i wont lie!!! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( *
i have to focus on my life and................. thats bullshit. (the part about focusing, i really am leaving tho)

you know wat - f*** dat.

what is the best data bundle to get so i can surf off my laptop all day? geeks?

yall know i cant live without ag... im an addict!!

General Discussion / Musiq rumour
« on: July 14, 2008, 11:47:42 AM »
i was on his website this morning and it said he would be in Joburg on the 26th... does anybody know anything about his? I know he's gonna be in durbs 4 the one world fest on the 27th but i havent heard or seen anything bout him up here. i hope he is coming and if any1 can help me out, i will invite you to our wedding...  ;)

General Discussion / AG Honey's beefing
« on: July 11, 2008, 02:41:49 PM »
Im talking to Trompie and he says that AG ladies beef. I dont think so. does anyone have a link to some real serious hectic female beef here on AG this year?

but ladies we love each other dont we?

and plz ppl let us not derail this thread. plz.

Hip Hop Events / Thandanani on Sunday 15 June 08
« on: June 13, 2008, 03:43:37 PM »
Hey people

Its going down this Sunday.

Event Info: THANDANANI- Increase Love and Peace
Host: Constructive Noise and Artists Who United Africa (AWUA)
Type: Causes – Fundraiser and Campaign Launch
Cover Charge: R30 + food, blankets, clothes etc
Time and Place Start Time: Sunday, 15 June, 3:00pm
End Time: Monday, 16June 2008 at 12:00am
Location: Ko Spotong, Next to Sophiatown, Newtown
Street: Jeppe Street, cnr Henry Nxumalo
City/Town: Johannesburg, South Africa

About the event
The purpose of the event is to launch a comprehensive campaign against xenophobia and socio-economic factors such as crime, poverty, unemployment, ignorance and a general disunity amongst Africans, by using art to promote a culture of peace and tolerance. Central to the launch is the mission of raising funds and collecting food, clothing and blanket donations required for the emergency needs of displaced refugees.

The THANDANANI campaign can also be viewed as a vital platform for all those who wish to show their support to victims of xenophobic attacks and the genral instability in the country and the African Continent. How? Musicians, dj's, “conscious” hip hop artists, poets, graff heads, graphic designers, writers, fashion designers, filmmakers, comedians and other performing artists can contribute by showcasing creative work that speaks against backwardness of any sort (poverty, crime, hatred, disunity), with xenophobia as a special focus.

Condemnation is good but not enough. We need to utilize art to influence perceptions of the gra**roots poor communities with regards to the social dynamics of the continent. Constructive Noise, with the Support of Artists Who United Africa aims to use the campaign to:

1.Promote a culture of tolerance and non-violence.
2.Develop a victim support system for survivors and victims of xenophobic attacks.
3.Raise funds and collecting donations for those living in refugee camps.
4.Conduct workshops on tolerance, migration and human rights for affected communities.
5.Produce artworks, events, theatre productions, films, music etc that raise the people’s awareness about the continent’s socio-economic conditions.

Following is a list of artists who’ve agreed to actively support the campaign:

Live Bands-Jazz, Organic Afro Funk/Rock: Dr Badela, Ringo, BLK JKS, MXO, Simphiwe Dana, UJU, Kunle, Kwani Experience, Robbie Malinga, Norman Chauke, Kwela Tebza.

Hip Hop: Teargas, Robo, Ben Sharpa, Zuluboy, Obita, Reason, QBA, Bianca Williams, Damola, Natives From the Sun, 
To confirm: HHP, Prokid, Tumi and Zubz

Poets: Mak Manaka, Kabelo Mofokeng, Afurakan, Quaz, Uhuru, Ayob, Rainbow, Lebo Mashile, Motho Fela, Flo

DJs: Bionic, Kenzhero, C-Live, Gold Digger, Aswat, Soosh, D- Uneek, Blaq T, Mud Lion, Sista Matic.

Some of the above-listed artists have confirmed performances for the Thandanani launch/fundraiser planned to take place on the 15th of June. The rest of the participating artists would be asked to perform in future community-based small-scale events as well as large scale festivals planned to take place in the future. The large scale events/festivals will be staged in different parts of the country, and eventually tour the continent to further spread the message of love and peace.

Hot Traxxx / The Official AG "4 a Cause" Mixtape
« on: June 06, 2008, 02:22:00 PM »
Wats good people?

Ayit ima holler this like this 8) my english is not 100% so undastand wen I betarize sum places. yall know how we speakarize: -

As yall know, the anti-xen gig (HAV & SOE but im referring to HAV) was this last sunday and most of the ag fam did not get to perform. I am not stating this as a start to beef, the main point of this is that when Nyambo - I mean Smash *think think think* wateva, started the anti-xen topic, the original idea was for a mixtape. So being me as yall know me i decided to get involved and yes, we still want this to happen.

However there has been some slight modification to the original idea. Instead of making this an Anti-Xen tape only, we want to look at other issues facing our race (human) around the world. So not only south africans or africans but from wherever you are, whatever you feel as a head you need to address and raise awareness on, this is your platform. The only criteria is that it has to be AG Fam (and that it must be good shit ;)). Not saying you cant work with peeps outside ag, go ahead as long as in wateva crew/clique, ag is represented.

There will be a gig to launch the mixtape. Tentatively around July month end. That gives us 2  months to get the mixtape ready. We need the tracks for the mixtape by the first week of July for printing, covers etc. We also need people to tackle different aspects of this project, basically sound, the mixtape, flyers, marketing, a mini coordinating team.

So far this is how it stands: Nyambo is heading the "get the mixtape together" team with noone else beside him so far. Me and Bladi are on the "get everything else together" team with no volunteers (obviously noone cud volunteer cos noone knew yet) so far. But we believe that this is achievable and I specially believe in ag fam. (go team go!! :-*)

so yeah, i think ive said what i had to say in a pretty understandable format so holler! ;D

General Discussion / Men & Toys
« on: May 29, 2008, 08:11:53 AM »
toys as in vibrators. y is it that if yall know ur girl/friend is getting one, yall wanna wach? i mean isint it for us to pleasure ourselves thus not needing yall??? and another thing, b4 i get one. do yall think usin a vibrator will make normal sex unenjoyable or just not up to scratch? cos yall know, we know wat we (women) know what we want so we can make ourselves come quicker than a guy wud since he aint in our minds and even wen u tell him,sometimes its just not always exactly how u want it.

so basically my question is this. is it a gud idea to get one and why do yall wanna participate?

oh and wud yall let ur girl stick her v up ur a**, since u're so keen on participating

General Discussion / Wat gets u Up wen u down?
« on: May 28, 2008, 07:57:53 AM »
ive been havin a shitty week so this is wat i do but i cud use a few more ideas...

1. Listen to my favourite hip hop

2. Log onto AG, sum1's bound to make me laugh

3. Sing at the top of my voice walking to work and make people think im crazy

4. My new fans on the way to work (its freakin funny how many people ask me wats wrong wen they dont see me singing)

5. Cry

6. Pray and ask God a lot of questions

7. Smile at everybody i see, i love the response wen people r caught of guard, they smile b4 they realize they dont know me and dont wanna smile

8. AG

9. AG

10. AG ;D

Sports Arena / Manu in da finals
« on: April 30, 2008, 08:00:33 AM »
now THAT is wat i call soccer/football! da tension in da air was tangible! i see man u had some hectic pep talks after last week. deir defence was tyt, really tyt. barc tried but i gess this tym was not their tym. is it just me or has henry lost sum vuma since leavn arsenal? its a shame yaya and samuel didn do as well as last week. and barc lost out on a lot of shots. mayb its cos dey all felt like bein striker and werent workn so well as a team. i mean messi! henry!

now its 4 liverpool and chelsea - who will face man u in da finals?

General Discussion / Busted!!!!!!
« on: April 30, 2008, 07:46:17 AM »
so i got busted last nyt (bluntin) and im being sent to rehab. i have to tell my moms this weekend that i relapsed and cum up with the explanation of my weakness. funny thing is last nyt i was cool, now im askn myself y da hell i gave my aunt my stash cos i need to blaze. i can live without blunt but do i really have to?
do yall think its possible to write really gud music without a little a**istance? i mean it aint lyk im back on rock and heroin or anything? is weed really a drug or is it a drug becos government says it is?  ???

oh n does nebady have funy rehab stories dat wil make my stay der pleasant?  ;D

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