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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / ( Epic ) ( Da Flaws/Da Real Shit ) whole ting
« on: September 26, 2008, 02:01:36 PM »
Welcome Cats, Niggaz & Heads!Yeah u know i been posting alot, but mostly a verse here a verse there.But this time around i thawt i would come wit da whole ting that being ( Epic ) (Da Fake/Da Real Shit ) so i'll leave it up to ya'll to decide how this'll go down!I wrote this shit yesterday literally so i am really chuffed that could kill it in one go, & i know you'll feel this even if it's touching a nerve.

I don't need to rhyme but i want to rap/
That's that microphone check one two back to black jack/
A narcisist a wrecking ball responsible for monsta hits/
Shit where i won't get no radio play but some "otha-ness"
somewhere else i may be okay/
And as a marketing ploy here's my problem wit Mxit/
I can't imagine kids would wanna download my sickness/
Too underage to page thru my pronographic scriptures/
Cos i f*** listeners up & some would call it business/
My gory depictions my story encryptions/
They come wit weak writtens & corny enscriptions/
I formally form prisms that refracts light back to convicts in prisons/
I still got convictions still down by law/
I often saw how da legal terms surround my door/
I ignore da "peace talks" & that drives my war/
I'm in da mood to be rude so take a wide detour/
Yo my life's like a movie wit a silent score/
& da award goes to one amongst da final four/
Where Dj's left cuts & scratches on a vinyl floor/
When spinning club bangas they should try & explore but they step
into da okey doke by buying da flaw//

       ( Chorus x2 )

Real shit over here yeah here's da real ish
Process is ongoing wit no breaks or commercials
They don't tell da truth cos it hurts their internals
I get it off my chest best to power it thru journals
Turn da heat up & start towering infernos
Infact when da track stops hip hoppers burn clothes
But nah not them cos they a whole pack of turncoats

 ( Verse 2 )

Wot da deal cousin?Worker bee's do da real buzzing/
You were six bars short of having a ill dozen/
They won't share a crum so most of us is meal watcing/
It hits to da core for sure it feels touching/
You're already organized it's wit skill that u struggling/
I saw clarity more as far from being puzzling/
I'll tell u anotha thing "leave my a** alone u think this brotha
needs bothering?"/
Perfect your text that's how it gets to be sovereign/
I thawt it was a long walk da next day i'm hovering/
To bring u an offering that's ten times worse than da seals
that i was clobbering/
While i was bloggering cats was mockering tongues was hanging
out yo these dawgs was slobbering/
Lap it up as urged/first haven't u heard that u can't trust da Hype
that da magazine serves?/
On da surf i'm preferred to spurt starttling verbs as they emerge
on da verge they start marking my words/
So that as soon as it works they start hogging da perks but their
rhyme style's a crime like robbing a church//

      ( Chorus x2 )

Real shit over here yeah here's da real ish
Process is ongoing wit no breaks or commercials
They don't tell da truth cos it hurts their internals
I get it off my chest best to power it thru journals
Turn da heat up & start towering infernos
Infact when da track stops hip hoppers burn clothes
But nah not them cos they a whole pack of turncoats

   ( Verse 3 )

I huff & puff wit my agro stuff/
In my voice i got a choice between a natural ruff/
Or i can switch & come smooth & pull casual off/
But eitha way i still seem to rattle da soft/
Neva dom kopf i'm bound to say something benign/
About products wit mistakes in production design/
I let u play it cool for now i got nuthing in mind when it's
da blind leading da blind there'll be suffering time/
As they crowd about my porch wit hearts smothering mine/
They only wish ill cos none o' them's da mothering kind/
I hear them lack that commitment when they stuttering lines/
My booth's fulla thruths man they uttering lies that relies on
using bribes when buttering guys/
Up in da same while they cutting their ties/
In disbelief they stand there rubbing their eyes don't worry i'll
rhyme in braille too don't be suprised/
That it's an actual death versus a phony demise/
Was like da pa**ing of a mime as he silently dies/
He made dough & that's da pastry for da pie in da skies/
They do fly-by's so basically they higher than dry looking down
on me but still they desiring my//

Real shit over here yeah here's da real ish
Process is ongoing wit no breaks or commercials
They don't tell da truth cos it hurts their internals
I get it off my chest best to power it thru journals
Turn da heat up & start towering infernos
Infact when da track stops hip hoppers burn clothes
But nah not them cos they a whole pack of turncoats

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Fifty Five Fives
« on: April 29, 2008, 11:36:18 AM »
Yeah i promised cats that i was gonna lace this track & follow on from Jigga & Canibus on drop 55 fives ayite here goes.

I rise & shine on these 55 lines
Had 5 rhymes that i dropped on 55 minds
Now watch me down 5 drinks in 5 different bars
Like a 5 pointed super star driving 5 cars
I'm 5 large wit 5 scars on each of my 5 parts
If you answered 5 you get 55 wide marks
Yo da number on my residence is still 55
So i'ma say 5 anotha 55 times
There's 5 kinds o' eyes behind 55 blinds
I had 55 designs in all 5 sided sides
High 5 i tell you to break you take 5
For fingas i 5 hold
& 55 devided by 5 is 5 fold
So i'ma give da 5th wheel 55 spins
My plan's to go allout on 55 limbs
Attached on wit 5 pins that's 55 wins
Got 5 minute intervals swimming wit 5 fins
& half da ten commandments'll leave you wit 5 sins

Hip Hop Events / Black Rock Projects Presents
« on: November 07, 2007, 10:50:14 AM »
What's up my peoples here it is hip hop is going back 2 da ghettos.We are having a peace jam concert that will rock your world.Artists include GreenBat,Scallywag,Garlic Brown,Opague & many more.
When:8th & 22nd Nov.
Where:Manenberg Peoples Centre
Entry:10 bucks
Hope to see u there.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Myself
« on: April 14, 2007, 01:27:45 PM »
I feel like a convict i cannot readjust myself
Why should i trust you i don't even trust myself
Look at myself like i'm someone else entirely
Like i'm a household utensil but i'm not user friendly
And envy makes me second guess myself the situation's
hairy so i had to brush death myself
Rush left myself with too much test myself one on one
dual so i had to best myself
To save myself i had to free myself not see the little stick
but the whole tree myself
Cut some connections just so i can be myself always write
another word of poetry myself
I don't hate myself maybe dis-like myself i could be my
old man maybe he's like myself
Got alot at stake myself i shake myself and if i don't make
it i still wouldn't break myself
I rate myself"Little Man Tate"myself got little time for
small talk i gotta rotate myself
Seperate myself look at me and imitate myself i go inside
myself with only myself allowed where one is company man
and two's a crowd
Sometimes i get drunk just to frustrate myself i'm running
but i can't seem to escape myself.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / To Be An Emcee Verse2
« on: April 10, 2007, 01:26:34 PM »
To be an Emcee i personify exspansion my rhymes need
so much room my mind's like a mansion
On point off the mark orderly or random every line is worth
five mics every verse is an anthem
And with skillz as ill as mine i can have pillars climbed with
binary language more imposing than Philistines
Emcees like me will rhyme as long as the flame lasts with
elements twice the size an elephants frame has
To be an emcee you'll have to alienate your family meaning
they on earth you on a whole 'nother galaxy
To go up on a stage you need the nerves of a pilot so when
the crowd put their hands up your twin boosters fired
I ain't live wired i'm just short fused alot they weren't up to
scratch is why my whole crew was cut
But to be an emcee will even force you to grow dredds with
a steel pulse about the size a whales chromozone gets.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Where I'm From
« on: April 05, 2007, 12:20:42 PM »
Where i'm from 99 niggaz'll have gunz
the 100th one'll blow your back out to see
your front
Cut your legs off and still force you to run
Yo my block's so hot i need to caution the
And it's clear as day gangsta your portion
is done
You don't have to turn tail you can just
empty the gun but you'll still have the drive
of a pentium1 and it wasn't no balloons what
the f*** just went pop pop
Two to your chest the definition of a drop top
Not fast your a** was slow on the uptake
I'm an upright CD you on Record as a duck
For f***'s sake someone called the cops again
i'm just trying to survive getting my tops to ten
I got aims explain how i got goals
I eat on the streets cook my food using potholes
Walk on hot coals homie embrace your max
You got the product for free i sold you the facts
I watch my own back like i'm part of con-joined
twins my left knows my right doesn't like
I stay headstrong 'till the movement in my leg's
gone you can call me"Cliff"'cause i flip with a

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Just Think About It Verse3
« on: April 02, 2007, 11:03:07 AM »
I used to be your Special Ed with that said now it's
said and done i went from a Tribe Called to P.E no.1
We had no Common Sense with our Company Flow we
had peoples in our ear like Ben&J-Lo
You were told if i stayed i'd be trouble your way and that
i Mobb Deep from the streets N.W.A
That i slice nay sayers witha Wu-Tang sword and i'm a
no good Bushwick Bill that's coming up short
I was told i had a choice between you and a nice time
the Black Thoughts i sport like Royce Da '5 9"
I tried to be like them never tried to be myself brought
disacord to our world like Em and D12
Just think about it and if it doesn't oppose girl we could
Lean Back like Terror Squad and Fat Joe
But i knew when i met you,you was basically grown
Maybe that's why i'm still here all Aceyalone

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Just Think About It
« on: April 01, 2007, 11:44:05 AM »
I met a Brand Nubian that i took to the 3rd Base
She was Naughty By Nature man and i was a Scarface
Orginized Confusion with an Optical Illusion
I seen her on the Pharcyde playing her role but the
first thing i noticed was her De La Soul so i pushed right
pa** all these Dialated Peoples her flow was Lady Luck
with Foxy Brown features
Had the kinda booty you could use to heat beaches
A true Blakstarr like Mos' and Kweli claimed she never
had to walk much or Run-Dmc 'cause her pops had a
business like EPMD i was Kool like Kieth and a Prince like
Paul 'cause my Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly
all'a ya'll
Knew she loved Jigga like she knew all about him had
everything from Reasonable Doubt to the Black Album
Wouldn't realize just how bad she dives when she's all alone
sipping on Jura**ic 5's that's when i stated this exscuse me
miss let's you and i lip Lox and Jadakiss
Someday you and me can have our own residence
Money in Loyd Banks we started with 50 cents.

This is the first verse of three.Will post other two in time to come enjoy.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / I Mean It Verse3
« on: April 01, 2007, 11:15:54 AM »
I don't give a f*** i show the fingers to my critics
5% is words 95% is physics
Possessing more symbols than Egyptian hyroglyphics
Bombarding stage hands with technical specifics
I keep a sentence short so i'm dissing you in snippets
and every sentiment is essentially explicit
Implicit hybrid that shit i get high with and stick 5 mics
under each one of my eyelids
I rap to the fact that it's dark on the streets man i
couldn't see my feet much less reach my peak
I stay on the move i don't chill with inert ways lyrically
my job's like days
Colour stains more strange than ox-blood and turqoise
Combination of shades could erase your birthdays
Touched on the sur-face suprise mutha-f***as you found
an open mic that could size mutha-f***as
Shit at sea-level made you dive mutha-f***as
I freak a flow i swore to do it 'till a speaker blows
Nickelodian general custodian ionizing gas chambered
sodium to opium
Results on the tube like an overused velopean came
dropping these bars not like the soap and 'em
Open 'em exsposing closed joints smoking 'em high and
mighty so i might be highly pissed-off i spit razor blades
that'll cut a Dj's wrist off.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / City Gunz
« on: March 29, 2007, 11:10:04 AM »
Shots were fired cover your a** like it was attired
It's sionara how bullets smear ma**cara
Tear drops a hundred people screaming that they
hear shots
Buksie got a slug stuck in his guts and his fear
locks shaking his momentum from his cap to his
Blood just spurting outta Buks over half of da blocks
Tina ran for help we just stayed at his side
Told him hold on alright don't let that bull-shit inside
Told me;"Nah this one truly got his name inscripted
on"he drifted on where's the f***ing ambulance
when you need one
I'm looking up at Yvonne knowing he gone she got
her weep on
Witnessess were little one's who peeped on scenes
reminisent of a sea song"Away fore We Go"could we
speaf on murder stays a week long mutha f***a what
should i keep on
Who can stop the rage that habitually stays waiting to
creep on get your Greek extinction we gone or be gone
You decide now this shit i'll leave on a gun totting
Stephan who killed in the month of"Ramadaan"he pretty
calm placing the Bible to his killer palm plus he had the
blood on his arm
What he done to the girl and her mom was a raker
lob-sided tear jerker taking your fear further Cops on the
scene said it's seen everyday the senseless homocide the
dramacide left even big mommas wide.

Ay yo City Gunz unlike the ones in the rural most times
they take plural without a scruple
Hollow Point shots popped your mans in his vehicle Ali in
front of his store and how many more.


Chief Rocka - Open Mic / I'm The Man
« on: March 29, 2007, 10:47:08 AM »
Verrify my very eye like sky i'm very high
You're barely getting by boom skip the biddy
I'm so consious i sub-consiously give responsas
You live for sponsas I spliff for the streets You
live for monstas Ya'll get a whiff of the heat
You don't know Jack that's how i get the Ripper
to speak
Ripple effect that's how i get to"Dip in Her Tweet"
I"Mek Wi Dweed"Ya'll set on slept so sleep
I stomp where Angels fear to tread nuff said
The sand paper collar man that makes me a
ruff neck
Number one suspect got everyone upset change
your dialect see this year's my set here's the
words go read my rhymes off like an eye test
Thy quest is out to sea like Pisces my late night
punchlines i scripted on night shifts with epileptic
methods how i suffer from tight fits.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Heat Da Beaches
« on: March 28, 2007, 11:14:41 AM »
GreenBat i possess a vocab so hard i could implode your lungs and collapse your heart.
Pour poison down your jaws the voice and the noise was yours i tear your chest open so wide you'll bleed doors.
Antagonism feeds wars i eat force at a speed fasta than light these bastards scream pause.
Shit's heavy it's like a house on performers cats i don't even know was backed up in corners 'till their back's tri-angle shaped and they can't escape rawness
You don't have to like me infact don't even love i'm so informal i'm like a sack in site-c every homocidal maniac's raised to be just like me
Able to leap over a six meter high wall with a flame throwers torch so i can scorch every eyeball Wild Life Society's back so back your front up f*** a artist package like carnivores i want blood coming outta speakers and every line's so fresh it features with a phoetus
My grip on da mic mangles my hands and my features and right now homie i'll be damned if you're not speechless.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / I'm Back
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:07:35 PM »
When the bastard's on call me masta Don
Verbally i'm so beyond i just pa**ed the sun
Wisdom has many miles if i could grab just one
i'd be Wyclef Jean and a pastors son
I paint pictures using oils no hands near acryllics
so much sour grapes that i'm damn near acidic
Imaginations run wild the imagery is vivid
Where you're from you talk shit,where i'm from
i live it
I'm still down by law,words ,verses and all,wanna
be"The Bat"homie you should first be"The Ball"
Wanna bang your cronie nothing's worse than a
wall,taking hit after hit just to murder withdrawl
So by the by should i define my devine you'd have
the four corners searched twice to find my design.    :twisted:

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / (No Longer)
« on: March 17, 2007, 06:35:05 PM »
No longer she says;Will she be a doormat for
your insecurities.
The burden of your self-doubt weighs much too
heavy on her.
The demands you place on her she has no wish
to meet.
So she denies you the very thing you prize most
and you;"Sir"are a coward for forcefully taking it
from her.
She feels not only loneliness and heartache but
also pain and utter despair.
And it's unfair how the man of her dreams has her
going through a nightmare.
Her initial feelings of adoration,love and total
commitment were short lived and were replaced
smartly by loathing,hate and flat out disconnection.
You believe her subscription to feminine publications
calling us "Pigs" to be fiction.
You are adament her position should remain inside
a kitchen.
O silly little man murdering her spirit was easier said
than done.
She has outgrown you;She now sees to her needs
first,while yours is secondary at best.
No longer she says will she buckle under the stress.
You're left stagnant and confused even her bruises are
through with you.
She will make it on her own 'cause she wants nothing
to do with you.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / (Create)
« on: March 17, 2007, 06:18:55 PM »
There are no new and fresh stories only newer and fresher ways of telling them.Originality as the word suggests has no forerunner.Waste not a second all you creative souls.I am limited by my circumstances only,but of events leading up to what I'm about to say I have no reign over.The lure and benifit of having an aim and a time frame does mean well,and while the "Genius" in all of us does come out every so often,most of us will be victims or thee about bringers of copyright infringements or be the makers or breakers of "Creative Licensing" albeit "Intellectual Property".Concepts that draw from the past in order to create a new way forward,but the business of the future is to be perilous and were we but weather beaten that would have sufficed;"Still failures not an option".Create as a means to a legacy.Legitimate ideas should be brought across readily."Listen up,listen up thoughts are intentions where would we be if inventors never brought forth inventions".

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