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Politics / Dark girls: race,beauty and-bias
« on: July 04, 2011, 10:47:11 AM »
Clips from the upcoming documentary exploring the deep-seated biases and attitudes about skin color---particularly dark skinned women, outside of and within the Black American culture.

Humour / Jokes / Go f*** yourself!!!!
« on: January 19, 2011, 02:15:02 PM »
Kanye West
Thabo Mbeki
Trevor Manuel
Andile Mngxitama
Winnie Mandela
Themba Maseko
Israel leaders
News Editors
Swagger rappers

Feel free to name some people ( including Agians ;D ;D ;D) that you would one day like to walk up to and say "Go f*** Yourself"..........

Politics / Kanye apparently hurt Bush's feelings...
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:34:45 PM »
The first excerpts of former President George W. Bush's interview with NBC New's Matt Lauer were released on Tuesday night. And what stands among the noteworthy bits about Bush's political mindset in the moment of existential crises is that, for all that happened, his low point was being called racist by Kanye West.

From the interview, which will air Monday, November 8, 2010 at 8 p.m. ET on "Matt Lauer Reports" in advance of the release of Bush's book "Decision Points."

MATT LAUER: About a week after the storm hit NBC aired a telethon asking for help for the victims of Katrina. We had celebrities coming in to ask for money. And I remember it vividly because I hosted it. And at one part of the evening I introduced Kanye West. Were you watching?

MATT LAUER: You remember what he said?

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Yes, I do. He called me a racist.

MATT LAUER: Well, what he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: That's -- "he's a racist." And I didn't appreciate it then. I don't appreciate it now. It's one thing to say, "I don't appreciate the way he's handled his business." It's another thing to say, "This man's a racist." I resent it, it's not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency.

MATT LAUER: This from the book. "Five years later I can barely write those words without feeling disgust." You go on. "I faced a lot of criticism as President. I didn't like hearing people claim that I lied about Iraq's weapons of ma** destruction or cut taxes to benefit the rich. But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all time low."

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Yeah. I still feel that way as you read those words. I felt 'em when I heard 'em, felt 'em when I wrote 'em and I felt 'em when I'm listening to 'em.

MATT LAUER: You say you told Laura at the time it was the worst moment of your Presidency?

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Yes. My record was strong I felt when it came to race relations and giving people a chance. And-- it was a disgusting moment.

General Discussion / Who would you like to punch in the face
« on: February 24, 2010, 10:16:43 AM »
It could be anyone!! ;D ;D

Those Jehovah Witnesses  cats who came to my door on a f***in Saturday morning, a straight guy shouting that "ayoba" shit....

Politics / Sangomas plan to slaughter bull in CBD
« on: February 05, 2010, 12:18:37 PM »

A group of sangomas plan to slaughter a bull on Thibault Square during the opening ceremony of a festival aimed at drawing people to the CBD.

But a decision from the City of Cape Town to grant permission to the organisers of the annual Infecting the City Festival is still pending.

The performing arts festival happens on the streets and public squares of the city.

The sacrifice is part of its "Human rite" theme, which will showcase a host of traditional ceremonies in the city centre.

Brett Bailey, curator of the festival, said he approached a group of Xhosa sangomas on how they proposed opening the festival in a traditional manner.

He said they had suggested a slaughter to commemorate their Xhosa ancestors, who had died as prisoners on Robben Island between the 19th century and the 1980s.

Bailey, who had done some research, suggested using the square, which had been under the ocean at the time and connected the rite with the sea flowing to Robben Island.

"The Infecting the City team is seeking permission from the city authorities for the ritual slaughter," he said. It was not a "shock gesture" because the suggestion came from traditional leaders. There was a lack of Xhosa spirituality in the city and the goal was to encourage "marginalised" groups to come to the CBD.

"We don't see Xhosa centres. We have churches for Christians, synagogues and mosques. In planning this festival we looked at who is not represented, who is absent from the city," he said.

Charles Cooper, spokesman for the City of Cape Town, said the permission for the ritual slaughter was still pending.


what's your take?

Politics / Purged SACP members poised to launch splinter leftist party
« on: November 23, 2009, 12:11:06 PM »
Purged SACP members poised to launch splinter leftist party
Sibusiso Ngalwa, Saturday Star, Johannesburg, 21 November 2009
A group of leftists - including influential former officials purged after they clashed with SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande - are planning to launch a breakaway party.
In a similar fashion to the way that the founders of the Cope served "divorce papers" on the ANC to form that party, the brains behind the planned venture say the governing party's promise of a better life has not materialised.
Under the banner of the Conference of the Democratic Left, the grouping comprises former Young Communist League leader Mazibuko Jara, community leader Trevor Ngwane and former SACP Gauteng secretary Vishwas Satgar.
But Jara yesterday denied wanting to launch a new party, although he did not rule it out.
"There is no such plan ... for now people are talking of a united front. Whether a political party emerges out of this, no one knows. It will take time, debate and convincing each other," he said.
The SACP, which described the group as those who lost debates internally, said the party has "always anticipated that this tiny minority will cause this drama".
"For years we have tolerated their disruptive behaviour and ill-discipline... If these characters... wish to leave, we advise them not to use the name of the SACP to achieve their narrow objectives," SACP spokesman Malesela Maleka said.
"Their planned 'Cope tactics' won't work on us; the sooner they and those who support them leave the SACP, the better. We will not be plunged into a crisis, it's good riddance," he said.
The ANC's Ishmael Mnisi said the governing party would not comment before a detailed briefing about the grouping.
The Saturday Star is in possession of a document distributed by the organisers, calling on interested parties to attend the conference, scheduled for March 20-22.
It is understood the conference would be a springboard for the establishment of a splinter party, contesting the SACP's socialist, leftist terrain.
But Jara is adamant theirs would not be an anti-ANC/ tripartite alliance initiative and ruled out co-operation with Cope. "Cope is a disaster, this is where I agree with the SACP; it's a right-wing spinoff from the ANC. Ours is about an anti-capitalist critique, and Cope is not about that.
"We are not going to go on a sectarian attack on the ANC... Yes, we are critical of the ANC and its approach and capitalist policies. (But) we are not going to impose ourselves unrealistically as if we are going to vanquish and replace the ANC," said Jara.
The document calls for a unity of purpose to deal with capitalism because "the promise of a better life for all (the ANC's slogan) has not been realised".
"As long as the ANC government refuses to confront capital and redistribute wealth, poor communities will continue to be downtrodden".
To get the ball rolling, a "convening committee" will be visiting communities, factories and farms to build momentum towards the conference.
"We need a people's conference, solidarity and a united front. What is envisaged is a process of bottom-up deliberation, debate in which voices from below shape outcomes and collective action. The organising of the conference is about creating local, provincial and a national (forum)," said the document.
"This is a conscious political initiative informed by a recognition that we all fought for the liberation of South Africa. The conference is an affirmation of democratic pluralism and is a process which seeks to elaborate political objectives, practices, alternatives and new ways of engaging in Left politics."
The group has been operating behind the scenes since after the 2007 SACP conference when those opposed to Nzimande were left out or were forced out of the party.

interesting shit!!

General Discussion / 411 on Malawian hiphop
« on: October 14, 2009, 04:05:33 PM »
i'm gonna be in Malawi next week, so i need some schooling on Malawian hiphop scene, who is dope etc.  Also is there someone to check outside of hiphop? help please!!!

Politics / M&G journalist on race
« on: September 28, 2009, 09:14:24 AM »
My dear white colleagues …

Remember when I was introduced to you on my first day? Many of you had somehow managed to forget me after working with me for a year.

I failed to understand why only black people -- from the cleaner right up to the chief executive -- could remember me and you did not. I knew most of you by name but to you I was a total stranger.

It sounds like a small matter but it plays straight into perceptions I make about you. You are not interested in your black colleagues. In your eyes, we do not exist unless you want something from us.

You are probably not racist or intolerant; we are in this situation because both of us do not make time to know and understand each other.

But perhaps the bigger problem is the lack of acknowledgement of the contribution that I, as a black person, make. You are not open to some suggestions because you don't know me. You refuse to know me. Sometimes I feel that you do not see my talents and accomplishments; these are overshadowed by the colour of my skin. I might walk with confidence and a bit of a smile sometimes, but I'm not entirely happy. I lose the desire to contribute fully because I am not sure if you believe in me. I have thought about the options I have, the options that my fellow black colleagues have. I'm still here because I want to be here and I'm hoping for change.

For people watching from outside, they probably envy the senior positions we occupy but it feels like window dressing to me. How much influence do I have in decision-making? You skip me and a**ign my team members work without my consent. How do you expect me to account for their performance if you make decisions without consulting me? Why are those colleagues reporting to me if you can simply jump over my head because you can?

You seem to be blind to the fact that your black colleague's morale is low because she has to work extra hard to gain your trust. And that's even before I get to impressing the big boss. It's as though the bar is raised a bit higher to rate my work as compared with the work of my white colleagues.

I honestly believe that you do not realise how sceptical we, as your black colleagues, are, how we sometimes are reluctant to participate in decision-making forums because we think you will not take our contribution seriously anyway. But we give you time, over and over again, with hope that you will eventually wake up to reality.

It is already difficult for me to be the only black female at meetings. When one of the two black senior colleagues is absent, the boardroom feels like a country where I need to carry a pa**port.

You see, my dear white colleagues, I think you ignore the fact that we have a history of racial tension and it is still difficult to trust you. I aspire to excel in my career and work twice as hard to prove my competence. You don't need to do that; you are automatically trusted. When you're ill you drop everything and stay in bed. I work from home when the doctor has booked me off because I do not want to feed into the a**umptions that black people are unproductive. I am wrong: I should also stay in bed instead of fearing your a**umptions about me.

I'm probably suspecting you of things you're not even aware you're doing; they will remain my a**umptions until we start talking about them. But before we start the talks, I want you to stop grinning every time we walk past each other. I hate it. I feel like you're pretending. I don't trust you and I always watch my mouth around you. That's precisely why I did not speak to you when you thought I had problems.

It's probably a**umptions we make about each other that make us fail to understand one another. We sometimes bitch about you in private. It's wrong, but I know you do the same.

If you think there is nothing wrong with our office, think about this: we divide ourselves along the racial line every time we have a social event. Remember how we sat at last year's Christmas party? A table had to be extended to accommodate the black folks, while other tables stood half empty because you had already occupied some seats. The same happened at the 2003 Christmas party. In fact, it happens at all our social gatherings. It's a complex situation.

I also fail to reach out sometimes. That's why I did not invite you to a Women's Day lunch at my house. I was tempted to, but simply did not think you would want to come, so I settled for black and coloured colleagues. I feel the same way about our sporting events. You do not support the football team -- don't expect me to support the softball or the cycling team. I will not do it. Until you come to join us -- as a supporter or a player -- you can keep your softball and bicycles and we will keep our football. We are not in the business of making you comfortable, especially when you are not trying to meet us halfway.

I guess you also have a few things you'd like to tell me and other black colleagues. Be fair and say them as honestly as you possibly can. Maybe then we can start some dialogue about things that make it difficult for us to work together.

I struggle to build relationships with you, my dear white colleagues, because of the walls you have built around yourselves. Until those walls are torn down, we will continue to misunderstand each other. Or maybe, just maybe, black colleagues should take it upon themselves to break those walls down. As one colleague said: "We have to work on them, one white colleague at a time."

Mmanaledi Mataboge is a senior political reporter for the Mail & Guardian

what do you think? lets discuss!!!

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eat my shorts!!!
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B Com Marketing Management. And yes it will kick me in the a**. 
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What are you studying Baldi?
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incompetence at best nhe?
Today at 13:41:56
lol at black.
@ baldi. i had a friend in a similar situation to yours. they lost her academic record twice, so she can only now register for second sem. then they told her the faxed copy of her record wasnt acceptable and deregistered her again.
Sir blacK
Today at 13:34:42
stop whinnin woman!!
Today at 13:31:12
Yes UNISA. it's actually quite special. First they screw u my registration forcing me to start a semester late now this. I'm actually quite touched, moved to say the least.
Today at 13:26:53
if you are talking about unisa study material baldi, then their efficienc_, or lack of it thereof is quickly becoming the stuff of legend. those people need a complete admin staff overhaul.
Today at 13:24:17
lmao. motho you killing me
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What's a shame is that those idiot delivered my books to Cape Town NX like really.
Today at 13:13:03
where is the shame in school being cool Candy
Today at 13:12:03
why do u put the word "shame" after saying school is cool?
ToXic Candy
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It's cool shame and it's my LAST DAY of the term.
So any ideas on celebrating that?
Sir blacK
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how old is candy?
Sir blacK
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quite funny!
Today at 13:00:10
Bwakakakaka Motho I commend you for trying.
Today at 12:58:48
thread? ok you know what, change topic. hows school Candy?
ToXic Candy
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No silly,it's got nothing to do with the strike,was this a strike thread?
Today at 12:48:51
Im still confused. So whats he got to do with the taxi strike? does he drive or own taxis?
ToXic Candy
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Bondizzo from dem crack boys,love.
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what is bondizzo Candy?

Humour / Jokes / who is stealing your Kodak moment??
« on: February 17, 2009, 11:52:23 AM »

Geek Section / iPod problems
« on: January 29, 2009, 10:53:38 AM »
wats good AG nerds? some songs on my 4GB iPod nano cut off halfway but play perfectly fine on my iTunes. My ipod still has loads of hard disk space left >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Humour / Jokes / Katt Williams on Oscar Pistorius
« on: January 20, 2009, 09:41:47 AM »

funny shit

Humour / Jokes / Dear Salary
« on: November 25, 2008, 10:44:32 AM »
Since payday is here i just want to ask you to please STAY with me this month. You left in such a rush, last month. I didn't even have time to appreciate you after waiting for you for 29 days.
I'm sorry about whatever it is I did. I promise I'll be good :'( :'(


Politics / Mbalula in manhood cla**
« on: September 08, 2008, 11:41:32 AM »
Nkululeko Ncana

ANC leader, 36, said to have been spirited away to traditional initiation school in Phillipi

FORMER ANC Youth League president Fikile Mbalula has been taken to a Xhosa initiation school to be initiated into manhood.

The Times has established that the firebrand politician, who played a leading role in unseating President Thabo Mbeki as ANC leader last year, is now an initiate at a traditional school in Phillipi, Cape Town. He was taken there on Saturday evening by former ANC chief whip Tony Yengeni and fellow National Executive Committee member Nyami Booi. ANC sources who visited the initiation school yesterday said a goat was slaughtered for the 36-year-old as part of the ritual of acknowledging his transition to manhood — despite the fact that Mbalula has been married for more than three years to his wife, Nozuko. The Times understands that former youth league leaders Lunga Ncwana and Songezo Mjongile were among those who gathered yesterday to wish Mbalula well. Booi, also a parliamentarian, confirmed that Mbalula was at the school, but refused to provide details. “Yes, he is. I don’t want to go into details, but he is here,” Booi said last night. He said Mbalula would spend a month at the school. Yengeni is said to have been agitating for Mbalula to be initiated. Repeated attempts to get hold of Mbalula proved fruitless as his cell- phone was off yesterday. Yengeni was not available for comment. News of Mbalula’s initiation has set tongues wagging in the Western Cape, where a fierce power struggle is raging within the ANC. By late Saturday political circles inside and outside the province were saying the move was a “political ploy” by Yengeni and provincial secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha to prevent Mbalula uncovering shenanigans in the run-up to the ANC’s Western Cape conference. Mbalula, who heads the ANC’s organising department, has been tasked with ensuring that delegates who attend the conference are properly accredited. The Times understands that he has been at loggerheads with Skwatsha and other provincial leaders, who had wanted to limit his access to the party’s branches. Late yesterday there were claims that Mbalula had been taken to the school against his wishes. But this has been denied by party insiders, who say he had expressed a desire to take part in the initiation. Skwatsha has denied involvement in the matter. “I don’t know anything about that,” he said when it was put to him that he and Yengeni had organised for Mbalula to be taken to initiation school. Asked to confirm that he knew that Mbalula had been taken for circumcision, Skwatsha said: “I would not want to comment on that, I’m not his family.” A source told The Times that Mbalula had allegedly been with Yengeni in Guguletu when “several men” spirited him away. — Additional reporting by Werner Swart.

General Discussion / J-sect
« on: August 19, 2008, 03:32:54 PM »
i'm gonna be in the J-sect next week and i want to cop the following

1. Maggz- sorry for the long wait
2. Beatoven mixtape vol 4
3. Explicit my story page 1
4. Last daysfam EP

what else is hot out there

where can i cop, please provide numbers and physical address!!!

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