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General Discussion / Nas - Life is good! Cla**ic ish
« on: July 13, 2012, 10:17:38 AM »
This is the best album since illmatic  ;D

if it hasnt been posted yet AGIANZ

General Discussion / Orackle - Dope track!!!
« on: April 10, 2012, 01:38:48 PM »
Yall must check this out!

General Discussion / Album of the year 2012 KA- Grief Pedigree
« on: March 08, 2012, 09:05:36 AM »
I been away a minute, but i had to drop this gem on yall. Dont Sleep!!!!download|75|236007346|Ka_-_Grief_Pedigree__2012_.rar|89610

General Discussion / Chipolopolo!!!
« on: February 13, 2012, 09:44:30 AM »
Champions of Africa.

They truly  deserved it, played some of the best football i have seen in a long time

General Discussion / School me on Noni Zondi
« on: September 19, 2011, 08:39:23 AM »
Dudes, whose this rapper Noni Zondi chick? Shes mighty healthy yall... checkout the vid below


General Discussion / Big Ghostfase RED Album Review LMAO....
« on: August 19, 2011, 12:46:16 PM »
Ayo whattup its ya boy Volcano Hands Tone aka Thor Molecules nahmean. I aint even wanna review this joint but niccas wasnt lettin me chill so Imma throw yall some biscuits namsayin. But before I get started I gotta address some !!. 1) If you readin this !! anywhere other than on Big Ghost Chronicles it aint official my nicca. I dont mind yall usin my !! n repostin it or whatever but give credit where its due b. N stop makin ya little changes n !!. We dont respect that shark nicca !! b. 2) It wasnt on this particular album but son jus dropped his 2 hour Otis freestyle the other day n yo....I jus wanna say..........Son. Stop that !!. Dont nobody wanna clear they got damn schedule for the afternoon jus so they can listen to that !!. niccas dont need no damn 500 bars of no nicca spittin bars over one beat. niccas gotta be unemployed n devoid of any goals in life to be excited bout some !! like that b. niccas gotta be 12 yrs old to have some time like that on they hands in the first place son. "Nah yall ga'head n see that movie without me...Im gon jus stay here n peep this here Game freestyle instead yall" Cmon yo...!! is wrong wit you Jayceon? N Jay-Z aint gon respond to you nibblin at his ankle all day b. Chill yo. Anyway Imma get into this !! now...

 1. Dr. Dre Intro - This !! was mad unnecessary b.

 2. The City (ft. Kendrick Lamar) - This !! is jus way too dramatic yo. Son sounds like he was listenin to Nas's One Mic for like a month straight before he went into the booth to spit this !! son. The nicca sounds like he swallowed Crooked I or Royce Da 5'9 or some !!. Not sure which one...but I swear he usin another niccas flow tho. Then the nicca got the nerve to say he Top 5 dead or alive. Son.... niccas laugh at Jadakiss for sayin !! like that....n that nicca could actually spit at one point namsayin. But he aint done makin ridiculous claims son. Its like he tryin to test a niccas patience when he says some !! bout bein the black Slim Shady. But then son starts to REALLY lose his composure n says he "the best the West ever seen, no disrespect to Calvin". Best what nicca? disrespectin a whole lot more niccas than jus Calvin nahmean. I wont go thru the WHOLE list son...but summa the niccas Im talmbout got names you mighta heard Oshea n TUPAC....maybe even ANDRE. But thats a whole nother topic namsayin. Not to mention that the nicca doin the hook...who also hails from the West... ends the song by completely bodyin the beat. Im sayin the beat actually hid from the nicca n jus disappeared while son was spittin. So after all ya talk bout bein top 5 n bein the black Eminem you gon jus let Kendrick[..] you on the track son? If I was you Jayceon...I woulda been told the nicca to get the !! out the studio and dont come back til he could mediocre his !! up a little.

 3. Drug Test (ft. Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg & Sly) - Speak of the devil yo...the OTHER best niccas the West ever produced....This joint been out for a minute yo. Matter fact I think its the latest single. Thing is yo...I dont kno how you get Dre n Snoop on a joint wit you n the !! barely makes a peep on the radio or in clubs namsayin. Imma tell you why tho. Cos the !! is mediocre as !! b. When you got the two niccas who made G-Thang n Next Episode n Still D.R.E. on a joint wit cant be droppin no filler that sounds like some !! Timbaland was snappin his neck(s) n splashin his fruit punch all over the studio to durin the Black Album sessions son.

 4. Martians Vs Goblins (ft. Tyler The Creator & Lil Wayne) - Heres the thing bout this nicca son. When he go into another nicca chamber he go straight to jockin that nicca !!. Its been that way since day 1 tho nahmean. He was doin joints wit 50 Cent...he sounded like Fif. He did a joint wit Eminem...son got his Slim Shady on all over that mutha!!a. He do joints wit Nas...he all a sudden spittin like Nas. He do a joint wit Rae...he soundin like Rae. Im sayin this nicca never bring his own identity to the table. So when he decides to start surfin the Tyler already kno what this nicca gon be doin namsayin. Then he throws Lil Weezy-Ana on this !! n we spose to have some mindblowin !! happenin here I guess. Son talmbout slurpin on Erykah Badu box n pokin Bron Bron's moms n !!. All that !! is whatever but this nicca said "when Im wit my uncle...!! it...then Im a Crip too" which lets you kno how serious he is bout this Blood life. I cant !! wit this !! tho.

 5. Red Nation (ft. Lil Wayne) - This joints probably the only !! so far that I feel like listenin to again. Its been out for a minute so I actually heard this a couple times already nahmean. But at least the nicca jus stayin in his lane doin his own thing here. Yeah he droppin names like a !!in prison snitch all over this mutha!!a....I mean the first verse sounds like "Im so____ like____mixed wit____. I kno____...whattup to_____, _______ , n _______!" ....but I !!s wit it.
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 6. Dr. Dre 1 - yawn....

 7. Good Girls Go Bad (ft. Drake) - Say you a nicca who happened to make some pretty suspect choices throughout ya bein a hood Chippendale dancer n gettin butterflies n stars tatted on ya face n cryin durin interviews when nobody asked you nothin to get emotional bout....!! like that. Now lets say you wanna do a song wit a nicca who a lotta mutha!!as believe is like the livin embodiment of bein a suspect nicca. A nicca whose natural scent is pear. A nicca that practically bleeds syrup. A nicca whose own moms aint even realize was a boy n named the mutha!!a Aubrey....say this is you. Do you really wanna go namin the joint you doin together "Good Girls Go Bad" b? Anyway this joint aint bad. Drizzy on his "blah blah blah guuuuurrl" !! again n droppin heatrocks like "I love ya[..] like the Ninja Turtles love pizza". Meanwhile Game back on his namedroppin !!. Im sayin tho....son mentioned jus Kanye alone three times b. Anyway I !!s wit it.

 8. Ricky - This !! named after the nicca in Boyz N The Hood who wasnt Ice Cube or Cuba Gooding Jr. Rite off the bat I wanna say that the nicca DJ Khalil laced this mutha!!in beat wit steroids yo. This !! sound like gorillas beatin they chests wit sledge hammers b. This !! sound like its rainin watermelons in the studio. Theres broads screamin n lightning bolts shootin outta !! n violins n elephants stampedin on this mutha!!a n whatever... The nicca Game aint really sayin nobody names either so I got give him some dap for that too. Word. I !!s wit it.

 9. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Thought it was Dre rhymin on this !! at first yo. If I was bein generous Id say this !! was aight nahmean. But on the real....I dont really give a !! bout this song son.

 10. Heavy Artillery (ft. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel) - This !! is ill. The beat is tough as !! nahmean. Ricky Rozay goes first n spits some hardbody darts rite out the gate. Next Game comes in n drops one a his better 16s n manages to keep niccas names out his mouth for 75% of the verse. Then the Broad Street Bully comes in n bodies this !!. I !!s wit it.

 11. Paramedics (ft. Young Jeezy) - I swear I couldnt even tell if Game was even on this !! at first b. I had to listen to it twice yo. This nicca mussa been garglin sand before Jeezy got to the studio to get his voice to sound extra raspy tho nahmean. This !! was jus mad awkward g. Wonder how Jeezy felt bout that !! when he heard it yo. Somebody need to explain to this nicca that you aint gotta go outta ya way to impersonate the nicca you doin the song wit tho b. This !! was !!ed up son. Snowman did his thing tho. I kinda !!s wit it....not really tho.

 12. Speakers On Blast (ft. E-40 & Big Boi) - N here we go again wit that bull!!. Son channelin his inner 3 Stacks on this !! like he tryna impress Big Boi. The hook is some ATLiens !! too. This startin to remind me a some Single White Female !! tho. Stop it 5. I pressed skipped before I heard the 40 Fonzarelli I cant really comment on that yo.

 13. Hello (ft. Lloyd) - First off I jus wanna say that I dont !! wit no Lloyd son. Justin Bieber got a more masculine voice than this nicca here namsayin. N Lloyd a grown man b. Drake at his most effeminate state possible...walkin round his garden singin duets wit canaries n strokin kittens....cant even sound this !!made son. If a baby flamingo opened its mouth to say whattup to me I would expect that mutha!!a to sound jus like this nicca Lloyd b. If va-jay-jays could sing they would probably sound EXACTLY like this nicca Lloyd yo. Even El Debarge be sayin this niccas !! is too soft nahmean. Son aint got one molecule of ba** in his voice whatsoever namsayin. The !! is jus creepy my nicca. The joint itself is jus way too got damn silky yo. I can almost see the dandelions gettin blown around in the studio when niccas was recordin this !! b. How many Nuvo body shots did these niccas do off each other before they came up wit this !! son? Get this !! the !! outta here yo.

 14. All The Way Gone (ft. Mario & Wale) - Guess this spose to be the part of the album where all the panty droppin starts...cos this joint is almost as corny as the last one b. Only thing that keeps it from bein more[..] than the Hello joint is the nicca Mario aint sound !!made like Lloyd. The nicca Wale on this !! too. Yall probably remember him as Future from 8 Mile. Anyways...skip.

 15. Pot Of Gold (ft. Chris Brown) - This !! rite here is exactly what you would expect from the two most emotional n mentally unst@ble niccas in the game....some melodramatic boo hoo !! wit Breezy singin bout not dancin on rainbows no more or whatever n Game threatenin to quit rap after two more albums (he actually said that after the first two albums son...n promised he was done after the third...but whatever yo). This was actually the first official single after the other first official singles he dropped last year. I cant even tell you how much I dont !!s wit this !! tho son.

 16. Dr Dre 2 - this !! even necessary b?

 17. All I Know (ft. Lu Breeze) - Son...I almost aint even make it past the suspect[..] intro. This !! obviously reminds me a litttle of Jigga's All I Need....not in a good way tho. I dont hate this joint but probably aint no way Im gon ever skip to #17 n try n hear this !! again on purpose.

 18. Born In The Trap - DJ PREMIER-P-P-P-Premiere did this !!! BUT...let me clarify yo. This aint the Preemo that did the beats for 5 cla**ic Gang Starr albums n had probably the best joints on Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic n Ready To Die son....this is the Premier that cant get beats placed on Jay or Nas albums no more n been gettin !!ted on by Kanye for the past 5 years. niccas use to be like "PREEM LEMME GET A BEAT PLEASE YO!!! I GOT YA 30 Gs RITE HERE SON". Now niccas is like "!!...that nicca Preemo sendin me links to his SoundCloud again....". I love that nicca Preem tho. Thats my heart. N this joint is still A LOT better than the bull!! we been hearin over the last 6 or 7 tracks b. I !!s wit it.

 19. Mama Knows (ft. Nelly Furtado) - He got my baby's mama Nelly Furtado on this props for that !! b. Anyways yo...theres three different Pharrells son. There the nicca that did Grindin n Hell Hath No Fury n Blue Magic n whatever. Aka the nicca that dont give a !! bout melodies n song hooks n jus hits you wit that raw !!. Then theres the bongo happy Pharrell who had all those hits in the 00s wit pretty much eybody that was in the music industry at that time nahmean. Then theres the Pharrell that conned Jay into thinkin Allure was the !! that shoulda been playin at the end a Carlito's Way....the nicca that makes those Nyquil joints that make you feel like you wanna call it a day at 11am. The Pharrell that made this !! aint the first two. Ayo Skateboard P...son gets ya logo tatted on hisself n started dressin like you n THIS is all you came up wit for this nicca? This !! aint grimey OR catchy son. This !! is the snooze button that lets you kno you can go back to sleep for a couple minutes. Dont listen to this !! when you behind the wheel b. Fair warning.

 20. California Dream - Guess you can wake back up now! This beat kinda fly rite here....I think I !!s wit....oh wait. Hold up a minute.....oh wait this nicca tellin you the whole damn story bout when another one a his kids was born b. Son. You been done this !! already. This !! wont ever be my favorite joint on the album. But I guess I !!s wit it.

 21. Dr Dre Outro - This !! jus sounds stupid comin in at the end son. I feel like Im spose to be turnin the !! over to listen to the other side. Sounds like a damn intro....Anyways son basically took 2 minutes of Dre speakin on him n split it up into 4 tracks on his album. Cant respect that type of Stannin b.

 Overall Imma give this !! 2.5 Zeus slaps outta 5. After he got off to a bull!! start I thought he was gettin on a roll there for a minute...but then he jus started drownin in a ocean of estrogen n teardrops. Its like the album had a change a heart son. I cant really !! wit none a that !! par. Thats all I got for yall niccas.
 Aight peace.

General Discussion / Why the west wants gaddafi out!
« on: August 18, 2011, 02:23:13 PM »
Shame... The AU must do something about this.

The US$30 billion frozen by Mr Obama belong to the Libyan Central Bank and had been earmarked as the Libyan contribution to three key projects which would add the finishing touches to the African federation the African
 Investment Bank in Syrte, Libya, the establishment in 2011 of the African Monetary Fund to be based in Yaounde with a US$42 billion capital fund and the Abuja-based African Central Bank in Nigeria which when it starts printing African money will ring the death knell for the CFA franc through which Paris has been able to maintain its hold on some African countries for the last fifty years. It is easy to understand the French wrath against Gaddafi.

The rest of the document here:

Hot Traxxx / Red Album
« on: August 17, 2011, 01:08:23 PM »
R.E.D Album >>>> watch the throne

The Game has  the best ear for beats in Hip hop PERIOD :o

Hot Traxxx / The left - Gas Mask
« on: August 10, 2011, 08:12:42 AM »
OK, i gotta share this AGian brethren. I dont know if its been posted here before but this album is pure dope!

LINK REMOVED/?cdz89ulxzkz3aq8

General Discussion / Mr Bean Crashes F1 Mclaren
« on: August 05, 2011, 11:14:01 AM »

General Discussion / Horn Of Africa - Contraception Needed
« on: August 03, 2011, 03:27:11 PM »
 :o i cant believe they attribute Contraception to the famine thats hit the horn af Africa....

DAKAR (Reuters) - The Horn of Africa food crisis shows the need to provide the world's poor with better access to family planning as part of efforts to prevent future tragedies, the head of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said.

The United Nations has declared a famine in two regions of southern Somalia, where 3.7 million are going hungry, with over 12 million people now in need of urgent aid throughout areas including northern Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Despite regular food shortages and high infant mortality, the region's population has more than doubled since it was hit by major droughts in 1974, spurred by factors such as limited contraception use and a tradition of large families.

While stressing the root cause of the crisis was the recent rain failures, UNFPA Executive Director Babatunde Osotimehin said it highlighted the plight of those living in parts of the world where the land struggles to support human life.

"We need to improve food production ... and to work with member states to ensure women and particularly young girls have access to education, including sexual education, and access to health services and reproductive health services including family planning," Osotimehin told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Emphasising the voluntary nature of the family planning policies supported by his agency, he said the aim was to help women "to have children when they want to have them and choose a number which they can afford within their own context".

While population growth in the Horn of Africa is cited by the Food and Agriculture Organisation and specialists such as U.S. development economist Jeffrey Sachs as a factor in the current crisis, family planning remains a sensitive area.

^^^ The rest of the article on the site.

General Discussion / Love & War
« on: July 28, 2011, 11:05:25 AM »

General Discussion / Only MC wit an Msc.
« on: July 27, 2011, 11:02:11 AM »
Was watchin BBA the otha day and Dj drops Naeto C's "Ten over Ten", dude says he the only MC wit an Msc. Is that true??? Nice track anyways sumone hook me up wit the link. Lol, nigga is cross eyed ;D

General Discussion / Is AG dead...?
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:51:21 PM »
Guys, is this board still active? I have been inactive on here for sometime only to come back to a booooring AG forum. what happened AGians yall moved to another Board?

jus askin...

Hot Traxxx / Common ft. Nas - Ghetto Dreams
« on: July 11, 2011, 02:24:04 PM »
I dont knw if this has been posted here already... but dis sh*t is a banger! Young guru on the beat

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