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African artists step onto Cup stage   April 14, 2010

By Poloko Tau

Local and African musicians will be added to the official World Cup Kick Off concert after an agreement was reached in Joburg on Tuesday between the Fifa Local Organising Committee (LOC) and the artists.

Local musicians had expressed deep concern at the small number of South Africans scheduled to line up at the star-studded concert at Orlando Stadium in Soweto on June 10.

Arts and Culture Minister Lulu Xingwana initiated discussions with the LOC and the Creative Workers Union of South Africa (CWUSA), who called off their protest march scheduled for tomorrow.

Yesterday's meeting was the third time the parties had met.

The agreement was reached following discussions via a video link with Control Room, a Los Angeles-based company staging the Fifa concert.

Part of the agreement is that the SA Music Promoters a**ociation (Sampa) will work with Control Room to "satisfy BEE concerns".

In a joint press conference addressed by Xingwana, CWUSA and LOC boss Danny Jordaan last night, it was also announced that Sampa would have a direct line of communication with Control Room.

At the briefing, Xingwana said: "More artists will be included in the June 10 concert line-up, so that it should be more representative and re-flect gender and demographic concerns."

She said no names of the performers would be announced publicly until contracts had been signed.

Xingwana said a framework that would guide the selection of a line-up to ensure the majority of artists came from South Africa and the rest of the continent had been agreed to.

She also said "a huge percentage of the line-up" representative of South African and African artists would perform between 8pm and midnight, which would ensure that their performances were beamed live to millions of viewers globally.

It was also agreed to engage further on the arts and culture component at fan parks and public viewing areas to "make this a truly African arts and culture experience".

Meetings would be held with host cities to consolidate this engagement.

"I am glad that all stakeholders could agree on a way forward and on the principle of greater representation of South African and African artists on this major global platform to be held on South African soil," said Xingwana.

Jordaan said Fifa had always maintained that the "incredibly talented" South African and African music industry would play a major role in the tournament's off-field success and character.

"We're looking forward to the concert, where the majority (of performers) will be South Africans."

Jordaan noted that the 50-days celebration before the World Cup kicks off was fast approaching.

Headwarmaz Response...

It is a shame that our artists had to throw what seemed like a 'tantrum' so that they can be acknowledged. It is always painful to find that the world still does not take us seriously. Now it is up to the artists to put up one helluva show and show them where the real talent lies.

Read more here:

Hip Hop Events / Urban Peacock
« on: November 05, 2009, 04:50:28 PM »
URBAN PEACOCK @Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel
Hit Entertainment:, 072 889 0987
Host:   URBAN PEACOCK...initiate.create.celebrate.

Date:   Friday, 06 November 2009
Time:   19:00 - 22:30

On the 6th of November we will be bringing you another great event at Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel. As always it will be a mix of performance art and an exhibition. In terms of the art we’ll have on display, this time photography will be the art on focus. Photographer, Aiden (he was also the photographer at our last event) or David Scribbles as some may know him, will have his work on display along with another who we’ll leave a mystery. Come and find out!

We know that you all can appreciate great poetry so that’s how we’ll be starting off our evening to get those minds of yours ready for other great performances for the evening. This event we’ll be collaborating with Soul Life, the soulful artist management and events company who’ll be bringing along a couple of their talents. One of those talents being Nala, a duo of velvety voiced songstresses. They’ve performed in and around Cape Town and may be familiar to some of you.

Ladies, we all love a guy who can sing and play guitar, so at this event we have Anton on guitar another great talent we’ve found bringing in that great acoustic sound we all can appreciate. Then throwing something slightly different into the mix, we have Die Onheilige Hoog, an alternative Afrikaans band who be bringing along their great energy and love for the genre to our stage.

So there you have it, a perfect mix of art and music and it’s all for free! Please join us and bring along those who appreciate the creative...come show us love because that what we’ve put it together with.

See you there beautiful people! Till then...

Tina Matsimella (Co-owner, Marketing manager)
URBAN PEACOCK...Initiate. Create. Celebrate.

Hip Hop Events / ZOMG. There are people under the stairs...
« on: November 05, 2009, 04:49:33 PM »
People under the stairs

Brought to you by KOL, Hit Entertainment, and Butan Wear.

The underground hip-hop outfit People Under the Stairs was formed by Double K and Thes One, who met on the fringe of L.A.'s late-'90s hip-hop underground. The duo, devoted to jazzy samples, danceable beats, intricate rhyming skills, and laid-back humor, debuted in 1998 with the acclaimed "The Next Step" and followed it up in 2000 with "Question in the Form of an Answer".

Gathering heavy praise and touring with De La Soul, the group took their road experiences and brought it to the studio to record their next album. The final results appeared in the summer of 2002 under the name "O.S.T.".

Since then PUTS has followed up with 4 more albums and established themselves as one of the top underground hip hop crews.

Known for their energetic stage performances (rated the top performance at this year's world famous Bonnaroo Music Festival by Spin Magazine), PUTS is bringing the show to South Africa with 3 performances.


Johannesburg: Friday, November 13
Corner of Henry Nxumalo and Bree
R100 Door

Supporting Acts:
DJ Kenzhero
DJ Intelligent Design

Durban: Saturday, November 14
Zulu Jazz Lounge
231 smith street
Playhouse Complex
R60 Door

Supporting Acts
DJ P-Kuttah
DJ Intelligent Design

Cape Town: Kool Out Live - Friday, November 20
Zula Sound Bar
194 Long Street
R80 Door
R60 Limited Pre-Sale

Supporting Acts:
DJ Raiko
DJ Intelligent Design

For more information, contact:

Akio: 072 814 4399
X: 074 575 4003

Hip Hop Events / Blacks only! After party...
« on: November 05, 2009, 04:48:36 PM »
David Kau, brings you  BLACKS ONLY COMEDY SHOW to Cape Town for the first time. The show will take place at CTICC on Fri, 06 Nov '09.

HEAD HONCHO and David Kau are getting together to put together an after party that fits this historical occasion.

The after party is happening at Seasons Botique at 22h00, on the same day.


LEO LARGE // PH // OZY // MR JAY CHARLES plus a 1 HOUR set from the country's biggest hip hop DJ..... you'll have to be there to find out.

CC: R50 VIP: R70

General Discussion / Conscious hip hop versus Political hip hop
« on: September 23, 2009, 05:06:21 PM »
Greetings all,

I was browsing the internet and used a popular search engine to find 'best conscious hop hop'

The names that appeared most frequently included the following...

Talib kweli
Immortal technique
Dead prez
Mos def
The roots
Public enemy

The artists on this list have very different ways of expressing. Up until now i've always considered Technique, Dead Prez, KRS, and Public enemy to be political/social commentators. Common, Mos Def, Talib and the roots... were more hiphop artists who dabbled with elements of funk/soul.

How do we differentiate between conscious hip hop and political hip hop. Are they one and the same? Is one a subdivision of the other. Is it even necessary to separate the two.

What do you think?

As a young South African male it saddens me that we have lost the trust and respect of the rest of the continent and the world. This is largely due to the recent surge of xenophobic attacks, which were not the first and not the last violent attacks towards our brothers and sisters. It is unfortunate that the South African who is actively involved in ensuring that our land is safe and hospitable for all, is lost in the backdrop of the blood-thirsty image that has come to represent the average South African.
Firstly, everything in this article does not undermine the plight of the displaced people of Africa, who have come to South Africa seeking refuge and stability. We too can empathise with this feeling. Not too long ago many of us were forced to grow up without fathers, uncles, mothers and aunts. They had all fled to avoid persecution by the Apartheid government. Those of us with some sense will remember how they sought asylum in Lesotho, Swaziland and populated all African countries reaching as far North as Uganda. The more fortunate or affluent ones were able to establish themselves in Europe and America.
Secondly, as South Africans we cannot avoid being held accountable for allowing hostility to simmer until it reached the boiling point in the Autumn/Winter of 2008. However, I do feel that we need to undertake a closer examination of the situations surrounding and leading to xenophobic attacks. This will a**ist us in ensuring that we can avoid a recurrence of such despicable acts.
There is ignorance that festers in the minds of the average South African. It has been the mainstay of xenophobia to repeat the now cliche motto "They have come to steal our women and jobs." However, there is a greater ignorance in neglecting to further examine this statement. To home in on the origins and sentiments that give birth to this notion.
Firstly, South Africa was prematurely annointed as the 'promised land'. Apartheid left a heavy imbalance in the economic structure of the country. The have-nots, manufactured by centuries of subjugation, have not been given the fair opportunity to reclaim the wealth and resources (or control thereof) that they had been denied. BEE was the only recognisable approach for restructuring the distribution of wealth. It is now clear that BEE has been used inappropriately by a chosen few to further their own economic well-being and indulge in the life of luxury. The average person on the ground has not, and will not, see the same benefits.
This has left the average South African shocked and dissapointed. They would not be able to cash in on the promise of 'a better life for all'. At the same time, this same person had to walk the streets and see that a growing number of 'foreigners' were filling the streets, working hard and getting paid. Companies started hiring more refugees as a source of cheap labour. One must remember that the unemployment rate is 23.5%. This translates into hostility for all those South Africans who are unable to secure jobs.
Media did not help the situation by attributing the growing crime rate to the increased number of immigrants. Police were free to mistreat refugees, especially those who did not have the adequate paper-work. This did not set a good example for the average South African citizen to follow. Disregard for all refugees was to follow.
End of part 1

AG Wire / Jay Z’s “D.O.A.” fail
« on: August 12, 2009, 02:53:52 AM »

Hot on the hip hop circuit is Jay Z’s,  Prelude to Blueprint 3. On this appetiser is a track called D.O.A (Death of Autotune) where Jay Z calls for the death of the excessively used audio software program Auto-Tune.
However it seems that no one has heeded the hip hop veteran’s call.

Antares Audio Technologies, the company that created Auto-Tune, revealed to the New York Times that sales of Auto-Tune have in fact increased since the release of Jay Z’s “D.O.A.”.

Originally created to correct a singer’s pitch, Auto-Tune was made popular by singers like Cher (Love after love), Sonique( Feels so good), and locally Brenda Fa**ie (Yizo Yizo). The program attracted the attention of hip hop and R&B producers and has become a regular feature in the arsenal of artists such as Lil Wayne, Kanye, and T-Pain.
Although Jigga has urged artists to halt the fad, it seems that the artists who have benefited from Auto-tune are more than reluctant to put it away just yet.

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" height="350" swliveconnect="true" allowfullscreen="true"  flashvars="e=4bffc0037b3a3a49328d685cccfc7c21cc002973d57a44951a38fddf065f5c696a66be9b89ee2d2f0947d4e15d253124c7d296b9a2a5d695fdd446d15f64f11765e4802775ea9e37f1c8df1402967dbf383ccf85d3b0fcebe03d&width=450&height=350&pid=hh005&autostart=false&allowscriptaccess=always&usefullscreen=true&esnapshot=4bffc0037b3a3a493b90685cccfc7c21cc002973d57a44951a38fddf065f5c696a66be9b89ee2d2f094ccde2702233248cc9a0a8aebcc79fe69f41915b25e61c7cbbca6029b1db28f4c0db03059727e06f&trueurl=undefined"></embed>

AG Wire / Oprah sing praises for Jay Z
« on: August 12, 2009, 02:52:34 AM »
On August 9 the multibillionaire and world revered talk show host , Oprah Winfrey, was given a tour of Brooklyn by the mutlimillionaire hip hop mogul, Jay Z.

The tour included visits to Brooklyn’s ‘hip hop relevant’ parts and Jay’s own Marcy neighbourhood.

During the course of the tour Jay Z and Oprah had lenghty discussions afterwhich Oprah praised the intelligence and charisma of the New York rapper.

One should remember that Oprah has not been the best of friends with some of USA’s hip hop icons. This list includes the likes of Ludacris and 50 cent. This tension came about when Oprah expressed her views on  hip hop and named these artists as part of the negative influences.

However it seems that an hour in a meeting with Jay Z left Oprah almost smitten by the rapper. Although she maintained that she still had problems with his music, she was taken aback by his charm, intelligence and pleasant scent.

She expressed her wish for Jay to ensure that his intelligence be everpresent in his music.

Currently the Prelude to Blueprint 3 has been in circulation with songs such as Brooklyn (go hard) and D.O.A (Death of Autotune) serving as good appetisers for Jay Z fans who are in poised anticipation. The Blueprint 3 is due to be released on September 11, 2009.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sports Arena / UEFA Dream team
« on: June 28, 2009, 04:46:33 PM »
Taking a bit of a break from the world of hip hop we decided to hijack the hype created by current football fever. Well done to bafana bafana for putting up a decent performance against some of the best teams in the world.

with that being said i'd like to present a few of the names that have been prominent in world football and will continue to be in the future. the following is our dream team for 2008/2009....

PS. players listed after the comma are substitutes for the respective positions.

GK: Julio Cesar, Casillas, Reina

LB: Evra, Capdevilla, Lahm

CB: Vidic, Mexes, Demichelis

RB: Sergio Ramos, Dani Alves, Maicon

LCDM: Xabi Alonso, De Rossi, Essien

RCDM: Senna, Cambia**o, Mascherano

LM: Ribery, Robben, Pienaar

RM: Ronaldo, Arshavin, Silva

CAM: Gerrard, Kaka, Aquilani

RF: Torres, Ibrahimovic, Benzema

LF: Messi, Aguero, Villa

the players are listed in a 3-5-2 formation.

Media / Headwarmaz: For the love of hip hop
« on: April 29, 2009, 01:31:57 PM »
atch an episode of the Headwarmaz on Bush radio 89.5 FM (or log on to every friday at 22h00 for the best in home-grown and international hip hop.

Along with energetic studio hosts and banging hip hop beats you can get on to some:

Cameo Dj Appearances
Dedication slots for shout outs and freestyles
Charts...showing the best in hip hop music
Artist profiles
Useful tips to perfecting YOUR element of hip hop
Book reviews
In-studio interviews themed playlists
Album reviews
Intense and critical discussions
A look back at hip hop history

Be sure you don't miss a single episode. Headwarmaz... for the LOVE of hip hop!

Media / On the next episode of Tha Headwarmaz... (24 April 2009)
« on: April 24, 2009, 04:06:10 PM »
Tonight on Tha Headwarmaz (24 April 2009)

All the naysayers must be feeling so foolish. It seems that the healing process within hip hop has started…and the predictions of it’s death are nothing more than failed Nastradumsism (don’t check the dictionary)…

There are more than 10 gigs and parties happening in the next 3 weeks in Cape Town alone. The theme song to the Headwarmaz states…”Hip hop’s not dead. It just buried alive. It lost consciousness but we let it survive”.  We rest our case.

On the show tonight we feature home grown talent like you’ve never seen or heard before.

Headz on da spot (part 1):

We take it to the streets of Delft South, one of the Cape Flats’ melting pots. Bongs…also known as the Lyrical Highness has been putting in some work in the studio and tonight he comes to show us the fruits of his labour…

Real name Bongani Bonase. Developed love for hip hop from an early age but started rapping in 2005 and since then i've been pushin' it hard spreadin' my messages utilizing HIP-HOP. He is an integral part of a group going by the name of Delft South Origins (D.S.O) with katz like Manity, EmSthie, LosKop, Malala.  Hip-Hop took him to the Grahamstown Nation Arts Festival. He has had interwiews with radio stations such as Bush Radio, Radio Zibonele and appeared on TV via Que TV a station based in Grahamstown.

Headz on da spot (part 2):

We speak to some of the artists who will be headlining K’ltsha Kulture, an initiative to bring back hip hop to the streets of  Khayelitsha. Gin i Grindith, Steel, Metabolism, Uzwi Kwantu, Equilibrium, Undecided…

Make sure you listen to the show for more details. It’s bound to be crazy…

Shoutout to da WORLD…

On the last Friday of each month we lay down our working tools and try to connect with each other. This segment offers listeners and presenters the chance to interact in  a laid back enviroment. Shoutout to your peops. Shoutout to your girl. Shoutout to the streets. Shout out to the WORLD…

Remember if you have any material (music or otherwises) or comments. Email us on

Headwarmaz… for the LOVE of hip hop.

Media / On the last episode of Tha Headwarmaz...
« on: April 20, 2009, 01:29:33 PM »
                 On the last episode of Tha Headwarmaz…

                                      The Playlist
Lonely Traveller – Zubz

Government – Rattex ft Ben Sharpa

I got ba** – Busta Rhymes

Rhateya – D.S.O

Malombo – Core Wreckah

Saam staan – Jaak & Cream

Freedom Writers – Illuminati Getuies

Technology – Mfanekiso Ngqondweni

Let the beat build – Lil Wayne

Sounds kinda like:  Dead Pressing

We need a resolution – Aaliyah

We need a revolution – Dead Prez

Respect  - Dead Prez

War – Dead Prez
The lab: Legacy of J Dilla
Drop – The Pharcyde

Much More – Lupe Fiasco (originally performed by de la soul)

Runnin – The Pharcyde

Stakes is high – De La Soul

Stressed Out  - A Tribe Called Quest

Find a way – ATCQ

Turn me up some – Busta Rhymes

One-4-teen – Bahamadia

It aint safe no more – Busta Rhymes

Media / On the next episode of Tha Headwarmaz (17 April 2009)
« on: April 17, 2009, 02:33:29 PM »
On the headwarmaz tonight…

We remind all our listeners to vote on the 22nd April 2009 at your nearest voting station. Take the initiative and your future is literally in YOUR OWN HANDS.

Sounds kinda like: We catch the ever politically Dead Prez having some fun, by rocking to an aaliyah beat? Watch them flip the script on a couple more commercially viable instrumentals

The lab: It is unfortunate that many people receive their due acknowledgement (or props) when they are no longer living. This is most evident with J Dilla. His early departure hit hard and gave rise to a cult-like movement celebrating his life and his works. We kick of this series of the lab by reliving some of the greater moments of J Dilla musical journey. Respect the architect.

Poetry of living: We kick of the series by exhibiting some of the works of the better known poets of our time. Remember to keep an eye on, the poetry of living during the course of the year, as we give young and talented poets their time to shine. And of course we’ll revisit our heritage when we speak to the local legends of poetry.

Hot music galore will be coming for sure!!!

So catch today’s episode of the Headwarmaz from 22h00 till 00h00 on bush radio 89.5 fm ( or log on to

To participate in the show is simple… call 0214486266, or sms us on 31258 (sms will cost only R1)

General Discussion / Best White rappers
« on: February 20, 2009, 03:25:24 PM »
Wa**up peoples...

Need help updating my list of top 10 white rappers to have ever blessed the mic... currently i'm sitting with the following...(not in any order of preference or merit)

Aesop Rock
Brother Ali (lol)
Gini G
Everlast from House of Pain...

as you can see the list needs 2 more names...

I haven't listened to any of Explicit's material so I can't put him on yet...

Who else do you think should be on this list?

General Discussion / Ballot or the bullet
« on: February 04, 2009, 12:57:29 PM »
Yo wa**up Ag peops.

After speaking to a few people about the elections coming up soon, I've realised that they hype that we hoped would reach a feverish pitch is no where to be seen. At best the die hard political ma**es from 1994 are still to be found gathered in town halls having meetings that are not looking toward the next election, but fuelled by anger and complaints at the current situation.

And according to surveys the youth of South Africa have not taken many notes from the USA youth. Registrations stats reveal that a large percentage of the youth have not registered yet.

My question is this...

For the people who have decided that they will not be voting for the next South African elections, do you have concrete reasons for doing so?

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