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General Discussion / Writers Block
« on: December 11, 2008, 07:30:01 PM »
Greetings AG

For those of you who have forgoten about Writers Block here is a quick reminder of has been going down:-

It has been a while and while some have vaulted the track Writers Block, the crew has not been suffering that fate unfortunately for some and the opposite for others.

1. Mingus: - Back from tour in Europe and covering ground, be sure to check out his online promo prime example.  He and Metabolism have been working on new tracks for Writers Block and the rest of the memebers are soon to follow.  Be sure to look out for Epitaph that is in the works with a few more tracks to be recorded before all is completed.

2. Arsenic: - OUT NOW!!!! Slowboat First Toke EP is available on request and features some of Cape Towns finest artists.  This is a mixtape not to be slept on and promises to get you lifted.  Arsenic has been busy with his EP for some time and promises to entertain those who enjoy taking a slowboat while engaging hot lyrical content that promises to have heads banging with a track like "Iam still smoking" featuring Architypes.  The project is a blend of jazzy beats and hard hitting scriptures that are hot so be sure to check it out.

3. Metabolism: - Metabolism has been working on his album since 2005 and had to put some breaks on his efforts as at the time the group Writers Block was formed so all attention was turned to creating a mix blend of styles.  Now that all the other members are focusing on their solo careers, he has also joined in on the race and has been working hard to produce his debut EP called 6ixpack.  His EP follows his first promo called T.O.L.E which he released in 2005 and promises to only bring out some of the best work he has done to date.  For those who enjoy consuming a "drink" or two, this is his first release which will be followed by his full length album next year which is called Beverages, currently halfway with recordings.  The 6ixpack EP features production from Ootz the Afronaught with a track called Drink Up and the rest being produced by your most under rated producer of S.A, Saturn. 

4. Writers Block: - Writers Block has been on the low at the moment and that is due to the fact that most of the MC's in the group have been scattered.  For this we do apologise for not being consistent as a group, but we promise to deliver something that will compensate for the wait.  In the mean time, while some of the members are back working in Cape Town, some work is slowly getting back on track so dont sleep.  Currently the crew is working on the full length album called Brainstorm, which follows the Brainstorm EP.  Dont sleep as the crew will drop bomb after bomb in the next couple of months with different styles and blends of music.

So be on the look out for Many more Writers Block material coming out to you soon and aswell as Writers Blocks Brainstorm full length album coming to all soon.


Hip Hop Events / Metabolism turns 21 years old
« on: April 09, 2008, 12:40:59 PM »
Its been a while since i been here, anyway, hope you haters are all good and the real peops are feeling the same.  Have not had a lot of posts on this piece but i have been watching since i joined here around 2005 if not mistaken.

So check it, it appears that Metabolism is turning 21 this year and has decided to have a party since he can not remember his sweet 16.  The gig will be free to all that can make it and those that cant will be charged 45 bucks :P ;D.  It will be at Roots in obs lower main road on Sunday 13th. I know some will complain, but hey, its a free to get in and i will be doing a solo set with tracks that will be on the Beverages project that i am working on.

Enough talk

Hip Hop Events / To All Artists musicians and djs
« on: October 10, 2006, 12:11:49 PM »
Yo, to all artists who will be in, or making their way to, Cape Town in december and who woulde like to share a stage then this here is for you.

I will be doing events at a venue called liquid, which oppiste the Good Hope, in december and i am looking for artists to perform. I have a good mind on who will be there, and some of the artists i have spoken to already. If you are interested then send me an e-mail along with some material that you have worked on then we will get back at you.  If you would like to see the the venue then check out

P.s. I dont want to speak to your manager cous this message is just for the artist.  I am an artist my self and i have worked with artists in the past, under the Conjured Concepts with Writes Block, so we know how to handle any questions that you may have.

Metabolism :D  :D  :D  :D

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