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Hot Traxxx / 1990 Ep by Trompie (Beatmachine)
« on: March 20, 2013, 07:40:22 AM »
Some of you might not know me, some might.. well, on Monday,  released what I call a cla**ical Ep, called 1990Ep ... check the tracklist and the download links below

Trompie featuring Damola & Les-B - Here again 03:49
Trompie featuring Sabza - On my own 03:35
Trompie featuring Thir[13]teen - A pimp strat 03:03
Trompie featuring Boywonder - Highest cost 02:29
Trompie featuring KT & Skillo - Do it again 04:54
Trompie featuring Letswaka - Lebotlolo 04:01
Trompie featuring MrC/Damola/Boywonder/X-rate - GDABAF 05:42
Trompie featuring X-rate & Mothipa - Perfect is the Benchmark 03:48
Trompie featuring Towdeemac/kaygizm/Ginger Trill/Boywonder/Lyrical-I & Raiko - YCHIRemix [with bonus] 07:19


Hot Traxxx / Trompie – Beast Ft. Ecco, Jay Rox & Yung Verbal
« on: November 23, 2012, 08:29:39 AM »
I dont know if this will embed, but here goes...



<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>

Hot Traxxx / GDBF *new chapter ft. Mr.C, Damola, Boywonder & X-Rate
« on: November 12, 2012, 02:45:37 PM »
So last week I dropped the original version... Here's *new chapter can call it a remix if you want

Since everyone is in a festive mood and wanna go commercial, I decided to switch things up and go another route... Here is *chapter one of "Get down and blow a fuse" ... I feature prolific MCs like Damola, MrC, Boywonder and X-Rate...

*next Chapter will only be featured on my forth-coming Ep:- 1990: Selective Listening Ep...
Meanwhile, I hold you down with some real raps on here...

Tho I wanted to send this for my submission to the AG album, I will send a fresh joint!!!

"You can have it remix" ft. Towdeemac / Kaygizm / Ginger Trill / Boywonder / Lyrical-I (Scratches by Dj Raiko)
Song            :You can have it (remix) radio edit
Artists           :Trompie ft. TowdeeMac/ kaygizm/Ginger Trill/Boywonder/Lyrical-I (Scratches by Dj Raiko)
Producer       :Trompie
Album           :1990 Ep
Label            :BeatMachine Music Group©
Year             :2013
ISRC#           :ISRC-ZA-EF9-10-0031


REMIX ---->

Sadly TV cant play the original version's video, but heres youtube link!!!.

Song:           You can have it
Artists:          Trompie ft. Towdee/Boywonder/Maliq (Additional vocals by Kay Songstress)
Producer:      Trompie
Album:          Condor Music
Label:           BeatMachine Music Group©/Lenakana Entertainment
Year:            2013
Credits:        S. Letsike/ L.Moagi/ B. Ramasodi/ M. Mahlangu
 “"You Can Have It" is the soundtrack of a**urance that if you put your heart and mind to it, you can have what your heart desires…”
-     - Siphiwe Zwane (Blogger)

Mini Bio's

Hailing from Pretoria, Trompie is one of the most influential sound engineer/producer and song remixer of note. He is versatile musician with numerous cla**ical radio songs. haing worked with known artists like Towdee Mac, Kaygizm and Khuli Chana (from Morafe crew), he also has a long list of artists he groomed to come out with radio hits.
Towdee Mac
Not just being a music technology teacher, music business entrepreneur and producer, he is also a founding member of the legendary Motswako crew, Morafe
Known to those in hip hop circles as Ondagrnd or Boywonder, this fellow has gone beyond the grain proving that, not only your Mos Def, Ludacris and so forth, can grace our TV sets, but also rap
An anti-apartheid activist slash bank robber slash playwright father and an entrepreneurial father, MaliQ had the training of keeping the illusive balance between business and the arts. He is just a smart political MC with flare.

Having done well on certain major radio stations by topping the hip hop charts for weeks, the song thus has been due to be heard distances far and near. The music video of "You Can Have It" has already been shot and will launch sometime this month on our tv screens.

 #BeatMachineMusic® unleashes one of capcity's cla**ics... #Bumbdigidy(JHB remix): P.DOT@SpaceMunnaMusic @Reason4Audio3D @nickexplict  Prod. @bleksperm

We know that most of yo'll "Stay schemin'" ... therefore, we created a new boulevard!![/b]]

Hot Traxxx / Trompie ft. X-rate “Condor Music [BANG]”
« on: January 20, 2012, 12:31:54 PM »
Trompie ft. X-rate “Condor Music [BANG]”


Please feel free to share, DL or even critic!!!!

Producers - Production Showcase / My youtube channel: Beatmaking videos
« on: January 06, 2012, 11:33:02 AM »

Please take time off to view, comment and review beatmaking videos on my youtube channel:

Heres what you can expect:

Hot Traxxx / HYPE About H.I.M [His Ideal Music]
« on: August 05, 2011, 11:37:20 AM »

HYPE About H.I.M [His Ideal Music]


1. You ARE (performed by Skillo)

2. Hey Habibah (performed by MaliQ ft. Kay Songstress)

3. Feel Good (performed by Soopa Stars ft. Ms Zee)

4. Hold Up (performed by VC)

5. Live & let Love live (performed by The Band Academy)

6. How you feeling (performed by Boywonder ft. Skillo)

7. Never grow up (performed by Quietude)

8. How Can I (performed by Les-B, N’veigh, PdotO & Ras)

9. The first time (performed by The Band Academy)

10. Gheleza remix (performed by Towdee aka Short Madala of Morafe)

11. Super star (performed by MyBoba ft. L-Skillz & Les-B)

12. The Bumpdigidy remix (performed by The Roach Inc. collective)

All songs produced by Trompie

"South African producer Trompie has decided to show his appreciation for local hip hop magazine HYPE by dropping a mixtape in their honour. Not something you see everyday, but definately a nice (and smart) move from the Pretoria-based beatmaker..."    -

visit my new blog:[/b]]

Hot Traxxx / BoyWonder ft. Skillo - "How you feelin'
« on: May 06, 2011, 08:32:08 AM »

Get BoyWonder ft. Skillo single "How you feelin' (produced by Trompie)

Send to friends, family, neighbours, BBMely, WhatUperonas, twittpees, FBookers, G-chats and 'ol!

Album finally looms!!!

General Discussion / End-January Update (MaliQ Edition)
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:54:31 AM »
Good morning Patrons,

First off, its with great sadness that de ja vu had to strike again on my boi and business partner, Gadget boi, who's again back in hospital due to ill-health. Lets all wish him a speedy recovery.

Now, I aint gon' blab too much but bring you MaliQ's official track-listing for his forth-coming ALBUM: "A MIC & A DREAM". So here goes -

(For the Love of) The Game w/ Chyll
Bula w/ Flex Boogie [produced by TROMPIE]
Phakamisa w/ Black Moss [produced by TROMPIE]
Good Girls w/ Ras
Mamelodi w/ N’veigh
Track 06 [produced by TROMPIE]
Say The Word
I Rise (Flying Over) w/ Blak Lez, Flex Boogie
Game Over
Anything w/ Flex Boogie

Don't worry, Trompie's not demoted on doing 100% production on MaliQ's projects, he was just busy and MaliQ needed to release this!!! This album is set to drop on the interWEB hopefully by next week according to MaliQ, who gave me a copy to listen to last night!!!

Feel free to visit - YES, the MC platform site is back, since TROMPIE'S BLOG is considered the PRODUCER's turtorial... Ego's will be bruised, truth will prevail and so on and so on....

PS: Word has it that Illiterate Skillz just shot a vid for "BACK II THE STREETS" produced by Trompie... we'll wait for the final word!!!

General Discussion / End-January Update (Illskillz Edition)
« on: January 24, 2011, 12:11:42 PM »
Good morning Patrons,

First off, SIAMESE Entertainment will like to welcome back all its Facebook, Twitter and Blog subscription members and including its Engineer, Gadget boi, back from ill-health (Speedy recovery boi). Here's a regular update of what SIAMESE Entertainment will be bringing to you this season:

* As most of you know that Trompie is set to release his sophomore Ep, Music about H.E.R Ep, there were tracks that were either leaked, aquired by artists for their solo, or for structural purposes, taken off the Ep. Therefore, those tracks will not entirely go to waste, but released as Prelude to the Ep. Look out for the link coming very soon than you think.

To start-off, Here's a Trompie produced, boom bap and Big L sample influenced joint with Il-literate Skillz on the verses (attached on Notepad)__well received since uploaded friday

* The boys, Soopa Stars will be releasing their Valentines Pieces special joints_______
"Piano song" ft. Boy Wonder (Siamese Ent.) produced by DOT_com and
"Go out with me" ft. Ms. Zee produced by Trompie.
Of course you will be receiving these exclusively first!!!

Its been said by Soopa Starz manager: "I feel good" is  up 3place clockin in at #5 dis week on the MASCOM charts wit Carlos on YaronaFM, Botswana. Quote: "Catch @SoopaStars at eKhaya lounge this weekend. We unleashing 3bangers just for that nyt..." by Dman on Twitter

* Lookout for the R'nB sesation lady called Bkay. She will be in the Kitchen with Trompie aka The CHEF for her solo effort___profile and more info coming up (awaits management)

* With beat cd's out, you might be hearing a commercial release soon from SIAMESE Entertainment, so look out for more info and maybe downloads. To order a beat cd reply to this e-mail address with title: BEAT CD 101 and we'll respond asap!

Its been a long 8050 views on the blog from '07___ all thanx to yo'll. LETS MAKE IT 10 000 by March!!!
Dont forget to get yourself:

Prof - Propose a toast

Soopa Starz - I feel good

Boy Wonder - Back II Basix mixtape

Quietude - Never Grown up

Find Downloads on account!!!

Till then!!!

Hot Traxxx / BoyWonder & Trompie - Back II Basix (mixtape dowload)
« on: January 06, 2011, 01:03:38 PM »
Back II Basix is now here! Featuring boom bap sounds from CapCity storytelling lyricist BoyWonder, better know as Ondagrnd. With joints from previous releases, to unreleased exclusive joints that are never heard before.The production includes Thir[13]teen, Trompie and Sam Simose to name but a few and features were kept minimal.

Get it @ my blog!!!

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