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General Discussion / Where we have gone wrong
« on: October 26, 2010, 12:23:49 PM »
Stilletto - Wonder Y (Music Video)

Here is the story. For many years, Zimbabweans have done very little but envy the South African music industry. Looking at quality acts like Teargas, Malaika, Freshly Ground etc not many can match that. Now that it's a game of playing catch up with other countries seeming to have gone beyond expectations and so forth, we are trying to go back to problem a**essment. It's without a doubt that the standard of music and quality of videos leave a lot to be desired for most artists. Need help from an objective crowd to ascertain whether we are now moving in the right direction. This is probably the best video done from within Zim by Zimbabweans in recent times.

How can we improve and get to a level where music can be a sustainable career as well as market ourselves regionally and internationally?

Feedback much appreciated!

General Discussion / Mzansi Car-Guard Culture
« on: August 06, 2010, 10:04:13 AM »

General Discussion / Weekend
« on: July 18, 2008, 08:59:31 AM »
Just want to wish everybody up in here a great weekend.

Y'all keep me insane during the week!

Weekend plans: None Ok fine im going to work throughout  >:( though i'll be happy abt it on pay day  ;D


General Discussion / When a parent is cheating
« on: July 14, 2008, 01:37:24 PM »
Ok i know i always come here with issues but well... things happen.


Guys, you find out your mother is cheating on your father purely by accident when you bump into her at a lodge just outside the city when she is supposed to be at a church conference 3 hrs away? She is with a man. This man is well known in town. He has a wife, he has kids. What would you do? Im tryna give advice to someone and they are distraught to say the least. But this... is too much, way too much for me to handle

General Discussion / Be truthful or leave it like it is?
« on: July 10, 2008, 11:57:26 AM »
I got a homie i have known abt 3 years now, we talk on a regular and we boys like that. Of late i started noticing he had photos of a certain girl on his MSN and im like hmmm she looks familiar. They seemed all loved up and so on im like cool at least man is happy with his woman. Only recently did he put up a photo of her that i definitely had come across before and next thing it clicks. I know the girl. And she has a history.

Apparently i used to be good good friends with her not too long ago (about a year give or take) until her husband threatened me. In that time i knew her she never ever mentioned being hitched and it all came as a surprise when this dude was giving me threats yet i wasnt even up to shit with his woman. Anyway during that time woman tried to commit suicide and dude forced her to send scanned docs of they marriage certificate + pics of they wedding to people she 'a**ociated' with.. Now the problem is she been dating my boy for 2 years and homie has no idea about this coz they are in a long distance relationship. She has gone to visit him a couple of times and now dude is talking marriage. Now i dont wanna be the thorn between 2 peoples but damn should i say anything abt what i know or it aint my place to say? One thing is for sure he is whipped beyond all normalcy

General Discussion / How can he embara** us this way?!
« on: May 23, 2008, 09:34:55 AM »
This are bad enough in Zim and this faker just comes from nowhere, drops this rubbish. Ahhhh im gutted. Shit.

Politics / What hurts me most - Zim violence in pics
« on: May 17, 2008, 12:47:22 PM »
I saw these and fell short of words, why make people go through this because of their right to choose whoever they want as a leader?

General Discussion / How to deal with a cheating partner
« on: May 16, 2008, 09:30:13 AM »

General Discussion / the shit in my life
« on: May 12, 2008, 01:52:43 PM »
So... i've really been tryin my best to stay outta trouble and just be 'decent'. Esp after a long convo with a good female friend i've know for many many many years where she enlightened me about the name i created for myself back home (a bad one at that) for being a terrorist when it came to feminines.  ;D ;D ;D i actually had no idea i was 'that bad' considering i never had problems getting a girl but that story for later.

The issue at hand here, had a lil scuffle with my ex over some girl. Apparently it seems like i've moved on a lil to quickly for her liking and she made it very clear that she is not particulalrly happy with how all of a sudden im comfortably hanging out and spending time with some lil 2nd year girl. You know how women are. I tried to plead my innocence, however, as i have NOT made a pa** at this other young one. It didnt help, ex-Mrs Taf is mad. But this isnt the actual story here.

I leave my cabin to hit the library coz i just wanted a neutral venue to do my books with 3 a**ignments due on 1 day. Im f***ed. Anyway i get to Uni, jump into the library and some 3 African honeys just caught my eye. I deliberately pa** by where they can see me, right? Not that i meant to do anything but its just a nigga thing. So i pa** by and give em a stare and kept walking...

Hold on 1 sec brb

General Discussion / would you be pissed?
« on: May 08, 2008, 01:56:17 PM »
So i got this homeboy of mine, him and his girl are cool been living together a few years bla bla bla... so earlier today he got a really big parcel via post. For starters he was NOT expecting anything from anyone. When he got it his girl was @ home so obviously she wanted to check what it was as well :) Dude opens it and there is a fresh tracksuit up in there, 2 t-shirts and a stack of DVDs. Here is the problem. It was from a girl. Now, truth is him and this girl are just friends, they havent seen each other in about 7 years but went to primary school together, lived in the same hood, parents were friends etc

Her reason for sending this stuff? A simple winter warming gift and a thank you for being a good pal. Not like dude does much anyway except hook up movies etc for this girl he just happens to be internet savvy. Plus unfortunately the girl was slightly mentally unstable in her earlier years so she never actually had friends like that so when she has any she is really close and generally a giving person. Dudes girlfriend knew about this girl already as her man's friend but now she is really mad at him for 'letting this girl send him stuff'. She says the girl is tryna get on her man's good side so that she can take him away from her. She is straight up pissed at the dude. Is she justified?

General Discussion / last night was somethin else
« on: April 21, 2008, 01:18:04 AM »
So here i am at work (i graft @ a servo BTW) and this 55 Y.O dude, a regular customer walks in and well he pretty much comes in around the same time each night and hangs around for a while and we actually have a chat. It's pretty much very quiet during those hours anyway. As usual i ask him how the weekend was and all that. After all i am paid to be nice to these peoples... Somehow i began to tell him that i had an OK weekend despite some 'issues' with my girlfriend  ;D then suddenly his face changes and says 'Girlfriend?' and im like 'Jaa!'. Then i asked him if everything was cool and he says to me "It's only that i always come in here and spend time with you and i thought maybe you would pick up on it. Did you think i just come here to talk all the time? I didn't think you were... you know... straight. Perhaps it's not your thing, you people(Africans). I hope you don't mind me saying that." I froze. Dead cold. Man left.

Up until now i can't believe a few smiles could lead to this man looking at a nigga in such a way. YUCK. These western countries eish...

General Discussion / am i overreacting?
« on: April 15, 2008, 10:56:37 PM »
Im currently staying with my girlfriend its been about 5 months now and we basically share everything from the bills to food, MY car ;D etc

She has been in a tight spot for some time now without a consistent job just one or 2 calls here n there. This has been a problem because of ... THE BILLS. They gotta be paid. Since we are both Uni students the parents do try to chip in whenever they can and thatz how she has managed to stay afloat in terms of rent, im sorting out my half because im grafting part time and groceries im handling for us and other lil costs like fuel as well.

Problem #1 - woman cannot keep a job, she got some decent offers in the last year but hasn't lasted over a month at any 1 job except a part time place she can get ridiculous hrs like 6 hours/month and it's an on call job so ue never know when they need ya which doesnt help much. I think i know where her problem is actually its more than 1 issue. the last job she had she was late her first 3 days of work and for me that is disrespecting your empolyer but she kept insisting the man was ok with it he understood bla bla. Guess what? The 3rd day was her LAST. When she was late the first time i told her to make an effort the next day to be early because first impression counts. Deaf ears i tell ue.

She thinks im 'luckier' with jobs but damn sometimes ue need to take your chances right? Seriously. I always get the line 'Futhi ue are lucky coz ue easily got a job ue love.' Im settled now but i dont exactly love it, i love the fact that it allows me to pay my own rent, buy my own food and clothes etc like someone who is 23 innit? I was unemployed once and being in a foreign country it sucks.

Scenario 2: There were 3 openings at my workplace and people were not applying for the jobs much and i told her about it, brought her application forms etc. She had 1 foot in coz i gave in a good word for her. They call her up for an interview and she tells them she cant make it on the day coz she has another job interview. When she told me i was mad, HOW ABOUT SETTING UP ANOTHER TIME? DAY? i mean if i was jobless i would go to as many interviews as i could. Funny enough she didnt go for the other interview anyway and didnt get the job. and she claims to be unlucky but for me to say this to her the exact way im writing it is tough... i really think she is taking laziness too far and coming up with excuses yet its HER OWN LIFE AND FUTURE.

i'll be back with what really pissed me off today... gimme a few

General Discussion / The Hip Hop Domain - Zim MCs Part II
« on: February 22, 2008, 03:02:54 PM »
Shoulda posted this earlier but got tied up crazy...

Picking up from where we left off a couple of weeks ago on MC education, and MC DOES NOT stand for MisConception... Got the brothers and the sistaz representing Zimbabwe yet again. The genre grows and many more MCs out there coming up... Let's support the movement!

The Hip Hop :-

1. Gonyet - JVince

2. Hold Up - Major Playaz

3. Time Will Tell - Wargames a.k.a Ku

4. Clueless - DS & Soosh

5. Property Hike - Munetsi

6. Congo - Munyaradzi

7. Calling U ft Luminous - Joe Shyna

8. Bring It Back - African Rulerz

9. I'm In Love ft Lamone - Mak Mackay

10. Mono Told Yah - Soufex

11. Let Me Politik - Karizma

12. Everywhere - Makho

Future RnB Samplers :-

It's A Feeling - Taku Paradza

Satisfied - Cynthia Mare

Get it at:

Download(ZShare, Mega, Rapidshare etc)
http://LINK REMOVED/b4b5072f

General Discussion / The Hip Hop Domain - Zim MCs
« on: January 10, 2008, 05:12:50 PM »
We give you the first podcast of '08 with some of the finest rappers and MCs to step out of the Zimbabwe. All areas represented, this show is just the tip of the iceberg... if you dont know after this show you WILL know. These are the rising stars of the country and they make us proud to be hip hop heads through lyrical dexterity and potent delivery. Have a good one.


Brown Sugar - QRiggah & JVince

Asi Chii Nhai Remix - Tek Neek

Evil That Men Do ft Prince Po & Sticman - Zimbabwe Legit

The Great - Fame Nickles

Deception - MC Chita

Better Beware - Hillz

Breaking Chains - Illuminate

Lyrical Robbery - Chucknosis

Different Kinda Girl - Exquizite

Everywhere I Go - B.L.T

Sweet Revenge - Yung Shottaz

Pull Up - 25 To Lyf

Shine On ft Emerald - EsDee

We Got This ft Ill Skillz - CBlud

Hands Up Gla**es Down - B-Prez

Get With U - Rymez

Fire Song - Zubz

Fallen King - Begotten Sun

Listen + download:

General Discussion / XBC Special : Begotten Sun Interview
« on: December 21, 2007, 07:19:43 PM »
A lil insight on Zimbabwean Hip Hop with one of it's pioneers Begotten Sun

Taking time to get to know one of our Zimbabwean sons one to one: Begotten Sun a.k.a B.Sun a.k.a Kudakwashe (whatever you want to call him). After the success of the 2007 double disc Kudakwashe/Munyaradzi which was a reflection from a Zimbabwean perspective that boasted a completely new sound especially for Zimbabwean Hip Hop fusing mbira with the new age instruments, chinyakare type choruses and a whole lot more, we are pretty sure a lot of you want to know a little about how everything came about from the early days kusvika ikozvino. We talk about music, kuoma kwehupenyu, Zimbabwe, Hip Hop, zvese zvese... This guy is talented beyond doubt but he is also intelligent, understands many things around him, you just have to hear him speak. To get to where he is it was a sure struggle worth hearing about. To those who don't know who B.Sun/Kudakwashe this podcast will enlighten you and please feel free to visit (you can buy the double disc here!!!) or . Also check out a review on DKRs music and journey on the following link: Like Sensai Tate always says PAMBERI!!!

Zshare link (listen + download option):-
LINK REMOVED/audio/5771134b43ed83/


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