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Hot Traxxx / SAN ft SOULOGIK - LINE by LINE
« on: November 09, 2012, 09:40:32 AM »

LINE by LINE is the first offcial single off my upcoming album "PeoplePOWER", the single features Virginia by way of Mozambique Emcee SOULOGIK of Inverse Tangent. it was produced by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist of Audible Braile Entertainment, mixed and mastered by Mr. RIZ of Block Kids On The New.

below is the official single cover art:

you can stream and download the single "LINE by LINE" via Soundcloud and Bandcamp, respectively below:



you can follow SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist on twitter HERE:
you can follow SOULOGIK on twitter HERE:
you can follow Mr. RIZ on twitter HERE:


you can follow SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist on twitter HERE:
you can follow SOULOGIK on twitter HERE:
you can follow Mr. RIZ on twitter HERE:


you can follow SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist on twitter HERE:
you can follow SOULOGIK on twitter HERE:
you can follow Mr. RIZ on twitter HERE:


Hot Traxxx / Block Kids On The New - Block Kids On The New (eP)
« on: September 22, 2012, 10:55:19 AM »

just in case you slept on who BLOCK KIDS ON THE NEW are, go HERE NOW:,30590.0.html

now that you are familiar, here is a what you have been waiting for, the BLOCK KIDS ON THE NEW eP:

below is the official cover art designed Audible Braile Entertainment


Hot Traxxx / Block Kids On The New - D.I.S.R.E.S.P.E.C.T
« on: August 27, 2012, 03:36:25 PM »

BLOCK KIDS ON THE NEW are two friends, based in Pretoria, South Africa - Skivvy G a.k.a Joe Nameless and Mr. Riz a.ka Rizmagik- who in the face of overwhelming odds, scepticism and disapproval from friends and family decided to chase a dream. A dream that still evokes fear, confusion and derision in traditional African society, they decided to chase hip-hop. They honed their skills by battling everywhere they could set up without being hara**ed by authority figures. Their determination in the face of all the resistance finally earned them a reputation as talented lyricists with a penchant for hard-nosed social commentary interspersed with oddball metaphors and quips that make you hit the rewind button over and over again.

The Block Kids on The New name started out as a a joke between childhood friends but soon stuck as a moniker the two would go on to use for their Self-titled Debut EP .While it is hard to pigeonhole the talented duo, one could easily describe their approach as brash, modern and lyrical. The debut EP plays to each one’s strength, mixing true school lyricism with wit and pop sensibilities. This all makes for a compelling offering that drags the listener on an exhilarating ride through the psyche of these two twisted individuals.

follow Mr Riz on Twitter: @Riz_Ventura
follow Skivvy G on Twitter: @SkivvyG

"D.I.S.R.E.S.P.E.C.T" is the first single off the eP, it drops WEDNESDAY 29/08/12

below is the single cover art, designed by Audible Braile Entertainment (Graphic Design Dept)

follow Audible Braile Entertainment on Twitter: @AudibleBraile

Hot Traxxx / SAN&RAE - What do we call it?
« on: August 10, 2012, 11:34:12 AM »

SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist is a producer from MASERU, LESOTHO. Mr. RAE is an emcee from LAGOS, NIGERIA. SAN repsenents Audible Braile Entertainment. Mr. RAE represents Str8 Buttah Productions. on the 13/08/12 a LEAK off their yet to be titled eP will be released under their respective stables. keep an eye out for it:

you can follow SAN on twitter HERE:

you can follow Mr. RAE on twitter HERE:

you can follow Mr. RAE on twitter HERE:

you can follow Mr. RAE on twitter HERE:


Hot Traxxx / MASTERED SKILL (Maidu and Sanhedrin)
« on: August 01, 2012, 09:45:42 AM »

MASTERED SKILL is producer SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist who hails from Maseru, LESOTHO and emcee MAIDU SOLEMN who hails from Sacramento, CALIFORNIA...their self-titled eP dropped recently under Audible Braile Entertainment, when you can, check for it HERE >>>

you can follow MASTERED SKILL on twitter here:

you can follow SAN on twitter here:

you can follow MAIDU on twitter here:


Media / MAMA AFRICA - A documentary on MIRIAM MAKEBA (2012)
« on: May 18, 2012, 02:18:05 PM »

This documentary by Director, Mika Kaurismäki explores who the real Miriam Makeba was and tells us about her experiences in apartheid South Africa.
This is how Mika Kaurismaki describes this documentary:

This documentary gives not only a great visual overview of Makeba’s career but through the many interviews with the singer and guests one can gets a really good impression of the life and circumstances in South Africa before 1994, during Apartheid and Makeba’s struggle against the regime.
Especially the early years of Miriam Makeba are well highlighted; her performances as part of the African Jazz & Variety shows at the City Hall in Johannesburg, her start as a singer with The Manhattan Brothers, her rise and fall in the USA, living as an exile in Guinea…there is even some rare footage from an unofficial film ‘Come Back Africa’ (1959) by American filmmaker Lionel Rogosin that was smuggled out of the country and contained 2 songs by a very young Makeba. Essential film footage and a treasure to all lovers of the music of one of South Africa’s greatest singers.

word is bond, on the strength, GO SEE THIS!!!!!

To the SOUTH AFRICA & AFRICAN film makers out there i say this: APPRECIATE your people while they still walk the earth, lest more and more of these remarkable people will have their stories chronicled by foreigners, whose intentions although noble will always fall short of capturing the true essence of what us on this continent are truly about...!

R.I.P to a TRUE LEGEND...!

Hot Traxxx / O-NERVE - 2012eXplosion MIXTAPE
« on: May 13, 2012, 12:14:36 PM »
The name is O - NERVE short for Optic Nerve. I am an Independent Artist from the Eastern Cape of South Africa who has been in the music business for approximately 10 to 12 years specialising in hip-hop music with a slight mixture of soul and everything else. O - NERVE is a 23 year old student currently pursuing a National Diploma in Public Management, in the Faculty of Arts in the Studies of Political and Governmental Affairs. Beyond that, the primary fascination of my life is music, the authentic sounds, the lyrical content and everything else that has inspired the millions of fans has inspired me also. Together with a group of ambitious pioneers in the new music scene, I’m part of a life-long pursuit of happiness for appreciation and recognition amongst peers and for the respect from the fans that share our vision.

2012eXplosion is the debut mixtape by EMCEE O-NERVE, it was released official on 11 MAY 2012 under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT

front cover:

back cover:

All songs on 2012eXplosion were recorded by O-NERVE, mix, mastered and tracklisted by TROMPIE for Beat Machine Music and Executively Produced by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist for Audible Braile Entertainment

the 2012eXplosion mixtape by emcee O-NERVE made its debut in the USA & GLASGOW (United Kingdom) on CRAZYPELLAS[dot]net HERE:

« on: January 11, 2012, 01:24:45 PM »

The documentary is tentatively titled Street Struck: The Big L Story and is gonna be put out by 2056 Media/Filmwerkz. It’s being organized by Jewlz (the director), Pooch aka Pucci aka Snaggdadon aka Snaggapuss from Doo Wop’s Bounce Squad (childhood friend of Big L/Big L’s girlfriend’s brother) and Donald Phinazee (Big L’s oldest brother). It was originally announced in 2007.

As far as we know now, the DVD will contain interviews with several people known in the music industry, though no names have been announced to us yet except for one (please proceed). On top of that we will finally see previously unseen footage of Big L talking, rhyming and on stage performing.

The most anticipated footage right now is unseen footage of two of hip hop's most notorious and super lyrical rappers to have ever blessed the microphone, Big L and fellow deceased rapper Christopher "Big Punisher" Rios, rhyming together, something the world has never seen before! On top of that they have recorded an interview with Big Punisher's widow, Liza Rios, who talks about her husband as well as Big L.

(The Big L and Big Pun footage is from the set of Fat Joe’s John Blaze video.)

As of now we know she talked about Big Punisher's plans to take Big L on tour with him. Big Pun eventually forgot to pick up Big L and right around that time he was shot and killed as we all know, leaving Punisher with an unbearable feeling of guilt.

UPDATE 17th May 2010
So far the latest on the doc is unfortunately we won’t be able to make the May 30th release date that I was so looking forward to making, due to me deciding to switch editors on the project and also due to us trying to make this Dame Dash interview happen, the Dame thing is getting closer to going down (BigLOnliners keep your fingers crossed for us…), word, other than that, all is looking very well, we’ve gotten some interviews, just last week we sat down with Mike Boogie who appeared on L’s first album, he was on 8 Iz Enuff, we also touched base with a young lady who had been dealing with Bloodshed of C.O.T.C. fame, the young lady had a child for Bloodshed and she has agreed to give us an interview as well. So as I stated, things are looking good and moving along so please tell the whole BigLOnline family I’m really sorry to upset the plans by not releasing Street Struck on the thirtieth but please bear with me. I’ve been blood, sweat and tearing with this project for a lil’ over twelve years so I want it to be the best project that I’m physically able to make. So once we’re able to arrange a newer date, as always, the family at BigLOnline will be the absolute first to know, thank y’all so much for all the endless support and concern.

Peace yours truly,

Jewlz The Director

UPDATE 10th November 2010
Another Interview with Big Don. Talking about Big L's music, and Death.. If i understand him correctly, it seems to me that Big L could have avoided being killed.. read on.

UPDATE 8th December 2010
"Man I been here bothering more an more with this documentary and I made an Executive/Friend decision, that were gonna drop the doc in May 2011. That month is Lamonts Birthday, an as I stated before: I never wanted to really Focus on his death, that's why I'm so against a February release. So my final opinion is May, 2011."

- Jewlz the Director

i have it under GOOD AUTHORITY that the doccie is done and will be released early 2012.......lets just hope red tape hicups dont deny us of the privellage!

Media / NEWS ON NEW album drops....(2012)...what do you got?
« on: January 03, 2012, 03:31:03 PM »
aight, lets set it off the right way, with some much needed intel...if im not mistaken the forums were flooded with deabates on which albums claimed the best hiphop album of the year last year, thats a beautiful thing, it means atlast the music is vibrant enough to grab our attention and spark conversation.

with any luck 2012 will also be a year to look forward to as far as good hiphop music is concerned...

JANUARY 2012, this is what we can look forward to:

Strong Arm Steady x Statik Selektah - StereoType


Sha Stimuli
- The Calling


Necro - The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP

General Discussion / your song of the day 2012..........................!
« on: January 03, 2012, 02:57:25 PM »
lets set it off shall we...


"black man whose veins are littered with thorns, backsmack you so hard, all your seeds will be born deformed"...!

Movie Talk / THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE (1967 - 1975)
« on: August 25, 2011, 11:19:28 AM »

im an avid advocate of looking beyond the immediate, what i mean by this is that, its often very enlightening to look past the "FRONT MEN"...the people who are more often than not a**ociated with making things "happen" are not necessarily the "Brains behind the operation"...without speaking too much of it...ive been inspired by this here documentary, so much so that its got me working on a musical project im to call "PEOPLE POWER"...given the times, its almost expected, however, its not a phenomenon of our time alone, those who have come before us can also attest to its might... "people power" i mean...anyway...i  HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give this a sure youl dig it, its a FRESH take on a situation we are all familiar with, not to mention the BANGING SOUNDTRACK...  8)

« on: August 01, 2011, 09:44:46 AM »

im watching this now & i had to stop myself, put more dro in the bong, toke it, type this & absolutely RECOMMEND it to anyone out here who loves MUSIC...not jazz, not hiphop, not blues but MUSIC...oh and if you a pot head, like im a pot head, youl love this  8)

Trumpeter-bandleader Miles Davis (1926-91) was a catalyst for the major innovations in post-bop, cool jazz, hard-bop, and jazz-fusion, and his wispy and emotional trumpet tones were some of the most evocative sounds ever heard. He was also one of the most identifiable and misunderstood pop icons of the 20th century. This engrossing British documentary shows the complex layers of this magnificent and mercurial artist. Through rare footage and interviews, we learn of Davis’s middle-cla** upbringing and his early days with bop legends Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. The documentary bluntly deals with Davis’s narcotic nadir and his rise from the depths to become a bona fide jazz icon in the mid-’50s to late ’60s. But the most penetrating and poignant portraits of Davis come from musicians who played with and were influenced by him, including Shirley Horn, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, and Keith Jarrett.

Outstanding musical selections include modal masterpieces “So What” and “Blue in Green,” the haunting soundtrack to the 1957 French film Ascenseur pour l’échafaud, his romantic rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” and his collaborations with arranger Gil Evans. The most surprising aspects of Davis’s personality that emerge from this film are his shyness, vulnerability, and, yes, humility. As he said himself, “Don’t call me a legend. Call me Miles Davis.” –Eugene Holley Jr.

« on: June 01, 2011, 05:36:33 PM »

i liked this, perhaps if you give it a bash, you would too  8)   8)

you can follow JOHN ROBINSON on twitter here: @whoisJR

you can follow JOCELYN ELLIS on twitter here: @MindofJE

Hot Traxxx / SAN presents TRACK MEETS (a beat reel)
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:55:18 AM »

As a producer, I’m often approached by artists from various disciplines, be it emcees, vocalists or poets, all of whom show interest in utilizing my production skills on their respective projects. Under normal circumstances, once such a request is brought forward, I often send the artist(s) in question a handful of beats to choose from. From this process, any of two things can happen. Firstly, the artist might find a beat they like out of the batch and subsequently choose it for their project or they can like the idea behind a said beat and would rather opt I create something along those lines with say, a sample of their choosing. In any event, the intention is to humbly put on display, my level of diversity and creativity when it comes to music production.

Track Meets
(A BEAT REEL), is an idea I came up with while putting together a “batch of beats” much in the same vein as what I have spoken about above. The intention of this mini-project is to give the “ordinary” listener an idea of what goes on behind the curtain between producer and artist. The beats herein are sent out to artists in pretty much the same way as I always do. However, this time round, I’m also releasing them to the public simultaneously, a very rare occurrence. I find the benefits to be two fold. Firstly, the manner of release lets the beats be heard by a much wider audience and in all likelihood garner more favour for them among listeners and thus expand my clientele. Secondly, once heard and appreciated, listeners would most certainly like to follow up and know which beat was chosen by which artist. This would succeed in creating additional interest as far as the respective artist’s album is concerned.

TRACK MEETS (a beat reel) will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD very soon and will drop under Audible Braile Entertainment ...!

below are the official cover arts:


The year is 2011, SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist, a producer from Lesotho (southern Africa) releases FOOT NOTES, a mini-tape to tie supporters of his work over while they wait for upcoming releases. FOOT NOTES is a rare treat, on one hand it’s a trip down memory lane for the loyal heads that have been with SAN and followed his work since the early years. On the other hand, it provides a brief but fitting introduction to a fraction of work he’s done with some phenomenal artists over the past 5 years.

here is the OFFICIAL front & back sleeves....

drops mid-may under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT....we will have an OFFICIAL leak for youl very soon  8)

you can follow SAN, on twitter HERE: @iamSANhedrin
you can follow Audible Braile Entertainment on twitter HERE: @AudibleBraile

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