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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Gimme a Word
« on: August 25, 2008, 11:36:27 AM »
Yo microphoners...this is sumtin ya'll r familia wit....we wana see hu can go from reading a word to ill in mere seconds...
So this is how it goes...1 drops a random word and the other deliverz a blazin 8 (bars) maximum...
Let the gamez begin...
(Im not gonna start cos its gona seem riged)
The word is: ANAGRAM

Humour / Jokes / When Hobo’s attack
« on: June 09, 2008, 11:05:17 AM »
When Hobo’s attack: By Inca

Oh shit! :o, I thot to maself ....”id f*** you up” the Hobo said to me…I just ignored him walked on with ma hot thang (same one from: the one, the hot thang and a broken down PC)..Before ya’ll start getting confused, the hobo came out of nowhere…started terrorising me…for no bloody reason (as if they need one) :-\….anyway, after ignorin him…he walked pa**…then to my shock… I heard rapid foot steps lashing towards me from behind….there we go again :o!…”id f*** you up” he said again rushing towards me (obviously he didn’t say it in English, don get it twisted)…yo anyway…he started swinging punches at me, ma hot thang had to make herself scares…(I was walking her to the taxis from campus)….The hobo kept swinging…he even started kicking…thanks to my quick reflexes and his empty stomach, he didn’t land a single blow… I turned and went speedy Gonzales at an instant…the moral of the story is…when hobo’s attack, you run. ;D

I need a piece: Mystery of an unuttered soul: part 2 by Inca

Word on the street is that the “hooligan gang” is roaming free :o….
My a** is on the line….weight lifting is taking too long …..I NEED A PIECE…..
these niggas mite be hunting me down…..but I got heads up that they was not arrested for the stolen phone (Nokia N94, the one with the Celine Dion true tone ;D).
I think some corrupt cop pocketed that thing. :-X

They were already on heat with a house breaking charge…..

I learned a lesson from all this… do some good…that’s ayt…but then you gatta move elsewhere….or “you gatta get yourself a gun”…..

The one, the hot thang and a broken down PC: by Inca

Yo it’s your boy Inca once again…this time on some sentimental shit.
Let me break it down for ya’ll….i got me a shawdy I’ve been kicking it with, we ayt..

But now I recently hooked up with this hot thang…she knows bout tha one im with…she into hip hop, shawdy is down to earth, Gods perfect creation for any nigga with soul and hip hop as a lifestyle...

She invited me over to her crib to fix her computer recently (I was sprung a few weeks before the invitation)…but shawdy made a nigga believe she wanted nothin’ beyond a friendship…so I went to her crib with no ulterior motives (didn’t bring rubbers) hence I dig her n she a virgin (you know you gatta be patient with ‘em) ;)..

But yo…30min into ma hustle and tustle with her broken down PC…she started kinda  flinging hints that contradicted her “friendship only” statement…1 thing led to another and *snap*….jus like that shawdy told me that she has a confession..  :o
nigga say what? … she got my immediate attention…”im all ears”, I said…then it started….”remember when I said I only want you as a friend?”, she said…im like “yea…so what’s good  shawdy, what’s really good?”…she come out with it…”I was lyin’”…she said…by then a nigga could cut the tension with a f***en samurai sword…..she said it was because of ma gal (but she didn’t giv a damn nomore)….then we started kissing and shit :-*….i asked her in the middle of a heated awkward moment of pa**ion “is this gonna go any further?” ???….then shawdy asked if I came prepared….i was like “nah I didn’t think shit would go down”…she looked at me with a rea**ured look of trust and said “this is the level we gona reach for now”…I didn’t wory much bout it (I realy dig this gal)….
A few days later we tite lyk that….she wanted to pay a nigga a visit 8) (but that’s a story for another day)… then today….she tells me she wants to be “strictly friends”….nigga say what??.....keep in mind that all this took place within a space of a week…she now feels like im using her as substitute for ma gal…(I thot we settled that bit of the saga) :-\….to my shock I tell her “nah baby you cant do me like that” :o…then she tells me that she scared cos now she realy into me (ma gal and shit)… ???
Then told me she gatta go “ill call you later” she said….then hung up the phone. :'(
Damn…I don wanna let her go….   

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Mystery of an unutterd soul
« on: April 29, 2008, 05:54:31 PM »
Mystery of an unuttered soul: By Inca

Yo…this is the ordeal of what goes down when you mess with the wrong nigga…I was jus tryin to do me….but them niggas had ulterior motives….I was walkin down tha streets of krugersdorp and them niggas try to hustle me…”yo brada man” one of them whisperd..”whats hood cuz?” I replied…the nex thing I know them niggas is selling me a shady looking phone….i had tha cash they had tha goods “stolen in this case”.. I told them niggas if I is gonna cop that phone (Nokia N94)I need to be a**ured tha piece of junk works…guess how gullible them niggas was…one said “let me call you wit ma phone to show that is works”….NIGGA SAY WHAT?!?...they had to be the dumbest of criminals I’ve ever seen….so I said “Ayt, if that’s what must be done”….the nex thing tha phone rings (I had put extra my sim card innit) earth shaking vibration followed by a Celine Dion true tone…clearly these niggas had to be Celine Dion’s  fans to be givin me their numbers midst a stolen phone saga…

Obviously I  had to push my luck a bit…so I wanted to check the camera….take one guess how I did it….yep..i took a pic of one of ‘em niggas (the one who buzzed with his number) I couldn’t believe it….so rite after the ordeal I went down to tha cop station by ma hood…the lady I gave the phone to (with all tha necessary details on tha “hooligan gang”,as I  lyk to call ‘em) called me an “unuttered soul”…Hala bak     

Humour / Jokes / Birthday rap for Mandela from his ‘friend' Eminem
« on: April 25, 2008, 11:31:21 AM »
Em will headline the 90th birthday celebrations for Nelson Mandela at someplace in June or July I aint not sure…. Other than remarrying and redivorcing Kim (his wife or ex-wife or both or what ever) and denying an addiction to painkillers (this nigga got issues) the guy is still Mandela’s favourite…… So what if he's a white American rapper famous for a psychopathic, misanthropic alter-ego who is a fan of ultraviolence? (that’s what Madiba mite say) …anyway once the heads are there, its drugs and alcohol as usual…none of  tha important stuff.” least Madiba will be among “friends”  ;D. His 70th birthday concert featured “Queen, Annie Lennox and the Specials” (I read that sum where,i aint  got a clue who these peoples is  ???). Anyway, 1 thing im for certain with is that the Spice Girls are on the menu,(Spice Girls? :o  ,Tata…these girls lost the spice long ago) but Yo…give the man what he wants ayt?….(hahaha)

Yo…I think it’s a good idea (if not a recipe for disaster) that Em is heading the celebration, clearly Madiba chose him….(I aint sure if he has heard any of Em’s joints…or the organizers did tha choosing for Tata…if he did what does that say ‘bout Madiba?...Hmmm..)
Hala bak…

Humour / Jokes / Letter from Eskom
« on: April 25, 2008, 10:06:50 AM »
Ayt…Eskom has been f***ing wit us long enough man, I’m tired of this shit….but yo, if you can beat ‘em, dis ‘em rite? I compiled (cut and pasted from the net)….a lil sum sum….of were I think Eskom’s priority regarding this whole “Load Shitting” saga lye’s … how the hell do they think we listen to sum hip hop ?, anyway….brace your selves….it might get …..Well jus give it a quick read and hala bak… 

Dear Electricity Consumer,
Just a little note to let you know we understand your anger in the   
recent price hike  & power cuts. 
But it should be noted that you have no choice.
We are a big company and you will pay what we tell you.   
You have no choice.   
We  have   the power,    you  need   the power.   
So sad,   too bad.   Sucks to be you.
We have enclosed a little picture to help  outline our response.
Have a nice day and keep those  cheques coming, loser!



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