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General Discussion / GREATEST HITS<FAKE DIAMOND???????
« on: October 13, 2008, 08:29:20 PM »
Quote from: TATEguru. on February 15, 2007, 07:12:20 PM
Thought this post belonged in this thread...

Ladies & gentlemen say hello to CASH. Most of you should already be familiar with his posts from his constant hi-jacking of otherwise positive threads but this one takes the cake & warrants a nomination into the "DUMBEST SH*T U EVER READ thread:

Quote from: cash
Quote from: RearrangedReality
Just curious. How come you can afford all of this with an income of R100K a year?

not hating bro I'd like to understand.

look man! roughly i got 10grand a month i make! thats my basic budget! i also make a lil more on the side!
if i need gear HIPHOP JOINT hooks me up! they endorse the Pyramid! k swiss be f***in wit us too! im also a qualified sound engineer so i make a bit on that in my spare time! i sell my beats too! do a few gigs,but ones that pay well!

u tellin me u cant afford a bottle of Henny,new kicks every month or a lil ice? cmon man! i dont buy shit like jay z do but im cool! im gonna get there and so will u.

if u put ya mind to it, u can make and spend R10000 in one day and still have 10 grand tomorrow! its all about financial intelligence! ps. i read a lot of Kiyosaki(Rich Dad Poor Dad fame!!!!) and i analyse people like Richard Branson and Donald Trump, even Jay Z and Russell Simmons! my attitude is not " i cant afford it" its "how can i afford it"!!! then i hustle and get it!!!!
i hustle for things i got!
plus i keep my expenses on the low by buyin mostly in CASH!!!!!!! and building a**ets rather than liabilities!

.... its no wonder u confused when i talk about money! we are never taught about it! were just told that its the root of all evil! hence the negativity towards it ever being mentioned!

it is what it is!!!!
now back to the Vodka and Hennessey topic!!! 
yo D, what labels/brands u messin wit man!!!???

This ladies and gentlemen is a guy who claims to have read & more importantly UNDERSTOOD Kiyosaki?
If you understood the literature you claim to have read you would realise what are true "a**ets".

A R1800 replica fake diamond chain is NOT an a**et.
An overpriced replica New York Yankees fitted cap is not an a**et;
Overpriced low end vodka?an a**et? I think not.
Depreciable clothes & shoes - a**ets? You guessed it ....NOT!

In fact these are EXACTLY the consumption patterns the literature preaches AGAINST.

That post, like much of your egotistical bragadoccio, is just dumb cash.

Be careful that while you can fool some of the people some of the time the majority of us on AG have been here a minute & actually understood the influences shaping your frame of reference. Please do not insult our intelligence by referencing things you have NO IDEA about just coz it sounds smart.

OVERSTAND the mental poison.

If you were humble enough maybe you would actually learn something from some of the great minds on this here site.

Sorry 4 posting another Crack boy influenced thread but i got one question to ask to cash.........Has the MONOPLOY album gone fake diamond yet (1800 copies)
or is it still stuck on replica cap (250 copies) or worse is it CUBIC ZIRCONIUM (50 copies) i.e. free 

Hola back...why do agians mostly focus on the crackboy image and their media antics lets put their music on SMASH...

General Discussion / RECORD EXECS in Mzansi
« on: October 09, 2008, 12:05:54 AM »
Industry rule numba 10 080// record company niggaz are shady// baby//
definietly neva maybe//
u gotta be a pain in the a** lyk- 'f*** you pay me'; u crazy!!!!

Yo any personal stories bout these vampires in sa hip hop music or even sport (Khoza)
i mean niccaz lyk mizchif, mapaputsi, wikid and my man have all gotten murked ryt??

Yo hola!!!!! i heard that Chenene boy in pirates is still on foot!!!! WTF he gettin played b4 he paid....Shit

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