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General Discussion / best chains in hip hop
« on: December 23, 2008, 12:18:52 PM »
i was checking out song of the day (1st page) when i noticed the old-school nasir jones QB chain. got me thinking about the best jewellery i've ever seen in rap vidoes.

1- the nasir QB chain
2- busta's l.o.n.s. chain
3- lloyd banks statue of liberty chain
4- biggie's jesus piece (the original jesus piece)
5- any chain worn by slick rick (they're all dukey)
6- ghostface killah's huge gold eagle arm sleeve
7- busta's new york giants, knicks, jets, yankees chains
8- fifty's g-unit spinner
9- jay-z's roc-a-fella chian
10- fat joe's i-95 chain

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / I'M BACK
« on: November 05, 2008, 05:45:17 PM »
yeh niggas was shining in my abscence, stealing my light but i'm back to wage war. top of my hitlist is crook. battle me son ;)

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / 2nd Round K.O.
« on: October 23, 2008, 10:41:46 AM »
u might of won round 1 but i took round two
u's a pussy, white people don't get shook round you
crook u was hot til i crept in the door
and my size 5 All-Stars stepped on ur jaw
and i don't know why ur cd's so heavily priced
when ur flow's like Castor Oil, it's never been nice
ask onekind crook, i drop awesome spits
he calls me Dung Beetle cuz i'm always on some shit
i'm the grimy type that'll steal ur neighbours car
i treat Rap like the High Jump, i raise the bar
and i don't care if u thank God or praise Allah
i'll beat the shit outta u and ur smalltime crews
i been nice since cats started rocking Florsheim-shoes
Lyle & Scott dice jerseys and Brentwood slacks
i sent EMI a demo with ten good tracks
yet it got brushed aside like whiteboy hair
but still crook knows the deal i'm like a Typhoid Scare
i'll slice u well u nowhere near nice as Elle
still living in the basement of ur mom's smelly building
i'm pissing on u like u one of R. Kelly's children
and i'm a keep smacking this fool / with more
killer 16's than ur average south african school
cuz i'm moving to the top of this hip hop ladder
i crush foes plus the flow got that Chris Rock swagger
i'm the type to spit in ur face and piss on ur car
then make u tap out like i'm Chris Benoit
and i spit balls of flame out / crook if u want
anotha beatdown, f*** around and call my name out

top that if u can ;)

Humour / Jokes / SO CROOK
« on: October 21, 2008, 07:07:04 PM »
so crook when you scooping me up babyboy ;)

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / @CROOK
« on: October 18, 2008, 02:16:36 PM »
aight i did my homework


ayo i'm sorry Zubz but i gotta murder ur man
like Tommy Hearns knocking out Roberto Duran
and when i'm done with u i'm a start on ur crew
i wipe my a** with toilet paper that's harder than u
and i heard u on mixtapes trying to floss
u ain't Eminem, u feminine like Diana Ross
a halfbar from me weighs over eight hundred pounds
ur whole career's work still gets weighed by the ounce
don't make me pull out da Glock and let it spit
this is Rap Diesel, u on some unleaded shit
u so smalltime u could fit thru a keyhole
right now my name's bigger than Lil Wayne's ego
i had crook mad shook cuz the flow be hittin
i drop punchlines and cats be like "Oh, no she didn't!!!!"
and i ain't concerned with whatever seida spits
i crush niggas in one bar like jadakiss
i know u's a needy brother / so i copped
ur album and wiped my a** with the CD cover
and my Glock's spit toxic big shells kid
i see "The Big Picture" same way that Big L did
u autistic retard, u can't touch my mindstate
ur a baboon, a monkey, a f***ing primate
and Zubz was like "Yo Crook, what happened son???"
so i told him "poke him with a fork cuz that rapper's done"

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / @LUVBYTE
« on: October 17, 2008, 09:11:13 AM »
listen cash, quit with the pm's i'm not interested in u. ur bubblegum,
i love REAL hip hop. one more pm and i'll body u.

"listen girl he gonna smell me on this one"

yeah i stay looking fly and my crew is buttered
so when he saw me it's no surprise that Ruben "stuttered"
and i was like "please keep that noise quiet,
coz right now i'm on a no-fatboy diet"
four minutes later, he was still spitting that wack noise
so i shut him down like Tumi did it to Crackboys
in the Lambo on our way to Oliver Tambo
thoughts of u and ur body looking as solid as Rambo
Luvbyte i'm a make a stop in ur town
all i can i think about is u Daddy knocking me down
and to really be honest i don't want to make love
Elle likes it ruff and i KNOW u's a cape thug
appreciate me boo, i'm an african queen
u know u love the way my a** just be packing 'em jeans
and the first time we met i knew it was on
when u asked me if my handbag was Louis Vuitton
so i asked u right there if u be knowing i rap
and when u started macking i was throwing it back
u put ur hand on my waist, i felt the heat from adrenalin
then u kissed my cheek, this streetcorner gentleman
his musky aroma sort of Greek Sauna Cinnamon
Luvbyte u "sick" so i'm a reach for the "Benylin"
so if u want Elle man u better speak up
cuz i can't wait to feel ur hands on my C-Cups
me and u 2getha, what the hell can they tell us?
we so hot koreacrook and blackhrose is jealous  ;D ;D

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / best lyrics in hip hop history
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:21:15 PM »
 here they are in random order

stillmatic intro, nas

"i crawled up outta that grave wiping this dirt, cleaning my shirt
they thought i make anotha illmatic but its always forward i'm movin
never backward stupid here's anotha cla**ic
C-notes is falling from the sky by the credits rolling starring nas executive poet produced, directed by the kid/escobar
narration describes the lives of lost tribes
in the ghetto trying to survive

the feature opens with this young black child, fingers scratched
cigarette burns on the sofa, turning the tv down
with mary jane girls 45 playing soft in the background
food from C-Town, mornings was hash-browns
stepped over dope-fiends, walking out the door, all of us poor
i learnt da difference 'tween da snitches da real ones and who's soft"

the sixth sense, common

"in front of three-inch gla** and arabs i order fries
inspiration when i write i see my daughter's eyes
i'm the truth across the table from your corporate lies
immortalised by the realness i bring to it

erything is erything, l-boogie

"..wrap this in fine linen from the beginning
my practice extending across the atlas
i begat this, flipping in the ghetto on a dirty mattress
you can't match this rapper slash actress
more powerful than two cleopatras
bomb graffiti on the tomb of nefertiti
mc's ain't ready to take it the serengeti
my rhymes is heavy like the mind of sister betty
l-boogie sparks with stars and constellations
then came down for a little conversation
adjacent to the king, fear no human being

roll with cherebiums to the s.r. colloseum
now hear this mixture where hip hop meets scripture
develop a negative into a positive picture

freestyle, big l

"f*** all the glamour and glitz i plan to get rich
i'm from new york and never was a fan of the Knicks
and i'm all about expandin my chips / u mad cuz
i was in the van with your bitch, both hands on her tits

Corleone rule the throne that u know in your heart
i got style plus the way that flowin is sharp
a while back i used to hustle sellin blow in the park
counting g-stacks and rockin ice that glow in the dark
forever, little coleman, trigger-temper i'm quick to body suttem
u lookin at me like i'm prolly frontin
i f*** around and throw three in ya chest and flee
to my rest i', older and smarter this is me at my best
i stopped hangin around yall / cuz niggas
like u be prayin on my downfall, hopin i stop
hopin i flop u prolly even hope i get knocked
or be on a streetcorner with a pipe smokin a rock
i got more riches than u f***ed more bitches than u
only thing i haven't got is more stitches than u
f***in punk you ain't a leader, what? nobody followed u
u was never shit ya momma shoulda swallowed u

u on some tag-along flunky-es-man shit
do me a favour and please get off the next man's dick
and if u think i can't f*** with whoever, put ur money up
put ur jewels up nah f*** it put ur honey up
put ur raggedy house up nigga i'll shut ur mouth up
before i buck lead and make a lotta bloodshed
turn ur tucks red, far from broke got enough bread
and mad hoes, ask Beavis i get nuttin Butthead
my game is vicious and cruel, f***in chicks is a rule
and my if my girl think i'm loyal then that bitch is a fool
how come when i came out with my first album
u could tell where a lotta niggas got they whole style from

just killing me

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