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Hot Traxxx / Check out my melody
« on: July 03, 2017, 11:31:36 AM »
This place is really looking like a ghost town these days.

Check out my record collection here, and let me know if we can exchange tunes.


Hip Hop Events / RIP Mizchif
« on: September 07, 2014, 09:02:12 AM »
Sad to hear that he has left this plain. Wishing his family strength in these times. Rest In Peace Big Miz.

Hot Traxxx / DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox - KWANZAA!
« on: February 21, 2012, 10:39:06 PM »

This CD recently came to my attention, and I wanted to share my discovery with the fam on AG.  ;)

DJ SARASA (former DMC Japan finalist) released a Mix-CD in conjunction with the Kwanzaa Clothing Store in Shibuya (Tokyo) and DJ Honda Recordings.

Kwanzaa is a hip-hop clothing store with an Afrocentric touch reminiscent of the Native Tongue days of hip-hop, and to commemorate Afro-centricity in hip-hop they collaborated with DJ SARASA to release a Mix-CD featuring a lot of African hip-hop artists from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, South Africa, Canada, Japan and the United States.

The CD was released on DJ Honda's label a day prior to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last year.

Below is a picture of the actual release, tracklist, and a link where it can be purchased in case anyone here would like to order a copy from Japan.  8)

DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox - KWANZAA! (Special Collaboration with KWANZAA Tokyo)
[©2011 DJ Honda Recordings]

01. Ali Shaheed Muhammad Interview 1990 Over Zaki Ibrahim’s Acapella (Dj Sarasa Edit)
02. Blitz the Amba**ador / Something to Believe
03. Soul Nana feat. Brother J and Kobi Onyame / We Go Go
04. Cello a.k.a. Ma**an / Obaba
05. M.anifest / 2nd Coming PSA (Prod Katrah-Quey)
06. Rattex / The Government
07. Jon Connor / The Message (Prod.Optiks)
08. Tumi and the Volume / People, People
09. Dead Prez / Hip Hop
10. Nneka feat. Talib Kweli / Heartbeat
11. K-Os / Sunday Morning
12. Nneka / Suffri
13. The Roots / I Will Not Apologize
14. Erykah Badu feat. Big Tuck / Ain't No Mistaken
15. Ben Sharpa feat. Konfab / Statement
16. M.anifest / Golly Gosh
17. Sub Z, Snazz D (Prod. Ootz the Afronaut) / Best of Both Worlds
18. Tony Nobody / Respect
19. Akir / Kunta Kinte
20. Archetypes / Ultimatum (Ultimate Statement)
21. K-Meleon / ?? (Unable to Read Title Due to Poor Printing)
22. GMB / Gery Mendes / Mr. Entity
23. Jaak / Soete 16
24. Pangea Project / Worlds Collide
25. Kamau / Old Soul
26. Shad K. feat. Bernadette Kabango / I'll Never Understand
27. Hypnotic Bra** Ensemble / Balicky Bom

LINK FOR PURCHASE:!/p/422004061842

General Discussion / 2012 CAN
« on: February 01, 2012, 09:06:03 PM »
Group stages are almost over, just curious as to who you think will win the cup, or who you will be rooting for in the knockout stages..

Hot Traxxx / Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians
« on: November 17, 2011, 10:23:01 PM »
The FOKN BOIS from Ghana recorded this track ahead of the Ghana - Nigeria friendly match that was played in Watford. I think the track is hilarious, but some took serious offence to it, what is your take on it?


How do you play soccer if you live on a floating village? [VIDEO]


Hot Traxxx / Snazz D and Albert Iron - Bad For Business
« on: March 01, 2011, 09:17:17 PM »
Go get the album! It comes in a nice digipack, released by Afrocentric Artz, and published by African Dope Publishing. Really fresh CD! Just got mine in the mail, and loving the beats and rhymes! Really fresh CD! I strongly recommend it! He got songs on there like Club Metropolis, Emotional Violence, Bad For Business and Nothing For Mahala, I think you gonna like this! Album also features Zubz and Point Blank. Is AG going to review this album?

General Discussion / FREE BUJU BANTON
« on: February 23, 2011, 07:21:30 AM »
This is some bullshit, sounds like a serious case of entrapment if you ask me! And that Colombian drug trafficker turned DEA agent is a real bitch for what he did... for those who don't know...

Hot Traxxx / The Black Star Line - Mixtape Vol 1 [FREE DOWNLOAD]
« on: February 18, 2011, 09:59:36 PM »
Modenine dropped this in my email this morning, and I was really impressed so here is the scoop...

Billboard topping producer, Coptic in a quest to bring African and US hip-hop together, has released the much-awaited ‘Black Star Line Mixtape Vol 1’. The mixtapes which is hosted by DJ Black (Ghana) and Lee Kasumba (South Africa) is available to members of for listening and downloading. Some lucky members will also win free t-shirts and hard copies of the mixtape.

‘The Black Star Line Mixtape Vol 1’ features songs from some of the best rappers from Africa and America as well as several collaborations between a number of the featured artists. . It features: Raekwon, Kwaw Kesse(Ghana), DBlack(Ghana), Havoc, Prince Eddie Atlas(Uganda), Black Rob, Iwan(Ghana), ModeNine(Nigeria), Aba** Aba** (Senegal), Lufu(Tanzania), Smif-n-Wessun, Makhtar(Senegal), Dead Prez, Dumi Right(Zimbabwe), M.anifest(Ghana), Memphis Bleek, Wanlov & M3nsa(FOKN Bois), Mugeez (Ghana), Mr Veezy(Zambia), Arabian Knightz(Egypt), Trigmatic(Ghana), Aba** Aba**(Senegal), Don Klemente(DRC), Gibril Da African(Ghana), Meta & The Cornerstones(Senegal), and Asem(Ghana).

‘The Black Star Line Mixtape Vol 1’ is a precursor to ‘Close to My Roots’, s a project dedicated to creating great music featuring African and American artists and exposing the “true” African sound and its musicians to the global music market. Eric “Coptic” Matlock, the producer of this album, who was born and raised in Ghana believes that Africa has a strong Hip Hop, Reggae and Cultural Rap presence that is often overlooked in regards to its worldwide musical influence. “The continent has many talented artists that need to be exposed to the rest of the world,” he comments.

Coptic migrated to the U.S. at 13 and started producing music years later. He since has produced records for The Notorious B.I.G (If I Should Die Before I Wake & Living The Life), Puff Daddy aka “Diddy” (I Need A Girl), Jermaine Dupri (All That’s Gotta Go), Ma$e, KRS-One, Shyne and countless other successful artists on their platinum plus albums.

Hot Traxxx / Yugen Blakrok - Chatterboxin' (VIDEO)
« on: February 09, 2011, 10:03:08 AM »

Shoutout to Kanif and Blakrok, am really feelin the track!

Media / Ancient Aliens
« on: January 07, 2011, 08:03:27 AM »
I am really loving this documentary!! Get it if you can! It is Chariots of the Gods, Fingerprints of the Gods, the Earth Chronicles, and more put together, with some extraordinary research and footage, too much to share in one post, but if anyone here has seen, I would love to talk about it! I'll post some more about it later on, but if you can get this please do!!!! The truth will set you free!!!

Sports Arena / 5-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: November 30, 2010, 12:14:33 AM »
What did the Five Fingers say to the Face!!!!! HAHAHA  ;D ;D ;D

Hot Traxxx / Throwback Zim Track
« on: October 29, 2010, 06:32:16 AM »
This is one of the first Zim tracks Metaphysics put me on to when he came to Germany back in '98, it's a track off the "Everyone's Child" soundtrack, an independent Zimbabwean film from 1996, which was directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga. The track is called "I'd rather be a Gangster" by Laygwan Sharkie.
Found the song on youtube, and it took me back to a time 12 years ago... thought I should share it, enjoy!

Hip Hop Events / sSHADOWORKSs
« on: October 22, 2010, 05:13:21 PM »
Found this in my inbox, thought I should share, DJ Craze live in Cape Town tonight!!

here's the post

As the country begins to heat up sSHADOWORKSs follows suit.
Temperatures have been slowly rising as our artists have been feverishly preparing for summer.

We have an amazing new artist roster and website coming soon but in the meantime we thought we would keep you busy with some amazing events where our artists can be found supplying loads of sonic goodness!

Cape Town
Friday 22 October

Discotheque, in a**ociation with Smirnoff,
sSHADOWORKSs & Anything Goes,
is proud to present Global Music Icon

This will be CRAZE’S third visit to South Africa with Sold Out shows on both previous. On top of his untouchable turntablist skills and scratch champion showmanship, the world has also recognized that Craze is a second to none club DJ, This skill coupled with his love for all things Ba** translates into a unique performance that is as impressive to watch, as it is to party to.

It’s his versatility that continues to see CRAZE blazing a trail of dance floor mayhem across the 4 corners of the globe.


Saturday 30 October
Rockit vs Robot

Rockit vs Robot's return to the Joburg scene brings together two of the country's most cutting edge and experienced outfits that personify forward thinking underground electronic dance music. It's a meeting of the minds that brings out the best in each of the members and ensures dance floor mayhem!

Bruno Morphet and Ivan (Killer Robot CT) have honed their respective techno sounds to perfection at their residencies, festivals and overseas gigs. They face off against Joburg's Digital Rockit (Fabio, G-force & Dogstarr) to devastating effect in one of Joburg's newest & coolest venues, The Lighthouse!

Cape Town
Friday 5 November
The Art Of Hot

Did you ever wonder why the music very often doesn't match the view in Camps Bay? Why you sometimes have to listen to the worst while you look at the best? But change is underway.

This summer, Killer Robot in a**ociation with sSHADOWORKSs launches The Art of Hot: a new night dedicated to finding the warm heart within the machine. Taking its name from a Metro Area track, The Art of Hot aims to melt the barriers between genres of electronic music until just the quality remains, a**embling an arsenal of the most accomplished djs and producers on the sSHADOWORKSs roster to bring it to you. Its a night that's as serious about music as you are about having a good night out.

To this end Sapphire will have a totally revamped sound system, installing a brand new quadraphonic JBL system for the launch night that brings you the combined expertise of


Celebrate great music while you celebrate the best city to be this summer.

Keep an ear to the (under)ground
sSHADOWORKSs... behind the scene

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