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Media / Hip Hop is not for Africans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:07:39 PM »
The issue of hip hop not being a genre that South Africans can love and enjoy is really a biased topic if you think about it. While watching the painful S.A.M-Awards over the weekend, it hit me after the announcing of the song of the year which Dj Sbu walked away with?!?!? There he was, on stage receiving an award for making the nation dance to a song that isn’t his?!?!?!?! He did absolutely nothing to the song. Just rearranged it then put a Sbu label on it.

That happens with almost 98% of these bastards who try cripple hip hop in this country, claiming that hip hop is not South African, we are copying Americans, when all these house dj’ing M.F’s just compile house tracks from Europe and the U.S and release a compilation album. All of them, from Sbu, to Fresh, to Oskido, to Christos and Vinnie, and basically everyone in the industry.

And then they have the ordesity to label us as “ama-fake American wanna be’s” Where’s the justice in this?!?!

Media / the essence on 5 FM?????
« on: March 20, 2007, 08:33:55 PM »
Okay,I mite be a little slow of the mark but thats because I havent been listenig to that show for about a good year - year and a half.I just went on the 5FM site and realised that Kamza is not on there,so does anyone know if he still is on 5FM?????

Media / Captain America is DEAD!!!!
« on: March 08, 2007, 10:52:51 AM »

Whats gonna come next?Or is this a marketing ploit.They will probably make more money with the return of Capt America after about a year than what they will make from the comic over a period of a year.

Politics / ZUMA-was this a rape trial or conspiracy in our favour?
« on: May 08, 2006, 04:00:16 PM »
Im pretty confident witht the fact that justice was served and Zuma didnt rape that women.And as a man,I must also stress my undiying distress about how quik we are to presume a man guilty as soon as a woman cries rape! that absolutely freaks me out that women have that amount of power.

If a nigger is guilty,then hell yeah,custrate that son-ofa-bi*#h,lock him up with Simon Adebisi and throw away the key.But if hes innocent,then its a bi**h.Cause doing time for something you didnt do is a crime in itself.And even if you are proven innocent,the image shadows you for life.Its like failing matric and then pa**ing it second time around.People will always remember you fail.they wont bother to check if you pa**ed it later.

Now with the Zuma trial.I symoathised with the man because I always felt he was innocent.But then I also believe thast whoever came up with conspiracy actualy did us a favour.Because it is now very clear that we cant have a man of his magnitude as our president. I think thats what this trial was more about.Not really abot rape.Not for a second.

That woman is a liar and so is that chick who used to shagg with Vilakazi.I hope that suh cases call for a review of this whole rape situation.Coz at the end of the day,some1 like your mother or sister or wife mite realy get raped,as it hugely happens in our country,and we mite feel that who cares,this bitch is liying like the rest of them when infact she realy was raped.I would love to see such cases were women can be convicted of false accusations if it is proven BEYOND DOUBT that she wasnt raped.

Media / TUKS - BEST IN SA HIP HOP????????
« on: May 08, 2006, 03:19:07 PM »
Well just how did that happen.regardless the fact that real hip hop artist werent chosen in our so called South African Music Awards, I did kinda sit through the ceremony just waiting to see wa**up on the hip hop fron.Now mind me it rightfully aint called that but insted known as best Rap category.

I mean some of the finalists were rather questionable candidates but hey,the game is a bit medioca in this country. now looking at the finalists,disregarding the fact that Tumi and the Volume wasnt even nominated,HHP was the strongest there.but as shocking as it was that Selvin won it last year and Wikid won the metro award,Tuks goes and wins this years one.

On what grounds I ask.wen u got HHP whom u can actualy count a number of reasons why he should have won.but hey I guess thats just how SA roles.

Media / last year 50,this year Busta Rhymes.
« on: September 06, 2005, 01:58:07 PM »
Okay this is my first time on line since before the concert on Saturday.I must have been the happiest mitherf***er alive on that day.I mean first my nick name is "The Big BANG!",dont ask me how I got the name, its one of those you get and cant get rid of so you have to accept it.

Then my favourate rap artist of all time Busta comes out on stage wearing as t-shirt written "The Big BANG" aint that some shit...?man I was over the moon.

Okay now for a review of the overall gig. The gig was unbef***enlievable.I arrived while Pro was on stage with like 10 000 niggers around him and a bunch of half-naked groupies shaking a**es they didnt have.Then KB came along and showed Pro just what live performance is about.Not a great fan of a her music but she pulled it off.

Then came EVE,"damn shes hot" is all I got to say.KB made so much of an impresion that Eve asked her to sing the Alicia Keys hook-up from that "I just wanna rock you" track.

Then Busta came on and it was AMEN.

Media / exams and the forum
« on: May 30, 2005, 10:48:45 AM »
so i take it that the exams have taken their toll on our lives,i mean why would the forum be so quiet.i've visited all other forums from politics to jokes and traders.nobody's home i guess the best place to look is the library,or for people like me,in their rooms.

chances are 70% of those who read this article now, have just finished with their exams.

Nontheless good luck to everyone who still has to write.

Media / Callin out Pyro,Naturelle,Sensai_Tate,Blaqsouljah,Maddstone
« on: January 20, 2005, 05:31:00 PM »
OK, the monkey just got back from the jungle and has been spendin alotta time catchin up on topics on the forum.One of particular and major interest is that raised by ppl concernd on the projects of an AG gig and calenda.

this is some hecticly nice shit(i dont like using profanacy but in this case f*** that,the ideas are f***ing cool). I have to warn yall though business like this is serious and aint no child´s play.I should know.Most of these ideas are all very good in theory but implimentation might be where the problem would be resting at.

now i dont like to give empty presentations so i will  be back maybe tonite or latest tomorrow with a possible way foward and advice if its needed for these projects.

ps. Bhlakhroze.. you a Dec hunny,well Spacevein and I are also up in there.but im one of those confused souls, Dec 22,am I Sagtarious or Capricon.well,it depends on how im feeling on the day. :-P

Media / who can rhyme better than this - dam strait it s a challenge
« on: January 20, 2005, 12:09:00 PM »
Mona fatshe/
like KB ke rocker lefatshe/
hao chesa hlobola jase/
retlo bampa ho dima matrase/
di beer ditene retlo ditshela/
bana kao fela banshela/
wena bao shaba fela/

Now i just read the entire show down on Skwatta and i guess i too can have a say.but this is not to spark up more hating but to give a platfom to everyone who either likes or dislikes the crew to have a go at their lyrical content.

the verse above was compiled,written and performed by non other than INFAdelity from the much aclaimed pop crew Skwatta in their latest release Washu´mkhukhu

P.S the funkymonkey is now bac and i havnt had time to be on the forum coz of other comitments but thats all in the past now.i wish everybody a prosperous new year.

thats another of S.K lines,or something to that effect.

Media / Mzwakhe Mbuli - who saw the doc. on his life
« on: October 27, 2004, 09:08:00 PM »
Well i must say i was pretty impressed with the way Mzwakhe was potrayed in the doc on his life which aired on SABC1 on Monday (25/10/04).

The man has always been a bit of a mistery to me when it comes to his role in apartheid era which so obviously has earned him alotta respect from people and leaders alike.My pespective and horizon on the man was broadened on monday and i got to see what he had to go through as a poet in the struggle.

I also couldnt understsand as a young Black kid why his stuff was on tapes and there were videos of them too.But i guess its true that you cant expect to understand it all when you are that young.
nevertheless i got to see a bit of what the nigga was about and was pretty impressed.

did you see the film or do you have insite on the nigga.what do you think of him and his role as an effective poet?

Now i kno that politics isnt as prominent in our lives as it was back then but do you think there are sum poets in our generation as effective as he was or not.these could be poets of any field,AIDS activists,politics,spiritual awareness,just any filed?

« on: October 25, 2004, 10:21:00 PM »
okay so i step into musica expecting to get my copy of that Tumi and the Volume i ordered months ago and them f***s still didnt have it if i ordered some Maroon5 shit or Lim bizkit i would get it before it released anywhere else.

on my way out of the store i see this CD wit a nigger kinda lookin like D´angelo but on an S.A tip and so i picit up to look.then next thing i kno im playing the damn thing at ma house and damn was/is this shit good.what i have in my posesion is a copy of the latest MXO album.

yeh i kno it aint your average hiphop artist,infact it aint hiphop at all but i´ll tell you what it is- its QUALITY. the damn thing is so good you think it aint South African but the language keeps you thinking local no doubt.

so if your are interested in some good music besides hiphop-try out MXO.the album was recorded using a live band,but it aint The Volume though,sum other tite crew from Jozi streets somewhere.theres this other track where hes featuring Tumi and Arno Carstens,now thats off the hook.

enjoy your local music experience.....holla back


Media / METRO FM open mic set must hav WACK MC´s DETEKTA PLzzz
« on: September 20, 2004, 09:15:00 PM »
that Sipho kid from Yo TV is real an emberacement 2 his fellow Yo TV school mates and ol little gals that like him.when Real mc´s spoke of haters they went tokin 2 u Sipho coz u aint 1 of them and they werent tokin bout me either coz i aint a hater but an advisor.

U can have ol the glory from Yo TV bacin u up but u will neva hav the skil 2 savaiv the game.sori dog but u aint fit for this 1.stic 2 presentin.

PS the real Sy4 wants his name bac.He promises 2 think up of a name 4u if u reali cant think up of 1 4 urself - stop jackin names dog,just coz u on TV dont mean u can getaway wit things like that.

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