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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:24:46 PM »
Dread head still chasin dead heads //
crazy as bat shit //
skinny & spittin phat shit //
raps still radio active //
back like an old school cla**ic //
@GrimmyBootMan back in the cla** kids //
lames and biters bound to get a** whipped //
I set him loose in the booth to remove heads like dudes be convertible coupes //
John Travolta your Nicolas Cage, get your face remade //
Edward Scissor Hands with Rennais razor blades //
the game done changed, wack cats 'bout to be tamed //
talons and souls bout be exchanged //
Devious-Digi wit a trident & horns, ofcourse I'm de-ranged //
I'm thirsty for blood & hungry for skeletons, lemme outta this cage //
got a blow-torch & menthylated bout to set spirits ablaze //
Ima do it till I die dope, Winehouse & Houston //
Forget Z-Digi I'm Long-Hair the nuisance //
*coming for men like the Comms Minister, yes, I also have loose lips //
talk shit 'bout anybody then chuck up the Deuces //
better not believe them dudes be sayin I'm vegan //
the crime scene'll be filled with mucus and semen & a picture with Lucifers wife holdin my penis //
cause a racket with somebody balls, Serena & Venus //
while I puff piff laced reefa in blood stained shell toe'd adidas //
you brave bitches ???, I'll Mike all you Tinas //
pack so much heat you jealous devils cry to jesus //
been sleepin' in my coffin' I died & came back, there any non-believers ??



Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: August 20, 2009, 01:20:42 PM »

LINK REMOVED/file/fxm3tmzmmwj/GUESS WHO'S B'ZACK.wma
LINK REMOVED/file/ymaomyjq22n/BADBOY4LYF.wma
LINK REMOVED/file/zfqzyktmdyy/03 IM COMING.wma

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: August 03, 2009, 02:06:19 PM »
Im still chain chokin'
Still stuck to the strip
still scopin'
Still tellin' gays they aint welcome
Still got the X factor,
child of Malcom
bringin' discipline to the game,
I straight belt them
but get rowdy or cause shit
& headlines'll be sayin Z kilt 'em
I love this shit,
prepared to martyr
chop heads like a barbar
& make money like Erikah Strata
walkin' round in nuffin else but Jimmy Choo's & Prada
Im stuck in my ways,
the preist wont even bother
the devil told me straight,
sonny no drama
coz Im hot with the lyrics,
a pheonix in lava
I know yay feelin' my shit, so just holla
I catch your attention like a seethrough money van, wit' no armour
but I guess thats why hate, is what some harbour
Mech said said let it go, that I shouldn't bother
said theres no comparison
he's a kid & youra veterin
we all know who he aint better than
question is am I gonna choose to listen
coz he & I both know my mic hand is twitcin
to get up in that booth & start rippin'
turn from Freddy into Jason when I start the spit-in'
But if I do its just gonna cause a rift-in
coz when I do it Ima throw all the chips in
grown man talk, no place for bitch-in
but then the uplift-in
these are my thoughts that lately I been thinkin'
feel caught in the middle like there Bill Clinton
8th August Ima address it straight out the kitchen
on LTV,
leave no room for suspicion
8pm sharp dont be the one left wishin


Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: March 23, 2009, 01:07:33 PM »
this guy is flooding this thread with his 1963 speeches

Funny thing is I wasn't even a thought in '63.............

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: March 20, 2009, 04:56:54 PM »
--------Leonidas vs Xerxes/ X-Men vs Gargoyles------

Digital, the killer King cobra
Throw punchlines like mics be my rap dojo
Jean Claude couldn't touch me coz Im Bolo
Im the next Quincy Jones and Sonni Bono
Here to stay while the rest role out like Rolos
Im doin it by my ace at my pace itís my race, solo
Every line in every page will be colossal like X-Men vs. Gargoyles
a battle so great they'll be no remains or war spoils
My whole Career Ima spend it & ya'll can keep the change
the way I write it, so strange but still you cheque
T-mech said no don't, Nutz said do it, I say place bets
Ring the bell & letís hear what the box brings
who stands and who falls, Pie vs. Digi
I picture a misty stage, silent, dark & eary
Ba** and beats with armour piercing words
going throgh your ears like earings
displayin Gordon like reflexes, Flash
handle him like business, call me Bruce Wayne, not Bat
dodgin' hot shells like Kiano as Neo in the Matrix
put the speakers in his face make him face the music
Pie could never beef with me he's a vegetarian
replyin to a Don, kid dug a hole now Ima bury him
Not even God could rhyme verse me, coz Im his Siamese twin
neither of us could lose, his victory is my win
Face it when this shit hits radio
dudes goní be duckin & hidin, tell him Digi said it though
Heís not at my level I got Mick Jagger swagger
I laugh at the way he irks me
tryina compare Leonaidos to, say,Ö. Xerxes
I say set the stage place the mics and let the words speak

----------------the microphone bully-------------------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: March 20, 2009, 04:55:23 PM »
--------- Writing with a spray can----------

The block is hot
My flow is still ol' school
flows still so pro
still dealin' in the dark
away from the po-po
paper trailin', keepin my wrists both on froze
Keepin' fat cats on they tipy toes
Phone ringin' so hard, I put ministers on hold
Girls still whine 'bout "when is he ever gon' grow"
& my reply, "Im young till the day I fold"
My shines so intense, the writings in my book still glow
the way I chop heads keep you entertained, call me Russel Crow
the lyrical violator, rhymerator, but y'coul call me gladiator
Personify metaphors, shoot with no heat scanner
Am I Duncan McCloud or am I Highlander
Im neither, just a deadly philander
with a killer prick, ha,aha
I never die, I just wake up in coffins
leap frog through time, leave 'em talkin'
and when I resurrect I just begin head choppin'
so you coul' call me Viktor in Underworld
Lichens and Vampires are surreal in my world
Kinda like believers and atheists to a priest
the line is vivid like Jesus and the Beast
but Im that line in my words on a beat
Can your hear me are you deaf or do you see
and when you do, do you question or believe
tough question aint it, but donít you love the way I paint it
the colors so vivid from the way I cock & aim it
Im both the William.S on the stage in your head
and the Van.G sketchin out the venue with a clutch lead
When what you see makes sense, thats where I make my bread
call me insane with words, I say its just food for thought
I say readin this, you sitting on a table eatin' with the boss
But you might have to read it twice, just so it sound right
I dont even need props coz I know its tight
I rhyme hot like girls from Porto
The kick in Jís beats leave you spinniní like Eddie Gordo
& Oh my lord everytime I swing sword

-------------the ink pen kingpin-------------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: February 23, 2009, 10:43:39 AM »
------YOUNG BLACK & GIFTED---------------

I load the ink cartridge with elixir
the commander-in-chief say yes sir
the way I grip it tells you Im way slicker way sicker
dot the i's cross the t's way quicker
stand in my path, y'gon' need a well wisher
Listen, as I paint you this pitcure
Iam Clint Eastwood with the pen
the one I split wigs wit
in nine lines I could pen you a wig script
tip you into a long drop, land you in big shit
F'you think quick, can you out-think my wrist
the rate at which I flick it grip it & send 'em rippin
through the air, penetrate ya anatomy, begin shiftin
yo insides coz my 4.5 blow you out yo high
take yo spirit out you mind
let it dangle in the infinity of sulphure & fire
Iam the INKPEN KINGPIN my wrists-will never retire
Not even if judges pick Swiss Beats over the ma**iah (NO BEEF)
f*** being the light, Im the new light fitting, including the switch
f*** it Ima tell it straight, that niggaz a bitch
Now count 10 lines back, follow 4 under that, tell me I aint sick

--------------------The microphone bully--------------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: February 11, 2009, 04:39:42 PM »

I grew up with the thinkin, life aint fair
But screw that, yo Im takin flight this year
Pulling all the stops so I could cop that pair
Top level husltin', Im takin' it right there
Burning all the bridges, like yeh I dont care
Lights on or off, yeh I aint scared
Faith in my heart & nuts my in hand, yo I come prepared
Got my sights on that money, its hot out here
cashing cheques, we real close to the devil here
Sweatin all week just to cop that gear
Hustle change your look to a permanent deathstare
people too afraid to glance or glare
We livin in a kettle here, duckin' metal everywhere
When ONE take a hit, aint no time for shedding tears
Gotta live through this nightmare
Brushin' dirt off ya shoulders like ya'll just dont care
no space or time for trust out here
rather shrug or get bear hugs out here
kinda tough love thatta break ya back right there
Pray my lil' brother dont live his life in my 7th year
hope he make more money than me out here
hope he sees all the signs & stays well clear
hope they never pull him over & read him his rights right there
jealous boys coul' hate you for drinking the right beer
& weak niggaz coul' hate you for being straight coz they quer
So just look 'em in the eye & say f*** you I aint scared
loop a beat on they a**, till you aint got no snares
& should the public ask why, tell em life aint fair
Be cla**ic, be hood like Chuck D's and white nike airs
praise the fro' praise the booty not that straight horse hair
Amplify the cries from your ghetto show them you really care
even though you know they got you on cross heirs, yeh !!

-----------------------------The inkpen kingpin------------------------------------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: January 20, 2009, 04:35:19 PM »

Whos the hottest nucca 'round, this town
Whos the smiliest nucca'round, NO CLOWN
Who spit the shit that bring the whole house down
Write songs for tha ladies turn frowns up-side-down
Who flows weigh a-whole lotta kilo's plus pounds
Whos flows bite but doesn't bite flows
Who persona known for, crowding up shows
I aint even gotta say coz you already know
Just a holla at my peoples, its 2000-&-mine
Im pullin all the stops its my 2000 to shine
Ima get what I gotta, coz Id rather
Than have to heal me from emotional marta
Failure and lack of success, therefore I wont bother
Tryina be the nice guy livin on grace & honour
Ima honour my honours, 3 years, Ima do it for me & my mama
Turn my bullshit to bill tips like a rich bitch
Watch the space & watch me switch
This be my matrix and I am the one, no glitch
& I aint gon' stop wont flop till Im filthy rich
Who you know could post inspire and real shit like me
and who you know coul' be cocky about it like HE
no needa think twice, who but Zee slash capital D
Who but I
Who but that G
Who, it aint you so its gotta be I
Who scribble so nice, always dot i's & cross fakes off like T's
Whos A game is on like E-A
Whos that nigga with the flow never took a L
Dummy I just spelt it out, Ouch !!!
Yeh Im that hot, I freeze frames whenever I take aim
Im like a sniper with a flow delivery so crazy I must be insane
Pushin rhymes, back and back and forth like its a tug of war
If Pie got a ear of this the kid wouldn't want it no more
I am the embodied version of the future, I am the coming
The pre-post past present I am Him, nucca, get running
Compare to bat' powered safety tools, call me STUNNING
Who keeps it real, even if & when they dressed blue
Who you know flow sick-high as me like bird flue
Who you know keep a cool like ice blue

--------------------THE INKPEN KINGPIN----------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: January 16, 2009, 03:40:05 PM »


It is that time of the year again when we must sharpen our pencils
Buff those square toes and fix those ties straight.
When those notes for that boardroom meeting must be on point,
that business plan must be water tight and flawless.
Its time to put back the Superman suit back and relieve ourselves
of the obligatory duty of saving the countries refineries and bars from
letting all that good malt, barely and hops going to waste.
My fellow Spartans it is time for battle, a long and inflexible gruesome battle.
A battle that will show no mercy, for pockets will be empty, stress levels
will rise, internet-lessneess will be on the lurk, haters and vultures will
linger eagerly for the opportune to severe your head at the slightest glimpse of your weakness.
This is by far the goriest battle we will face, so as we take up arms, as we
prepare for each day, each meeting, each test, and each exam, each date, let us
not forget that we are Spartans.
That we will not bow to stress, we will not crumble under pressure
we will not give in to trial.
WE WILL TRIUMPH over each and every stumbling block, we will brace ourselves after
each volley and wave of bullshit that is hurlted at us, by our seemingly
hard to reach goals or dreams. Moreover when we reach our goals we will not
be proud, we will be humble we will not rest on our lorals, for that in
itself is a mistake we cannot afford to make.

We are Spartans, we will fight to the nail to crack that deal, get that A,
Make that grade, score that chick, get that car, and buy them sneakers.
For the road ahead there will be neither rest nor respite, only hard work.
9-5's donít cut it anymore. 9-5's are for the fickle and weak.

As a Spartan, a God among ants it is upon you to go beyond self expectation.
To excel beyond success.
As a Spartan you are to aim past the sky for the moon so should you miss
you will still be amongst the stars.
As a Spartan you are to lead and not follow, you are to know and not guess.
As a Spartan failure and retreat are not an options.

If you shall falter do not wait ambly like a piss ant for a stranger to pick you up
NO !!! You do that your damn self.
There are only so many days, and for which non can be afforded
to self pity and shedding of tears over inane ramblings.

As a Spartan your victories should not surprise you and nor should you jump up and down
in celebration like a newly wed faggot, as victory is what is expected of you
and more importantly what you should expect of yourself.

Your enemy knows your every weakness, your strengths, your goal, ambitions, interests,
Your likes and dislikes, your fears, and deepest darkest secretes.
Your enemy knows your real friend and those f***ers you pretend are your friends but
Behind the confines and comfort of closed doors you readily crucify without hesitation.
Do not listen to the voices that will negate you into self slaughter.
Do not rest when you should be grafting for that is when your enemy is gaining strength
against you.
As a Spartan social suicide is a sacrifice that must be made should the situation present itself.

You are a soldier of the highest decree a descent of Gods.
You are an achiever; you are the meaning of hope, perseverance, consistency and persistence.
You are a SPARTAN.

12 months 52 weeks 365 days 525600 minutes is how long your battle will last.
There will be no breaks, no pit stops. NO, that shit is for women, faggots and sissies.
You will eat, sleep, be, live, become and evolve into one with your ambition and end goal.
You will embody that which you want to become most, without shame and without permission from
the next man. You have one shot, one chance to do it right, for nobody else but you.

You will see fellow men turn on each other; you will bear witness to men cry, and some
will even turn on you. Hard and difficult decisions will have to be made and in so doing
rather suffer the consequences of YOUR decisions than someone elseís.

A SPARTAN learns from its mistakes and grows from its misfortune.
As a SPARTAN it is upon you to take it upon yourself to be the architect of your own success,
for the heights of your achievements are in direct proportion to the depths of your commitment.

We are all of us responsible to ourselves for our own lack of achievement or inability to achieve or
lack thereof. Let this battle be a reflecting of the hunger within us as men, as leaders.
Let as stand tall when the battery smoke clears and the body count is stacked up.
Rid yourself of last years regrets as regrets are nothing more than the past haunting you in
the present, a parasite feasting on your possibilities and opportunities deluding you into nonexistence.


-------------------------THE STREETS REPORTER---------------------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: December 17, 2008, 04:28:48 PM »

Im really illy silly with a billie trillie flows
Go toe-to-toe, blow-for-blow
Like its a boxing ring, groomin 'em like Don King
Call me J.R Tolken, Im the Lord of any ring
Gimmme a mic, & I aint afraid to say or spit on, anything
Coz Im flier than the wings on a tripple 7 boeing
you know exactly where Im going
My rhymes are explosive yet blow you like a prostitue
Im fly in jeans & sneakers or even, in a proper suit
You prolly wondering who the f***, Im talkin to
Coz the way I soak up flows up like wet mop
and you love it so illy, acapelas get yo head bopped
Wack emcees should do like intersections and just stop
Do like red robots and just stop
Do like emergency breaking and JUST STOP
and take a look at me, to notice HiP-hOP
Ima flow spillin killer with the rhymes when they drill ya
Foundations in the truth Ima f***en strong pillar
& I only represent whats realla, when writing for my niggaz
Ima rocket launcher, little niggaz hold little triggers
My persona is a monster, like Michael Jacks in thriller
Call me Edward, coz movements with my hands get you scissored
Or campare me to your banker coz, I allready got you figured
Now when I ask whos the realest, say my name or you are finished
With this flow thing Ima Menace like Dennis
Kicking flows back & forth like its tennis
Im stockin' em, poppin' em', shockin' em, coppin' em & parkin' em
Pens Im straight cockin' em, rhymes Im straight droppin' 'em
They hated me before but like a cyst I jus grow on 'em
Im a professional street reporter, yo live from the curb
I gotta a mixtape on the streets it aint sweet have you heard
Singles helped me run to the top like Obama
coz I was dropping more bombs than Osama
had the whole family dancin including gran mama
So if you tryina be hotter than me, you shouldn't bother
Next in line is nobody else but my little brother
Staying fresh in the dirt,coming live out the gutter
Kickin more flows than a whole season of soccer
Do it proper so one day he could he coul' prosper
When Im flowing Im growing soon I be blowin like boom
Nuken' like Doom, until then see ya soon

who you know in this city coul' get illy
& write more rhymes than digi........really
Coz Im outta this world like a alien can you feely
I juggle words like playing with dictionaries, Im so silly

------------------THE MICROPHONE BULLY @ HIS BEST---------------

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: December 17, 2008, 09:55:05 AM »
----------------WHOS THE KING OF MASERU---------------

Theres a whole lotta kings
But which one reigns
Is it Core, T-Mecha, or Z to D-I
Coz each emcee handle his own B-I
& wanna be remembered like Daddy Kane and BI
Livin out our lives inbetween the ink
not really existing, when we cant think
Eyes peeled wide & cant afford to blink
Gotta stay afloat & cant afford to sink
Gotta be a king yo f*** bein' a prince
Make a whole album by expanding on a glimpse
Add a little flavour to the food when they think
& its not a easy task, when Wrecka & Mecha on ya a**
coz one weak flow get you taken in a Flash
So I gotta be Gordon
bringing light, to erry track
so if it aint benjamins its flows I gotta stack
but either way flows get exchanged for cash
adding words every day like its comprehension math
So whos the real King of this city
Who grabs the mic and gets illy
Who could make em bump like Weezy in A Millie
and who could better that like Jay-z wit A Billie
I wanna know, so I graft like billy goat
Every day Im posting a millie flows
Keepin competition on they skinny toes
T-Mecha and me gon' hit the studio
Gon' make a cla**ic like C U by Coolio
the rest could be Enrique, I could be Julio
I just wan' top the charts numero no uno
Flipin' mad lyrics like this was word judo

--------------------INKEP KINGPIN-------------------

General Discussion / Re: A BLESSING OR STRESS
« on: December 16, 2008, 03:03:34 PM »
Yo fellas, f*** it yo this aint Ricky Lake or Jerry Springer shit...........
Man look if you love that chick enough support her no matter what decision she makes,
You poked it and now you own it. The family has sound reason to be sceptical, be real for a minute and just realise that you possibly could've f***ed it up for her by getting her pregnant. Have you stopped to think how the f*** she feels about being pregnant at that age. She also got dreams yo and Im sure no one wants to leave off the sweat of another male or female. She prolly wants to feel like an equal part of the working cla** society one day and should she get married she'd probably want to add to the family provisions, instead of being a house wife. Plus its a fact that marriages whereby one person works are prone to rifts and shit. So yo look long and hardererererererererrrrrrrr into this here little situation that has come about in your walk of life. Coz either decision you make with or without her is gonna effect her the most. This is what is called a catch 22 situation.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: December 16, 2008, 02:51:13 PM »
--------------------THANKS TO MY SUPPORTERS-----------------------

Thanks to my fans
Thanks for the love
Thanks for the hugs
Yall showed me love, when I got shoved
under the carpet or like durt under shrubs
Yall are the reason why I keep doin' my thug
The reason why I bee keeping my buzz
& I never spit duds
coz every time Im thinkin, somebody gon' get stung
Down is what Im never gon' get run
Coz I have yall, Im never gon' get dumb
Coz yall helped me, Ima help yall get some
Thanks for the texts and for the calls
they helped me, when I was facin'-a-fall
So really part of my success, is owed to yall
Im on your shoulders, the reason I stand tall
& if ever you get in one, Digi back you brawl
Some say I should be more humble in my delivery
but its my delivery that delivered me
Do I make sense or is it me just feeling me
Coz the person who said it, believes Im thee epitome
Constructive critisism she belives in Zee
Thanks to you Ma, I got the spirit to go far
Sights set on being a supa nova f*** chillin with stars
I wanna chopper heli's while stars whip cars
Buy out the whole night spot while stars buy out bars
But thats not all Im in it for
I wanna strike a nerve & the reach the core
Wanna be a voice for unity & stopping wars
Theres more to life than credit cards and shopping malls
Yall kept me self driven, hope the chauffer doesnt stall
& I hope yall 'member my name when Im six feet & no more
and please dont judge me, the way yall did Cyborg
Like him I have a cause, that Im willin to die for
This is my life ,my decisions, my calls
Its a pitty the f*** ups is what we judged upon
So, to my fans enjoy it while Im here while it lasts
Coz when Im gone I'll be a thing of the past
enclosed in a history book or somewhere in a shoe box
Whatever you remember, rememer I was from the boondocks
A Bang-Bang graduate, school of the hard knocks
& I took it way back like Flinstones in Bedrock
But I did for more than just getting your head bopped
I did it for me, I did it for you
But most of all I did it for us
No joke for realla no bluff
before yall I was an artist but now I wan' be a arteest
Thanks for even reading this piece
Now Ima ponder a wave, jot a good bye & you coul' read peace !!


General Discussion / Re: Baby really is gay.
« on: December 16, 2008, 11:56:14 AM »
I gotta say I think this shit is remedial..........
coz I kiss my little brother all the time and I aint ashamed of it knor do I feel that I need societies approval or permission. This is just the same as cheap journalism tactics to make a mountain out of mole hill.
Im not refuting that Baby could be gay or couldn't what I am saying is that this video proves nothing. I mean shit, at concerts and shit peeps is always picking girls and shit out the crowd but more often than not its the dudes that drop gwop to cop the music.
Just my thoughts, love it or hate it.

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