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Ask me not "why labels pa** me up?"
Cos i'll tell u dat my a** stuck on cash u f***
Am i da illest or da realest?Is wot u wanna know
My mind is brutal...I'm somewhere u do not wanna go
These record execs is always havin regular sex
So u shud treasure wot u get instead of givin 'em head
Swimming can get u wet
Spitting gets you respect
Snitching gets u ahead
Bitching's wot i expect
I also suspect it's something dat i'll neva forget
I ain't Anti Industry...I'm just opposed to da risk
I am an Artist & as such I am supposed to exist
But still...Who in their right mind wud pay me to say
Dat i hate 'em in da worst way is certain to stay
U can mark it on a calendar & circle da day
Remind ur P.A. do anotha search on e-bay
Far worse than da disarray was all da fussing i felt
I had to tighten up my belt & got to trusting myself
Beta a Crying Freeman than a Chappy in Chains
& wot's really sad today is dat u happy day way.

I multi-task like Swiss army blades when i'm on stage
For beta days wateva pays ya'll gonna get a phrase
Addicts'll geta fix Dj's'll let it mix
If i'm touching any kids then lock me up pretty quick
My friends got benefits like retina oil
So all i see is smooth sailing pots getting to boil
N when i land on scams God damn da plot's getting spoiled
T's getting crossed n I's get dots to a point
I'm unacceptable untill somebody rocks to my joint
Cosider this...As a lyracist my sound is ridiculous
N da longer u keep listening u bound to get syphallis
Transmitted within da billions of witnesess
Who'll tell u mutha f***as of a coming deliverance
My guilt ridden lines has me doubting my innocense
Imitations fell short around my perimeters
Hard pressed for amounts but i'm found to be limitless
By now i'm probably infamous for spiting like this
Fot 60 minutes like it's 1 long continuous piss!

My bone marrow's...Spilled in da safety of shadows
I take flight wit Sparrows...U shot wit a 1000 arrows
My wide neva narrows especially my narratives
I added my adjectives on da basis of this
U'll get a disfigured facelift wit braces on both lips
A 10 inch thick lens wud help u to focus
Ur ordeal is real n wat u feelin is hopeless
U jumped ship like rodents n thought i won't notice
U hurdled ove owners to claim it as yours
But u unable to Skywalk or join wit da Force
Ay Yo my cohort's a dark star dat points to da North
I'm continually coming forth while u're coming undone
Unda da SUN nothing's new son so go ahead run!
I took several sips of Red Rum untill my head spun
I bone shatter part of my own anti-matter
Wit drills in a kadaver to stagger da Black Adder
My Darth Vader dark scripts Emperial marches
Thru swamps n ova tar pits...f***in wit Martians
I date rape i'm heartless n totally nuts
Plus i'm worth a billion bucks in controllable drugs
Omens are opened up dat's when I show u da muck
Cos u garbage n u don't know how to roll wit ur luck
I'll neva stop...Slow down...Tire out ot duck
Da only time I snuck around was to give u a slug
Me?I'm a fire-bug o' da arsonist type
I'll let u drink gasoline n then give u an inner-light...

Dunno i guess this a**hole MAD has all the answers!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: 21 punch salute...DROP YOURS
« on: July 21, 2009, 12:44:58 PM »
I wrote da perfect rhyme
Then soaked it in turpentine
Da only way u'll murda mine is
if u work wit a 9
So for da last time...everytime
i'm back on da street da pitter-patter
of little feet'll trample da beat
U just a cheap a** parlour trick
Not much to depict
Dat's why u sucking on a dick
Instead of amping it BIG
I'm upping da ante u'll be anti
this shit

Semantics made me equiped & dat's da
reason i spit
I do backflips...I do jumping Jacks when
I rip
I do handstands...I'm fit enuff to sit in
da splits
Rapping a verse backwards dat starts
wit a diss
& ends wit a f***en fist cracking all o'
ur ribs
So if u wanna brawl go bang a wall wit
ur mitts
As i call on Apocalypse to murda all o'
ur bids
Da lyrics dat's in my midsts i use to
cause an eclipse
I cud cover da f***en Sun wit all my
lyrical scripts
Urs is in little bits of unreadable text
U was in need of legs
I was being on edge & wat wud u wanna
bet dat i can beat u to death?
Altho my rhythm's in a mess i'm still
considered da best...Eva to grab a mic
wit invincible flesh
While da Dj runs a request line for da
Doing wat Simon repertoire's on
& i got more style & flava than a Mardigras.

Yo Kelis i'm busy recording my solo project at da moment shud be done round about mid August!But if u can get a hold of my man Garlic Brown's product u can catch me on there othawise u just gonna have to wait like da rest of da world PEACE!
green do you usually perform with him..?
are you on other tapes?

Can't say dat me & Garlic Brown is in a crew or nothing like dat.See me & him is from da same spot Eastridge Mitchells Plain & since we da tightest 2 cats around here we are always cipharing togettha!As for any otha tapes wit me on ( i'm sure there is ) I just don't keep track of all da shit i record man sowi.Oh & da name of da Garlig Brown cd u can catch me on is "Snakes & Ladders" OUT NOW!

Yo Kelis i'm busy recording my solo project at da moment shud be done round about mid August!But if u can get a hold of my man Garlic Brown's product u can catch me on there othawise u just gonna have to wait like da rest of da world PEACE!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: 8 Bars A Day Keeps The Wack MCs Away
« on: July 13, 2009, 11:46:11 AM »
If wat Radio demands fron a Radio guest
Then how he xpresss shud all depend on
who he address!

U started this whole obsession wit expressing your FAG
& if u didn't man then why da f*** u dressing in drag?
If there's something i always had it's a whole lotta FAB
I'll have u suffering from Jet lag to show u my pad
Swinging from Baobabs & have 'em moulding my abs
Somewhere nomadic nomads'd go to relax
Like Eminem when i relapse i flow to da max
U want lyrics?
I'll show u stacks of my favourite tracks...Compliments of
Da Author of your favourite RAPS.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: July 06, 2009, 03:21:22 PM »
I study u top to bottem everything inbetween
Then annoint u wut winter green u wanna be on my team
Or u can have a go alone u bitches know wat i mean
Or shud i call in King Supreme & have him doin his thing?
Wateva i'm gonna bring's foreva marked wit a scent
There's so much people on my dick I shud be charging
'em rent
Straight talk neva bent but wit beta intent
Cleverly set a trend not a Fad Egad!
Dat's exactly wat made me Mad & demand Rehab....

Let's say u didn't HATE...Just for arguement's sake
Wud it kill u to appreciate my subsquent weight?
Nah i was too bizzarre...So u up & u left
& dat was okay by me cos we kept butting heads
Rubbing shoulders wit da who's who in view of da rest
I threatened u via phone by sending text messages
A murderous sms or a call on request
I'm renowned for lacking finesse & makin a mess
No matter North, South, East, West...Even in death
I'm like a breath of air dat is fresh sucked in a chest
I dotted I's & crossed T's...To move across seas
So hot i bet da surface of da Sun can not freeze
On da legs dat carry centipedes is how i proceed
Plus i doubt if Keanu Reeves can produce as much speed!

Mad like masturbating maggots u a sight to behold                    I dont care if u dont like me               I wud like u to go...f*** urself jump into a lake n drown                          Turn ur whole dick around witout makin a sound           U a enuch a dickless bitch is ur uniform                       Dat ur penis on a horse?                        I named it a unicorn                       Im well on da way to havin swollen nuts                             Plus da whole crowd can wash in da load dat i bust    Eitha u f***ing up or u bein f***d up   Theres no ifs ands or buts                       U about to be clutched                     Ontop of ur private parts ur own father wud touch                          U n ur little brotha while ur mother wud watch                 Dats sum sick stuff...i can picture it ruff          Ur pops probing ur behind while u licking her muff        Tell me u had enuff n ill show u sum love                              f*** it bcos u jas its a must dat i crush                           Ur genitals to dust till its oozing wit puss!

Boo-Hoo Mad Boo-Hoo :'( f*** u stay poor bitch! >:(.Don't think for 1 minute dat i'ma feel sorry for ur a**.

excuse me playa, i think you stuck your pinnochio nose on the wrong place, pliz do me a favor " SHUT THE f*** UP" and go back to your mrappa wanabe fantsy world BITCH!!!

Yeah Mad now dats y u shudnt say shit like CEO of a Goldmine.Now i know y u so MAD cos u aint got shit!U f***en Rural mutha f***a!

Boo-Hoo Mad Boo-Hoo :'( f*** u stay poor bitch! >:(.Don't think for 1 minute dat i'ma feel sorry for ur a**.

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