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im sicker than a person with aids, tb and cancer/
my flow had angelina jolie sending me a love letter/
my flow has been examined in cuba but it doesnt get better/
my linez get niggaz traumatized/
and my rhymez pusnishes faggots for telling lies/
my verse is poerful than the us dollar/
my daiamond collar so expensive u cant buy it with a zim dollar/
sick barz, dope linez are my life/
i spit guns, big gunz and swallow knives/
im a lycan, i inherited immortality from duncan/
my verse so loud, it makes mcloud fly on the clouds/
dudes get carried away in many ways/
my lines are sick they live dudes with scratch marks/
im a luck myself, im for sale to dudes who are in for a fortune/
you call me whack,  but you got my track in your phone as a callertune/
mad rapper is the king, you can call him the next ernomous thing/
watch me when i act a horror scene on your mom/
on your lil sis i cum, my money make bitches come........

Nice one...
are you sure you not a robot...cause you too ill....props!

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