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Politics / Mafia killed JFK
« on: March 02, 2005, 01:51:07 PM »
Whoever is interested in the Nongqawuse story should read a book entitled The heart of Redness by Zakes Mda.   It discusses the Nongqawuse story & puts in the current South African context , exploring beliefs, underdevelopment and their interrelatedness.

People should not forget that historical events can be twisted to suit particular opinions / to justify certain actions. What I can safely a**ume is that since many Africans are superstitious, it is possible to exploit that & their belief systems.

The dominant view is that the British used it as a “military strategy”. Most historians state that at first people did not believe Nongqawuse’s “prophecies” & only did so after Sir George Grey instructed his people to preach the message to black people. In fact about 5 years back the British had a meeting with representatives from SA including Zoloani Mkiva on reconciliation & forgiveness for the frontier wars & the Nongqawuse “debacle”.

The truth is that there are many more Nongqawuses today who continue to mislead people & exploit people’s weaknesses to achieve their aims. If what happened all those years ago can be considered suicide, we should also label the self-destructive actions of our many South Africans suicide. If we believe it was genocide (if we believe that people were misled by British settlers), then not much has changed.

Get bra Zakes Mda’s book. Fascinating stuff.

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