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Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 27, 2005, 09:22:38 PM »
too many.. ha ha..
Actually .. you may have a point there. The wack thing is that you only get 2 or 3 verses per cat on an album so you never get to delve into what an individual has to offer. Thats why so many of us are working on solos. Logistics are a nightmare though cause when you tell a show promoter u need 12 plane tickets... they flip the phuk out.. I suggested a BootKamp type scenario where we can break off into smaller groups.. but I suppose those groups would have to start from scratch with everything.. which is quite daunting..

Point taken though...

Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 27, 2005, 07:31:38 PM »
Orright... Is this in CT or JHB...? Cause the demographics could be a hinderance...

General Discussion / CT mc'ees
« on: July 27, 2005, 07:19:29 PM »
I suppose the question here is whether or not hip-hop is colloquial. I think we should all be striving to carve out a niche for ourselves with an authentic 'South African' sound. Im not talking about vernacular loxion slang.. but more about generating a mood or a feeling with our music.

With regards to Cape Town emcees. I used to be a Cape Town emcee and having been in JoBurg for 5 years I find myself not really wanting to be boxed in with Jozi emcees cause then everyone expects this vernac slang.. which I find ... kak. I do appreciate the fact that its South African though. For example last time I was in CT I got a copy of the Parliament from that Biscuit dude and when I bump it for jozi dudes.. they're like... 'I dont like this.. the accent is too this or that blah blah..'.

So black dudes in CT shouldnt be quick to look @ themselves as underdogs. You just gotta step ur game up and accept that your stuff will not be liked by everyone... same goes for any other type of emcee.. wherever he is..

Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 27, 2005, 06:41:56 PM »
Hey Syntactic.. thats a dope manouvre right there. Much appreciated.
fahfee.. where in the J are u @? You can always het a copy at the Y-Shoppe. Otherwise we'll be slanging discs at Oppikoppi on the 8th of Aug if u'r gonna be there. We'll be performing so promos at the 2 on 2 b-boy event in Rosebank this w/end... i'll holla as soon as I got the venue details.

Reviews coming soon in Hype, Y and on the Rage site theres suppose to be some interview soon. Look out.

Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 26, 2005, 04:15:32 PM »
merchant dude. I myself am not aware of any specific beef between cats and Im actually interested 2 hear these 'hidden track' lyrics u speak of. Lemme know exactly what they say and I could try clarify it from my perspective. That said though... being that you are dealing with 2 sizeable groups of cats... I wouldnt be surprised if some dudes dont necessarily hang with others. I mean doing stuff on microphones is one thing but hanging out is different... that whole 'u cant choose your family' thing...
However.. Zama Zee from the 5th and a lotta other cats are extremely koo with a GroundWorkx dudes. Remember Thad Savage (Nicke)... well he was a cousin of mine... so....

MaddStone.. like I had alluded to earlier.. we do try to get exposure even though we're not signed. It would be stupid not to. The tracks bump on Y, 5Fm, GoodHope and Metro (I've heard) so I dont think its that hard to break through. Obviously some of the gritty anf grimy tracks wont make playlists.. so as 'underground' or non-commercial artists you have to make listenable tracks... otherwise u get no radio play...

Mr Sensai. Contact one of the numbers or addys on the post and we can organize a postal delivery for u. Good look though..

Hot Traxxx / Jedi Minds
« on: July 24, 2005, 03:16:02 PM »
Good look fahfee...

Yeah.. I think I might have it on sum old hard-drive. I'll holla
if I find it though...

Hot Traxxx / Jedi Minds
« on: July 22, 2005, 06:23:21 PM »
Hey.. does anyone know where I can get a holda the first Jedi Minds called 'The Psycho-Social-Chemical- Biological-and-Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness'? Or more specifically that track 'Chinese Water Torture'....

I had that shit for the longest until some knucklehead phuknut jacket it from me. Then I had the misfortune of just missing a Jedi Minds show while I was in Chicago once... eish!! Plus Raekwon was performing as well..

I dunno I think Stoupe is one of the iller dudes out. Plus I hear they're producing another CanIBus album...

Holla if u know...

The same request goes if anyone knows where I an get a holda the Poor Righteous Teachers.. (dont know when it was released but this is positively one of the doooooopest albums ever)...

Hot Traxxx /
« on: July 14, 2005, 09:44:27 PM »
Here my ten favourite...

'Hell is not far, the firespitter, inspire quitters
When I drop bars like a retired stripper'- Copywrite

'Just in case u dont remember me, I'll run u'r brain around the
block, just to jog your memory'- Eminem (313)

'You won't escape the wrath, can't spit a verse to fade us
Cause yall be fakin Jacks like Nicholson impersonators'- Copywrite

'If he's acting soft and he cowers,
He better come cleaner than Jeru jacking off when he showers'- Eminem (313)

'my click is raw be prepared when you meet us, kill an unborn baby and you still couldnt de-fetus' -cunninlynguists

Of course Im an a**hole, you pussies ain't even half as tight- Qwel

'You stayed off-beat for so long I mistook you for a retired cop'- Copywrite

'Like Arabian referees who yell Sesame plus
I'll spread through the industry with leprosy cuts
Effectivley strut, put a hole-in-one the second we putt
You so pussy you come from a rib you son of a gut'- C Ray Walz

Leave you with 8 in your chest, like a Kobe jersey- Beanie Siegel

'you got up in my face and tried to push me, but you backed off, you smelled your girlfriend's pussy'- Mac Lethal

Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 14, 2005, 06:33:38 PM »
well... I dunno which u'r asking about (if its in English or not). The 5th album is basically English save for one vocal chorus. All the other projects will be in English as well. Yeah.. most of the hold-up is due to cats being spread out between CPT and JHB but trust me... there's no shortage of dope material. Thinking out the box isnt too much of an issue as in the words of El-P ... 'we dont try to be different... we just are'...

Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 13, 2005, 10:21:22 PM »
Yeah mate..

Havent peeped u'r site 4 a while.. been on a hiatus of sorts. Anywayz goodlook son... Yeah ..we got tons of material backed up and ready for release so the next couple of months should be interesting..


Hot Traxxx / the illest track @ the moment
« on: July 13, 2005, 08:27:38 PM »
well.. there's this track by Ay Ay Studder and SAukrates off the
'Nightmares on Wax'.. I dont rememba the name right now.. but its killa..

Im also feeling a lot of Louis Logic's Sin-A-Matic.. (Coochie Coup), the new Meth has a track featuring Ghost.. ill as well.. the entire Sage Francis catalogue (Still Sick 1&2 and Personal Journals), anything by Boot Kamp, Necro, Ill Bill... Pharcydes 'Emerald Butterfly' .. madd butta as well..

Stuff getting the most burn in the whip though is Top Shayela and Yesterdays New Quintet...

Hot Traxxx / 5th Floor
« on: July 13, 2005, 08:09:09 PM »
What it iz...

Just an official word on whatup with 5th cats. The album 'Attention to Detail' is out and available in JHB and CT. I see contact details were added on a previous post. Just to recap.. in JHB call Camo on 0834315816 in CT call Snipa on 0847905777. Alternatively those in Jozi can check the Y Shoppe and CT peep out Greenmarket square (good look there slicin, thuli, Scissorhand, merchant, Blaque_Poetess, Sensai_Tate)... To add 2 ur point mulmens..'If you kats want airplay then you should work on distribution and marketing.'... U wouldn't beleive the amount of work and funding required for that and being that we're not tryin to be on some corporates nuts... Good thingz come to those who wait... good look though regardless. The album itself is an accumulation of stuff we've been doin for the past couple so expect the next installment soon..

On that... look out for the new Dr Badela album coming out thru Seamless. To keep you posted.. Koriander has an album ready, Kilograms solo is done, the emceeKasualT solo is near completion and titled 'Dont Quit ur Day Job', Camo album is ten plus tracks deep and we're currently recording the Sketch album in JHB. Look out for some tracks on the next Hype Sessions CD, a feature snipet in the next Hype issue and for those who caught it there was some interview on Street Journal and a interview is tentative. So.. we are tryin all independent avenue to come through for you.

On another note.. Look out for emceeKasualT featured on the BVK album 'Yskoud'.. some unreleased Mr Devious trax (if u can get ur hands on 'em), the compilation 'Steps to the Future', and yes Ready D's 'Not for the faint hearted' too. The new POC album 'Stealth Bombers' is in the process too. An unreleased version of the Imbumba track featuting myself Timbuktu, Ranto and Promo of LoopTroop will be on my album as well. Slik from Skwatta's working on a mix tape and if all goes well look out for a track featuring myself, Camo and Gemini.

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