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General Discussion / cause & effect
« on: October 27, 2005, 12:19:35 PM »
I'm one of the people who realises that soon , very soon I will have to approach this HYPE magazine to features ome of my photos and they will pay me for it.

Now , I debate the usefulness of criticizing a "BABY" in the industry of print because there are few magazines who will allow any of us the platform for exposure.HYPE is one of those magazines.

I dont know about "biting the hand that might possibly feed me".It's a possible avenue for me to market myself & further my goals so I'm going to try and get mine.
I dont know the motives for anybody hating HYPE except for what you have posted here but there are always two sides to a story.

Please,there are few enough mediums for South African channels to communicate our message - To a huge extent South African Hip Hop is still viewed as a subculture.One of the guys here said that three people are doing 90% of the writing - if I want to see the articles becoming fresh and objective and keep submitting - writing / calling /photographing until every last iota of energy has been spent.

Less dissed - more a**ist.
The Witness.

General Discussion / Yo know you have been away when....
« on: October 27, 2005, 08:53:20 AM »
I have been away from HIP HOP for a while but documenting my world has brought me back here are a few questions just to show my ignorance & be schooled.

1.Did OBD really die of AIDS?(not too hard to believe)

2.Does RZA hav a skin disease?

3.Does WC of West Side Connection cut the "three-bokdrolle" on his chin?

4.Is LORD HAVE MERCY still around?

5.Does anybody agree that JAKEE from Paarl's Koekamakranka LP is probably the best Afrikaans meterial this year/

6.Did anyone see the article in the sunday times a few weeks back where MCdONALDS (yes , the burger people) -are looking for a rapper to drop their name in some songs for royalties?

7.Can Black Thought of the the roots rap about anything except that he's a better MC than anyone else yet.(Please post MP3 to answer this question)

8.Am I the only one that thinks Black Eyed Peas song "Dont Lie" sounds exactly the same as their song "Shutup" - lyrics / theme & all?

9.Has Funk Master Flex done anything about his whiny voice yet?

10.Is ADIDAS really contributing to HipHop?( Im a fan by the way - but they are still just a business.)

Look forward to the answers on this one!

General Discussion / BISCUITS & TEA
« on: October 27, 2005, 08:20:47 AM »
thanks for the warm welcome....

Rapscallion 6 : RESPEK MY BROE!

Syntatic : I know he's gone MADD , ek en hy swop info en sluk koffie party vrydae aane. :P That pic , is it you?

DPlanet : My hands are sweaty with anticipation.I was blown away by your boys DRIEMANSKAP @ HIPHOP CONNECTED!

you all will be seeing A LOT more of me.


Graf Heads / UMM...
« on: October 26, 2005, 04:49:32 PM »
i have done a few peices and know that development of your craft is vital if you want your name in lights , lately inthe tygerberger (central editio) there was an article about two kids who were caught by police tagging ( with night vision goggles nogal!)
the article labelled them graffiti "artists".

the "Blits" which "metrofail" releases as well labels anybody who has scribbled letters on a train surface "graffiti artists" whether the writing says "BALLAS VANNIE KRAAIBAK WAS HIER 27 HOSH" or is a well rendered DEK , TOE or ZEBO.

Once the discrepency between the two is clarified , maybe then hiphop can move on from fights about where graffiti belongs.
I'm connected to afew taggers / I respect putting your label somewhere - but what destroys the ART is that so many shoddy peices are left on walls / so many badly-outlined /badly coloured peices line walls....and the same "ARTISTS" work stays a@ the same level for 2years.

Put effort into your work.
A tag/peice is a manifestation of a personal message.....if our message is poorly articulated then it will be seen as DEAD.

General Discussion / A knock at the door
« on: October 26, 2005, 04:20:18 PM »
So I wipe my feet on the carpet & come in 2 africa's gateway.
(Phew) see Mic - I stopped hesitating & did it.(Sam & Claire r well)

I'm an amateur photographer (in the respect that I'm not doing it as a dayjob.) I 'm looking for opportunities to document hiphop on as many levels as possible....AND FINALLY GET PAID.Samples of my work can be seen @

I shot the hiphop connected funkshin from start 2 should see some soon right here.(depending on whether blunt mag decided to use some of my images or not.)...i will explain another time.

I used to want to be an MC , i put down 2 tracks with MIC STONE in a crew called "three deep", but when i became a father i became disillusioned with the moralities & so on....

I'm klaa gepraat now.
Mail me!

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