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General Discussion / Finding Felix
« on: November 06, 2004, 12:22:00 AM »
Hi and sorry to barge in on your discussions. I am an old friend of Felix’s who moved to the UK some time ago. I have been trying to track down Mr Laband for sometime now, does anyone know an e-mail address I could contact him by?
My name is Darryl Kruger and he bloody well should remember who I am :)
Thanks in advance…

Hot Traxxx / lio
« on: November 05, 2004, 09:50:00 PM »
c´est bon, it´s all good for me a familly affair      :-D

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Within arms reach...
« on: November 05, 2004, 07:08:00 PM »
the casualties of war fall as time preaches
the divine methods slaughtered by man´s breaches
we move in crutches absorbed by wind gushes
what are we MCs or grown up kids with grudges?

too much hate on this web site
too much ego e´body say they tight
i don´t kno sumthing just aint right
so what´s ´left´ of us?

General Discussion / Soul to mouth
« on: November 04, 2004, 05:18:00 PM »
Does anyone know of the Jozi poetry collective called Soul to mouth? .
One of their members is Flow & he won a slam poetry competition in Jozi last year.
I heard them a number of times last year & I thought I’ll be hearing more of them this year. Does anyone how I can get hold of their writings/poems?


Hip Hop Events / Wattup
« on: November 04, 2004, 05:03:00 AM »
Wattup man, I heard that  you are room mates with Kudzi´s Brother. Is this fact or fiction?

Peace Means Love
Nappy Head

General Discussion / fav mixtape tracks
« on: November 03, 2004, 08:20:00 PM »
hey man tate and rob got the mixtape it is banging!!!!  8-)  8-)  8-)

Jus wondring what everyone´s favourite tracks off that joint were. Mine was dream team, especially blakrok, second son and rob one´s verses.

freedom also kicks a**

Politics / Armed Conflict and War in Africa
« on: November 02, 2004, 10:12:00 PM »
Most wars fought during the 1990’s took place in countries that are poor – to poor to buy weapons, however millions of small arms and light weapons are simply given away by militaries that are downsizing, or they are recycled from one conflict to another. In some lands there is such an abundance of a**ault rifles that they are sold for as little as six dollars or can be traded for a goat, chicken, or a bag of clothes.
Cheap, ma** produced weapons and small caliber ammunition have since late 1945, for the greater part killed an estimated 50,000,000 people around the world.

Another reason small arms are popular, is that they are rugged and remain operational for years. Rifles such as the AK-47 and the Ml 6, which soldiers carried in the Vietnam War, are still being used in wars of today. Some rifles used in Africa date back to World War I. Further, guns are easily transported and concealed. A column of horses can carry enough rifles to outfit a small army.

Cheap weapons have not disrupted life in the industrialized world, excluding where drug dealing and political terrorism flourish. The rich states have failed to recognize the horror, suffering and hardship this evil has brought to the lesser developed countries, especially in Africa. Experts currently estimate that +/- 500 million military style firearms are currently in circulation around the globe.

Apart from low cost and wide availability, there are other reasons why small weapons are so popular. They are lethal. A single rapid-fire a**ault rifle can fire hundreds of rounds a minute they are also easy to use and maintain. A child can be taught to strip and rea**emble a typical a**ault rifle. They can also quickly learn to aim and fire that rifle into a crowd of people.

The global traffic in guns is complex. Huge supplies of guns pa** legally from nation to nation. After the Cold War, armies in both the East and the West were reduced, and governments gave or sold excess equipment to friends and allies. According to a writer at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway, since 1995 the United States alone has given away more than 300,000 rifles, pistols, machine guns, and grenade launchers. It is reasoned that giving weapons away is cheaper than dismantling or storing and guarding them. Some analysts estimate that perhaps three billion dollars’ worth of small arms and light weapons legally cross national borders each year.

The illegal trade, however, may be much larger. Black-market weapons usually have to be purchased. In some African wars, paramilitary groups have bought hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of small arms and light weapons, not with money, but with diamonds seized from diamond-mining areas. The New York Times commented: “Where governments are corrupt, rebels are pitiless and borders are porous. The glittering stones have become agents of slave labor, murder, dismemberment, ma** homelessness and wholesale economic collapse.”

Having read the above, let us not forget that behind every illegal diamond that is seized we must have willing buyers, where do these unscrupulous buyers come from? How ironic that a gemstone traded for a**ault rifles may later be sold in an elegant jewelry boutique as an expensive symbol of eternal love!

Weapons are also linked to the illegal trade in drugs. It is not unusual for crimi­nal organizations to use the same routes to smuggle drugs in one direction as they use to smuggle guns in the other. Weapons thus have become a virtual currency, bartered for drugs.

When wars end, the guns used in them often fall into the hands of criminals. Consider what happened in South Africa that experienced a shift from politically motivated violence to criminal violence. Political violence there took the lives of some 10,000 people in just three years. When that conflict ended, criminal violence soared. Competition between taxi drivers resulted in “taxi wars,” where thugs were hired to shoot the pa**engers and drivers of rival companies. Increasingly’, military type a**ault rifles were used in robberies and other crimes. The number of homicides committed with guns reached horrific proportions, it was recorded as the second highest rate in the world for countries not at war.

The knowledge that criminals are armed and dangerous creates fear and insecurity. In many developing countries, the wealthy live in virtual fortresses, surrounded by walls and electrified fences that are guarded day and night. Residents of developed countries also take precautions. This is true even in places that have not experienced civil strife.

No human can measure the deadly work of cheap ma** produced weapons; nor can we tally the dead, the wounded, the bereaved, and the shattered lives. Yet, we do know that the world is awash with arms and that their numbers keep rising. Increasingly, voices cry for something to be done. But what can be done?

My African brothers it is time to “WAKE UP” we don’t need cheap weapons that have been dumped here by the developed countries, we don’t need to fight and kill each other. Destroy your cheap weapons; resolve your differences through dialogue and debate.

STOP THE SENSELESS KILLING OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Let us channel our energy toward a constructive cause and let us rebuild our land to its former glory.

General Discussion / handsome boy modelling
« on: November 02, 2004, 02:30:00 AM »
ootz wheres that download you posted like a couple days ago fo the handsome boy modelling school? ht me up

big sam

Producers - Discussion / proteus 2500
« on: November 01, 2004, 06:38:00 AM »
been thinkin bout gettin this yo i need some advice on it though coz it cost looooooooads anybody help

Battle One on One / ghost god
« on: October 31, 2004, 07:47:00 PM »
alwayscocacola: What up Ghost?

Ghostface Killah: What up god?

acc: How are you feeling?

Gfk: Mighty healthy god, I like what you repping god we need more nlggas like you god.

acc: Thank you, I stay real to the hood, where we come from, you stay real too?

Gfk: Yeah god no doubt god, I try to put my nlggas on god nahmsayin god? But yo if themnlggas fuk it up it aint my fault god, Cappadonna is you listening?

acc: Ghost what are your thoughts on the state of hip-hop right now?

gfk: Yo god, I mean aint nothing much change god inside the industry, im sayin that
regardless, its just that there is more money put into it right now, back in 95-96,
my golden age of rap, there wasnt as much money so nlggas did that hood shlt you know? Nlggas try to feed themselves but at the same time do it for the hood nahmsayin? Plus the white folks havent woken up yet, nahmsayin? *chuckles* they buyin all the records now, the nlggas just dub or cop the bootlegs god *chuckles*

acc: You say there wasnt money involved, what about Puff Daddy´s Bad Boy empire? What about Death Row records? there was ALOT of money involved in that.

gfk: yeah god, yeah god, i feel you, but you see unlike now, there were BLACK ceo´s in charge god. My nlggas Suge & Diddy woudln´t have let them nlggas put out booty shlt, you know god? you know what then happened?

acc: what?

gfk: suge got sent to jail, & white money swalloed up diddy.

acc: lol

gfk: nah its true god, the god speaks the truth. you think if suge woulnt stand with
his shotgun to the backs of dre, snoop, pac, that they would ever drop chronic,
doggystyle, all eyez on me? HELL NO NlGGA! suge made nlggas represent the hood like that. I love suge, SUGE I LOVE YOU NlGGA, i want to give a shout out to SUGE KNIGHT, god.

acc: ok. so tell us more about yourself, the wu situation. hows wu-tang clan?

gfk: ahhh god, knowwhaimsayin, nlggas is lazy god, i dont even know what to start with. method man, that nlgga be with redman ALL DAY smoking weed, nlgga can barely speak never mind make records, that mary j. Blige shlt? you know how old that is god? 3 years old god! all the nlgga had to do was get in the video, nod his head. forreal the nlgga aint capable anymore. plus he down with that faggot erick sermon too much... eyo you gone take that out? nah leave it god.

acc: why the animosity towards erick sermon? has he in some way...

gfk: eyo god listen. me and them nlggas plus cappadonna was in this club they brought me to. and this other nlggas who i aint know try to feel up on god´s a** god! on my a** god! i straight up sucka-punched the nlgga then erick be like "what you do that for, he try to be friendly" i was like nlgga what? sermon is gay! and i think cappadonna is too god forreal i see him sneak in to the bathroom with this other nlgga. forreal god, them nlggas be some faggots yo, erick bein the ring leader of them man. ever wonder why PMD and k-solo bust his a**? thats why god. *chuckles* cappadonna be gay-cab driver now

acc: whoa, lol, you just destroyin and rebuilding huh, so ghost what about other wu-tang members?

gfk: ah god, like i told you, lazy a** nlggas god. masta killa been around for what
11 years the nlgga still aint drop nothin cause he aint record nothin! inspectah deck
atleast got his shlt together dropped an album this year. U-god is workin at Starbucks because he just like masta killa. rza is a muthafukin lunatic god. i cant fuk with him anymore he goes on ranting in the studio about some crazy shlt nobody understands. the nlgga tried to rob me god! i straight pistol whipped ´em. raekwon, raekwon is my nlgga! forreal we gone keep fukin with each other god. gza is a stupid fuk god, he try to put his son into the game, nlgga if you readin this, you aint master p, you aint got that crazy dough to blow yo son up like that. ODB, he lazy but he got that rocafeller deal now so i cant really speak on it like that, we just gone have to wait and see. my opinion thoug his that ODB & his antics gonna cost dame dash alot more than what he can recoop, god.

acc: aight, lets talk about your album ghost

gfk: well at this moment god i cant tell you much god, its droppin on february 11th,
my nlgga raekwon is on it, some american cream team nlggas is on it, and slick rick is on it god. production will be mostly by little know producers god, and some by Dj.Clue.

acc: you say slick rick is on it?

gfk: yeah god, remember the Sun? it didnt make bpw, it definetly gone be on this one.

acc: you got beef with anyone ghost? whats you situation like? your going to adress anything or anyone on your album ghost?

gfk: you know god, the god dont really got beef with anyone but i aint cool with most nlggas anymore god. forreal like curtis claiming gangsta, nlgga, if you reading this, in the hood if anyone wears your g-unit sneakers they get straight up merked & lynched god, i mean it god, i seen it happen god. and nasir is one weird muthafuka. i call the nlgga up to have him on the album , after the call i dont want him nomore on the album!

acc: you mean Nas?

gfk: yeah the nlgga try to tell me some shlt like if i be on it bravehearts gotta be on it & shlt. i was like hell naw god, you crazy? nobody in the hood like ´em. all them
nlggas got prices on they heads in the hoods for stealin other nlggas cars god. i aint gone promoted them hoodrats like that, sony aint promoted, now nas think the god done promoted them, fuk that god, i dont want teenage hooligans on my album. forreal though i knew nas was weird when we was recording verbal intercourse with rae. the nlgga stole my pen! i loved that pen my GRANDMA gave me that pen, i confronted him about it god, the nlgga just played it off god, then his monkey brother start yappin the god just smacked him god.

acc: lol wow, interesting times you had killah. ghost what you think of its members,

gfk: i see god there are alot of interesting muthafukas here god, and alot of fake ones too god. like that movement clik god? nlggas dont let nobody fuk with they shlt god, thats how you gotta move god.

acc: ok one last question, what you want to tell your fans?

ghost: ah god, nowwhaimsayin, god to all my fans keep ya head up god, no matter what god keep your shlt straight god, be all you can be nlggas. to my female fans, feelin sexy call 232-6047, ask for ghostdini ma *chuckles* forreal god peace to the childrean.

acc: ok ghost, pleasure speaking to you.

Hot Traxxx / DEVIOUS R.I.P
« on: October 30, 2004, 08:48:00 PM »
I know this is old but just to rember what we lost this year i  posted these 2 videos again........

Why always the good die young


if youz have any vids like this please post them here

Devious aka Mario Van Rooy


Hot Traxxx / canada_the bitch in yoo
« on: October 29, 2004, 09:14:00 PM »">


Chief Rocka - Open Mic / f*** dis 5 mc´s
« on: October 29, 2004, 03:33:00 AM »
first i introduce my game/my name out cla**es weak membrains/i stain u with my rhymes L.t./they shud allow u to do duets wit briteny/black power let me smeer my thoughts like deodorants/u´ve been wack yet u arogant/killa ray go back to trash holes of lesotho/learn how to rhyme coz u will die slow/the anterage shud gime a ma**age/if not i´ll stick my dick in ur faces coz ya´ll is dodge/nature duck my bullets/coz they crash ur nonsense/this aint no sweetest taboo/im not gonna kick u out and let u come back 4 more/i told ya´ll b4/ El aint notin to ma** wit/im not stepping on u coz ya´ll flat weet/bitch a** kaffers.  

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / siya 4life
« on: October 29, 2004, 03:15:00 AM »
I grab tha mic/ I see the light like GOD is mine/GODsaved me/i´m street oriented/sama nominated/thats my dream,anyway i´ll live to it/ I have to face tha facts/i´m not a rhymer/i´m a writer/anyway i´m simple tha best/need no test.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / budda penetration
« on: October 28, 2004, 11:49:00 PM »
i stay deep rooted survivin dersert like an oasis/mc`z got 2 we poach them using the third dimension exposin they hoaxes/stereo types shattered with devine force of the metaphysiks/so mc`s get clapped like church in the presence of the spirit//blah blah blah no one over here flinchin/cuz everybody knowz cooks dont match chefs in the kitchen/so shit on budda but shit gets through u like penetration/so many fishes in the sea but i swear not many swim muddy waters like my species/we own our game but yours is borrowed like the word lease is/yall cant see deuce enigma cuz yall iz bithes/8 cats i bus em all with radiation like silicone implants/i keep servin yall but  yall is shy so u forget thanks

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