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Sports Arena / Anyone Catch the Rugby?
« on: September 30, 2007, 11:12:09 PM »
Zomfg!!! I don't care how well we played, did you see Brian Habana getting left in the dust in a straight race? I felt like crawling into a dark corner and crying. Brian was the fastest guy in world rugby, and he got beat by that Zimbabwean American.

Anyway, whaddya think sofar of the world cup? I think the first two games we played well, but then sort of lost the plot. Even against America, I think we just weren't playing at our best.

General Discussion / Sorry to Re-Hash A Topic...
« on: September 29, 2007, 12:06:09 AM »

A clip about 9/11 and some anomalies. I think this is just scrathing the surface type ish. But I am sorry to bring up this old crap, thought someone might actually want to see it, if you haven't already.
The slow play backs are nice, but sometimes it gets corny, and the editing is a bit sloppy here and there.

More conspiracy here:

General Discussion / Lyrics for South African Artists?
« on: September 25, 2007, 01:04:05 PM »
Where can I get the lyrics for South African mc's? I need to find lyrics that show examples of concious (sp?) underground lyrics, and commercial lyrics, both from south african artists. Can anyone help me on this?

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / How To Cheat on Your Rhymes.
« on: July 22, 2007, 09:30:46 PM »

Chea, fantastic, I know I am. You emcees owe me. And don't deny it, your gonna use that shit!

General Discussion / Garuanteed A+
« on: April 06, 2007, 11:33:22 PM »
Things to Do on a Paper You Don't Care About

1. Type every word in a different font. Alternate really big fonts with
really small fonts.

2. Support your thesis with quotes from your VCR manual.

3. Write the entire paper on Post-it notes and turn it in by sticking
them all over the professor's door.

4. Switch the names of prominent history figures with the names of your
friends, cla**mates, etc. Claim that your roommate led the Spanish Armada.

5. Write a paper discussing why Michelangelo got to be a Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtle, but Van Gogh didn't. Discuss whether Van Gogh would have
used nunchakus or katanas.

6. Write your paper by cutting out words from magazines and sticking them
on the page, ransom-note style.

7. End the paper with "This paper will self-destruct in 10 seconds".

8. Perfume the paper with catnip. Explain that it was to keep your dog
from eating it.

9. If a**igned a paper in philosophy cla**, explain that you can't do
the paper because you're not sure if the cla** really exists, or if
it and the professor are just illusions created by your subconscious.
If you do end up writing the paper, write about whether or not the paper
actually exists.

10. If a**igned a 2000-word paper, draw two pictures of what the paper was
supposed to be about. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words, right?

11. Type gibberish. When you hand it in, claim that your computer crashed
while you were printing it, and you couldn't retrieve the original.

12. Cite issues of Spiderman and Batman as resources in your bibliography.

13. Turn the paper in by making paper airplanes out of the pages of the
paper and attempting to fly them onto the professor's desk.

14. The night before the paper is due, call the professor and explain that
you can't turn your paper in because it contains sensitive military
information and is only available on a "need to know" basis. Insist
that General Schwarzkopf says you should get an 'A'.

15. Write your history paper on parchment, using a quill. Say that you
were trying to get the feel for the period.

16. Turn in a letter your wrote to your cousin. When the teacher confronts
you about it, say that you must have gotten the letter and the paper
mixed up. Say that you'll turn the paper in as soon as you get it back,
but your cousin lives in Siberia, so it might take a while. (This is a
nifty way to get an extension.)

17. When writing an especially long paper, put a recipe for chocolate
cake in the middle and see if the professor notices.

18. Tell the professor that you need an extension because one of your
primary sources is an old wise man in Tibet and he won't see you until
the next full moon.

19. Paint a large white stripe down the front of your paper. Say that on
the way to cla**, your dropped it in the street and it got run over
by one of those trucks that paint lines on the road.

20. Make a footprint on the back of one of the pages. When questioned by
the professor, act like it's nothing unusual. After all, he did tell
you to include footnotes.

21. Bring candles and incense to cla**. Before handing in the paper,
perform an elaborate ceremony, entreating the gods to bless the paper
and correct all your typos.

22. Make a tape of you singing the contents of your paper, opera-style,
and hand that in.

23. Write your psychology paper on possible genetic anomalies that might
cause a person to prefer anchovies.

24. Hand your paper in in a sealed envelope with postmarks from several
different countries on it. Say that you wanted several different
perspectives on your work.

25. TTyyppee eevveerryy lleetttteerr ttwwiiccee..

26. Get a large piece of paper or canvas. Smear paint all over it and
hand it in as your paper. Explain that the topic was such an emotional
one for you, and that mere words couldn't possibly express what you
had to say.

27. Compare and contrast the characters of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc
Picard. Claim that one is actually Hamlet, and the other is King Lear.
Say that Worf is Ophelia.

28. Carve your paper on the bathroom wall.

29. Refuse to do the paper on account of the fact that you are a member
of Greenpeace and strongly object to the gratuitous slaughter of trees
caused by the ma**ive amount of paper used in writing a**ignments.

30. Put nonsense words down as quotes. Say that you are quoting the words
of a well-known Zen master who was speaking in tongues at the time.

31. Use a forklift to bring your paper to cla**, even if it's only a few
pages. Explain that it involved some very heavy reading.

32. Poke several holes in the paper. Say that you were mobbed by crows
on the way to cla**.

33. Print all the pages on one sheet of paper, with the text overlapping.
Say that that was all the paper you had.

34. Write about whether Plato would have said that Miller Light is "less
filling" or that it "tastes great". Also explain why Aristotle would
have taken the opposite view. Try to predict both philosphers'
reactions to Spuds McKensie.

35. Draw pictures of your professor in the margins.

36. Make your paper one long, neverending sentence that goes on for pages
and pages and pages; use alot of semi-colons, commas, and other
interesting, rarely-used punctuation marks [(for example), an interesting
one: the colon_] but never ever end the sentence {[_-\|/??!]}.

37. Staple a picture of an academic building to the paper. Cite the
picture as a resource.

38. On the day the paper is due, skip into cla**, waving the paper and
screaming, "I have a paper! I have a paper!". Run around the cla**
a few times, then joyfully throw it out the window. Laugh and yell,
"There's my paper!", then run outside to get it. Repeat this all
through the period, or until the prof throws you out.

39. Come to cla** leading a horse or camel. When asked to turn in the
paper, take it out of one of the saddlebags, then shoot the
horse/camel/whatever away. Refuse to discuss it.

40. Draw obscure connections between totally unrelated things.
For example, claim that abnormal amounts of neutrino activity in
Germany caused Hitler to invade France, or that the Roman empire
collapsed because of a shortage of qualified botanists.

41. Refer to all prominant historical figures by nicknames. For
example, call George Washington "Georgie". Call Ben Franklin "Sparky".

42. Pwetend you have a speech impediment and awways type w's whenevew
you weawwy want to type r's ow l's.

43. Ol, switch alound arr the l's and r's in youl papel, rike Monty
Python did in Queen Erizabeth the Thild.

44. When your prof asks for an outline of your paper, draw the outline
of the piece of paper you typed it on and hand it in.

45. Spill a martini on your sociology paper. Say that you wrote it in
a bar so that you could see "sociology in action".

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / FL stuff
« on: November 12, 2006, 11:14:21 PM »
I got this from another site, so don't ask me to re-up shit ok? This is long, but worth it   :wink:

Attention all producers and aspiring producers! To all the FL users, this thread will guarantee u help on any future projects.
I have took the time out of my busy schedule to provide u with links, advice, aid, etc. on anything FL, thats if u didn't know. Even if u think u know it all, dont ever be ingnorant to stop learning. You might be suprised

To all that need any advice on FL Studio, check out and register for free. Check out their forums for anything on FL (making beats, recording, mixing, contests, remakes, etc.)
Description: The FL Studio VI Bible (Wire-O binding) will guide you through all the (often hidden) features and gems of FL Studio


The FL Studio VI Bible (Wire-O binding) will guide you through all the (often hidden) features and gems of FL Studio : 360 pages, 70 notes, 45 tips, a 23 page glossary, interview with Gol, a section on the power users and a selection of the often completely insane emails we got over the last 6 years. Please note that this is the wire-O version of the book which has exactly the same content as the one with 'Perfect binding'.

Book Details:

· Paperback: 414 pages
· Binding: Wire-O
· Publisher: Image-Line Software (May 2005)
· Product Number: 9918997



Dr. Dre

The Alchemist

The Neptunes


And finally, the FL Studio 6 links to those that dont have it or need a new one.






These links come with FL Studio Sample packs. These samples come with there own drumkits (not provided by FL) for a vary of music types (hip-hop, techno, etc.)

ATTENTION: In order for u to use the full FL Studio Edition instead of the Demo version, use the registration key that says "Faxcoolreg" provided in the second link. And also! Replace the original *.dll file with the cracked one (C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 6)

Here's the advice in more detail...
1. Open up the crack folder that you downloaded.
2. Open up windows explorer.
3. Go to, "C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 6" or where ever you have it installed.
4. Take the file in folder where the crack is. It ends with a .dll, and there is only one .dll file in it. Now drag that file into the fruity loops folder. It will ask if you want to replace the file, click yes.
5. Final step, go to the folder where the crack is, and double click on the file named, faXcooL.reg. and press yes, when it prompts you to.
here is another link...

0. Unpack FL6.rar
1. Install FL Studio
2. Open the Reg file to register FL Studio to Full verision
3. Install the VST's
4. Start FL Studio, and go to options > File Settings
5. Set the VST Directory to the installed VST Plugin Folder (f.ex. C:\Program Files\VST Plugins\
6. Go to Channels > Add One > More, and press the Refresh Button > Fast Refrash
7. Mark the plugins that are red with the 'F' in the square

faXcooL wrote:  ‹ Select ›
Fruity Loops 6.0.8 XXL Edition - Working Crack
- Instruction -
1. Replace the original *.dll file with cracked one (C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 6)
2. Activate and import new reg. key into registry base (double click).
That's all!
Enjoy! icon_wink.gif
- Tested -

read out loud to urself and you'll get it

Those are all FL downloads.

Producers - Discussion / MF Doom & MF Grimm
« on: November 12, 2006, 10:16:45 PM »
This is an article about Doom and Grimm, how they started out,  the whole beef thing, history etc.
It's long but I found it extremely interesting, personally this article makes Doom sound like a real a**hole.,westhoff,74946,22.html

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Some Albums
« on: October 06, 2006, 06:39:08 PM »

1. Lite Vs. Vanna Whyte
2. Lyte As A Rock
3. I Am Woman
4. MC Lyte Likes Swingin'
5. 10% Dis
6. Paper Thin
7. Lyte Thee MC
8. I Cram To Understand U
9. Kickin' 4 Brooklyn
10. Don't Cry Big Girls


1. Intro
2. Uncut, Pure
3. Entaprizin'
4. Girl Talk
5. Change This Game Around
6. La-La-Land
7. Ole Tyme Bluez
8. Da Good Tymz
9. Fish Tandoori
10. Terra N Ya Era
11. Hold It Down
12. Daddy's Theme
13. Earth, Wind & Fire
14. Do U Really Know?
15. Shame (Prelude)
16. Shame!
17. Last Night Episode
18. Definitely
19. Unda Presha
20. Outro
21. Uncut, Pure (Remix)


1. Guess? Who?
2. Every Body Got 2 Get Some
3. D.E.F. =Doug E. Fresh
4. On the Strength
5. Keep Risin' to the Top
6. Greatest Entertainer
7. I'm Gettin' Ready
8. Cut That Zero
9. Plane (So High)
10. Ev'rybody Loves a Star
11. Crazy 'Bout Cars
12. Africa (Goin' Back Home)


1. Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx)
2. Back To Burn
3. Tudy Fruity Judy
4. Having Fun
5. Three Minutes Of Beat Box
6. Bust These Lyrics
7. This Beat Kicks
8. Big Beat In London
9. It's Time To Chill
10. Live Drummin With The Country Boy
11. It's Yours (12" Radio Mix - 1984)
12. Breakdown (12" Version - 1985)
13. He's Incredible (12" Version - 1985)
14. Breaking Bells (12" Version - 1986)


Battle One on One / Here is Freddie Foxxx's Diss Track.
« on: October 04, 2006, 06:12:26 PM »
Freddie Foxxx's diss to Rakim, for those who haven't heard...'s not that good....

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Immortal Technique-Self Education Vol.3
« on: October 02, 2006, 09:54:17 PM »
Immortal Technique & Friends - Self Education Vol.3

02.The Masterplan
03.Shift Of The Earth
04.'They' Schools
07.I Am What I Am
08.Conscious Lies
09.Tales Of The Lost Tribe
11.Know Your Enemy
12.The Revolution Is Here
13.Shattered Dreamz
14.Reality Of Cash
16.Middle Of London (Engineer Remix)
17.The Struggle
18.Ghetto Government
19.The Ritual
20.Home Security

>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<

General Discussion / Is Mandela A Commie?
« on: October 02, 2006, 07:21:53 PM »

Read the whole thing here;

Nelson Mandela


A Communist is a member of the Communist Party who understands and accepts the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism as explained by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin , and who subjects himself to the discipline of the Party. (See notes 1, 2, 3 & 4)

The goal of Communism is a cla**less society based on the principle: from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs. The aim is to change the present world into a Communist world where there will be no exploiters and no exploited, no oppressor and oppressed, no rich and no poor. Communists fight for a world where there will be no unemployment, no poverty and starvation, disease and ignorance. In such a world there will be no capitalists, no imperialists, no fascists. There will be neither colonies nor wars.

In our own country, the struggles of the oppressed people are guided by the South African Communist Party and inspired by its policies. The aim of the S.A.C.P. is to defeat the Nationalist government and to free the people of South Africa from the evils of racial discrimination and exploitation and to build a cla**less or socialist society in which the land, the mines, the mills, our . . . . . . . (unreadable)

Under a Communist Party Government South Africa will become a land of milk and honey. Political, economic and social rights will cease to be enjoyed by Whites only. They will be shared equally by Whites and Non-Whites. There will be enough land and houses for all. There will be no unemployment, starvation and disease.

Workers will earn decent wages; transport will be cheap and education free. There will be no pa** laws, no influx control, no Police raids for pa**es and poll tax, and Africans, Europeans, Coloureds and Indians will live in racial peace and perfect equality.

The victory of Socialism in the U.S.S.R., in the Peoples Republic of China, in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Rumania, where the living conditions of the people were in many respects similar and even worse than ours, proves that we too can achieve this important goal.

Communists everywhere fight to destroy capitalist society and to replace it with Socialism, where the ma**es of the common people, irrespective of race or colour, will live in complete equality, freedom and happiness. They seek to revolutionise society and are thus called revolutionaries. Those who support capitalism with its cla** divisions and other evils and who oppose our just struggles to end oppression are called counter revolutionaries.

Comrade Liu Hao Schi, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, says:

we Communist Party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern history and are the contemporary fighting and driving force in changing society and the world. Revolutionaries exist because counter-revolutionaries still exist. Therefore, to conduct a ceaseless struggle against the counter-revolutionaries constitutes an essential condition for the existence and development of revolutionaries. If they fail to carry on such a struggle, they cannot be called revolutionaries and still less can they advance and develop. It is in the course of this … [that] ... members change society, change the world and at the same time change themselves.

To succeed in conducting a ceaseless struggle against the counter-revolutionaries, and to be able to play the vital role of being the most advanced revolutionary and driving force in changing society and the world, one must put all else aside and seriously and faithfully undertake self-cultivation.



At the beginning of these lectures, we defined a communist as a member of the Communist Party who understands and accepts the theory and practice of Marxism, Leninism as explained by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

Any person may become a member of the Communist Party if he accepts the Programme and Constitution of the Party, pays Party membership fees and undertakes tasks given to him in one of the Party’s organisations. These are called the minimum qualifications that every Party member must possess, but every one of our members should not be content to be a member of minimum qualifications He must strive to become a member of maximum qualifications. Every Party member should raise his revolutionary qualities in every respect to the same level as those of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

Some say that it is impossible to acquire the great qualities of revolutionary geniuses like Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin and that it is impossible to raise our own qualities to the same level as theirs. But as long as Party members work hard and earnestly, never allow themselves to be isolated for one single moment from the day to day struggle of the people, and make serious efforts to study Marxist literature, learn from the experiences of other comrades and the ma**es of the people, and constantly strive to steel and cultivate themselves, they will be perfectly able to raise their qualities to the same level as that of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

There are two ways of studying Marxism. One is to learn it by heart and be able to repeat mechanically the information learnt without being able to use this information for the purpose of solving problems. The second is to try to master the essence, spirit and methods of Marxism. In this second category belongs those comrades who read over and over again Marxist literature, who pay special attention to the concrete conditions existing in the country where they live and draw their own conclusions, their …… activities, their attitude towards other comrades and the ma**es of the people, and the whole of their lives are guided by the principles of Marxism-Leninism and aimed at one thing - national liberation, the victory of the working cla**, the liberation of mankind, the success of Communism and nothing else.

To reach this goal calls for a supreme effort and an iron will. It means complete dedication to the struggle for the removal of oppression and exploitation and for lifelong dedication to the study of Marxism.



On Page One of this section we found out that our aim is to change the present world into a Communist world where there will be no exploiters and exploited, no oppressor and oppressed, no rich and poor. We also make the point that the victory of Socialism in the U.S.S.R., in China and other States in Asia and Eastern Europe proves that a Communist world is capable of attainment. Moreover, since the victory of Socialism in the U.S.S.R. in 1917, the Socialist camp has grown to become a world force with a population of more than 1,000 million and occupying a third of the globe.

But in spite of this victorious advance, the Communist movement still faces powerful enemies which must be crushed and wiped out from the face of the earth before a Communist world can be realised. Without a hard and bitter and long struggle against capitalism and exploitation, there can be no Communist world.

The cause of Communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind, because it seeks to remove from society all forms of oppression and exploitation to liberate mankind, and to ensure peace and prosperity to all.

A Communist revolution is different from all other revolutions in history. Whereas in other revolutions the seizure of State Power is an end in itself, in a Communist revolution the seizure of State Power by the working cla** is a means to an end, that end being the total removal of all forms of exploitation, the liberation of mankind by building up a cla**less society.

Every Communist Party member must possess the greatest courage and revolutionary determination and must be prepared to play his part and carry out all political tasks without fear or hesitation.

In the struggle to transform the present world into a Communist world, we must strive consistently to combine theory with practice.

Finally, WE must live and develop in reality in fighting to change the world, we must start from the very people in close contact with us. We must thoroughly study our own situation and problems, understand them completely and work out appropriate solutions.

Traders / Release Dates
« on: September 26, 2006, 06:14:28 PM »
Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Freddie Foxx, Hi-Tek, X-Clan, Jazzy Jeff,Snoop, Tech N9Ne, Redman (maybe) , check it out in the link

Graf Heads / Interview: Ras Ka** - Let The Truth Be Told
« on: September 26, 2006, 06:10:42 PM »

don’t mess with dude.’ However, when business and greenbacks are concerned, a reaction must take place. Forced into a situation where something has to give, Ras Ka** has to defend himself because like Jay-Z said, “the streets is watching.”

Think about ever fight you heard about in school and everybody telling the story has a different depiction of what happened. That’s a lot of gossip to weed through. Now, think about when something happens on the streets. Everyone claims to have witnessed it and what and why everything went down. Finally, think about when something happens in the Hollywood world known as Hip-Hop. Exactly! You don’t know who’s telling the truth.

To make it a little easier on you to determine what’s real and what’s fake, Ras Ka** in his own words gives us a little background about somebody’s favorite rapper. How many people jumped him? If the song ‘Caution’ was made over two years ago why did Game decide to do something now? Was it about Game’s son? Why did Game fallout with his brother Big Fase? Those are some of the questions that Ras gives an answer too.

Read the whole thing here:

Battle One on One / Freddie Foxx plans a Rakim diss track
« on: September 26, 2006, 01:39:01 AM »

Freddie Foxxx

Someone is getting ready to do the absolutely unthinkable: call Rakim out on a record by name. It's not going to be anything like the subliminal sparring that was rumored to be going on between Rakim and Big Daddy Kane in the '80s. This person is going to dis the God, one of the greatest MCs ever. Who has enough courage to do so? None other than Mr. Fearless himself, Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles. The song is called "The King Is Down" and appears on his new LP, Amerikkkan Black Man.

"I will eat Rakim's a** alive on any record, any stage," Bumpy Knuckles a**erted recently. "When I finish with him, every bit of legendary status he had is gonna go out the window. I swear on everything I stand on, I will eat that n---a alive, bar by bar. I'll tell him to his muthaf---in' face."

So now you're gasping for air, and wondering why Freddie — a legendary hip-hop figure in his own right, who's earned respect for street pedigree as well as rap skills — is going at Ra. Well according to Foxxx, it goes back to the '80s in Wyandanch, New York, where Foxxx's rap team Supreme Force used to be competitive with Ra's team the Love Brothers. This was pre-Eric B. and Rakim.

"We got a history, you know. We got a real long history," Foxxx explained. "We from the same part of town. Ra has always had an attitude towards me that he was better than me — on the mic and more successful. How dare he think he can out-rhyme me. He has one style, that's all he's ever had."

What really got Foxxx upset, he said, was a Q&A with Rakim he read on hip-hop Web site Halftime Online. Rakim was asked about a battle that supposedly took place back in the day between the Love Brothers and Supreme Force squad.

"I never f---ing turned down a battle with that muthaf---er!" Rakim is quoted as saying. "Foxxx wasn't ferocious like that. Foxxx had two other cats that used to rhyme with him. They were a good group, but Foxxx wasn't ferocious like that baby pa."

"I read the article and it set me off," Foxxx said. "He said I'm 'not ferocious.' How dare he? His ego kicked in. I said I'm gonna let the world who he really is. People are only calling him a legend because of what he did with Eric B. Everything after that was wack. Nobody will say it to his face."

Foxxx said he's not sure when the dis record will be coming out, but his LP is slated for sometime in February. WWE champion John Cena and Talib Kweli rap on a record called "Give it to the A&R," while the Alchemist, Pete Rock, DJ Scratch and DJ Premier produced a myriad of the records.

"I'm too old to be chasing publicity," Foxxx said when asked if he really has a legitimate gripe with Rakim or if he's just doing it for hype for his album. "I don't need the publicity. I ain't no hater. But when I see he's so quick to always shoot me in the foot, enough is enough. Why would I want to get recognition on Rakim? He's nothing to me. Y'all see him differently than I do. On the song, I never called his name. We used to call him 'Pop' back in the day. I don't call him 'Rakim' on the record, I call him 'Pop.' "

Bumpy Knuckles also said he dares Rakim to come back at him on wax. "Turn your mic on, B," he said defiantly. "I want him to put me in my place."

Rakim is on tour and could not be reached for comment

Sounds like it started over some stupid ish

Hot Traxxx / AZ - The Format [Produced By DJ Premier][VIDEO]
« on: September 26, 2006, 01:29:33 AM »

His album ''The Format'' is set to be released on 7th Novemeber, spread the word & support real hip-hop.

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