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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Royce Da 5'9 in Jail
« on: September 26, 2006, 01:26:41 AM »
Royce going to jail for a year? Im curious what he did. From

Royce Da 5'9 in Jail

'We just got word that Royce Da 5'9 got arrested. Here is what NYTLYF said.

"Sorry to break the news to everyone. But Royce Da 5'9" just got locked up for a year 09/21/06. Dont ask why, thats his personal business ( this info isnt really supposed to be public yet but people have to know why hes gonna be missing in action). So true Royce Fans show some support on this and go out and buy his albums and material. He leaves behind his family for a year and he wont be droppin a album anytime soon, unless he gets out ealry which might happen or might not. Please show support and dont be pissed by the mistakes we all make, i know alot of you have been waiting on his album and mixtape material just keep waiting and show your support. We will try to keep new materail coming out from the Don Royce Da 59 aka The Boss Aka The General Of The MIC. Its up to him on what happens now. Im pretty sure close friends and Family will be able to see him. So we will keep you updated on this. Say A Prayer ! holla

We will have Free Royce t-shirts soon. Please show support on this posted by : NYTLYF" We'll have more information regarding this soon as it comes in.'

This info isn't supposed to be out, and Royce himself asked that the info be removed from An official statement will be released later though

General Discussion / What Is Up With AG?
« on: September 24, 2006, 08:15:52 PM »
I haven't been a member for too long, but I've been coming to AG for a while. This site is starting to bore me, I mean, just look at the topics y'all are one about! I mean WTF! All this gay-unit, Game shit you post here. And WTF is the deal with bitchin all the time on this site . BTW i know that's what I'm doing right now.

My point is stop making dumb threads and talking about dumb shit.

Hot Traxxx / Canibus - Bar Warz (King Has Returned)
« on: September 22, 2006, 08:56:27 PM »

Word from Canibus

""After I created BAR WAR I sat down and looked at if for what it was worth. 400 bars structured as 200 bars accompanied by it's 200 bar twin. Priceless in my opinion. I could have done 600 bars by writing 200 bars and 2 identical twins or 1000 bars w/ 5 fraternal quintuplets. To some of you this is just rap but to me it has always been bigger than that. BAR WAR cheats time. Therefore it is ETERNAL. I am human but I have discovered an ETERNAL rhyme. Who else in HIP HOP is trying this hard to do anything extraordinary. Your favorites have crossed the threshold of their goals and are bored w/ the music. I never quit any of you""

From Canibus WORLD.

P.S. Someone said Canibus said this aint bar war, but an introduce to bar war.

I knew Canibus is getting back.

Hot Traxxx / Jus Allah Back with JMT!!!
« on: September 21, 2006, 06:36:53 PM »
jus allah & vinnie paz - the rebirth
produced by STOUPE

The Rebuilding (Remix) Jus Allah & Vinnie Paz

Army of the pharaohs - when you need me

Army of the pharaohs - a man apart

Producers - Discussion / RJD2 Leaves Definitive Jux !!!
« on: September 17, 2006, 08:15:06 PM »
Exclusive: RJD2 Signs to XL, Ditches Hip-Hop

"I've gone rap free in 2006," claimed RJD2. The Columbus-by-way-of-Philadelphia producer spoke to Pitchfork earlier this week in about his currently-untitled third album, which will be released on the indie- and electronic-centric label XL, rather than RJ's longtime home of Def Jux. And instead of the sampledelic hip-hop/electronica of previous albums Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke, the new album was recorded with live instrumentation played entirely by RJ himself.

"Rhythmically, I feel like there's a continuous thread that would run throughout everying that I've done, and I'd like to think the new stuff still has that kind of emphasis on the rhythm section and groove," RJ said. "[But] there are a lot more songs in major keys. There are a lot more vocal harmonizations. I think it's a lot prettier than anything I've ever done. And it's all live. There's, like, one or two samples on there.

He said that, since he began, he wanted "to make pop music. The same shit everybody listens to: the Beatles, your Led Zeppelins, your Tears for Fears. And there are new groups: Elliott Smith or Dungen or Queens of the Stone Age. These are all groups that I feel make-- at the end of the day-- pop music. They do it with their own flavor and their own thing."

RJ learned to play most of the instruments on the record when he was in high school: "I went to a music school, a vocational school, [for] high school, where I had to take composition and music theory and keyboard lessons and play in a jazz combo." The idea for the new record, however, came to him during the recording of 2004's Since We Last Spoke, when he was "using samples that got more and more minute.

"I was looking for single note pa**ages that I could sample and then take apart note by note and then change the pitch and combine all of the notes just to build a chord, and it was just ridiculous. I could spend five hours going out buying records and then another three hours going through those records in hopes of maybe finding one tiny little guitar pa**age that [could] work. But if you already know what you're looking for, then it's like, 'Maybe I should spend a month getting my chops up on guitar.' So that kind of started me along, and plus, you have sample troubles or whatever, legal things.

"It's kind of like moving to a new city. Sometimes it's not one little thing. It's five reasons [that] all hit you at once: 'Hey you should move.' And when so many fingers are pointing you in a particular direction in life, it's kind of hard to feel like that's not a sign."

The musical move is not the only one RJ has made. Though he said there are "no problems of any sort" with Def Jux, he decided to shop his new material around, given its general non-hip-hop direction. A friend set up an interview with Kris Chen, who was at Domino at the time. "I liked Kris, and I felt really comfortable with him. He ended up moving to XL, and their direction and their vibe I really feel comfortable with, because it's got one foot in electronic music and one foot in rock music." When explaining that his agreement with the label is a full-blown contract rather than a single-album deal, RJ said, "I might be over there for a while."

The record itself has yet to be mixed, but the recording is complete at this point. There are no guests on the album, and there were 39 songs recorded for it, to be whittled down to 13 or 14. RJ was tight-lipped about specific details like the record's title and tracklist. "Not that it's a big deal, [but] I'm one of those guys that, if it changes, I feel like an a**hole. In the next two weeks to a month, I'll probably be mixing, and I should have the tracklist finalized and an album title."

He does have a tentative release date for the record: "Hopefully next year sometime, February/March/April-ish. If we're looking at May, I think that's kind of late."

RJ plans on touring in support of the record. "I have a lot of delusions in my head about how it's going to work. I had the idea of making a group where there's a drummer and then me and then two other people. I need two people that can play guitar and keyboards and sing harmony lines. [I want] an overload of keyboards and synthesizers on certain songs and then just a Brian May overload of guitar harmonies [on others]."

He is even looking forward to reworking some of his old songs in the new format. "That's where it gets fun. I've got all these DJ routines worked out for the old shit, and that's there to be used at any time. I want to use everything. We'd learn the new songs, and then, once the new songs are done, I basically want to work backwards, see if there are certain parts of old songs that could be learned. I want to play with the extremes of having a group. I'm a folk musician at the end of the day. I'm not particularly skilled at anything, but if I have one strong suit, I feel like it's arranging. Arranging a live show would be fun."

When asked whether or not he was finished making sample-based records for good, RJ said, "I don't know. If you're into apple pies for the last couple of weeks and you've been buying pies at the grocery store, it's kind of stupid to say, 'I'm never going to eat a cherry pie ever again.' So I don't want to make those kinds of a**essments."

He did say that he has "severely cut down on the freelance thing. I just feels sort of slutty. I started to feel like I was just contributing to this LEGOLAND music [where] Producer X sends a beat CD to Rapper Y, and Rapper Y goes through it and he finds beats and writes a bunch of sixteen bar verses and eight bar hooks. Sometimes, by the end of record, it just feels like everything is interchangeable. And sometimes it literally is."

He also had some harsh words for his own previous solo albums. "From an engineering standpoint, they're f***ing jokes. Deadringer was made on an ADAT, and it was mixed down on a Behringer mixing disk. This would be the equivalent of talking to Richard Simmons and being like, 'Okay, I'm trying to get healthy. I worked my way up to the Arch Deluxe for lunch, and I'm only having two sundaes. How am I doing?' And then with Since We Last Spoke, the whole thing was done in Pro Tools. From an engineering standpoint, I think the record sounds like it came out of a computer, and I don't like that."

According to RJ, "the two most important records that happened from 1998 to 2003" are D'Angelo's Voodoo and the Poets of Rhythm's Discern/Define. "The Poets of Rhythm really broke a huge barrier for me. Up until then, I was like, 'Nobody's [making] modern recordings that sound half decent. Even when you've got a good song, it sounds like shit.' And the Poets of Rhythm got me kind of geeked, [like] you know, it's possible." Thus, for the new record he is "using Pro Tools in the same way you would use a multi-track recorder. I'm not using any of the features in it."

Finally, RJ has not ruled out the possibility of collaboration in the future, though he would prefer "to do an integrated Nelly Furtado/Timbaland kind of thing. I feel like the watershed point for me is if the rapper would be willing to have me sing the hook. Not that I necessarily want to do that, but that's the kind of situation I want to be in, [where] somebody really trusts me. I need a buddy, a Pharrell to my Chad Hugo."

Battle One on One / BRING UR BEST DEAC.
« on: September 06, 2006, 06:22:17 PM »
Ok, no pron stars, lets see who has the best dimes. :twisted: BRING IT ON!!!

Just a preview 8O  :)  :D  :lol:  :twisted:

General Discussion / Cilvarings
« on: September 05, 2006, 06:30:57 PM »
New signing to Wu Tang

General Discussion / Mos Def Arrested
« on: September 02, 2006, 12:03:53 PM »
Mos Def was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct Thursday night after an unauthorized performance outside Radio City Music Hall during the Video Music Awards, police confirmed to MTV News.

According to authorities, the rapper pulled up in front of the venue in a flatbed truck around 10 p.m. for an impromptu show for the audience gathered outside. An NYPD spokesperson said officers asked Mos Def and members of his entourage to shut down their operation due to crowd conditions and the overall safety of everyone involved.

It wasn't clear whether Mos Def (real name: Dante Smith) ignored or refused the orders, the police spokesperson continued.

Sources close to the rapper said Mos Def was performing "Katrina Clap," a freestyle indictment of the Bush administration's slow response to last year's hurricane victims in New Orleans.

After Mos Def arrived at Radio City Music Hall with his team in tow, the source said, officers on the scene approached the truck inquiring about a permit. When police were told a permit was in possession, officers let the one-song performance continue.

The source said additional officers then approached the rapper demanding the operation be shut down immediately. The order wasn't communicated to Mos Def immediately, so the rapper didn't end his performance right away, the source said. Police then began to arrest members of the rapper's entourage, including his brother, according to the source. It was unclear whether or not a permit was granted.

Mos Def's publicist called the New York Police Department's treatment of the rapper excessive.

"Mos Def was unjustly arrested tonight while performing on a flatbed track in New York City outside the Video Music Awards," said Carleen Donovan. "Mos Def was not out to break any laws. His only goal was to heighten the awareness of a serious situation that still exists in our country. He does not want people to forget that although it's one year later, the people and cities hit by the hurricane still need the help of the American people."

Members of Mos Def's camp say they have the entire ordeal on tape and will publish the video, possibly on a Web site, to shed light on their side of the confrontation.

Mos Def was released early Friday morning (September 1).

Hot Traxxx / News on Canibal Ox
« on: August 25, 2006, 06:56:52 PM »

Can you leak some info about “Theme Songs, Cypher Unknown” and when it’s supposed to release?

Vast: Well, we’re about half way done with the record. The record is ridiculous. The title isn’t "Cypher Unknown", that was a tentative title. Just know that the album is coming through very well. Pete Rock already blessed us, and we’re gonna have blessings from Large Professor, RZA, and of course El-P, so it’s gonna be a crazy record. We’re not playin’. We’re coming through with the second record and it’s gonna be the most powerful thing in underground hip-hop. I say that very simply because that’s where we’re at right now. I’m doing a lot of stuff with Wu-Tang, The Roots, and Little Brother right now, so it’s a whole new day. There’s been a little slump in music, and we gotta show these kids how to rhyme again, man. Expect the new Cannibal Ox record sometime in 2007. I’m also about to drop a solo.

Giles: What are you gonna call that one?

Vast: The title is tentative right now, but the production is Bronze Nazareth, who is RZA’s underling. That’s RZA’s student and he’s almost done most of the record. I’m in the lab with that now.

Well, this is my most anticipated album at the moment. Cold Vein was a cla**ic imo. I would have loved another El-p produced album, but dayum...RZA, Pete Rock and Large Professor, the production here is going to be off the hinges. I have heard about this Bronze Nazareth guy, but I haven't actually heard his stuff, but if he's RZA's apprentice he can't be bad right? And judging by their debut, the lyrics will be fiya too.

Here comes another cla**ic. Just what hip hop needs

General Discussion / M.F. Grimm - American Hunger (CD Triple)
« on: August 13, 2006, 02:36:00 AM »
You guys owe me big time for this!

Producers: N/A
Label: Day By Day Entertainment
Release Date: 7/21/2006
Format: CD Triple

The incomparable MF GRIMM has done it! He has truly achieved the impossible. The one known as Mad Flows (“MF”) GRIMM has created an epic musical trilogy entitled American Hunger. The first triple CD in rap history will arrive in the form of the three essential daily meals: breakfast, lunch, and the last supper.
Each CD within the trilogy contains 20 tracks of outstanding lyrical dexterity, innovative song conceptualizing, and uninhibited raw emotion expressed over thick, grimy production saturated in soul music. The beats bang with incredible consistency on this record, a truly remarkable feat considering the daunting number of tracks.
Folks, all 60 songs are simply there on purpose! Filler? Sorry!! In the past, double CDs have often been critiqued as one album too long. With features from Large Professor, PMD of EPMD, Ill Bill, Mr. Met, Block McCloud, Nate Denver, Monsta Island Czars and many others, including production by St. Louis' up and comer DJ Crucial and Bay Area bombers DNAE and Architect along with a host of new boardsmen, this album is bound to have an impact on the Hip Hop industry as we know it.

Track List:

1. "American Hunger (Breakfast)"
2. "When Faith Is Lost"
3. "Page Six"
4. "The Life I Lead"
5. "Wonderland"
6. "Code Noir (Revenge of the Masked Avengers)"
7. "Right There"
8. "I Rather Be Wrong"
9. "Watch Out!"
10. "Yes or No"
11. "The Trees (feat. Baron from Red Clay)"
12. "The Path" (feat. M.I.C. (Monsta Island Czars))
13. "Still My Love"
14. "Steal It"
15. "My Mentality"
16. "A Mother's Heart"
17. "Street General"
18. "M.I.C.(feat Monsta Island Czars)"
19. "The Gingerbread Man"
20. "I Don't Know"

1. "American Hunger (Lunch)"
2. "Playground"
3. "Boing (feat. PMD and MF Mez)"
4. "It's No Secret"
5. "I Remember"
6. "United" (feat. Large Professor)
7. "I Love You"
8. "Traveling" (feat. Kurious)
9. "Delilah"
10. "Vultures"
11. "Everyone"
12. "Agony (No Jugamos)"
13. "Master Builders"
14. "Things I've Said (feat. Baron of Red Clay)"
15. "Broken Gla**es"
16. "Dark Skies (No Jugamos) (feat. Nate Denver, Bashton the Invizabul"
17. "Teacher"
18. "Crazy" (feat. Block McCloud)
19. "Who Rock (feat. Duece Gangsta)"
20. "f*** You"

Last Supper
1. "American Hunger (Last Supper)"
2. "Children Of Abel"
3. "Give"
4. "Adam and Eve"
5. "Lift Me Up (Snakes & Ladders)"
6. "Heaven Can Wait"
7. "Children of Cain"
8. "Revolution"
9. "Manhattan Murder (feat. MF Mez)"
10. "Karma" (feat. Block McCloud/Ill Bill)
11. "Government Of Deception"
12. "Brand New (feat. Monsta Island Czars)"
13. "No One"
14. "Elevate (feat. Majesty and Infinite Evolution)"
15. "Everything (feat. Block McCloud, Majesty, Mr. Met and Baron)"
16. "The Whole World (feat. Infinite Evol)"
17. "Ten Stories"
18. "Twin Peaks (feat. MF MEZ and Hasan Salaam)"
19. "Simple Rhyme"
20. "The Book Of Daniel (feat. MF Mez and Bashton The Invizabul Mang)"
^this link is to download all three cd's at once.

If you want i can give 1 link for each album

Humour / Jokes / Holy Mother Of Pain!!!
« on: August 09, 2006, 11:48:53 PM »

General Discussion / New Canibus Track
« on: July 29, 2006, 02:43:09 PM »
Props to whoever upped this at Canibus-Central. Shit is nice!! Canibus will be bringing it his all on his supposed last solo release and this is just a tease.

The cd is called St Caesar Germanicus, and its supposed to be his last solo release according to an interview he did.

Battle One on One / step up to grip da pen (who wanna battle?)
« on: July 24, 2006, 08:23:23 PM »
some rulz
5-8 bars (i.e. 10-16 lines)
no biting
no feeding
no hating
no dick riding

Producers - Discussion / New GZA Album
« on: July 24, 2006, 08:13:59 PM »

A new GZA/Genius album has been confirmed!

We can not tell you too many details at this moment about this album, other than Its scheduled for a possible October 2006 release on record label Liquid Swords Entertainment/Babygrande. Check the email directly from Dreddy Kruger for more info...

Peace 36, Yes It Is A Real Album Coming Out From Gza....the title of the album is not confirmed yet & it will be coming out on LIQUID SWORDS ENTERTAINMENT/BABYGRANDE the album will b A&R By DREDDY KRUGER & Trust me it will b something special ; I cant really give to many details yet about features & producers yet; But The album will have a few surprises for sure..& it will b a CD a Storybook & a Short Film...
This sounds really interesting. His last album was very solid, although I don't think that the mix with Muggs is the greatest for GZA. I'm excited about this though.

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