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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / HHP on Strictly Come Dancing
« on: June 01, 2007, 09:40:41 AM »
i thought this was jus a rumour but its true!
jabbaman is contestin for the title on this season of strictly come dancing! :lol:

i saw his fat a** tryin to look sexy in a penguin suit last night :lol:  :lol:

hahahahhhahaha!!!!! ive never cracked up so much in my life! hahhahaha!!!!!! god damn! that shit was so pussy!hahahahaha!!!
is this what yall niggas call SA hiphop!
first it was PRO on jika ma jika,
now jabba is on strictly come dancin!
oh shit! :D  :D  :D

im takin over this shit!
this SHIT has to STOP man! :lol:
no wonder the whole country on strike! LOL!
get Jabba off the dancefloor! nigga was tryin to TANGO! :twisted:

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / hiphop sales-lol KRS
« on: May 31, 2007, 01:30:46 PM »
Hip Hop Sales: Week Ending 5/7/2007
May 30th, 2007 | Author: Slava KupersteinThe hip hop charts this week start off with Young Jeezy and U.S.D.A. debuting at #4 with Cold Summer selling 95k in its first week. 6 spots below is Ne-Yo, whose album Because of You moves another 40k ths week, edging the R&B singer closer to gold (435k overall). Coming in at #15 are Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, with Strength & Loyalty selling 33k this week (206k overall).
Also debuting this week are Lil' Boosie & Webbie, taking the #17 spot. Their album Survival of the Fittest manages to move 30k units in its first week. It looks like Akon's Konvicted is finally starting to lose some steam, as it moves further away from the top 10. The album comes in at #19, with 28k on the week (2.3 million overall).
Timbaland continues his steady decline as Shock Value drops from #33 to #38, with 14k on the week (343k overall). Young Buck's story on the charts is much the same, as Buck The World drops 14 spots to #71 with 9k on the week (321k overall). Another debut this weeks is Shady Records' very own Cashis, whose County Hounds EP comes in at #106, with only 6k on the week.
Hip hop legends KRS One and Marley Marl's album Hip Hop Lives debuts at #140 on Koch with 5k. Koch lablemate Duke Da God's Dipset: More than Music, Vol. 2 continues its decline as it drops a mind-boggling 70 spots to #157, with only 4k this week (36k overall).

Hot Traxxx / SYKE!!!!!!!!
« on: May 22, 2007, 12:27:50 PM »
:D f*** all the haters!!!!!! its CRACK!
hahahaha! niggas take shit too serious!!!!!!!

but yeah! i quit the old AG, this is the new AG, matter fact its the new AGE!!!!
f*** it, matter fact its the CRACK AGE!!!!!!

and sensei! u forgettin! i aint got no motherf***in friends!!!!!!
i respect Ex cos he makin moves in the game and he swimmin against the stream! he got it harder!
i dont make friends, i make business a**ociates!!!!!

to squash all this garbage!
KRS gets props for his contribution to HIPHOP!
but no props for fallin off! his MESSAGE has gotten blurred away by the likes of Nelly! i dont like it either! but however u look at it! krs has become an unheard entity in hiphop lately! its sad but its REALITY!(11 million people listen to nelly, bout 50-100,000 still know KRS exists)

we all bout keepin it REAL......right?
he played his part!
now its time for ME to play MY part while ya'll debate about it!

if u dont listen to that POTENT COKE SHIT cos of my attitude! then u a pussy cos u let me get control over ya emotions!!!!
thats childish dog!
i know u love my shit! thats why i say it!

we movin like the MOB nigga! we dont give a f***! ask the nigga who tried to front! he got an uppercut and a air force 1 imprint on his a** courtesy of Young Zooloo!

what the haters fail to realise is we makin profits! while they jus hatin for free! yall generatin income for us! THANK YOU! :wink:

the mixtape is officially out next week! if all goes as scheduled,we'll be sellin em at State Theatre this weekend at the Cap City hiphop event happenin! we gon be everywhere pushin UNITS! watch n learn! the streets BEEN waiting!

all the talkin is over now! we in the next phase! MOVIN UNITS in the STREETS!!!!!!! we mobilisin! we been in the trenches now we movin in for the kill! its war maf***ers! no retreat no surrender!

« on: May 15, 2007, 08:13:47 AM »
yo heads up all yall producers!
im meeting up with the r&b supergroup jamali at the crackhouse tonight and will be shopping them some beats for their next upcoming album!

if anybody got any tight beats that they can f*** wit, not that f***ed up underground shit bitches! :lol:  send em to me and i'll let em hear em!


« on: May 14, 2007, 03:44:55 PM »
jus kiddin yall!

but i met the dude on sat after his metro interview!
he was feelin that CRACK! so heres an exclusive! WE WORKIN ON SOMETHIN! watch the SPACE!

General Discussion / WHAT THE f*** HAPPENED TO YOU???
« on: May 04, 2007, 09:54:45 AM »
damn homey,last album u almost was the man homey/
what the f*** hapened to you?

yo man im puttin out an APB on mr selwyn man! where the f*** is he at?
didnt he release an album in december or somethin? god damn! nigga dissappeared like houdini! WTF is goin on man! i guess it dont end wit biggie n pac! rappers is dissappearin now! :lol:

wtf happened to mizchif! hahaahaa!
my man! where u at? :D

somebody enlighten me! ARE SA rappers GETTIN BODIED by the SCORPIONS or somethin! or is it IZINYOKA :lol:

lets solve this mystery before its YOU!
what happened to Ramesh? wheres Wikid? wtf happened with jubjub? turned around ,looked back, and ....poof!..he gone!!!!!

this shit scary B! :lol:
anyone know where hidden force went???? SA hiphop!

« on: April 30, 2007, 08:02:51 AM »
wadup f***ers!
get the f*** up! youre in the presence of greatness! YUP!

YO BONDIZZO good lookin man! u got sum beats man!u hustlin man! pushin keys n shit! :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
ima lace em real heavy! thats comin up in the new dose of crack! ONE!!!!!
yo this nigga bondizzo a  gamer for real! :D  got that XBox on lock! nice studio setup too! nigga aint playin! :lol:

holler at my nigga CUPID, we gots to cook sum shit up TOMORROW!!!!!

ITS THAT ccccCCCCRACK!!!!!!!!!!!

« on: April 26, 2007, 05:05:53 PM »
Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 4/22/2007
April 25th, 2007 | Author: Slava KupersteinRounding out the top 10 this week is Timbaland, whose album Timbaland Presents: Shock Value slips from #5 with 39k on the week (236k to date). Right beneath him is Robin Thicke, whose Evolution of Robin Thicke jumps from #19 to #11 with 38k on the week (981k total). Look for Mr. Thicke to go platinum next week.
Paul Wall is having a little trouble, though he remains in the top 20 - barely. Coming in at #20 is his album Get Money, Stay True, with 27k total this week, 156k overall. MIMS is having a rough go of it as well, as Music is My Savior drops from #32 to #41 with 16k units moved this week.
Young Jeezy holds on to the #55 spot this week, after having gone platinum last. Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102 pushes another 11k, bringing the Snowman's total to 1 million and change. Four spots below are the Gym Cla** Heroes with As Cruel As School Children raking in another 10k (299k overall).
Continuing last week's slowly increasing trend, Musiq Soulchild manages to move up 6 spots to #29, with Luvanmusiq selling 20k copies this week (306k overall). Crime Mob enjoys a little success as well, as their album Hated on Mostly movesfrom #133 to #127, with 6k this week (57k overall).
Finally, it seems as if all the hip hop controversy of late has helped Snoop Dogg, whose Blue Carpet Treatment is back on the charts at #199, with 4k on the week (849k overall). It looks like speaking his mind on the issue of rappers calling women "bitches" and "hoes" has garnered the Boss Dogg some new fans.


jubjub comin strong although being dropped from sheer music has managed to move 15 units this week together with Zubs the last letter with headphone music in a parallel world(finally got it right :wink: ). Proverb moves another ma**ive 32 copies this week!

Flabbalicious(heita holla)ridin high on his sama win manages to move 50 copies this week and prokid still dropping this week secures 5 copies sold of DNA(he only had 2 weeks to do the album :o ). Optical Illusion just short of prokid with 3 copies sold(in total, 3 copies sold so far :lol: )

and that about sums it up this week with Nemza, pitchblack afro and  everybody else not selling a single copy. hahaahhahahahaha!

jus playin fellas! :wink:

« on: April 26, 2007, 02:25:59 PM »
the hummer H3 will be goin for between R374000 - R444750 in 5 of the local GM dealerships! so u still think we cant be rollin in HUMMERS MAN!? :lol:

watch the space, im doublin up on my money makin schemes!
ima cop that shit! WORD TO MOTHER!!!!!!! :wink:

Media / 187a**asinates himself
« on: April 25, 2007, 03:37:36 PM »

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / SHOT AT MARS CLONE
« on: April 20, 2007, 11:52:07 AM »
naw man! i wasnt dissin 187! that nigga kills me! :lol: i was playin wit him! u dont hear him retaliating! u(mars clone) probly hav a crush on him,thats why u jumping in his defense! hahahahha! u jus exposed yaself!

ps. i dont do internet battles man! i was talkin bout a live battle!
guess u got a 5 yr head start! :lol:  u gon need it biatch! im on a level LYRICALLY way beyond u! thats why i can say IM THE SHIT! u still need approval! shame!

if u been battlin so long! arent u tired of it yet! grow up man! lets SEE WHO SELLS MORE RECORDS!!!!! f***ing pussy!!!!!!

heres my shit! post urs too! we'll see whose hotter!


(beat jacked from hype sessions latest-the intro)

pyramid scheme_CASH.mp3

whats my name_CASH.mp3

beginning of the end
Young Zooloo
produced by CASH for DC/THE CONSORTIUM

Cash,Young Zooloo,Koli the Kid NO 1 HIT ON NATIONAL HIPHOP CHARTS!!! 2007produced by CASH for DC/THE CONSORTIUM

Koli the Kid,Cash featuring Xplicit
produced by CASH for DC/THE CONSORTIUM

vodka and hennessey
Cash,Young Zooloo, Koli the Kid
produced by CASH for DC/THE CONSORTIUM

rise of a king_CASH.mp3
Description: produced by CASH for DC/TheCons

ghetto karmasutra(crack boombap)_KOLI_ZOOLOO_CASH_LYNX.mp3
Description: produced by CASH for DC/TheCons(keys by APES for TheCons)

Description: beat from proverbs STREET MUSIC

Description: beat from tumi\'s RAP101

do me!(hiphop).mp3
produced by CASH for DC/Cons(inspired by Nthabi's HIPHOP)

i know u gon like it.mp3
produced by Caveman for Landmynz

inspired by Morale's Polygamy

violent change feat.big BUFF.mp3
produced by CASH for DC/Cons (NATIONAL HIPHOP TOP TEN!!! 2007 ALL TIME AG CLa**IC! :D )

*bonus track*dont stop2 _CASH(for DirtyCashMixtape vol.1).mp3
produced by CASH for DC/Cons and IGHO for IGHO Productions

*bonus track*get on the flo_CASH feat IGHO(for the DirtyCashMixtape vol.1).mp3
produced by CASH for DC/Cons

*bonus track*gimme that_KOLI feat CASH.mp3
inspired by Chris Browns GIMME THAT

*bonus track*metroFM(rhyme and reason)_rap_jingle.mp3produced by CASH for DC/Cons

NO 1 HIT ON NATIONAL HIPHOP CHARTS!!2006 BITCH!!!!*bonus track*WHuP_CASH(for the DirtyCashMixtape vol.1).mp3
produced by CASH for DC/Cons


« on: April 19, 2007, 09:58:46 AM »
Young Buck: The Aftermath
April 18th, 2007 | Author: Kevin Clark1 | 2 | 3 |  View All Pages
There are those who think that the Titanic known as G-Unit is about to hit an iceberg. With Tony Yayo fighting claims on a**aulting a child and record sales as a whole plummeting, the flagship label home to 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and others seem to really be going the way of the lemming. Tie in The Gameís allegiance to Jimmy Henchmen and you have the re-ignition of an almost three year (or more) beef with the Queenís founded crew.
Not one to ever hold his tongue is Young Buck. Buck, AKA, The Clean-Up Man is irate. Angered, not in an enraged sense, but more focused on getting the air cleared with his position with G-Unit. Mr. Jackson was recently quoted saying that Buckís appearance on his new album was unlikely and Spider Loc dropped Buckís name in a freestyle diss song.
HHDX has all the questions and Young Buck graciously sits down with some very revealing answers. In this exclusive interview, the Tennessee Titan explains his status with G-Unit, fires a few shots at The Game and elaborates on there being only two ways heíd leave G-Unit.
HHDX: How are you doing today, man?
YB: Man, Iím cool, man.
HHDX: In the last interview that I read on you, you had recently said that you and The Game had came to a mutual understanding. But after the Yayo/Jimmy Henchmen incident he seemingly brought you back into the fray in his song ďBody Bags.Ē What is the status between you two now?
YB: We came to a mutual understanding. That understanding was, ďYou do you without putting our name in your mouth and weíll do the same.Ē He broke that deal and went back on his word. He came out with that mix tape song and dissed us right back. So, at the end of the day, I made an effort to get an understanding about the ďbeefĒ with Game and G-Unit. It was a situation between him and my big homeboy [50 Cent]. He agreed with the understanding, but he didnít follow through with his word. He allowed the world to see the bi-polar in himself! Now, itís up to the fans or listeners of this music to look at Game for what he is doing. You listen to his music and you either take him seriously or not! Iíve made a real conscious street effort to understand this guy. Heís just putting his real character out there. So, [to Game] deal with the goons, Iíll just try to keep it off of you [laughs]. His strength comes from the people that he has around him. But I have to say, Game, you canít sleep with those people in your bed. You have to instill your own principles in your own heart. Iím a soldier to my crew G-Unit and thatís for life! But you can definitely see that bi-polar in The Game. But heís making moves that is furthering his own career, thereís not much more that I can say about that guy.
HHDX: Was there any truth to the two of you recording a track together when the beef was squashed? YB: Nah, never, bruh! I always tripped off of that because we never had a conversation to the point to where we could get into the studio together. Our situation wouldíve made it to the point to where we can be in the same video or something, but homeboy is digging his own grave. A lot of credible, reputable guys are getting fed up with him. You can only burn so many bridges until you collapse with it. Iím putting it all in Godís hands. I have something in my hands that could damage his career. But Iím trying to tell him to watch himself. Iím a G for real.
HHDX: You were very vocal on how that situation played out and how wrong it was if Yayo was the one behind the incident. Has that strained your relationship with 50 and G-Unit?
YB: I think that pretty much thatís the reason why the radio got the conversation that they got from 50. I was vocal about the situation about a man putting his hand on a child. It got misinterpreted and it seemed as if I was talking about my manís [Yayo] putting his hand on Henchmenís son. I know 100% that he didnít do that. 50 is still my boss and I understand that he has a meaning behind everything, but youíll never get a situation where Iím beefing with my boss. Iím a real dude, man! I respect it when Iím right and when Iím wrong. The day I leave G-Unit is either when Iím in the penitentiary or in the casket, man. Donít think 50 is not standing behind everything that Iím doing. Heís letting the world know that Iím my own man. At my label, Cashville Records, I just signed The Outlawz, C-Bo and 6-1-5. Heís [50] going to drop the coldest album in twelve weeks. So, for all those who are hating right now, just know that weíre doing good at what we do.
HHDX: Well, 50, mainly, usually wants people to follow his lead. It was one of the reasons why The Game left. So, as a leader, yourself, how do you stay loyal to G-Unit and manage to not get involved with the pointless bullshit? YB: Simple manÖ I remain loyal to my crew. So, you know that what comes along with them comes with Buck. I always want to stand on the right side regardless. I stand 100% behind them, even when theyíre wrong. But it feels better when itís right. Iíve always been down for them. Loyalty is everything! The key to the game, I think, when dealing with a successful group as big as G-Unit, is to stay away from those who wish to divide and conquer us. 50 instilled this in us a long time ago. Weíre ten years ahead of this shit, bruh! Weíre just enjoying the transition. People are thinking that G-Unit is bullshittiní, but watch out, we got some heat for yíall. Weíre moving right now.
HHDX: Youíre able to stand out on your own as a certified star. So, hypothetically, if G-Unit/50 Cent were to ďdropĒ you in a sense Ė what would you do from there? YB: Iím so established in these streets that my career would continue. I love the music, so I can never stop doing that. My situation would continue to improve. I would be more of my own boss, more or less than become a part of anything else. I would make it to where I have my own thing established to do my own thing. At this point, bruh, youíll never get that! Thatíll never be reality because I wonít ever allow it. Iíve always voiced with 50 since day one. The natural way weíve always seen things is that when an artist gets so big they divide themselves. But as I say, as far as us, weíll stay together for life. Weíre our own men, you know? The older I get the more mature I am. At the end of the day, Iím always going to be tied to 50 Cent. Thereís nothing that anyone can say that can pull me away from him. He took me from a position where I was in and he pulled me out of that. That respect alone allows me to handle whatever. Heíll never do anything to disrespect me as a man. All we can do is just move forward and Iíll take the bitter with the sweet.
HHDX: Spider Loc spit, ďI ain't Yukmouth, I'm not Budden/I ain't Young Buck either, I'm not budging,Ē on his ďToe TagzĒ song. What are your thoughts about it? YB: A lot of people hit me up with that, Loc was speaking on the sense of that all these guys resolved their situations with Game. Ask Loc about me in the streets and heíll let me know what heís seen with me. Thatís my dude to the death! Thatís how we rock. I introduced him to 50 Cent! We rap, we say things and they get relayed differently, sometimes. But this is not a diss record to BuckÖ might be to Game, but not me. Itís strictly for Game.
HHDX: With all of this situation brewing and speculation going all over the place, 50 was recently quoted saying that an appearance from you on his next album is ďunlikely.Ē But Eminem stated that youíll probably not be dropped from G-Unit Records. So, what is going on at the label? YB: Iíll never leave G-Unit! Weíre indebted for life. Regardless of what 50 is saying. I can understand what it is. At this point, itís just about our ways remaining loyal to everything. My crew is G-Unit, maíf***iní, Shady/Aftermath. G-Unit as a company isnít and has never went anywhere. Iím the clean-up man. My album did 140,000 in its first week. That was enough to go number one in the country. Everyone realizes that itís not the album thatís f***ed up; itís pretty much the whole downloading thing. Everyone is experiencing that. But whoís going to grind it out? Cla**ic material speaks for itself. Weíre making sure that everything we drop is cla**ic material. That right there is going to make us do the numbers. My company is good, weíre all rich. Weíre cleaning house with a lot of maíf***as. Heís [50] given enough time and money to let them do what theyíre going to do. If they canít meet the standards, then I understand that. Iím learning everything from 50. I got a big sponge in my pocket. I turn into a person who is soaking up a lot of game from a dude who has a lot to spit. If any artist from G-Unit canít hold up their end, then I can understand that. I had a million dollars in this shit before I started f***ing with 50. Weíre all paid! Even Gameís sucka-a** came away with a few hundred thousand dollars in jewelry. If youíre not a real individual, then you wonít be able to handle being in G-Unit. If they fallout with 50, theyíre just not a real maíf***a. Iím-a keep it 100% with you, Kev, he [50] taught me how to be more straight forward about shit. 50 got trust issues with people, heíll tell you straight up that heís not going to f*** with you. Iím learning a lot from him. From there, Iím going to keep it moving. If you f*** with anybody, Iíll show you where Iím at. If you f*** with them, straight up and down, Iím planting this in the streets Ė Game has exposed his bi-polar self to the world. If he wants to keep playing with the music, Iíll give it to him. Iíll take all that. You canít f*** with 50 Cent, Game! His [Game] shit flopped. He didnít have a cool first week. Thatís not a cla**ic album. The proof is in the pudding. Iím going to slaughter him in the mix tape world. He thinks that heís affecting people in the world. Heís having a conversation with me about squashing beef and then turns around and says, ďf*** G-Unit.Ē He thinks people accept that. But people start to look at him like heís not a real dude.
HHDX: So, point blankÖ will you be on 50ís next album?
YB: Hell yeah, Iím on the next single. Thatís my gotdamn dog. End of the day, man, the day youíll see Buck away from G-Unit is either death or the penitentiary.

CASH: 50 gets 25% from GAYMEs 900000 sales and 25% for the next 3 albums!
whose the real biatch in this situation? hahahha! no other than the change of heart butterfly gangster - GAYME! :lol:
if he killed G unit already.....why does he keep doin more diss tracks!?
50 album COMIN!

Media / SALES(US)
« on: April 19, 2007, 09:20:19 AM »
Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 4/15/2007
April 18th, 2007 | Author: Slava KupersteinThings are looking up from the lackluster sales of last week as Timbaland keeps the #5 spot with Timbaland Presents: Shock Value hauling it in at 58k this week, bringing its total to 196k overall. Young Buck refuses to lose momentum as Buck The World moves up 2 spots this week to #15, moving 31k this week (227k total).Paul Wall is certainly getting his money as Get Money, Stay True slips out of the top 10 but lands in the #13 spot, moving 36k this week. MIMS slips 11 spots to #32 as Music is My Savior sells 21k this week, with 144k overall.
R&B and Soul are doing well this week, as Akon, Musiq Soulchild and Corinne Bailey Rae all enjoy boosts. Akon, who rarely (if ever) strays from the top 10 moves to the #3 spot, with Konvicted hauling it in big time this week, with 59k in its 22nd week. To date, Konvicted has sold 2.1 million. After a steep drop last week, Musiq Soulchild is up a little this week at the #35 spot, with Luvanmusiq selling 18k (285k overall). Corinne Bailey Rae's self-titled album moves up 17 spots to #26, selling 23k (1.4 million overall).
Prodigy isn't faring so well, as the NY emcee plummets all the way to #166 from #116. Return of the Mac only moves 5k this week, sitting at a meager 41k. Devin the Dude isn't doing much better as Waitin' To Inhale drops to the #153, selling 5k this week.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / CALLING OUT NAMES!!!!
« on: April 16, 2007, 11:48:48 AM »
yo Explicit!
whats this sudden BEEF all about!


did u use the WORD nigga again! :lol:

where is the love? :D

Media / BUCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: March 30, 2007, 10:09:08 AM »
Young Buck - Buck The World
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 | Author: William E. Ketchum III

Aside from Mr. Jackson himself, Young Buck seems to be the member with the least questions. Contemplation on whether the Memphis, Tennessee MC would fit in with the East Coast aesthetic of G-Unit was quelled with his performance on the groupís Beg For Mercy album, his solo talents were proven with  Straight Outta Cashville debut, and his street cred was famously verified at the VIBE Awards a few years ago. Considering G-Unitís present losing streakóalbums from Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep, Lloyd Banks each flopped, respectivelyóthey need Buckís workhorse consistency to help pull them out of their rut. With Buck The World, Young Buck continues to provide all of the answers.

A pleasant surprise on Buckís sophomore set is a rejuvenated embrace of his southern roots ,with much of the discís production and guest list. While much of Straight Outta Cashville focused on the contrast between G-Unitís NY grit and Buckís southern drawl, Buck The World sees Buck prospering in his own element. Lil Jonís bouncy Money Good is a just-add-water strip club anthem, Pocket Full of Paper sees DJ Toompís tried and true synthesizers continuing to work to perfection, and Polow Da Donís minimalistic horns and ba** on Get Buck sound like theyíre straight from an HBCUís marching band. Buck keeps the theme with his artist collaborations as well, piling 8Ball & MJG, UGK (each member on separate tracks), Young Jeezy, and T.I. on four tracks drunken with southern comfort. Unlike his Unit bretheran, Buck has always existed outside of his clique and this shows in the one and only G-Unit guest spot. The collabo in question comes from 50 Cent on the Dr. Dre produced Hold On, a trumpet fueled track with swagger for days.

Buck still displays his production adaptability and song versatility throughout the album. He easily shifts between the previous southern numbers, the west coast G-Funk on Haters,  and Hi-Tekís midwestern guitar licks on I Ainít f***in With You. Buck also shows multiple dimensions lyrically. Expectedly, Clean Up Man and Buss Yo Head are filled with generic gangsterims, and the Letoiya Williams-featured U Ainít Goin Nowhere is an enjoyable (albeit unoriginal) ladiesí joint. But instead of the usual, obligatory single heartfelt track, Buck opens up on several instances. Buck The World features him recounting his days of struggling with empty pockets, complete with a well-placed and performed hook by Lyfe Jennings. Buck tells the story of a black girl lost and touches on a laundry list of familial issues on Slow Ya Roll, and on the closing Lose My Mind, Buck manically yells his frustrations over a murky backdrop by Eminem. On his more personal tracks, Buck seems to genuinely struggle between maintaining his hard, nonchalant persona and expressing how he really feels, giving himself vulnerability unseen by his G-Unit cohorts.

The flaws in Buck The World are debatable. While Buckís versatility serves him well, none of his subject matter is anything new, and he doesnít retread traditional ground much better than anyone else. However, Buck makes up for a lack of originality and artistry with a consistent bar-to-bar tenacity, charisma that appropriately seesaws for the occasion, and his gruff, southern drawl that somehow sounds perfect on every track. Buck doesnít seem to be aiming to break any molds, or to push the envelope; heís just being himself, and in that quest, missionís accomplished.

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