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General Discussion / Battle For Bloem
« on: December 17, 2008, 09:56:07 AM »
Both the ruling ANC and the newly formed Congress of the People held rallies in Bloemfontein, where they both proclaimed themselves the true defenders of the country’s constitution .

ANC president Jacob Zuma urged war veterans of the ANC’s erstwhile military wing, Mkhonto weSizwe (MK), to defend the ANC against attempts to divide it.

Speaking at a rally celebrating MK’s 47th anniversary, he said — in what can be taken as a reference to the challenge posed by Cope — that MK had been established to “defend the people” and hasten the journey to freedom.

The ANC, Zuma said, needed MK soldiers to defend it once more from attempts to divide the party.

“We must defend our hard-won democracy and our country’s constitution. We must defend our democratic institutions and ensure that they are never, ever used to fight factional political battles,” Zuma told a 13000-strong crowd at Seisa Ramabodu stadium.

He was speaking minutes after Cope leader Mosiuoa “Terror” Lekota told his party’s inaugural conference that there was a “crisis” of leadership in the ANC.

Cope, he suggested, would, as its first priority, defend the constitution from attack by the ruling party.

Responding to Zuma’s call, the chairman of the MK Military Veterans’ a**ociation, Kebby Maphatsoe, said the veterans were ready to defend the party from attacks.

“We are ready for war and nobody must stand in our way when we mobilise for the ANC,” he said.

On the closing day of its conference at the University of the Free State, Cope received a major boost when anti-apartheid cleric Allan Boesak and his wife, Elna, joined the party, triggering cheers and rousing applause.

Boesak, who was immediately given the podium, wasted no time in attacking the ruling party and offering to campaign for Cope.

“ I am going to serve my country, if you can find a position where I can serve my country, but I cannot serve within the ranks of the ANC anymore,” he said.

“There are just too many things that leave me uncomfortable; that would make it difficult to defend that image [of the ANC] in public.”

Boesak suggested that the Zuma- led ANC would destroy the country if Cope did not challenge it.

“South Africa is not destined for destruction. We have a God-given destiny to fulfil and the time to fulfil that destiny is now.

“You are part of this moment of destiny. You are part of this tidal wave of the future, you are part of the sanctuary of hope we are offering South Africa’s people,” Boesak said.

Though promising to lock horns in the battle for votes, the leaders of both parties conceded that they had made mistakes .

Zuma said: “We might not have balanced our governance and party work well. In this context, all who led the ANC in the past 15 years should take collective responsibility for any possible weaknesses, as well as take credit for the successes.”

Lekota admitted to journalists that some of the policies of the government in which he had participated since 1994 have not worked.

Cope’s conference ended on a high note yesterday with delegates singing and dancing in celebration of the confirmation of Lekota as their presidential candidate .

Some of Cope’s delegates could not hold back tears when popular musician Zwai Bala, now a Cope member, led them in an emotional rendition of Josh Groban’s hit You Raise Me Up.

Before the start of yesterday’s proceedings, Cope delegates marched around the university campus, chanting slogans ridiculing Zuma.

They chanted “i-Cope ayina shower!” [Cope has no shower] in reference to Zuma’s controversial statements during his rape trial. Zuma was acquitted of the charges.

After the conference, Cope members packed Bloemfontein’s cricket stadium, which has a capacity of about 10000.

At the MK rally, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema urged the war veterans to heed Zuma’s call to defend the party.

He promised that the veterans would be included in the party’s list of nominees for seats in parliament.

“They [the veterans] will defend Zuma, the legacy of the late Chris Hani.

“We are proud of you — as poor as you are — and will put you in the ANC national list to parliament,” Malema said.

General Discussion / 2008 was 200-Great
« on: December 12, 2008, 01:07:21 PM »
Just thought we should have a recap of all the crazy/cool/memorable things that happened in 2008.

I think the best part of 2008 for me was pulling out in my BMW and hittin 240 on the highway, and all the love we have received this year from all our fans was inspiring!

Also working on my album has been amazing in terms of my artistic growth.

Please no hate on this thread! Just ignore or add your memorable moments!

General Discussion / CASH - How to get in Shape part 1
« on: December 08, 2008, 08:02:53 AM »
Yall know that December is the season to be jolly, hit the beach and straight up look SEXY for the ladies(and ladies look SEXY for the fellas), so i'm compiling a little crash course for all my niggas who aint quite in good shape right now.

If you're on Facebook, check out part 1 to the 5 part series from dem Crackboys:

CASH - How to get in Shape part 1

General Discussion / 16 Days of Activism against Abuse
« on: December 04, 2008, 08:31:36 AM »
Whats Cracking AGians, I just wanted to share something with you all.

Imagine if, for 16 days, there was no rape, no child abuse, no sexual hara**ment, no emotional abuse. *Thats whats Cracking*

The 16 Days of Activism campaign challenges South Africans to declare a truce on violence against women and children - and, ultimately, to make it a permanent one.

Around the country, South Africans are being called on to combat violence against women and children. For the eighth year, SA is taking part in the global 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women campaign, which runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) through to International Human Rights Day on December 10.

SMS '16 Days' to 31616 and stand to win big prizes.

The R5 cost of your SMS will be matched by the Foundation for Human Rights and used by organisations working with victims of violence. 
Although the global campaign focuses on violence against women only, South Africa added children to its campaign because of the high incidence of child abuse in the country.

South Africa is still home to high levels of violence against its women and children, despite a world-renowned Constitution and a legislative overhaul that safeguard women's rights.

This year the campaign, coordinated by the Department of Correctional Services, is popularising the white ribbon as a symbol of personal and organisational commitment to the eradication of violence against women and children.

Sign the post card pledge
Sign the online pledge against women and child abuse, and help raise funds for organisations that support survivors of abuse. 
The white ribbon, according to the department, symbolises the commitment of the wearer to "never commit or condone violence against women and children, and to speak out about violence where they see it."

The campaign also aims to:

-Generate greater awareness of the negative impact of violence on the development of women and children.
-Stress the importance of partnerships between government and civil society in eradicating women and child abuse.
-Involve men and boys as crucial role-players in the eradication of violence against women and children.
-Provide victims and survivors of violence with information about legislative services and other mechanisms put in place by the government to ameliorate the impact of violence on their lives.
-Raise funds for non-governmental and community-based organisations working with victims and survivors of violence.

General Discussion / Coalition
« on: November 17, 2008, 04:24:13 PM »
SA Hiphop has come a long way, with many ups and downs, many friendships and beefs, many positive moves and many mistakes.

I think we can all agree that we have all learned very valuable lessons in the past 5-10 years.

Hiphop has reached the point where it now has the ability to change form. ie to evolve. It is now inevitable that we change our mindsets as well.

It is a great time for unity in the game.
Record labels have lost the power to dictate what direction hiphop should go in South Africa. We have all learned to empower ourselves and utilise our knowledge to navigate and create our own paths in this game.

The ball is in our court and we decide how we will use this power of expression.

I beleive that if we all unite and move as ONE unit( Hiphop - All Schools of Hiphop) that we can make a difference and create a booming market similar to how Kwaito exploded into the frontline.

Let us carve an alliance or coalition, a UNION if you will. As I stated before " A Congress Of Hiphop" and work together to develop the industry we all dream of being a part of.

I dont expect an immediate response, or even a positive one at that. But I do expect a thought to be planted in each and every one of your minds,hearts and souls.

We all share the same common goal.

Hip Hop Events / Morale's Birthday Party
« on: November 12, 2008, 08:17:00 AM »
The Rising Star - Morale will be celebrating his birthday @ Shoukarra this friday.
Catch live performances by Morale, The Glitz Gang(L Tido,Sean Page,Maggs), Jozi/Da Les, Dem Crackboys.

For more information go to "dem crackboys fan club" on Facebook now.

Thank you
Its all White

Media / Rhythm City
« on: November 10, 2008, 02:48:33 PM »
anyone know how a dude can audition for a role on this show?

General Discussion / Game Is a Sweetheart???
« on: November 06, 2008, 03:54:41 PM »
Bishop Lamont had more than a lot to say about former label mate The Game this past weekend on's satellite radio show. Of course, none of his comments were flattering of the Compton-bred rapper. For most of the interview, Lamont referred to The Game as "Baby Girl," "Sweetheart," and "Star Face."

“Jaceyon is the type of nigga that's bipolar. And he's a phony a** dude,” he told the radio show. “Baby Girl don't want to unify with other fly dudes out here on the West coast. She wants to keep everybody under her…She a hater. Whenever somebody is signed, or is about to blow up, she got an issue with them.”
The two rappers were acquainted even before Bishop Lamont was signed to Aftermath Records. In fact, it was on the set of The Game's "Dreams" that Bishop was introduced to Dr. Dre, who would eventually end up signing him to the Aftermath label.

When asked about The Game's current relationship with Dr. Dre, Bishop Lamont responded, “She [The Game] is heartbroken. She wants to get back to Dre. She misses the milk and cookies. She misses the walks in the park, I guess. You know, going to go get more fake tattoos. Baby girl got the Heineken bottle sticker on her face.”

He was also questioned about the fall-out between The Game and 50 Cent:
“[The Game] is a sweetheart… And when you comfortable with that, you go and get mohawks and 5 billion tattoos that you never had before you got signed. He was about to get dropped if it wasn’t for 50 writing all his hooks… People wanted to jump and believe that Game was the underdog and think that he was the victim. Nah, 50 was the good guy because 50 saved his career. He would have never came out if it wasn't for 50 Cent, and 50 Cent [click to read] did everything right by him. But there are some missing pieces that 50 ain’t said because he just keeps it G like that, to what really went down, to why he really kicked him out of G-Unit."

Both rappers planned to come together in an effort to unify the West coast, according to Lamont. With The Game’s split from Aftermath, and what Lamont calls The Game’s “disrespect,” those positive hopes were dashed. However, Bishop Lamont a**ures that he and The Game have no substantial beef.

“I can't have beef with a girl," Bishop said. "I wish dude could be who he really is, and be the good dude that he really can be, but he's so into this maze of being this pretend person. He can't be the beautiful person he can really be, because I’ve seen it sometimes. But you know, Baby Girl is gonna be her. She's gonna put her press-on nails on, she's gonna put the tomato paste on her chest.”
Bishop Lamont also gave some revealing information about the recent drops of Busta Rhymes [click to read] and others from the Aftermath label, and the current status of Eminem’s Relapse, 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct, and Dr. Dre’s Detox.

Reported by Salima Koroma.

General Discussion / Lick It VS Stick It
« on: November 06, 2008, 10:39:34 AM »
Yo ladies,
I was wonderin'....
What do yall enjoy more.

1.When I lick you off n eat you out(HEAD)
2.When I stick it to ya n break you off(DICK)

To my niggas, what do you think the ladies prefer from yall experience? And what do yall prefer, HEAD or P-Unit?

General Discussion / Women Appreciation Reloaded
« on: November 05, 2008, 11:46:42 AM »
Theres a lot of women i admire for many different reasons. They bring joy, happiness, wisdom ,worth and inspiration to our lives.
We seek their approval, respect, praise and that which makes us whole.

They form a pivotal role in our life stories and have proven themselves time and time again. Whether in our personal lives, music, film, business, politics and sports. Whatever their field of expertise, they have made a difference.

I would like to share a few of them with you all.

And you can share them with me as well by simply adding them to this thread.

My mom
My grandmothers
My sister
(in fact,all my female relatives and extended family)
Mother Theresa
Princess Diana
Miriam Makeba
Lebo Mathosa(RIP)
Janet Jackson
Queen Latifah
Oprah Winfrey
Khanyi Dlomo Mkhize
Missy Elliot
Mariah Carey
Mary J Blige
Brenda Fa**ie
Sophie Ndaba
Jennifer Lopez
and many more.......

General Discussion / Crackboys@Black Orchid this Friday
« on: November 03, 2008, 08:17:03 AM »
Whats Good yall!
Once again its the....the incredible!!!!
Its all white this Friday @ Black Orchid!

Crackboys will be performing for a Hiphop Charity Bash in conjunction with College Campus!!!!!


-Crackboys get it Crackin DVD vol.1,2
-Crackboys get it Crackin mixtape
-The Monopoly - the Greatest Hits
-Bryt Apes - Complicated(house)
-Buffalo souljah - Movement(single)

So dont miss out on the opportunity to get it Crackin!!!!

K9 the Pedigree - Purebread mixtape (out in 14 days)

General Discussion / Crackboys@Clearwater Mall
« on: October 31, 2008, 08:31:30 AM »
Whats Crackin yall, we got a special performance @ Clearwater Mall tomorrow morning/afternoon with our new HOUSE DJ (BRYT APES) launching his new single "Complicated" sure to hit the house dancefloors this SUMMER!!!!

For more info go to Dem Crackboys Fan Club on Facebook

Media / SALES RE-UP!!!!
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:40:40 AM »
Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/26/08

party deejay staple AC/DC entered the charts at #1 this week, followed by a third edition of those celebutante kids from High School Musical, shifting T.I.  to a third place, the first time he's done so with this new album.

Paper Trail did not gain its platinum plaque this week, but with a video, after a trailer, of "Live Your Life" more support is likely.

The rest of the upper charts' urban releases saw no changes from last week. As Ne-Yo's Year of the Gentleman stayed at #8, Lil Wayne practically copied his work from last week with Tha Carter III selling within a thousand copies of previous week. Young Jeezy [click to read] gained a spot with another strong performance of Recession . The Game  and LAX  continue to do well, despite presently lacking a national radio single.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album             This Week              Est. Total
3      T.I.  Paper Trail          93,427                  971,076
8  Ne-Yo Yr of the Gentleman 30,711                 521,453
10 Lil Wayne Tha Carter III 25,384                   2,601,685

15  Young Jeezy Recession 20,962                    561,561
25  The Game  LAX            16,451                  531,853

Only Nelly held a rap spot on the charts between positions #25 and #100, taking the #97 spot with Bra** Knuckles
Although rarely discussed in the traditional Hip Hop marketplace, San Diego Latino rapper Lil Rob made an impressive debut with his ninth studio album, Twelve Eighteen, Part 2, released on the independent Upstairs Records.
DJ Khaled continues to struggle with his worst commercial outing of his three Koch releases. The Miami Terror Squad deejay may have his mind on Def Jam artist Ace Hood than his own, usually formidable market wizardry.

Devin The Dude and Landing Gear prove to be an independent success story, outdoing Murs, Z-Ro and Jake One in sales on the charts.
Nas' Untitled  has reached the bottom of the charts. Although placement is only decided with a few hundred weekly units, if the Queensbridge superstar departs the Top 200 without a gold plaque, the artist may be unhappy with his label, falling short of what would have likely been bonus money.
Other Notables

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
 Bra** Knuckles
 Lil Rob
 1218 Part 2
 DJ Khaled
 We Global
 Devin The Dude
 Landing Gear

Media / Sales Up!!!!
« on: October 23, 2008, 01:33:51 PM »
If it weren't for Country star Kenny Chesney, T.I. [click to read] would have topped the charts for three straight weeks. Paper Trail [click to read] fell over 40,000 units short of the debuting star though, as T.I. may find himself past the million mark next week with one more strong week. Time will tell how T.I. stands when Kanye West and 50 Cent enter the charts before year's end.
The rest of the upper charts saw no changes from last week. As Ne-Yo's Year of the Gentleman [click to read] stayed at #8, Robin Thicke [click to read] and Jennifer Hudson gained and lost a spot respectively. Lil Wayne [click to read] practically copied his work from last week with Tha Carter III [click to read]. Young Jeezy [click to read] gained a spot with another strong performance of Recession [click to read]. The Game [click to read] finally brought LAX [click to read] over the 500,000 mark. That makes the Compton superstar three-for-three in getting plaques to his official albums.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
 Paper Trail
 Year of the Gentleman
 46,386 490,742
 Lil Wayne
 Tha Carter III
 Young Jeezy
 The Game

Devin The Dude [click to view] may have fallen on the charts, but after DJ Khaled and Nelly, the Florida-born, Texas repping rapper's Landing Gear [click to read] still continues to impress, falling just short of the Top 100. Murs and Z-Ro fell from the Top 200 last week, but don't count the former out, as he may return. Ice Cube [click to read] continues to perform steadily, still falling behind schedule of the gold plaque he reached two years ago.
Nas' Untitled [click to read] trucks on, with potential traction if Def Jam dares to work another single from the acclaimed summer album. Plies [click to read] continues to prove he's the Scotty Pippen to T.I.'s Jordan at Atlantic Records, still scanning his sophomore effort, Definition of Real [click to read]. Presently on tour with Talib Kweli and B.o.B., David Banner [click to read] also proves that he's still a major draw, as Greatest Story Ever Told [click to read] trudges towards 200,000 units.
Other Notables

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
 Devin The Dude
 Landing Gear
 Ice Cube
 Raw Footage
 Definition of Real
 David Banner
 Greatest Story Ever Told

Is T.I. going platinum in one month? Will Murs sneak back up on the charts?

General Discussion / I AM Hip-Pop
« on: October 22, 2008, 03:23:16 PM »
Id like to welcome yall to the new generatioin of hiphop and pop music.
The truest form of music with no politics, no rules, just good fun and great melodies, well crafted ringtone, bubblegum tunes and infectious beats.

I am here to brainwash the ma**es and forever lay hiphop in the casket that Nas has declared it be in and bring forth what it has given birth to.

It was a sad day when hiphop died, but now its time t0 celebrate the birth of the new era.
A time of happiness and euphoria is upon us. No more drama and no more lectures! School is out n now we headed to the club lookin fresh to death without a care in the world except "who the hell is fresh as im is?"! Yankee fitteds on as our graduation caps!
Earned our stripes....Adidas.

The only Math we got is in our wallets and cellphones, we're the last remaining element of hiphop=SWAGGER!!!!!

We do not give a rats a** who got ill lines or dope punchlines nor do we attend their cult Dick Fests, we jus wana get Crunk n have a good time with beautiful ladies.

Welcome to my reality.


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