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General Discussion / NEW CRACK!!!!!!
« on: July 03, 2008, 01:43:08 PM »
prod by SO FRESH

prod by CASH

prod by SO FRESH

General Discussion / Crazy LU is Off the Chain
« on: June 17, 2008, 04:20:48 PM »
yo i know u niggas heard LU's new joint! OH MY f***ING WORD!!!!
I told yall niggas that dude got HEAT!!!!

Thats what the f*** im talkin bout!!!! FIRE!!!!!

Media / Rhyme and Reason
« on: May 19, 2008, 11:04:06 AM »
Yo did any one listen in to Rhyme and Reason this Saturday?
Just want to know who was in the top ten.

I only caught the first 10 minutes with Sliqours UMSINDO REMIX!
Who else was on?

General Discussion / Cracking News!!!!
« on: May 16, 2008, 08:12:22 AM »
Feds Slip on Crack surge!  
Written by Thulo Pharasi      
In recent mic ball news, Dem Crackboys have claimed the top spot in the
Hiphop Premiership. After a long stronghold by the Feds (The
Federation), in what seems to be a tightly contested three-man race
involving The Feds, The Anvils and Dem Crackboys, with The Landmynz
edging into the top four comfortably and early into the season.

New contenders emerged this week namely Blood Spillaz and MVT (Most
Valuable Team) relegating Kol Produk and Teargas out of the top 12.

Do we anticipate any new contenders to vie for the title? Will Skwatta's
Kampaign get them into the top three? Will The Gliteratti make an
appearance, ever? Will the Feds apprehend Dem Crackboys? Will The Landmynz, will they detonate on the competition or self-destruct? Will the Unit Pioneer their way into the frontline?

Only time will tell.
Stay in the game.

The Daily Cracker
15 May 2008


General Discussion / The Daily Cracker 06/05/08
« on: May 06, 2008, 04:30:51 PM »
The Federation race ahead

In recent news, The Federation has leapt forward into pole position after a long run by The Landmynz in the coveted race for the Premier League title in SA hiphop.

Other frontrunners include The Anvils, Dem Crackboys, Jozi, The Monopoly, Pioneer Unit and Skwatta Kamp.

At the bottom of the log already looking like facing the chop, the relegation zone include Kold Produk, Teargas and Murafe, all of whom have failed to secure any points in the past few weeks.

Godessa inch just out of the relegation zone with one point.

Will current form dictate the final outcome of the Primiership? Will The Federation hang on to their number one position for another week? Or will we see yet again, a new horse leading the pack next week?

We can only anticipate what seems to be a great season of micball(No Homo).

For more up to date information go to and be a part of the greatest spectacle in modern SA hiphop.

6 May 2008
Sipho Nhlapo
The Daily Cracker

General Discussion / Landmynz lead Primiership race early
« on: April 24, 2008, 08:22:33 AM »
Landmynz lead Primiership race early

In recent sports news, The Landmynz have grabbed an early lead in the SA Hiphop Primiership in a cracking start to the season.

Currently The Landmynz are clear of the pack by 3 points, followed by The Crackboys.

It is hotting up early into the season and looks to be a great start to the Primiership with hot contenders such as Pioneer Unit, Murafe, Skwatta Kamp, Jozi and many more.

For up to date results on the log, go to and participate in the poll and view current standings.

24 April 2008
Thulo Pharasi
The Daily Cracker Sports Edition

General Discussion / The Daily Cracker
« on: April 23, 2008, 03:08:27 PM »
Koli the Kid - Out On Bail
On Tuesday,April 22nd, Crackboys and Monopoly member, Koli the Kid was bailed out of prison following an arrest with regards to a**ault charges pinned on the world cla** mc from the Eaastern Cape.
"Koli had been MIA for a couple of weeks now and I had been contacting his family and leaving messages to no avail" said CASH, CEO of DC Ent. and Co-Founder of Crack Boys Ent.
Yesterday the Crackboys were shooting K9's second video "Fly Gear" and were also doing a photo shoot for a top SA magazine, when Koli arrived hours late, with long time a**osiate and business partner, Apes, who is also a producer for the Crackboys , they broke down the news.
"Apparently nowadays, due to the legislation, youre not allowed to practise the right to jus' slap a ma'f***er anymore" said Koli.
"We gon get straight back into the studio and get it crackin" said CASH.
The controversial group,The Monopoly will be releasing their highly anticipated debut album on the 25th of May and this will be followed by the second Crackboys mixtape and DVD, which will include an exclusive interview with Koli the Kid.
23 April 2008
Thulo Pharasi
The Daily Cracker

Media / Get That Crack!!!!!
« on: April 03, 2008, 10:49:00 AM »
To all my peeps lookin to get a copy of the crackboys DVD,check out and u can cop it online! there is a special discount if u buy online, u get it at R39.99

Its all white!!!!!

General Discussion / Hit makers 101
« on: March 18, 2008, 10:02:37 AM »
Producer's Corner: Souldiggaz

DX: Everyone wants to make a hit, what do you think determines a hit nowadays?
B: Honestly you can’t determine a formula for it, but me personally? I look for big choruses that are timeless and the first 15 seconds of a song is going to let you know whether you like it or not and the chorus is going to put the stamp on it. For a hit record, you got to have a strong chorus, where it either has you making love, having fun or dancing. If it doesn’t make you do any of those things then it is not a hit record.

Click below for full interview

Humour / Jokes / AIRFORCE1 CRACK!!!!
« on: March 18, 2008, 09:13:25 AM »
To all those fiendin on that new crack,we will be@the Aurr Force 1 party @black orchid on Thursday night gettin crunk n disorderly shootin fo the new DVD!!!
We will also be PUSHIN THAT WHITE!!!!!
We got MAD COPIES and beleive me we wana SELL OUT!
DVD + CD = R50
CD = R20


Thanks to all the ladies supportin us on FB! we will announce the winners on friday! ur prizes are on the way!!!!
we got 89 fans in 12 weeks so we averagin a new fan per day!!!
thanks for all the support.(link below)

Thanks to all those voting on the poll on our website! LOL. i see u SpaceVein ;D

Its all white!!!!
Kill Bill Cash aka Jake White :)

Media / TUT Top Stereo interviews CASH
« on: February 21, 2008, 08:58:13 AM »
yo to all Crack boy/Monopoly fans, if u in the PTA area check out TUT RAdio round 7 tonight for an exclusive interview with urs truly!
I'll be breakin it down like i always do!
If u wana hear the TRUTH! tune in!
Holler@ya boy!
ps. for all those who'll miss it! we gone be shootin footage for the CRACKBOY DVD. will upl on Facebook n post links here on AG!


Media / Aint that a biatch!!!
« on: February 13, 2008, 09:38:17 AM »
 Celebrity News

10 February : SAMA-winner Mr Selwyn has gone back to 9 – 5 work after his music career took an...

...unexpected dive last year. The rapper, who’s worked a 9 – 5 job before, has gone back to that life, according to the Sunday World, after his latest CD Zone 5 went flop. This is in stark contrast to the critically acclaimed Formula which won a SAMA for Best Rap category. Mr Selwyn, who’s been rapping since 1992, is now earning an income as an insurance salesman in order to support his two children, and has been for the past eight months.

Mr Selwyn says his record company Gallo Records did not market the CD at all, hence the poor sales. But Gallo hit back, saying to their minds they did all they could for Mr Selwyn, and that should he change his mind he is welcome back at the company for more recordings.
11 February: Eish!! anyway gud luck brother @least u doin sumthg 2 spport urself n ur kids.
Pity s.a's luzn um'rapper bcoz of poor marketing. dis shud serves as a motivation 2 d rest ,nt 2 wait 4 ppl 2 prmt & market dem bt they also hv a role in stabilisin der career & putin demslvs on d map.
11 February: Aahh Bathong, Give a brother a break atleast the man's gotta a job to support his two kids.

11 February: Eish.....thats a knock in the ego.....but at least you had something to fall back on unlike those who dont know where they will end up after music or if the music biz doesnt work out.what selwyn has done could be and should be a lesson for every other artist and wannabe artists........i commend you selwyn...........bravo senor!!!
12 February: Its all part of the game in mceein if you dont hit n rhymes dont try to come up with sound effects ,got nthing on you broer but its the capturin of waterpaint from glosspaint thats all the mceein game is all about selwyn all believe u aitn wack all belive you were snappin with you high school poetic rhymes bt now all r hiding the heads with disappointment as all are still lookin to hear your OBE rhymes. Dr SELWYN, Pro SELWYN , err wats gone on me u ant no PRO ant no DR you are MR SELWYN! you got a family to support all the best in your 9-5 work n please dont forget lunch is at 1300 to 1400
12 February: Its been over 10 years of rapping and nothing much to show?it goes to show things that are meant for you and those that arent,my he will go far with insurance...head up Mr Selwyn,this things happen.

11 February: Aaah! There he goes...just another South African rapper believing in his own hype...sigh
11 February: SHAME MAN
12 February: Eish!!Dogg sorry this is cold world and this is life. As the game says on the documentary disk. Life is a game and one ability to succseed in life depends on one ability to play the game! Record labels do that they dont market disks enough. But you should be relying on talent lyrical ability and skillz not marketing and promotion. The first disk was floek. The second exposed you. It doesnt take talent make hits, it takes talent to make a career in music. But anyway dogg all the best for the future.
11 February: atleast there is something that u do,this is a learning curve from mistakes that you did i am sure next time you will do better,hey!!!!we all make mistakes or we fail and it doesnt matter how many times we fall but the main thing is what we do after we failed,dont worry in order to get somewhere you have to start somewhere,dont worry about people who criticize cause thats what they do best,even if you were not worry they will have done it anyway so go for it bozzzzz

11 February: I hpn 2knw him personally , vry humble ,pride cud have led 2 him takn drugs I respect u 4 that also my brother rmbr God cant keep u frm al hardships & sorrows but he can make d troubles of life bearable & bring about good in the end. B.Miya. Dbn.
12 February: Thing is the music industry is not a walk in the park hey!! these guys should know that in order to sustain in it they not only have to stand behind the mic and think everything is all good, get a second job guys and try and use your face for things that will benefit you in a good way instead of using it for wrong this like bo Zombo.... o tla shwa.
11 February: It takes a brave man to give a full interview and picture at his work place to the media like Selwyn did. It takes a very strong man to put aside his pride and take care of his kids. Big ups to you Selwyn!

Media / All Monopoly/Crackboy FANS
« on: February 12, 2008, 12:00:06 PM »
yo playas and playettes! if u wonderin why we aint post no new shit on AG lately,please visit facebook n search for The Monopoly n u can check out sum new shit,pics,videos,bullshit,etc! will be settin up a MYBAND soon so that yall can d/l tracks,videos,etc soon.

Still settin it up but yo "The Monopoly - All White" album is finished. Look out for it real SOON(Apr/May).

Look out for DEM CRACK BOYS MIXTAPE comin sooner than u think - feat all the Crackboys - K9,Cash,Koli,So Fresh, Kewpid, Bondizzo,Big Buff, IGHO,Jamal and the MVT.

Look out for K9 the Pedigree - PureBreed mixtape comin soon too.

Look out for the new CRACK DVD comin soon as well!

08 is CRACK!!!

Holler@ya boy.
Yall can sign up as fans on Facebook to receive regular updates!

all the haters,yall can jus continue with what yall do best!
Peace, Love and that White ;)

General Discussion / sales this week!!!!
« on: January 24, 2008, 10:10:45 AM »
Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 1/20/08
January 23rd, 2008 | Author: Aliya EwingIn another slow week on the charts, Alicia Keys' As I Am reigns supreme for the second week in a row, now less than 300k away from triple platinum status. Mary J Blige grabs the #3 spot this week and pa**es the platinum mark with 1.04M sold total, while 1st runner up went to the Juno Soundtrack.
The highly anticipated debut of Raheem Devaughn's Love Behind the Melody came in at #4 selling 45k, while John Legends Show Me Live debuts at #7 selling just under 33k.
Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)
Rank Artist Album This Week Total
 Alicia Keys
 As I Am
 Mary J Blige
 Growing Pains
 Raheem Devaughn
 Love Behind the Melody
 John Legend
 Show Me Live
 Chris Brown

Lupe Fiasco continues to have the #1 Rap album in the country. The Cool comes in at #26 this week selling 18.5k (268k total), while Souljaboy claims the #2 Hip Hop spot at #37 selling 14k (711k total). In comparison to his current rival, GZA (Click Here for article ), this week Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams has dropped 21 places to #107 and sold 6k (146k total).
Other Notables… Rank Artist Album This Week Total
 Lupe Fiasco
 The Cool
 Soulja Boy

 American Gangster
 Wu-Tang Clan
 8 Diagrams

Next week watch for Royce Da 5'9 to try to make a splash in a stagnant music industry, as well as Koch Record's Big Noyd. The two will battle it out with identical January 22nd release dates.

General Discussion / SB no.1 RAPPER! HAHAHHA
« on: January 23, 2008, 10:51:41 AM »
even i had to laugh at this one! ;D ;D ;D ;D

In an act that’s sure to raise some eyebrows, Soulja Boy has crowned himself the unofficial number once emcee in the rap game today.

"I think if y'all did it right now, yeah, I deserve to be on there," the "Crank Dat" king told MTV, of their top ten MC list. "But back there, when y'all did it, I probably didn't have the status that I have right now.”

Since the original list came out, Soulja Boy went on to break digital sales records—to the tune of 3 million sold—and receive a Grammy nomination, which the reigning dance champ uses to bolster his case.

"I'm Grammy-nominated," he said before adding, "If I look at the new list and I compare myself to all 10 of the artists and some don't add up, I'll be like, 'Wow. I should be #1 if it's right now. I'm #1."

Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z all claimed a spot on MTV’s top ten MC list.

"Today, January — whatever the date this is — 2008, yes [I am the hottest]," Soulja Boy exclaimed.

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