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General Discussion / MODENINE & ALIAS: PAY ATTENTION...!
« on: October 09, 2010, 07:43:50 AM »

leme get straight into it:

PAY AT-10-SHUN" is what the STREETS have been ACHING for, its that real HIPHOP exhibited meticulously via a fusion of RAW RAPS and RAW BEATS.

in this record, super PRODUCER ALIAS of AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT joins forces with NIGERIAN SUPER EMCEE MODENINE to FEED the HUNGRY HEADS...keep your eyes OPEN for this JEWEL dropping SOON...!

for more info....

follow MODENINE on twitter here: @ModeNine
follw AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT on twitter here: @AudibleBraile

oh, just been reminded that some of youl might have been living under a dirty ROCK for the past years or so, so ima take this opp to learn youl a bit bout the big homey ALIAS....

" ALIAS is doing the DO...HEADS shud be sure to keep a very close eye on him & his producer talents cos hes also got a spot on the NEW NTHABI (Dope South African Emcee) record droppin very soon...over and above that, hes doing incredible WORK in BOTSWANA with the DOPE artists over there...

also be sure to check for him on "AFRICAN" an album by South African EMCEE ROB ONE as well as on "BLACK UMBRELLAS (a working title)" an album by SULTRY SOUL SINGER AISHA KASIM whose currently basd in the U.K to drop under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT mid-next year.....POWER MOVES..."


Hot Traxxx / SAN presents GOLDEN CHARIOTS VOL 2 (a remix tape)
« on: September 01, 2010, 01:07:07 PM »

i was recently approached to participate in a remix competition on BEATBOXRADIOSHOW.BLOGSPOT.COM, a huge boost really...the brief was to put together an album type of presentation this time round and not just a series of random remixes as in other other words, the chosen songs for remix had to gel into each other in terms of general emcee concept...that being the case, and seeing that the competition is in itself only going to be concluded in september of this year (2010) i decided to take the oppourtunity in the interim to use some of the songs i have remixed for the competition and a couple others to expand my production portfolio and tie up the HEADS that follow my music over as they wait for other albums from myself or the AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINEMNT i did that was in the form of an album i call GOLDEN CHARIOTS VOL 2 (a remix tape).

It all began with “Golden Chariots VOL 1”, a beat tape I compiled and released towards the end of 2007. After receiving countless positive reviews from fellow beat makers, producers, heads and music lovers across the world, I decided to run with the idea of turning the GOLDEN CHARIOTS project into a four part producer series which would see me release successive volumes after every three years.

Golden Chariots VOL 2” is a remix project and is the second instalment in the four part producer series. With this offering my focus was much more on trying to understand the multiple dimensions of production and not just the beat making aspect of music creation. In more ways than one, the project is designed to put on display one producer’s rich versatility as well as uniqueness and growth in beat design. Moreover, VOL 2, being a remix project also humbly serves to give the listener a FRESHER take on their favourite songs  8)
Below is the official cover art for “Golden Chariots VOL 2 (a remix tape)”.

front cover:

back cover

GOLDEN CHARIOTS VOL 2 (a remix tape) drops on the 4th of SEPTEMBER 2010 under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT.........waTCH!!!

follow SAN on twitter here: @IamSANhedrin

Hot Traxxx / SAN presents MUSIC FOR DOCUMENTARIES (a soundtrack)
« on: August 01, 2010, 01:29:51 AM »

i feel like everytime i step on this portal to share with its members part of my work(s) i have to continuously re-introduce not mad at it, what with the flow of information being such a swift thing in today's world, its not unimaginable that if you neglect to touch base with people from time to time, they tend to forget what kind of an a** WHOPPIN they can get from a PRODUCER of my upstandind calibur...LOL!, they start flooding the LINE with WACK shit and say ignorant things like "i make beats too"!!!.... :o...aight, f*** ALL THE BULLSHIT...lets get to IT...!


Music for documentaries” is an album inspired by a soundtrack compilation I recently did for a series of documentaries shot and produced by Brain Matter Media. The most recent documentary was on the subject of human rights and was shot and produced by Ms Sihle Hlophe of Brain Matter Media. The documentary entitled “It’s Official” was aired on South Africa’s premium television channel; SABC 1 in the month of March 2010 and is available for purchase through the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Music for documentaries is therefore in essence a compilation of the songs I did for a handful of documentaries as well as various radio and television advertisements. Moreover, it also brings together a handful of some other never before heard joints I recently produced.

I would like to pa** my sincerest gratitude to the Audible Braile Entertainment team and the artists that helped me complete the album, namely: The Keyman Anonymous, Trained Monkeys, Kislev, Kat-Law and Ess Ar" (c) SAN.

BELOW IS the OFFICIAL album cover art, front and back respectively:

LADIES & GENTLEMEN....its finally HERE:


LINK REMOVED/?gefpyoxex3akyi0

as always, you need not worry if you miss the link the first time round, our trusted team of strategiclay situated BLOGGERS will keep updating you on where else you can find the latest AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT product....enjoy that isht, WE WORKED HARD ON IT!   ;)

Producers - Discussion / ADDED the Ba** to a FLY SUNDAY
« on: July 04, 2010, 06:29:24 PM »

this here is sumin i cooked up today, its really one beat in many i did today...lets jsut say i felt INSPIRED  8)

have a show in like 15 minutes, i think its to make a nice debut over there when the homey KAT-LAW spits some hot 16 on the way, look out for KAT-LAW's e.p REMEMBERING coming SOON!!

i call the beat "added the ba** to a fly sunday" and i think il put the final version on the MUSIC FOR DOCUMENTARIES album, whose promo poster you see below on my avater....


LINK REMOVED/?gxic5inwney


« on: July 02, 2010, 07:48:03 AM »

KAT-LAW is a very gifted writer/lyricist who hails from the Kingdom of Lesotho. Son to Legendary Jazz Musician TSHEPO TSHOLA of the SANKOMOTA fame it wasnt too much of suprise that KAT decided to follow in the Labby's footsteps and pick up the MIC device...

long story short, KAT-LAW has an e.p coming out under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT and its called "Remembering"....the e.p is produced entirely by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist and is set to drop in a little while.

here is the OFFICIAL front sleeve:

while we wait on that to be finalised we thought it best to give the HEADS a taste of what to EXPECT from this gifted tag team of emcee & producer. "LETS ROCK" is the first single offa KAT-LAW's "Remembering" and it officialy drops TODAY...!

aight, here youl go....

LETS ROCK by KAT-LAW produced by SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist

LINK REMOVED/?drjkato2y25

as usual we will have all the information regarding the drop as it unfolds....enjoy it and pa** it on to the rest of the REAL HEADS  8)

Hot Traxxx / John Robinson & Lewis Parker - INTERNATIONAL SUMMERS!
« on: June 01, 2010, 12:45:07 PM »
ahhhh, how does one go about this again  :-[, f***IT, i like this and i would like you to listen to it and tell me what you THINK  :)

aight, here is the OFFICIAL COVER ART and SNIPPET from "international summers"


Hot Traxxx / Andreattah Chuma ft Thato - TIME
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:27:34 AM »
just thougt id share this bit of INSPIRATION with the world of music lovers...this track here was produced by my man ALIAS aka Mark Sunners and showcases the talent of two very insightful sistren writers...

very dope in the way it got constructed...a friend of ours, JATEEN HANSJEE, a punk rocker got on his guitar and crafted a guitar riff that ALIAS used to chop up...anyhow, enjoy ur day today & be mindful of TIME    ;)


Hot Traxxx / THE ESSENCE......!
« on: May 01, 2010, 12:51:35 AM »

My name is SAN, the INSTRU-MONUMENTALIST....i have recently had the pleasure of stepping in the LAB with a very gifted PRODUCER by the name of PHIL aka THE KRITIK . him and i are currently working on a record we are calling CLa**IC DIRT, a very interesting take on how all other producers are WACK in our eyes and how BETTER than THEM WE ARE  :o...the album in itself is a fusion of two styles of beat making that give an accompanyiing voice to a handful of emcees we have on it to tell that very story....  :)

anyhow, we still in the lab...while you wait for that we thought WHY NOT GIVE EM SUMIN to CHEW like we do right about this TIME....FEEL THIS:

THE ESSENCE is a minitape THE KRITIK and I will be DROPPING EARLY NEXT week under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT and RIOT is designed to tie you over as we go HARD to drop CLa**IC DIRT in TIME...!

yes, we REMIXED some songs...only because we wanted to show you what to look forward to when you hear CLa**IC DIRT, a SOLID taste of how our music is easily in the same league as your favourite producer on Scratch Magazine  ;)....

on the actual LP (CLa**IC DIRT) we have been privellaged enough to have been able to enlist the lyrical prowess of emcees from SWEDEN, U.S.A, AUSTRALIA & ZAMBIA...its a MONSTER  8)

THE ESSENCE ...............drops EARLY NEXT WEEK.....!



like i have been doing for the past 3 years, i compile a portolio of beats i send out to artists each quater in a year...such beats are sometimes chosen for albums and other projects such as documentaries or used as scores in advertisments...!

this time around i have decided to compile the first quater stash and release it as a projects...i however have to warn that the project has since been wrapped up, or should i say the beats...some have already been sold and are to appear on aritsts albums...!

with that said, when u have your ear to the GROUND, check for COLOURS, a BEAT PORTFOLIO.....coming SOON under AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT  ;)

MORE INFO & PROMO material wil be provided SOON



it ALMOST seems like i havent been here in a while  :-\, even had a bit of difficulty navigating myself thru the "revamped" interface...oh well, im HERE, hows about i share with youl what ive been UP TO  :D

ive recently had the privellage of being a producer on a number of HIPHOP albums BREWING in the underground, one as far ashore as AUSTRALIA, one in CAPE TOWN, one in CHICAGO, and one in LESOTHO...oh, & one in LONDON if you count ROB ONE's "AFRICAN" dropping soon...anyhow, enough of the self JOCKriding...

PRETTY BLACK is a mini-tape ive decided to compile as a little taste of the type of music ive been making nowadays and it consists of some of the beats ive made for the artists in the various locations ive listed above...let me drop the cover sleeves, that will aid in a more thorough explanation...

front cover

back cover

Track 1 is a little sumin sumin i cooked up for an album im working on with SUPER PRODUCER "PHILL the KRITIK"...the album is called "CLa**IC DIRT" and it drops soon...still dont know if the beat will make it in though :-\

Track 2 is a joint i made for LESOTHO EMCEE "KISLEV"...the kid is working on his mixtape to drop soon, looking to have it done before the GRAHAMSTOWN ARTS fest cos thats where he plans to PUSH it..

Track 3 is a joint i made for a P.E native, he goes by the name of DEE DOC and currently resides in CAPE TOWN, check for the god if you a Capetonian, hes to be blazing brakes real SOON  ;)

Track 4 is a soulful kinda NUMBER...still dont quite know where to put that...but ive decided to give u a sneak into that as well....

IL share the MINI tape later on today...if u got 9megs FREE, check for it...its a GEM, and a taste of what my camp AUDIBLE BRAILE ENTERTAINMENT, plan on dishing out this year...


Hot Traxxx / OPTIC NERVE, of SUPREMACY........!
« on: January 09, 2010, 09:38:37 AM »

OPTIC NERVE is a GRAHAMSTOWN EMCEE and one half of the SUPER HIPHOP group "SUPREMACY' with his brother in RHYME; EPIC...currently they are both working solo offerings that are scheduled to drop in 2010. Epic is to Release "cinematography" and Optic Nerve is to release "the master plan"...both artists are signed to TRUE SIGHT MUSIC and the stable handles recording, representation and distribution...

keep your eyes FOCUSED on the two cats, really making MOVES in the game, creeping on the my opinion, THEY GOT NEXT....   8)

Optic Nerve's album "the masterplan" is to feature production from the likes of SAN, the instru-monumentalist, CYMTOM, of SeamRock Music, TRAINED MONKEYS, ALIAS, and a handful of other REPUTABLE underground PRODUCERS...

but the CROWNING achievement for the young emcee is a COLLABORATION on his album with N.Y.C EMCEE LITTLE VIC of ORENA RECORDS that has done work with the likes of MARCO POLO, DJ PREMIER, KOOL G RAP, THE HITFARMES, DJ JOHNJOHN, VELOTZ, cRITICAL MADNESS, MUNESHINE....mayn the list goes on...

the COLLABORATION will not only guarantee that OPTIC NERVE'S work is to be shared with an international audience, but it also gives him the privilege of working with an artist whose own stellar work will ensure the efficient growth of the young up and coming emcee's career...

heres a little sumin sumin from the big homey O-NERVE performing two joints that have made him a FAVOURITE in the EASTERN CAPE underground SCENE "peace to the fam" & "two way communication"

keep your EYES OPEN for the KID, hes got JEWELS  ;)                        ........RESPECT!

General Discussion / SpongeBONG HEMP pants..........................!
« on: January 08, 2010, 09:30:30 AM »
been had this in my vault for a while, i was kinda surprised that not that many people knew about me share with youl my FAV EPISODE on the series...

ROLL a FATTY & bug OUT!  :D

General Discussion / yo SONG of the DAY 2010...........................!
« on: January 07, 2010, 09:05:11 AM »
MIDAZ - stereotypical blackman.................................................................. 8)

"i get 20 looks walking in the STORE, im BLACK/
mostly ignored, ignorant to the "facts" that you... commonly taught/
i ADORE plus im more likely to FAIL or wind up in JAIL/
where im getting strip searched in a CELL/
see me on a CORNER making a SALE speakin EBONICS/
and alot of us is hating ourselves, living in HARDSHIP/"

just thought maybe youd like to KNOW that YOU ARE NOT ALONE  ;):

"BeatMakers a 90 minute independent documentary, charts the never ending hustle of up and coming as well as seasoned producers. Filmed inside their in home studios, these hungry musicians aspire to obtain more equipment, sell their hot tracks, and, of course, make a name for themselves in the competitive music industry".

so i thought it would be FRESH if we posted albums that PACK HEAT when it came to sampling potential...for all my producer friends this thread can sorta serve as a LIBRARY where u can come & scoop up some sure fire joints to SAMPLE and create that HEAT with...but the doors arent only open to producers....lovers of MUSIC in its various aspects are also welcome to chip in, critique and SHARE...but i have to be honest, the main reason for the THREAD is to provide albums worthy of SAMPLING to PRODUCERS...

so the nature of the thread will be to educate each other on the music shared here, give you a chance not only to scoop up the records to sample but to also LEARN about the ARTISTS who made them....aight, let me set it OFF:

Gary Bartz NTU Troop - Harlem Bush Music (Taifa - Uhuru) (1970-71)

Contains "Taifa" & "Uhuru" released by Milestone Records between 1970 and 1971


01. Rise
02. People Dance
03. Du (rain)
04. Drinking Song
05. Taifa
06. Parted
07. The Warrior's Song


08. Blue (A Folk Tale)
09. Uhuru Sasa
10. Vietcong
11. Celestial Blues
12. The Planets

LINK REMOVED/files/330181340/Gary_Bartz_-_Harlem_Bush_Music_-1970-.rar

il hit ul back with more  ;)

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