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General Discussion / Re: Lyra**ist Lounge
« on: December 10, 2008, 01:08:57 PM »
Artist: Jedi Mind Tricks
Album:  Violent By Design
Song:   Heavenly Divine
Typed by:

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Jedi Mind
Heavenly Divine
Steadily shine
Ikon the f***ing Hologram
Yo, yo, yo, yo

[Ikon the Hologram]
Another sacrificial lamb
That died at the hands of Hologram
Sent him into the dungeon and bludgeoned his f***in' clan
Holy land
Who spit the live shit
The do or die, Illadelph Jedi Mind shit
The hot shit
Live raps crack your jaw
Like who's the avenger and who's at the center of war
I left a scar
So your crabs would understand
Mental will dent you and send you to a holy land
Lord know a man
Sharp blades slash your vitals
Recitals will fight you and entice you to burn Bibles
Hologram burn churches
Murders by stickin' a crucifix through your cervix
Divine purpose, for the Remi that's in my thermos
Wait and see we'll stick you with needles that's hypodermic
You heard the verdict
I'm with Allah 'cause he chose me
Broke into the Vatican, strangled the Pope with his rosary
What, what, what

[Chorus repeat 4x]
Jedi Mind
Heavenly Divine
Steadily shine in '99
What, what

[Just Allah]
MC's face terror wherever my sound's audible
Banned from third world portals, battle mortals, and slaughter you
Seen inside the places of beyond
The dwellings of the Omn
Existing in Islamic pantheon
Flows got the breeze on my clothes got the scent of trees
I lay back and blow sax like Kenny G
Power blast wacking my path devour fast
I leave you with the grain of sand in life's hourgla**
Devise your spell
Make demons rise out of hell
Grab you by your lapels and rob you of your outer shell
You feel the ill dire who sire in hellfire
I launch writers
Put your drawn on gong's wire
Jedi swordsman give rappers a foul fortune
Science to contortion your body into a coffin
Insane damage is done, you f***in' with the army
We beat skulls in the shape of a wet bag of laundry
What, yeah, yeah

That Jus' Alah verse maaaan!...

General Discussion / Re: Yo Song of the Day 2008!
« on: December 10, 2008, 01:04:06 PM »

Belive it or not!

Child aka Poaet - close gates

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: AG's ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!
« on: December 10, 2008, 12:47:40 PM »
Yo real genius on the "mic" man i kid you not, you a menace...
Mad props only two atha niggas that did it as nice as you on A.G and thats me, and Da Kid X
Thats an articulate display of excellence, see you in future threads soldier


General Discussion / Re: Did Akon Sample Nkosi sikeleli??
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:54:21 AM »
Yeah im sure he paid a hell of a lot for this...

General Discussion / Re: ProVerb Music
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:33:47 AM »
waddup ProVerb adding  your blog/dot com to my list

check when you get the chance...

wtf!!! wannabee/groupie o wat!

far from a groupie fam...a fan emcee second...peace and blessings

Nicely done...

Producers - Discussion / Re: THE SOUL ACADEMY KITS (Free Vinyl Kits)
« on: December 09, 2008, 10:13:10 AM »
get week 2 on the myspace blog ;D

Is you a part of that?...

General Discussion / Re: Kelis CHEATS on Nas
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:59:17 PM »

General Discussion / Re: ProVerb Music
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:48:43 PM »
Verb on Shiz Niz see pics 8)

Nice pic... and ummm...

Bread winners doing well on the metro fm charts see: slice of bread ;)

does u having a job at the station play a role in ur rotation??? ...

Id like kow the ansa to that...

General Discussion / Re: Steriotypical question
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:42:59 PM »
Dude it all comes down to what level of IQ she has... and quite frankly, few women are intelegent, and we all know that(im not talkin about High School)... so the important roles are gonna be played by guys almost all the time...

General Discussion / Re: Fail
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:28:55 PM »
that's it for make sure that whatever you dont FAIL

Expand that!!!!!!!! you moron!.... and the dumn a** dude, did expand it. what a shame. OneK1nd stupit madaPhakka!

General Discussion / Re: 16 Days of Activism against Abuse
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:21:26 PM »
yo true dat...i just came out the labour a 3.9kg baby girl....and man i gotz new renewed respect for the female race...i dont think us men can handle the shiz they go most of the street bergies know i beat most their hubbies up....they dont f*** stand up for ladies 24/7 weather you rich or no punk when men beat women..i make em feel the pain!

Producers - Discussion / Re: More samples for yall to flip
« on: December 08, 2008, 11:41:05 AM »
Where do you get them man...

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: BLOEM RAP! downloads for you'all
« on: December 08, 2008, 11:20:26 AM »
Anada Epidemic track... and this is WAAAAAY! back...
and this is just to show you what the scene was like in 2001 t0 2 there...

This nucca sounds like OneK1nd..

For real?... I doubt it...

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: BLOEM RAP! downloads for you'all
« on: December 05, 2008, 10:28:59 AM »
Anda Kulax joint...
By the way I heard this on one of the SABC1 TV show so you might know it...

[attachment deleted by admin]

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