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There needs to be a xhosa-zulu dictionary.

General Discussion / Re: Read Neanderthals!
« on: October 13, 2010, 07:30:45 PM »

we should talk, you might just be into the same books im into right now. you need to lead me to where you get this and other things you may have read. I will recommend what i have read so far too.

Cool. Check your pm.

General Discussion / Re: Read Neanderthals!
« on: October 13, 2010, 04:52:31 PM »
earlier I said this on the shoutbox, "Anna and I are spiritually connected".

I have been planning to start a thread on Matriarchy and guess what she did the same thing.

*writes a 4 page letter and encloses it with a kiss, with a swoop bang over one eye,dancing in a fog-filled forest*

Just wanted to give you fellas some perspective.
General, this one is shorter...get your read on.

Matriarchy in the Nigerian Igbo tribe today:

Marriage: Igbo land happens to be one of those few matriarchal tribes that still practice polyandry today. Polyamory is the practice where a woman marries multiple husbands. In addition Igbo are the only people in Africa where women marry other women; men on the other hand, are not allowed to marry other men.

Umuada: Is one of the most powerful groups of people in Igbo land. It is made up of indigenous women who use their spiritual power to curse or bless people. A woman has a tie with this cult by the virtue of her birth not by marriage.

Naming: Igbo gives names such as (Nneka) to girls which means mother is superior father is superior (Nnaka) is not a name and cannot be given to boys.

Matrilineal: Igbo trace their genealogy through or down the mother line and not the father line.

Leadership: traditionally there are neither kings nor queens. Instead, we have a “dual sex political system” where men are not allowed to govern women and vice versa. Every Igbo community has two leaders a male and a female.

Economy: Every woman is economically independent no wife depends on the husband for support. That is why women are in charge of the markets, and in some areas they control the chief crops too (Yams) (Cocoa Yams).

General Discussion / Read Neanderthals!
« on: October 13, 2010, 11:07:55 AM »
Somewhere inbetween all the smashing, swatting away of sperm-thirsty broads, polishing of your hard exteriors and reinforcing of your priviledge read this.
And f*** Colin Powell.

Afrikan Women Warriors
Matriarchal warrior tribes and matrilineal tribal descent are a continuing theme in African history and in some cases survived into modern times. One of the great African warrior queens of the ancient world was Majaji, who led the Lovedu tribe which was part of the Kushite Empire during the Kushite's centuries long war with Rome. The empire ended in 350 AD when the Kushite stronghold of Meroe fell to repeated Roman a**aults. Majaji led her warriors in battle armed with a shield and spear and is believed to have died on the walls of Meroe.

The Egyptian warrior queens included Ahotep, the 7 Cleopatras and Arsinoe II & III, all of who descended from the royal house of Kush. They ruled Egypt and led her army and navy through Roman times. A succession of Ethiopian Queens and military leaders known as Candace were also descended from the Kush. The first Candace, leading an army mounted on war elephants, turned back Alexander's invasion of Ethiopia in 332 BC. In 30 BC Candace Amanirenas defeated an invasion by Patronius, the Roman governor of Egypt and sacked the city of Cyrene.

In 937 AD Judith, Queen of the Falash, attacked Axum, sacred capital of Ethiopia killing all the inhabitants including the descendants of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Through the 10th and 11th centuries the Hausa states (modern day Nigeria) were ruled by the Habe warrior queens: Kufuru, Gino, Yakumo, Yakunya, Walzana, Daura, Gamata, Shata, Batatume, Sandamata, Yanbamu, Gizirgizir, Innagari, Jamata, Hamata, Zama and Shawata. Centuries later Amina, daughter of Queen Turunku of the Songhai in mid-Niger ruled the Hausa empire from 1536 to 1573. She extended her nation's boundaries to the Atlantic coast, founded cities and personally led her army of 20,000 soldiers into battle.

Mbande Zinga was the sister and advisor of the king of Ngola (today Angola) and served as his representative in negotiating treaties with the Portuguese. She became queen when her brother died in 1624 and appointed women, including her two sisters Kifunji and Mukumbu, to all government offices. When the Portuguese broke the peace treaty she led her largely female army against them inflicting terrible casualties while also conquering nearby kingdoms in an attempt to build a strong enough confederation to drive the Portuguese out of Africa. She accepted a truce and then agreed to a peace treaty in 1635. She continued to rule her people and lived to be 81. When Angola became an independent nation in 1975 a street in Luanda was named in her honor.

Llinga, a warrior queen of the Congo armed with ax, bow and sword fought the Portuguese in 1640. Women warriors were common in the Congo where the Monomotapa confederacy had standing armies of women.

Kaipkire, warrior leader of the Herero tribe of southwest Africa in the 18th century led her people in battles against British slave traders. There are records of Herero women fighting German soldiers as late as 1919.

Nandi was the warrior mother of Shaka Zulu. She battled slave traders and trained her son to be a warrior. When he became King he established an all-female regiment which often fought in the front lines of his army.

Mantatisi, warrior queen of the baTlokwas in the early 1800s fought to preserve her tribal lands during the wars between Shaka Zulu and Matiwane. She succeeded in protecting the baTlokwas heritage although her son, who became King when she died, was eventually defeated by Mahweshwe.

Madame Yoko ruled and led the army of the fourteen tribes of the Kpa Mende Confederacy, the largest tribal group in 19th century Sierra Leone. At that time at least 15% of all the tribes in Sierra Leone were led by women, today approximately 9% have women rulers.

Menen Leben Amede was Empress of Ethopia. She commanded her own army and acted as regent for her son Ali Alulus. She was wounded and captured in a battle in 1847 but was ransomed by her son and continued to rule until 1853.

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, was a leader of the Dahomey Amazons under King Gezo. In 1851 she led an army of 6,000 women against the Egba fortress of Abeokuta. Because the Amazons were armed with spears, bows and swords while the Egba had European cannons only about 1,200 survived the extended battle. In 1892 King Behanzin of Dahomey (now Benin) was at war with the French colonists over trading rights. He led his army of 12,000 troops, including 2,000 Amazons into battle. Despite the fact that the Dahomey army was armed only with rifles while the French had machine guns and cannons, the Amazons attacked when the French troops attempted a river crossing, inflicting heavy casualties. They engaged in hand to hand combat with the survivors eventually forcing the French army to retreat. Days later the French found a bridge, crossed the river and defeated the Dahomey army after fierce fighting. The Amazons burned fields, villages and cities rather than let them fall to the French but merely delayed Dahomey being absorbed as a French colony.

In the late 19th century Mukaya, the leader of the Luba people of central Africa who's nation stretched along the rain forest from Zaire to northern Zambia, led her warriors in battle against enemy tribes and rival factions. Initially she fought alongside her brother Kasongo Kalambo, after he was killed in battle she a**umed sole control of the empire and the army.

Nehanda (1862-1898) was a priestess of the MaShona nation of Zimbabwe. She became a military leader of her people when the British invaded her country. She led a number of successful attacks on the English but was eventually captured and executed.

Taytu Betul (1850-1918) was Empress of Ethopia. During her 14 year reign she established and named the modern capital of Addis Ababa, she led troops in battle and negotiated peace treaties. She retired from public life after the death of her husband.

Yaa Asantewaa (1850-1921) the Queen Mother of one of the Asante states of Ghana led her army in continuous battles against the British until her capture.

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Pope spouts Nazi lies
« on: October 06, 2010, 04:48:36 PM »

What baffles me, is people our age of similar backgrounds, who choose on their own to be ZCC or Shembe.

You kidding me right??!!

Im joining ZCC too. Do you have any idea the access you have to ZCC bishes when you are high up enough to earn the Police hat and sherrif badge??


Rigz that's just cold. Bwahaha!

I had a friend at varsity who was ZCC, just couldn't reconcile it. She wore the obligatory headscarf, long skirt and badge to cla**. It confused one of our friends from Zanzibar. He kept asking her why she wore a police badge and why the men wear a full uniform with hat and what army they were in. Eish.

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Pope spouts Nazi lies
« on: October 06, 2010, 03:26:23 PM »
Honestly, I dont mind Christians, I understand them because I grew up in it. I have a lot of patience with them because I remember how hard it was to feel comfortable that you were doing the right thing by an ever-sliding scale. Plus there's the pressure of being as 'christian' if not more so than the next person so that nobody doubts your devotion or questions your love for God.

It all comes down to wanting some sort of spiritual encounter/affirmation and its confirmed by the experience of being part of something bigger with lofty ideals. And the emotional high that comes with it.

What baffles me, is people our age of similar backgrounds, who choose on their own to be ZCC or Shembe.

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Pope spouts Nazi lies
« on: October 06, 2010, 02:26:21 PM »

dated a Jehovah's witness (who by the way played me). She cried every time we had sex, she was on some, "I have disappointed god". I mean all the time we had sex I had to console her afterwards and have to listen to the same shit she was crying about the previous day. we even had phone sex almost on a daily. smh at the Jesus damage. He may have been celibate but he sure is the Mac Daddy of the mind f*** game.

This is just...bwahahaha! And tang, you too?

I know my mom's biggest dream is that I marry some charismatic christian so they could get along. One christian girlfriend of mine went into depression when she lost her virginity. Others skirt around sex like, 'well, I made a mistake' for the umpteenth time. Always the guilt. A couple I know used to pray for forgiveness afterwards everytime, they feel better because they eventually got married.

I mean...

Motoring Forum / Re: 325 Eye Candy
« on: October 05, 2010, 06:39:22 AM »

Broads are alway comming up with innovative means of getting guys to save them. For once I'd like to see a broad save a nigga...just once ana


From now on we're officially together RR. Problem solved. Miraculously you are now cured of your penchant for drink and women. *throws holy water* *cues Badu's 'Fall in Love - Your funeral* *flies to Cape Town*

What's good?

General Discussion / Re: conscious heads
« on: October 04, 2010, 08:44:05 PM »
Nami I get tired of 'conscious heads'.
I was reading an article recently about the difference between people with high ambivalence and people who see the world in black and white.
Conscious heads are usually the latter and few human traits irritate me more than a myopic inflexibility.

Nothing wrong with bigging up quality art and giving it its due prominence, or even expecting to hear positive messages in the music, but this cry baby 'let's throw the baby out with the bathwater' attitude make me dry. Context is everything.

Motoring Forum / Re: 325 Eye Candy
« on: October 04, 2010, 08:05:27 PM »

Anna please help me out now. help me avoid this.

Ha! Trust, I would only add to your problems.
Besides, this depriving yourself business doesn't sound fun at all...

General Discussion / Re: LOBOLA
« on: September 29, 2010, 02:28:25 PM »
How about just telling her, "Look, I am not paying for you. So, either we end this shit right now, or you to tell you parents to f*** off"?

If she is serious about being with you and getting married, she'll make the right choice. If not, you are dodging a bullet.

That's a tricky one, pyro.

I've known couples who saved up for it together or the woman gave the man the money to pay it. Kudos to them.

But it creates a problem.

For many African men, ilobolo, reinforces patriarchal norms they enjoy. For example, he expects that he now has a wife who will cook, clean, wash, iron (basically take care of the babies and the household). Hence, when a woman doesn't do this, he threatens to take her home so they can teach her how to be a wife, phela yena he paid lobola and he aint having that shit.
Now if the woman paid, does he still get to demand these comforts?
She'll probably have some choice words for him.

General Discussion / Re: LOBOLA
« on: September 29, 2010, 12:15:37 PM »
I know what heartbreak is and killing myself?
nah..the first time it happened, i was torn and vowed never to be with a woman EVER again.

I wanted nothing to do with females, in fact I even thought of becoming a Buddhist monk( for real for real)
life was not worth living, but I accepted that some people are destined to NEVER have a mate
and I am one of them but killing myself for a bitch? NEVER that.

anyway....NOT two months later! I was saved, i met a girl (Elaine) God bless her filthy a**!
I did not even acknowledge female presence!

So while I was drinking hanging with my niggaz this bitch comes to me talking bout
"Aye, gimme some attention buddy, I am looking at you trying to get your attention and you ignoring me
be nice, i want a piece of you"

I brushed it off as one of many females who find me irresistible, i continued to ignore her..

well she took matters into her own hand...long story short...I screwed  Elaine for a week straight!
I bunked work, no-one knew where I was all we did was drink wine smoke bud and f***...I SHIT you not.
the rubbers finished on the first night and i raw dogged it repeatedly till i had to leave coz her mom was coming back, were it not for her mom, i promise i think we would still be locked up drinking wine and f***ing..

point of the story..the heartbreak and end of the world..dissapeared in two strokes in a different pussy!

since then f*** a hoe, you dump me i stick it in the next hole and keep it moving!

**** flatline ***

I'm reading this to my daughter on her 13th birthday. Fore-warned is fore-armed, I always say!

General Discussion / Re: LOBOLA
« on: September 28, 2010, 05:44:16 PM »
Don't get why he had to commit suicide.

Niccas do worse on a daily basis, getting 2,3 different women pregnant at the same time while their with 'the one'.

How many people's dads have secret children conceived after marriage? Random half brothers and sisters you meet years later?

*shrug* yall better be strong out here...

General Discussion / Re: LOBOLA
« on: September 27, 2010, 06:41:22 PM »
Brick you really know a lot about this.
Uze wakhipha amalobolo. Kahle kahle ushadile wena.

I've known girls who broke up with the dude after he paid ilobola and the family didn't pay it back.
Kinda like white folks with keeping the engagement ring after breaking up.

Also I've had friends whose boyfriends started negotiations against their will (you know these guys in their late 20's, early 30's) so I guess some niccas aren't  scared of coughing up the money.

General Discussion / Re: LOBOLA
« on: September 27, 2010, 03:41:28 PM »
Whichever race or nationality I marry, my dad is not exempting anyone from paying lobola, I know that much.

Isn't the money used for the wedding?
Or do people still buy room dividers and dining room suites?

Also, doesn't the money vary according to whether the woman has children, is educated, has a good reputation etc, or is it all std now?

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