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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / "Headz" and "Tailz"
« on: October 24, 2008, 02:40:34 PM »
time after time, wit linez to match//
i got rhymez 4 u to catch//
like a thief in the night, u got ur a** to watch//

to me is like takin 2 coins in a tin//
i come out "Headz" u come out "Tailz" to pin//
u lose i win// all real katz, let's make this rap to spin//
that's y i'll never stop smokin, i ain't a quitter//
i'm a rhyme kicker and a throat slitter//

i Head-up the Revolution, all Tailz will Follow//
make u hollow, leave u like a streetkid stomach hollow//
skriptz turn all mondayz yellow//

No excuse// no monday bluez// still killing crewz//
like givin' u bruise//still kicking like bruce//
not li, but yes me// now u see//

whenever i look at ur name i see things i don't "like-kid"//
u a small-boy, in afrikaans a "laaitie"//
i said b4, let me say it once more//
i am a Head, wit strength More-//

now u hungry like a desperate streetkid without glue//
u lost in rhymez like a foreigner without clue//
i rob u and leave u without a left shoe//
call ur lawyer or anyone if u wanna sue//
try rhyming f*** it evry1 is yelling "Boo"//

yeah man, i'm on money coz i'm hungry//
the best emceez in this SA f***in Country//
what u think, going to rap only 4 bling//
i'm Goliath, u David without a sling//
make ur katz sing//try to be West Life and Fly witout wing//

All Headz, and Tailz this is ur Chance//
let's make AG Dance//

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