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Media / Dj Tutorialz
« on: May 14, 2007, 05:43:19 PM »
jus thought this mite be helpful:
 :idea:  :idea:  :idea:

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / State Of Shock (what you think?)
« on: May 14, 2007, 10:58:02 AM »
State Of Shock (what you think?)

No! I'm not a Mobster... Yea! I'm a Bloody: Monster...
why you. wanna: cast, me out?
Do I luk: like, an Outcast?
luk: me. Str8: on ma eyez?
Tell: me. what: do you, C?
is it: the evil, inside me/
Or the Devil: in me?...
Put your Body: on a Casket/ Incase...
Cops: come, thru... Kat-Chin'...
They, Clue-less! No: Match, found.
They: Still, Searchin'...
Investigatin': the Dark/
Mark: of a Devil. He's: Blac. Gloomy, inside!
Filled: with, Skanky Beats.
who's: the Real/ Beast: Now?
Headless: Corpse. Undaneath...
I'm Intricated! Sophisticated!
they: won't... Figure, me out/
Back-up... Back-Down?...
I Don. Hav: 2 Prove ish...
they: won't. Find: a Damn, than'/
Or trace. Ma Finger-Prints/ Over: your Head.
Even: your Dead, Body! Stink: Pooh-pooh!
Smellin': like, Carca**...
your: eye ballz, missin'...
Don: Blame, me! luk: ova there?
Blac Crow: scaryin', 'em Dirty Vultures...
you: C 'em, Scramblin'. Rumblin': ova you...
How: they, Gonna. Identify you?
Ma Soul: on Ice/ I'm so Cold...
I: left, a tape. On a Sofa... For: your, Soul...
2: levitate/ Covered. in Solo-tape.
wrapped. like a tapeworm.
Curiosity: neva, killz...
Most: of the, time.
it: thrillz... I suppose/ well: kidz!
there: you hav it...
what: you, think? Ma last: word. Neva: Blink!

Don: say. I: neva. warn you/ 'bout: the, true-villain!
what: you, think. this: is? Ma Conscious, Spit?...
I Got: you. In a State Of Shock!
twistin': yo Mind! & it's: time.
you: taste. How it: feels, like/ 2: Be, Me..

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / I Missed...
« on: May 10, 2007, 06:38:15 PM »
I'm the Soul Breed. From: Afrika's...
where I was Born. Raised from the Ghetto
tho Ma Mind's: well Adapted, 2 these Streets. I Dwell on
I finally: found, luv. where: Ma Heart, Reside/ Recites: 4eva
laid: Ma Eyez, to Most Legends. who neva: Survived
2 tell the truth. Rest in Peace
As long as the Beat: Goes on. People: wud neva, Stop
Singin': songz of liberation, up until...
Now: you, know. why? we say: the Struggle Continuez...
Politicx: wanna Bury me, Alive! 4 Shoutin' Viva!
Blac: Screamed, Power 2 the people!!!
Bad: like Amy. I'm Bac 2 Blac
Ma House's filled: with Sour Grape-vinez
Climbin' Ma Roof-top. Room-Divider. Damn!!!
it's So Divine. y'all: wud hav thought...
I Produced: Avant-Garde. Vintage: this time, of the Month
Cos: I Stay, Irie. Naturally! @ all Seasonz
Neva: By Any Chance, you'd Get 2 C Ma vision. Blurry
So I Carry: the torch, for the youth
2 Borrow: & learn, Next-Generation. Still 2 Come
Out of this world. One day: you, gonna follow...
life's Chaos: full of Mishaps. there4 I Hope.
Maybe: Some day, you'll C the lite...
Darkness. you should neva: be afraid of ya own, weakness
 witness: what your Ancestorz, went thru...
& Realize: what we Still, Goin' thru?
Been thru: all these, years... you know not
who Predicted: the Future, for you 2 live. you: livin' in
wordz of wisdom: neva leave your past BeHind!
Alwayz Stick 2 your Roots? is what: you been, told!
that way. you'll: neva, Get lost...
My: life's like a vision. I neva: televise
I Rather: Put, ink in2 Paper
& leave it up 2 you: 2 Revise. By the time: I Raise,
Ma Fist. then: you'll no. Revolution's: what I'm in2
Everyday: I, Rise. I look-up: 2 Dark-Clouds
Everytime: SAPs, wanna shot me
Shook Me 2 Death. After they Teared-Me-Apart
I saw Ma whole life: came Crushin'...
till Ma: Eyez Shuts. Deep: inside, I know
Mom's Gonna Cry, Tearz of joy. His Son: Died. Not: only, a Soldier
But for his people. 2 Evolve: in2, Changed Reality
Beginnin' of Celf. is yet: 2 Be, known... Oblivious 2 ManKind!

General Discussion / Blood Spillerz
« on: May 07, 2007, 10:27:40 AM »
Yo any1 cop 'em yesterday on 33Reasonz? Yea, I've seen 'em @ States B4 & they hold they own indeed no doubt!!! Big-up Verbal a**a**in, But I'm sorry I had 2 say this... that 2nd joint Melodic Beat Kopano played from yo Confidencial Mixtape. it's been stolen 8O  I no that beat & it was made by someone not from SA. Jus to let y'all know in case the producer's mite be Claimin'...

Yeah, Kweli you should rap about this
You should rap about that
Any more suggestions?
You in the back--yeah, you

You should rap on beat
You should rap more street
And never ever get your mack on, please
How about you?--I like the way you're melodic

Just 'cause you kept a hypnotic
Portrait that seems to make the average exotic
Kweli, you nice. I know you're getting some love
But you can't spit like a thug
How you gon blow if you making hits for the club?


I don't like your voice
I don't like your choice of beat
It sounds like it's forced
What was up with "Back Up Offa Me" (for real!)
I ain't like that (me either)

Now you should get with Hi-Tek (for real!!)
Now he got nice tracks...

Yeah, people keep it coming
I keep it bubbling like the heat from the oven boiling the water...
I got a mic empire--my own label
I had to emancipate me me [Mimi] like Mariah...

General Discussion / Beyonce vs Shakira
« on: May 05, 2007, 12:32:37 PM »
Joke of the Moment
So this dude was tellin' us how they made that vid 2 make 'em luk-alike! But if you'd ask me, Man that nigga was a Damn lie-yah... Yes, we y'all seen the vid & check this out? it's very funny even Beyonce Confuses her Celf wit Shakira!!!  :D  How Crazy is that?

Quote from: "Starpulse"
Beyonce Knowles Confuses Own Image With Shakira's

Superstar Beyonce Knowles is so impressed with the digital imagery on the video for her duet with Shakira, sometimes even she can't tell the two of them apart. The sexy Deja Vu singer teams up with Shakira for her latest hit Beautiful Liar, and admits they did such a good job synchronizing their dance moves in the video that she has trouble distinguishing between the pair herself.

She says, "For the video, they put us in a room together for about two hours and we just came up with the choreography and played off the fact we look similar. It was really cool because I don't even know who is who sometimes - even I get confused!"

B's Picx:,_Beyonce/Pictures/
Sha's Picx:

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Hot Traxxx / Mr Fab
« on: May 05, 2007, 11:49:42 AM »
I ain't Really his fan, mara that joint he featured Neyo on. Damn it's sure Hott. I C his album wud Be Droppin real soon sumtime kabo June

Fabolous - From Nothin' to Somethin' Tracklist:

1. Yep, I'm Back
2. Return of the Hustle (ft. Swizz Beatz)
3. Change Up
4. "You Make Me Better" (ft. Ne-Yo the R&B singer)
5. So Fabolous
6. "Diamonds" (ft. Young Jeezy)
7. Hustler's Poste Child (ft. Ca**idy)
8. Real Player Like (ft. Lloyd)
9. Foggin' Up the Windows (ft. R.Kelly)
10. What Should I Do (ft, Lil Mo)
11. Back to School
12. All Jokes on You
13. I Shine, You Shine (ft. Makeeba)
14. "First Time" (ft. Rhianna)
15. Paperman (ft. Neyo the Matrix)
16. Brooklyn
17. Chirp Back (ft. Blu Davinci)
18. Gangsta (ft. Junior Reid)
19. This is Family (ft. Freck Billionaire, Red Cafe, Ransom, Paul Kane, and Joe Budden)

Hot Traxxx / Hip hop newz
« on: May 04, 2007, 01:28:37 PM »
So Immortal Technique's got a nu album? Any1 noticed/ heard it?


For these newz:

« Immortal Technique Presents New Poison Pen Album "Pick Your Poison: Mark Of The Beast"

« Killah Priest Signs With Good Hands Records & Prepares To Release "The Offering"

« Camp Lo Preparing To Release Brand New EP In August Entitled "Another Heist"

« Talib Kweli Finally Sets July 24th The Date For The Anticipated Album"Eardrum"

Hot Traxxx / Mick Boogie & Marco Polo - Newport Authority
« on: May 02, 2007, 06:33:44 PM »
Jus in case...

Mick Boogie & Marco Polo - Newport Authority
Produced by Marco Polo

1. Newport Authority Intro
2. Skoob (of Das Efx) “How I Get Down” REMIX (Cuts by Jayceseoh)
3. Special Teamz “1 Call” (Cuts By Jayceeoh)
4. Masta Ace Interlude
5. Masta Ace f. Big Noyd “Do It Man”
6. Large Professor “The Radar” (Cuts By DJ Revolution) *PORT AUTHORITY EXCLUSIVE
7. Grand Daddy I.U. “Veteran” (Cuts by DJ Linx)
8. Torae “Good God” Interlude
9. Kool G. Rap & D.V. Alias Khryst “Hood Tales” *PORT AUTHORITY EXCLUSIVE
10. Boot Camp Clik “He Gave His Life”
11. Boot Camp Clik “Hate All You Want”
12. Brooklyn Academy “The Growler”
13. O.C. Interlude
14. Skyzoo “Block Sh*t” (Cuts By DJ Linx)
15. Kardinal Offishall “War” *PORT AUTHORITY EXCLUSIVE
16. O Dot Allstars f. Catalyst, Copywrite, Tage & Kingdom “U Must”
17. Torae “Casuality”
18. Supernatural Interlude
19. Rasco “What Happened To The Game”
20. Not A f*cking Game Interlude
21. Block McCloud f. Jean Grae “All A Game” (Cuts By DJ Linx)
22. Brand Nubian Interlude
23. Sadat X f. Boss Money “If You”
24. Pumpkinhead f. Roc Marciano (of The UN) “Swordfish” REMIX
25. Boot Camp Clik “Yeah”
26. Pumpinkhead f. Arch Rival “Swordfish”


Hot Traxxx / Grafh
« on: April 24, 2007, 09:18:03 AM »
I don no if this name Ring Bellz 2 y'all up in here. I first heard his first joint "Silent" last year ish was Crazy ill & Black Pantha 2 was Dope... if you wanna no Mo 'bout Grafh Check out his Space:

He almost luk'd like Tuks Senganga, Nah! I didn't say that...
He's Got 3 yes, 3 Free Albumz on his page 1 4 the Ladies "Ladies Nite" Ft. loads of Remixez from Ca**ie, Ciara, Jamie Fox, Tyrese, Omario etc yo Gurl Gotta luv it... the 2nd Mixtape he's got Kay Slay on it (On sum Gan'Sta tip) & Lastly AutoGrafh (the Beats here's Hard-Core) esp trac 1 & 2. So yea, Go Get whateva ya want. & Beside, that Ain't no God Damn Piracy!!!  :D  :D  :D

His interview:

General Discussion / Damn!
« on: April 23, 2007, 02:32:06 PM »
Damn!!! why's AG so flippin' Borin' vandag? :oops:
shit maybe I'm Gettin' too old fo this...
 :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

@timez like these... Man I jus, switch-on 2 Summa these intellectual Podcasts...
 :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  & Get Educated!
Pharaohe Monch, Head-Roc, Paris, Blitz, Nas, Common, Floetry, Hi-Tek, and much more. Also included is the launch of Project Blackout/Whitewash and FreeMix's Top 10 Stories Under-reported in 2006 with special guest host The Angry Emcee.

Head-Roc, Asheru, Lil Wayne, Wise Intelligent, Wu Tang Clan, Blitz, Hasan Salaam and more...

Hot Traxxx / Madlib's Motown PodCast
« on: April 20, 2007, 12:38:34 PM »
Go to itunes Store, Sign up & Get Madlib's Podcast 4Free!!!
Note: you Gonna nid, itunes
Warnin': this is Grown Men's Sounds. Kip Children Out Of Reach.

Hot Traxxx / Snoop Dogg
« on: April 18, 2007, 12:22:06 PM »
:twisted:  Re10 of tha Evil Dawg!
Prepare ya Celf...
Yo, I jus found 1na those Hard 2 Get Snoop Dogg's album & I hope non of y'all heard 'bout it? that'll be so Cool...  it's called: VA
Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror (OST)


1 - Snoop Dogg - Welcome To The Hood
2 - Flii Stylz - Beaztly
3 - Al Kapone - My Dead Homie
4 - Rainman - Out Here
5 - Snoop Dogg Feat. Young Walt, Terrance Martin, & Tiffany Fox - Shake That Shit
6 - The North Mississppi Allstars - Goin' Back To Dixie
7 - Percy Sledge - 24-7-365
8 - Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
9 - C-Ride Feat. Dre - Get Ghost
10 - Young Hugg & CJ - Da Hood
11 - Ill Bill - Thousand To M's
12 - Flii Stylz Feat. Dap - Clownin Out
13 - Lordikim - Stay Up
14 - Cool & Dre Feat. Aries Spears & Pooch Hall - Sod & Quon's Theme (Dramacydal)
15 - Al Kapone - Derelict's Lair


Hot Traxxx / Hott Samples!!!
« on: April 14, 2007, 10:55:41 AM »
y'all Gotta peep this Sample(s) BloG out. they got: Wu tang, Heltah Skeltah, Jedi Mind Tricks, Scarface, KMD, Kenn Starr ft. Asheru & Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Temptations, Isaac Hayes, Geto Boys, David Porter, Jimmy Spicer, Busta Rhymes, Johnny Pate, Show & A.G, The Spinners, Dudley Perkins, Pete Rock, Cannonball Adderley, The Firm, Keith Murray, Blac Monks, Edo g feat Pete Rock,  Blackbyrds, Queen Latifah, Phife Dawg, Evidence, Organized Konfusion, 3rd Ba**, the Beatnuts, Page 100 Quasimoto, Big Pun, Blaq poet, Royal Flush,  they even got: Shakira feat. Wyclef
Man I'm tired of Mentionin' artists I'll probally end next year!
there's tonz Mo 177 Pagez... that's a whole lot there
Sum, I don even no
 :idea:  :idea:  :idea:
Cop 'em Here:

time 2 Catch up!

Hot Traxxx / Hu wanna hear sum nu ish?
« on: April 13, 2007, 01:16:56 PM »

Suspect Packages Radio Show tracklist: 02/04/07...

01.Million Dan - Suspect Packages Radio Show Intro
02.Verb T & The Last Skeptik feat.Sway & Kyza - March - Silent Soundz promo
03.Percy Filth feat.Sonnyjim - Trademarks - Aerosolik
04.Ric Branson - 360 - Skullsnap promo
05.M9 - Lock And Load (Chemo Remix) - Triple Darkness
06.Diversion Tactics presents Robot Boy feat.Kashmachine (aka Kashmere) - Deadlock - Boot
07.Foreign Beggars - Black Hole Prophecies (Jehst Remix) - Dented promo
08.Keith Lawrence - Whoa Whoa - Muzik-Ed
09.Dr Syntax feat.Stig Of The Dump & Manipulate - A Dose Of Godzilla Slang - Beer And Rap Promo
10.Dirty Diggers feat.Sam Hep & Rup - City To Sticks - Zebra Traffic
11.Pneumatic & Sloth - Everyday Of The Weed - Headcount
12.Def Tex - Crazy Dog - Son promo
13.Demon Boyz - Don't Touch It - Suspect Packages promo
14.Hoodz Underground feat.Iron Bridge - Iron & Steel - Trackshicker promo
15.Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax & Newborn interview part 1
16.Stig Of The Dump feat.R.A. The Rugged Man - Braindead - Beer & Rap promo
17.Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax & Newborn interview part 2
18.Dr Syntax - Max Miller - Beer & Rap promo
19.Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax & Newborn interview part 3
20.Stig Of The Dump - Intoxicated - Beer & Rap promo
21.Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax & Newborn interview & live freestyle part 4
22.Ric Branson feat.Melissa Pearl - Evolution - Grand Vision promo
23.First Man Productions feat.Yungun & Charlie Brown - That Girl - Silent Soundz promo

Yo, RIP! Say summthin'... Internet Killed Hip hop long time Ago!!!

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