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Hot Traxxx / Marco Polo & Torae - Crashing Down
« on: July 16, 2009, 11:03:12 PM »
Lets talk about this:

was asked to RE-UP the Marco & here youl go...

Marco Polo & |Torae: Double Barrel (2009)

01. intro feat dj premier 01:17
02. double barrel feat dj revolution 03:25
03. party crashers 03:46
04. smoke feat lil fame of m.o.p. & rock of heltah 03:54
05. lifetime feat dj revolution 04:15
06. but wait 02:43
07. rah rah shot 04:07
08. danger 03:01
09. stomp feat guilty simpson 04:02
10. coney island 03:32
11. word play 03:30
12. hold up feat masta ace & sean price 03:08
13. get it 03:41
14. crashing down feat saukrates & s-roc 04:27

LINK REMOVED/files/237806388/  ;)

14. crashing down feat saukrates & s-roc 04:27
- "Marco dropped Port Authority last year, May 15th in stores,
its almost may 15th following year 7000 aint been  bought...
So why should we gear it up, & keep putting the effort in, & keep striving & keeping this sh*t relevant (why),
The company's having a hard time selling it,
by yall not copping it yall  saying to hell with it..."

^^^thats some real talk right there

Politics / June 16th commemoration 09
« on: June 16, 2009, 07:41:24 AM »
"Attention Madam Speaker, but your mindless so mind this,
subconscious died young in '76 yet still you spineless,
so on behalf of Hector..." (c) Audio Visual - Not Sayin'

Lets take a moment to read & appreciate the liberties we sometimes take for granted:

Hip Hop Events / Happy BDay 2pac
« on: June 16, 2009, 07:28:19 AM »
"June 16th 1971, Mama gave birth to a hell raising heavenly son"

Whats YOUR favourite 2pac memory/ song/ album/ moment/ whatever?

Sports Arena / Paciao - Hatton
« on: May 04, 2009, 06:22:42 AM »
Who watched the big fight?

Manny Pound for Pound the best still doing it.

Producers - Discussion / 9th gets Nas call finally
« on: April 20, 2009, 07:10:06 AM »


Hot Traxxx / 1st 10 seconds
« on: April 17, 2009, 07:48:41 AM »
You know there are songs that come on & within the first 10seconds you drop WHATEVER you're doing...

Here are some of mine:
O Fortuna (You know some ish is about to be on like slow motion epic battle scenes whenever this comes on):

Pete & C.L. - T.R.O.Y (As soon as those horns come on I have to drop everything I'm doing)"

M.O.P. - Ante Up (no explanation needed):

Bounty Killer - Warlord Walk (That Millitary riddim is Ma**IVE & the '5star General' has you marching):

What are yours?

Sports Arena / NBA Playoffs 09
« on: April 16, 2009, 10:08:04 AM »
The playoffs are starting on Sat. Rep your squad!

Western Conference:

Eastern Conference:

Hot Traxxx / RIDIIIIMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 08, 2009, 07:37:12 PM »
Where my Dancehall heads?

What are your top 5 dancehall riddims?

1. Bam Bam - Cla**ic
2. Diwali - Unfusswithable
3. Drop leaf
4. Filthy Riddim
5. Mission

honourable mentions: Military Riddim & Buzz Riddim.

BULLET BULLET!! *foghorn*

General Discussion / Audio Fidelity
« on: March 18, 2009, 08:07:18 PM »
Spinoff from the Room Acoustics thread:

Far too often we download music & listen to it on our laptops/ PC speakers never giving it a chance to really BUMP.
We do a grave injustice to the audio fidelity of the composition.

This from Rhymefest:
Quote from: Rhymefest
Laptop Music

How did you receive the last piece of music you’ve heard? Did you buy a CD and bump it in your car all the way home, were you in the club dancing up on a hot-a** chick like, ‘Oh shit, what’s that the DJ just throw on!’ Or did you download it for free on your laptop, listen to 15 seconds of it going bink bink boink through your weak-a** speakers before you deleted it from your drive and your life forever.

I admit the first time I heard Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Nite” it was through my weak a** Mac book. I was like ‘man this aiiight.’ Honestly I made it 59 seconds through the song before it got cut and deleted. Later in the week I found myself in a high brow New York night club and the same record got thrown on I lost my mother f***in’ mind (In a good way). ‘What the hell is this it kind of sound like that song I had on my computer the other day, but better! Did they remix it?’ I had to even ask the DJ whether it was a newer version. To my surprise, it wasn’t. It was the same song I listened to two days ago on my weak a** Mac book. Conclusion: half of the people I know listen to songs off their laptop with no skull candies or professional head phones. How in the hell can you decide if a song is really good or bad like that? Are you that good of a music critic that you don’t need ba**, the correct amount of treble, or the mids arranged correctly? Do we really believe we can hear a song and say yay or nay? How many times has it taken more than three listens before you came around and said, ‘Man that’s pretty hot!’ I honestly feel as though laptop listening is disrespectful to music unless your computer is connected to a bigger pair of speakers or you wear headphones as you preview new music. Some great music is all about the beat or the sound that you can’t hear through your weak a** PC. Some songs have vocals that pan from left to the right speaker that create a sort of magical surround sound. I’ll keep this short and sweet, don’t cheat yourself out of great music by using your weak-a** laptop as a crutch to hear all the newest music quicker. I’m interested on hearing your thoughts.

We'd all to well to at least give new music a fighting chance by investing in proper output speakers/ head/earphones.

Humour / Jokes / Killing Me Softly - Buhle
« on: February 17, 2009, 10:03:19 AM »

LMAO! iRemix eish

Sports Arena / '09 NBA Dunk Contest
« on: February 15, 2009, 11:11:05 AM »

5ft 8in Krypto-Nate Robinson took it again! Dude is a freak of nature.

Hot Traxxx / Zubz - Cochlea - One Last Letta
« on: February 13, 2009, 08:17:51 PM »
Anyone bought this yet?

Cochlea - One Last Letta is the third in a series of 3 Albums which I have released through Outrageous Records over 6 years. The first, Listeners Digest was released in 2004; the second Headphone Music In A Parallel World followed two years later in 2006. All three albums play on the “Ear” and “Hearing” as an overriding theme acting as the common thread that binds the records together. This inter relation is done deliberately as I believe the ear has the unique ability to “perceive” that which the eye and indeed all other known senses cannot; the reality of the Soul. This reality is expressed through music.

The 16 track Album is just under an hour long and broken down into three main sections. The first part of the album is heavily slanted towards commentary on my artistic and socio-economic perspective. These opening 6 songs are all personal with an experiential base for inspiration.

The middle part of the record is born from relationship dynamics between a man and a woman. Each of these 6 songs branches into different core ideas, but all stem from the ‘Boy Meets Girl’ trunk. Subtle nuances like the ad lib “…Let’s Keep it like this for a while…” at the beginning of the song “I Got This - Bait the Prey” and “…I Hope She Like it/That’s it…” at the end of “Traditional Her - With Unconditional Love” are my way of letting the listener know that this section is half way done, then finally over.

The final movement of the album is what I call the “Zoned Out” phase of the record. These songs are dreamy and almost abstract in nature, allowing the listener to turn off their brains and switch on their soul; very spiritual.

Producing a full album means knowing the broader vision for it and reconciling that with the resources available to you. It was extremely important for me to make this Album sound completely different to the last two; fresher and more accessible. For this reason the beat producers on Cochlea - One Last Letta may be relatively new and unheard of to most. Theirs is a mainly programmed sound made more organic with the sparse use of live instrumentation and the avoidance of chopped samples. Theirs is exactly the sound I needed to realise my vision for this record. On boards, I had the pleasure of working with Afrika, Tagteam, Mason Black, Herbie Dangerous, Ameen, Helio, pH, SyC and Iko. With the exception of Helio and Iko, all of these producers I worked with for the first time on Cochlea - One Last Letta

Featured Artists
No good album is done in isolation and Cochlea - One Last Letta is no exception. With a wealth of talent in Mzansi to choose from I only had two important criteria for the artists I decided to work with on this record. One; does the song require their specific touch on it? Two; do I have a genuine personal relationship with these artists based on respect and admiration? For the following artists the answers to both were yes. Cochlea - One Last Letta enlists the incredible talents of DJ Hamma, RJ Benjamin, Kalakoda, Pebbles, Pedro of 340ml, Tracey Lee, Lebo Mashile, Rantoboko, Chi, Kabomo, Audrey, Tino and young Lungelo.

In between every album I have released there is a wealth of experience acquired and I have tried to translate that into all the new music I release. This growth is reflected on Cochlea - One Last Letta which, I can say without hesitation, is the most complete album I have done to date. Hear it and you’ll see why.


General Discussion / 5000 UP!
« on: February 12, 2009, 11:14:54 AM »
Just realised I made 5000 up in here!

"I'd like to thank the academy, Milk & Barack Obama"

Should transcribe my posts & write a book or something.

Hot Traxxx / Too Hot SA Hip Hop version
« on: February 03, 2009, 05:55:08 AM »
Does anyone know what SA Hip Hop/ Kwaito song samples Kool & the Gang's Too Hot?

Here is the sample I am talking about:

Coolio used the sample too on a song of the same name.

Please any idea let me know been stressing all day about that. You will be adequately rewarded...

Hot Traxxx / Primo Homage - Phonte/ Royce/ Stat Quo
« on: January 30, 2009, 07:12:59 AM »
Phonte Royce Da 5′9″ & Stat Quo - Homage to Premier (prod. Focus doing his best Primo impression):
LINK REMOVED/audio/546155795ec11345

Pay attention to Phonte's verse kiddies.

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