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General Discussion / Obama Inauguration
« on: January 20, 2009, 08:29:46 AM »
On the day of the Inauguration... What are the memebers of this forums' perspectives on what the Obama US presidency will impact us as young blacks/ whites/ "coloureds"/ Africans/ Heads/ enterepreneurs/ dreamers?

In the meantime some music to help you think from one the best to ever do it
The King Pinn - Inauguration:
http://LINK REMOVED/4549e8a4

Hot Traxxx / Neo Muyanga - The Listening Room
« on: January 18, 2009, 11:11:39 AM »
Who's up on this?

Flava for days like these....

Neverenough is my joint...

Sonically superior.

Battle One on One / Dark Chocolate
« on: January 14, 2009, 11:45:07 AM »
Errrr "Lets get focused". Lets try give the dark skinned sisters some love here.

I'll go first:

Lanisha Cole from Pharell's Frontin video:

Humour / Jokes / Cla**ic Album Lego Covers
« on: December 19, 2008, 07:09:55 AM »

Hip Hop Events / ?uestlove @ Carfax gig
« on: December 13, 2008, 04:16:24 AM »
Who went? How was it? Any pictures?

General Discussion / Hip Hop recession
« on: December 04, 2008, 06:20:24 AM »
2008 promised to be a great year. Much was made about the numerological significance of the number 8 in the Chinese calendar ahead of the Bejing Olympic games.
8 is my favourite number. I had high expectations for this year.

With new releases from Nas, Common, Kanye West & the Foreign Exchage it looked to have the potential to be a genre defining year in the same breath as 1988 & 1994 & 1998...

I have already shared how pleasantly surprised I was when I heard the Nas album. So it appearedd 2008 was off to a great start. Next up was the Foriegn Exchange. They had arguably the best album of 2005 a personal cla**ic. I was hype to hear their new offering.
The single leaked & Phonte was singing on the whole song. Still decent sonic backdrop by Nicolay but no rap..
When the album follwed a similar suit I was severely underwhelmed.

KanYe released his single Love Lockdown in autotune. I hated it. It was catchy. The Pop ma**es went for it. Not I.
The idea of an entire album in autotune & 808 drums does not excite me in the least bit. I haven't bothered to download any of the songs.

Then Common announced he was releasing an EP. He had 2 solid Kanye produced releases in recent history so I was anxious. Then the UMC single dropped & it was spacey nerdy hipster hip hop. It was Common so when the album leaked yesterday I downloaded it. I was underwhelmed again. It was just as spacey as the single for the most part.

I never thought I'd see the day when new Luda & a T.I. albums were better than Common & Ye albums.

The global recession has hit Hip Hop 2000 & (NotSo)Gr8


Hot Traxxx / Verbal Intercourse
« on: December 03, 2008, 05:39:41 AM »
Verbal Intercourse has arguably 3 of the dopest verses ever in hip hop.

Detroit has been raising the bar on raw rap skillz (lyricism & flows) lately.

Anyone for a Verbal Intercourse Detroit Remix:

Geek Section / Nokia N97!!!
« on: December 02, 2008, 06:11:55 PM »

The N97 packs a 3.5-inch, 640 x 360 pixel (that's a 16:9 aspect ratio) resistive touchscreen display with tactile feedback and QWERTY keyboard into this sliding communicator with an "always open" window to favorite internet or social networking sites. Nokia calls it the "world's most advanced mobile computer." To back up the claim they've dropped in HSDPA, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios, A-GPS, a 3.5-mm headjack, 32GB of onboard memory with microSD expansion (for up to 48GB total capacity), and a battery capable of up to 1.5 days of continuous audio playback or 4.5-hours video. 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss gla** and "DVD quality" video capture at 30fps, too. The specs are certainly impressive, let's see if the S60 5th Edition OS can support it. The N97 will launch with a retail price set at around €550 ($693) excluding subsidies and taxes, phone to ship in H1 2009

Maybe I'll stay with Nokia after all.

General Discussion / World AIDS Day 2008
« on: December 01, 2008, 06:52:14 PM »
An estimated 22 million adults and children were living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa at the end of 2007.

During that year, an estimated 1.5 million Africans died from AIDS. The epidemic has left behind some 11.6 million orphaned African children.

Take a momement to read the stats & facts here:

I've known some family & friends that have died due to the epidemic. We know its real. Lets take a moment to ponder our behaviour as young men & women. This year's theme is "Lead-Empower-Deliver".

"Real Talk"

Geek Section / Nintendo Wii
« on: November 18, 2008, 06:58:52 AM »
So my sister-in-law got her a Wii & I've been messing around with it.

I understand its an inferior console & all that but I admit some of the gameplay is marginally entertaining.

Anybody here mess with that? I'm talking Wii Sports, Mario Kart & Smash Bros ish.

Talk to me.

Hot Traxxx / AG100 elimination round
« on: October 22, 2008, 05:42:53 PM »
Now that we have a decent helping of tracks to choose from its time to try to narrow them down to 100.
We will need some criterion for elimination.
1) In the case where an artist has more than 1 track nominated I say we add the most popular song. If a 2nd track is up for consideration it will need to be motivated for & co-signed by someone other than the nominator. 3rd track would need 2 cosigns; 4th - 3cosigns etc etc

2) Where the track is not as popular here on AG we can upload them for the rest of us to preview & vote.

3) Lets try & make this as diverse a list as possible in terms of countries. Music from some countries is clearly more popular than others but lets try & diversify the mix as much as possible. Afterall this is the AG top 100 & AG is more than just a Southern African site.

4) Vote for up to 25 songs already on the list below only. Just so its easier for me to collate the results from 1 thread.

5) Provide adequate justification. Say a sentence or 2 on each nomination stating why it should be in an African hip hop top 100 songs list.

Any other ideas?

Here is the list in alphabetical order again:

   Artist   Title   Country                              
1   5th   Floor   Kreation   f.   Korianda   (SA)                     
2   A.Z.I.Z.   feat.   Mehdy   Real   Tunisiano   Madhina   (Tunisia)                  
3   Abantu_   Bantustan                                 
4   African   Rulerz_   Forgot   the   name   of   the   track   but   it   was   uploaded   here
5   Akon   Mama   Africa                              
6   Akon   Locked   Up   (Senegal)                           
7   Akon   feat.   Eminem   Smack   That                        
8   Al   Kani   The   Foundation                           
9   Amu   Act   Crazy   (SA)                           
10   AMU   Attention                                 
11   Amu   Since   I   met   u                        
12   Amu   Skillz   (South   Africa)                           
13   Amu   i'll   take   care   of   you                     
14   ANd   uhhh   yes                              
15   Anvils   Hooligans   with   a   mike   in   hand                  
16   Anvils   Pa**   it   to   yo   man                                                
17   Apollo   Diablo   The   City   Owes   Me   (Botswana)                                             
18   Archetypes   -   Verbal   Lucifer                                                      
19   Audio   Visual   A\V   (South   Africa)                                                   
20   Audio   Visual   not   sayin'                                                      
21   Audio   Visual   Pop   Type   (South   Africa)                                                
22   Base   Mental   Platform   that   track   they   had   on   tv   where   they   on   a   roof   in   jhb   that   shit   was   a   tight   video
23   Base   Mental   Platform   Ft.   Stacey   Epps   (?)   Creep                                          
24   Bataka   Squad   Atooba   (Uganda)                                                      
25   Bataka   Squad   Ssesetula   (Uganda)                                                      
26   Ben   sharpa   out   of   the   blue   and   into   the   black                                    
27   Ben   Sharpa   Ason   of   Old   (South   Africa)                                             
28   Ben   Sharpa   Hegemony   (South   Africa)                                                   
29   Ben   Sharpa   Kaptain   Check   the   evidence                                                
30   Ben   Sharpa   Kaptain   Edwin   the   Hardboiled                                                
31   Ben   Sharpa   Kaptain   First   kiss                                                   
32   Ben   Sharpa   -   Why   B.   Tryin'               
33   Bideew   Bou   Bess   Ndékété   Yo   (Senegal)               
34   Bisso   Na   Bisso   -   Dans   la   peau   d'un   chef   (Congo   Brazzaville)
35   Black   Noize   Pumpin'   Loose   Da   Juice   (South   Africa)         
36   Black   Noize   So   called   coloured                  
37   Blk   Sonshine   Born   in   a   Taxi               
38   Boul   N'Baï   Sida   (Senegal)                     
39   Bra**e   Vannie   Kaap   Kaap   Van   Storms   (South   Africa)         
40   Breeze   -   Higher   Learning                     
41   Buk   Bak   Akwensi   Broni   (Ghana)                  
42   Bulloman   Im   Gonna   make   you   love   me            
43   Burntface   Mindenew   (Ethiopia)   <   this   is   heat!            
44   C.R.I.S.I.S   Taking   Over   (Zambia)                     
45   C4   Train   of   Thought   (Zambia)                  
46   C4   When   I'm   Older                     
47   Cashless   society   Dolly   parton                     
48   Cashless   Society   Blaze   tha   Breaks   (South   Africa   /   Botswana)      
49   Cashless   Society   History                        
50   Cashless   Society   Hottentot   Hop   (Bantu   1   2)   (South   Africa   /   Botswana)
51   Cashless   Society   Life                        
52   Cashless   Society   Taxi   Wars   (South   Africa   /   Botswana)         
53   Cashless   Society   Stuck                        
54   Chachi   Cape   Verdean   in   America   (Cape   Verde)   <   this   is   heat!
55   Clueso   feat.   Snazz   D   &   Remarkable   -   Gridlocked         
56   Conscious   Can't   Wait   Piga   Bao   (Tanzania)               
57   Constructus   Corporation   -   Jellyfish   (South   Africa)               
58   Crisis   feat.Exile   Players   Worldwide   Stylee   (not   too   sure   of   exact   spelling)
59   Da   Fugitivz   Kepp   Kui   Bangh   (Gambia)               
60   Da   Hopp   Afon-Dasy   (Madagascar)                     
61   Daara   J   Anti   Blood   (Senegal)                  
62   Daara   J   Mbegueel   (Senegal)                     
63   Dama   do   Bling   Boy   (feat.   Lizha   James)   (Mozambique)         
64   Dama   Do   Bling   Chamadas   Para   Bling            
65   Damola   lead   to   the   gut               
66   Das   Primeiro   Liberdade   (Angola)                  
67   De   Plow   Matz                     
68   DJ   Berry   Hey   You   (Rwanda)               
69   Dj   Jimmy   Jatt   Mode9   2Face   e.t.c.            
70   Driemaanskap   Itsho   into                     
71   Driemaanskap   Pitsa   Zamadoda                     
72   Driemanskap   Itsho   Into                     
73   Driemnskaap   Go   and   Ask   (Hamb'ubuza)               
74   DRP   Still   Doing   It   (Victory)   (Mozambique)            
75   Drudge   dialect   mixtape   Hip   hop   royalty   (especially   sketch's   verse   mhh)
76   Dungeon   shack   –   kung   fu   (   I   think?)      
77   Dynamic   feat.   Aba**   Aba**   -   Clap   Ya   Handz   (Mauritania/Senegal)   
78   Ees   feat.   Namany   -   Windhoek   City!   (Namibia)         
79   Elddee   The   Spy                     
80   Elom20ce   Mon   étendard   (Togo)                           
81   Emmanuel   Jal   Warchild   (Sudan)                           
82   Entity   Touch   and   Go                           
83   Féenose   J'appelle   (des   mots)   (Burkina   Faso)                     
84   Flabba   Accelarate                                 
85   Flame   Ft.   Ootz   D.E.A.D.   HOT                        
86   For   hip   hop   Bonus   track   (Move   it   up   actII)            
87   Gini   Grindith   The   Length   of   Time   (South   Africa)               
88   Gini   Grindith   &   Fungus   the   Mutated   Lung   -   What   Makes   This   Thing   Turn?
89   Godessa   minds   Ablaze                              
90   Godessa   Nguwe                                 
91   Godessa   Social   Ills                              
92   Godessa   Minds   Ablaze   (SA)                           
93   Godessa   Social   Ills                              
94   Golden   Shovel   Let   there   be   light                     
95   Groundworks   ((stereotype))type)   (South   Africa)                           
96   Groundworks   Dungeon   Keepers   (South   Africa)                                          
97   Groundworks   Sound   Hz   (South   Africa)                                          
98   H   Kayne   Issawa   Style   (Morocco)                                          
99   H20   All   Natural                                                
100   H20   Calling   Roseanne                                                
101   H20   I'm   an   African                                             
102   H20   It's   wonderful                                                
103   H2O   African                                                   
104   Hard   Blasters   Blast   Nuff   (Tanzania)                                          
105   Hardstone   Uhiki   (Kenya)                                                
106   HHP   Harambe   (SA)                                                
107   HHP   Danger                                                   
108   HHP   Go   Diragalang                                                
109   HHP   Harambe                                                   
110   HHP   O   mang?                                                
111   Hip   Hop   Royalty   -   Hymphatic   Thabs,   Hyphen,   Sketch,   TOP,   KONFAB,   Ben   Sharpa,   King   Daniel,   X-24th   Letter,   Otis   Larynx,   Bhlakhroze
112   Hoodlum's   The Mind               
113   Hundred   times   to   a   mil      
114   Hymphatic   thabs   those   who         
115   Ikonoclasta   from   Angola            
116   Illiterate   skills   16.Another   day   another   rhyme   
117   Illiterate   skills   17   Heads   ache      
118   imbumbe   unity!   ft   looptroop.         
119   Infa   Infatuation   tua            
120   Isaac   Mutant   Mr   Devious   dedication      
121   Isaac   Mutant   Sideshow   Freak         
122   It   Rocks   -   KONFAB         
123   J   Bux   Mr   Nobody         
124   Jon   Woo   Feat.Exile   I   don't   Know   
125   Kaigan   Gaskia   -   Toun   Ga   Ma   (Niger)
126   Kalamashaka   Ni   Wakati   (Kenya)         
127   Kalamashaka   and   kaddo   fanya   mambo      
128   Kalibrados   Quem   manda   no   teu   block               
129   Kantiolis   Comportement   (Senegal)                        
130   Kapuka   African   Hustlers                        
131   Karizma   &   B   Sun/   Kudakwashe   Back   in   the   Day   (Zimbabwe/   UK)
132   Kataklyzim   Day   &   Night   (Zimbabwe)                  
133   Kaydo   Mad                           
134   Kaydo   shine   on   my   shine                  
135   Kaydo   Black   Queen                        
136   Kill   A   Brother   (?)   Sifiso   Sudan               
137   Kingpinn   I   Salute   You   (Zimbabwe)                  
138   Kingpinn   Inauguration                           
139   Klear   Kut   Mon   Coeur/Murder   of   Crows               
140   KNaan   Soobax   (Somalia)                        
141   K'naan   Strugglin'                           
142   K'naan   ft.   Mwafrika   The   African   Way   (Somalia/Kenya)            
143   KONFAB   ft.   Jaak   How   We   Roll   (Lesotho/South   Africa)         
144   KONFAB   Ft.   Vernon   Visqus   UCTorchange                        
145   Krukid   AFRICANthem                                 
146   Krukid   My   Music   My   Country                        
147   Krushal   Coke   on   the   table                        
148   Krytik   Chasing   Heaven                              
149   Landmynz   21   rhyme   salute                           
150   Landmynz   man   woman   and   child                        
151   Landmynz   1   Step   Kaboom   (South   Africa)                     
152   Lebo   Mashile   I   like   it   Deep   sometines   (Reinterpretation)               
153   Lebo   Mashile   I   smoked   a   Spliff   with   Jesus   Christ            
154   Lebo   Mashile   I   knew   a   girl                     
155   Lebo   Mashile   -   My   immagined   Community                     
156   L-Spark's   Molissa (Beutiful Princessa)                                 
157   Luke   the   Venda   Molissa   You   my   beautiful   princess   (still   looking   for   this   track)
158   Madd   Scientist   Computer   science                           
159   Maradona   Not   a   Thug   (SA)                        
160   Mau   Mau   Mau Mau   if   that's   the   real   title.                           
161   mawe2   2nd   year   flush   by                                    
162   Mawe2   Love   lost                                          
163   Max   Normal   Super   Evil                                       
164   Maximum   Sentence   Destiny   (Remix)                                       
165   MBS   El   Ghorba   (Algeria)                                       
166   MC   Nota   Sands   of   Time                                    
167   MC   Solaar   Bouge   De   Là   (Senegal)                                 
168   Metaphysics   Can't   Get   Enough   (Zimbabwe)                                    
169   Method   X   Rip   The   Mic                                    
170   Mizchief   All   The   Areas   (SA/Zimbabwe)                                    
171   Mizchif   Fashionable   (South   Africa)                                       
172   Mizchif   Place   For   A   Wife   (Zimbabwe/South   Africa)                              
173   Mode   9   that   song   where   he   talks   about   his   stomach   not   being   a   joking   issue   (forgot   title)
174   Mode   9   Formidable   (Nigeria)                                       
175   Modenine   Cry                                             
176   Modenine   It's   About   To   Get   Ugly            
177   Modenine   ft.   O.D.   419   State   of   Mind   pt.   2   (Nigeria)
178   Morale   I   am                     
179   Move   it   up   The   movement   act   1         
180   Mr   Selwyn   People                     
181   Mr.   Baron   and   X   Ray   New   World   Order      
182   Mr.   Devious   For   My   People   (South   Africa)         
183   Mr.   II   Hali   Halisi   (Tanzania)               
184   MTM   Lazem   Bokra   (Egypt)                  
185   Mwafrika   Nairobi   (Kenya)                     
186   Mwafrika   Ngoma   Za   Kenya   (Kenya)               
187   Mycbeth   _Cheers                        
188   Naeto   C   +   Ikechekwu   Kini   Big   Deal         
189   Natural   Ras   -   Hip-Hop   Spirit   (Gabon)            
190   Necessary   Noize   Clang   Clang   (Kenya)               
191   Nel   no   Competition                     
192   Ngwenya   Feat   Nosisi   The   Quest                     
193   Nthabi   Breathe   f.   Reason                        
194   Nthabi   HipHop                              
195   ntik   Il   Etait   Une   Fois   L'Algérie   (Algeria)               
196   Obita   Shaka   Zulu   Remix                        
197   Omzo   Li   Guen   Pt.   2   (Senegal)                  
198   optical   ill   Move   it   up   by                  
199   Optical   Illusion   For   hip   hop                     
200   Optical   Illusion   Capitol   O   (South   Africa)                  
201   Optical   Illusion   Heat   Wave   (SA)                     
202   Optical   Illusion   Move   it   Up!                     
203   Organik   Interfaze   (can't   remember   the   track   name   it   was   heat   though)   (Botswana)
204   Originz   Family   of   one                        
205   Peace   Of   Ebony   Vadzimu   (Zimbabwe)                     
206   Pee   Froiss   Djalgaty   (Senegal)                        
207   Pitch   Black   This   is   life   pt   2               
208   Politics                        
209   Positive   Black   Soul   Boul   Fale   (Senegal)         
210   Power, Pussy, Pistols                        
211   Pro   Kid   Soweto   (South   Africa)            
212   Pro   Kid   Uthini   Ngo   Pro            
213   Pro-kid   feat.   Hoodlum   Woz' Uzoba Bona               
214   Prophets   Of   da   City   heitada            
215   Prophets   Of   da   City   Neva   Again   (South   Africa)   
216   Prophets   Of   da   City   Planet   Cape   Town   (South   Africa)
217   Prophets   Of   da   City   Township   Dwella   (South   Africa)   
218   Prophets   Of   da   City   Wild   styles(Fcuk   this   a   cla**ic)(SA)
219   Proverb   right   wrong                  
220   Proverb   Rise   of   the   underdog            
221   Proverb   Truth   is   revealing   f.   Appleseed         
222   Proverb   I   have   a   dream            
223   Proverb   Letter   to   my   X   (South   Africa)      
224   Proverb   Microphone   sweet   home               
225   Proverb   My   vers'd   love               
226   Question   Mark   Allstars   Streetlife               
227   RAS   Pan   African                  
228   Rattex   Township   Storm                  
229   Real   Elements   Simple   Things   (Malawi)            
230   Reason   Feeling   you,   Feeling   Me            
231   Reggie   Rockstone   Eye   Mo   De   Anaa   (Ghana)      
232   Reggie   Rockstone(spell   check)   Keep   ur   eyes   on   the   road(GHANA)
233   ROBO   &   OMEN   Day   7            
234   Ruffrugged   N   Raw   Kasala   Go   Bus         
235   Ruggedman   Eh   Hen                  
236   runonsentence   -   KONFAB                  
237   Sakpata   Boys   Vodounvi   (Benin)   <   this   is   heat!   
238   Seida   Crook   unf***withable                  
239   Sharpa   hegemony                     
240   Sifiso   Sudan   Rise   Again                  
241   Sifiso   Sudan   Once   upon   a   time   in   Africa      
242   Sifiso   Sudan   and   Tumi   once   upon   a   time   in   Africa
243   Six   Foot   +   Anwuli   (Nigeria)               
244   Six   Foot   +   Millennium   Bugging               
245   Sketch   Atsha'pha                        
246   Skwatta   Kamp   all   around                  
247   Skwatta   Kamp   Animal                     
248   Skwatta   Kamp   Manyisa                     
249   Skwatta   Kamp   Spark   it                  
250   Skwatta   Kamp   story   to   tell               
251   Skwatta   Kamp   sunshine                     
252   Skwatta   Kamp   THe   rest   shut   the            
253   Skwatta   Kamp   Umoya                     
254   Skwatta   kamp   We   pu   it   there            
255   Skwatta   Kamp   Rau   Rau   (South   Africa)            
256   Skwatta   Kamp   Voetsek   (South   Africa)            
257   Skwatta   Kamp   Worldwide                  
258   Snazz   +   another dude   2   sides   to   every      
259   Spaceman   Revolution                     
260   Spex   Celebrate                     
261   Spex   Hizo   (IKO   Remix)               
262   Spex   Hizo   (South   Africa)               
263   Spex   M.O.T.H.                     
264   Swart   Gevaar   -   KONFAB               
265   Takondwa   Our   Own   feat   usual   suspects         
266   Tata   Pound   Badala   (Mali)               
267   Terry   tha   Rapman   I   Am   Nigerian   (Nigeria)      
268   Terry   tha   Rapman   Money   Hungry   Chicks         
269   Tha   Hymphatic   Thabs   Those   who            
270   Tha   Hymphatic   Thabs   -   Baby   &   think   about   it
271   Tha   Hymphatic   Thabs   -   I   was         
272   The   Emcee                  
273   The   Holstar   Bombs   Over   Lusaka         
274   The   Holstar   Who   I   Am         
275   The   Holstar   and   Al   Kani   Murder   Music   
276   The   Holstar   and   Dope   G   Take   Us   There!
277   The   Ultimate                  
278   Third   World   Riders   Trapped            
279   Thorobreds   Street   Hop               
280   Tic   Tac   Yaa   Densoa   (Ghana)         
281   Tour   2   Garde   Blè   Blè   (Ivory   Coast)   
282   Tribes   Men   Shake   Bodi            
283   Tumi   came   home               
284   Tumi   Bophelo   Bame               
285   Tumi   Blink   twice               
286   Tumi   Eyes   Wide   Shut   (South   Africa)      
287   Tumi   People   of   the   light         
288   Tumi   and   the   Volume   She   spirit   fancies         
289   Tumi   and   the   Volume   These   women            
290   tumi   and   the   volume   What   its   all   about      
291   Tumi   and   the   Volume   76               
292   Tumi   and   The   Volume   Afrique   (South   Africa)         
293   Tumi   and   The   Volume   People   Of   The   Light   (South   Africa)
294   Tumi   and   the   Volume   The   story   behind   the   pain   
295   Tumi   and   the   Volume   Yvonne               
296   Tumi   ft   Sudan   once   upon   a   time   in   Africa   
297   UCTorchange   -   KONFAB,   Vernon   Visqus               
298   Uncanny   Sessman   Nutsack   (Botswana)                  
299   V.O.L.U.M.E   Dzimbaremabwe                        
300   VIP   Manenko   (Ghana)                     
301   WA   BMG   44   Xam   (Senegal)               
302   Wawesh   Mjanja   (Kenya)                     
303   Wawesh   Wawero   (Kenya)                     
304   What!   -   KONFAB,   Jaak,   Sketch            
305   Writers   Block   I   write   what   I   like   (South   Africa)
306   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   AlphaBeta         
307   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   Lost   Sheep      
308   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   Metaphisical   misfit      
309   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   Stuff   YOU      
310   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   Syllable   Pracrice      
311   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   Underneath         
312   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   With   all   the   words
313   Writers   block   (collective   and   solo)   Writers   Block      
314   X   Plastaz   Msimu   Kwa   Msimu   (Tanzania)         
315   X   Plastaz   Nini   dhambi   kwa   mwenye   dhiki(Tanzania)      
316   Young   Nations   Mr   Hustla               
317   Zimbabwe   Legit   Doin'   Damage   In   My   Native   Language   (Zimbabwe)
318   Zubz   I   write                  
319   Zubz   Where   is   the   soul            
320   Zubz   Imagery         
321   Zubz   until   Victoria   falls   
322   Zubz   Handiende(Zambia/Zim/SA)         
323   Zubz   Heavy   8      
324   Zubz   Lovin   It   (South   Africa)
325   Zubz   My   Distress      
326   Zubz   No   Place   Like   Home
327   Zubz   Performance   of   your   life
328   Zubz   Superstar   (Zambia/Zimbabwe/SA)      
329   Zulu   Mobb   Comfort   Me   (SA)

Hot Traxxx / AG top 100 songs
« on: September 30, 2008, 08:26:16 PM »
I know we have done very similar lists but Can we get an AG top 100 African Hip Hop Songs list?


1. Nominate tracks from the last 20 years in African Hip Hop History.
2. NO Affiliates. i.e. I cannot nominate the Innovators, D Planet can't nominate Rattex & Sharpa etc
3. Repeat nominations or co-sign's are allowed.
4. Don't worry about the order yet. Lets just get the tracks down for now.

   Artist   Title   Country   
1   5th Floor   Kreation f. Korianda (SA)      
2   A.Z.I.Z. feat. Mehdy Real Tunisiano     Madhina (Tunisia)      
3   Abantu_   Bantustan      
4   African Rulerz_   Forgot the name of the track but it was uploaded here      
5   Akon   Mama Africa      
6   Akon     Locked Up (Senegal)      
7   Akon feat. Eminem   Smack That      
8   Al Kani     The Foundation      
9   Amu     Act Crazy (SA)      
10   AMU     Attention      
11   Amu     Since I met u      
12   Amu     Skillz (South Africa)      
13   Amu    i'll take care of you      
14   ANd uhhh    yes       
15   Anvils   Hooligans with a mike in hand       
16   Anvils     Pa** it to yo man      
17   Apollo Diablo     The City Owes Me (Botswana)      
18   Audio Visual     A\V (South Africa)      
19   Audio Visual     not sayin'      
20   Audio Visual     Pop Type (South Africa)      
21   Base Mental Platform    that track they had on tv where they on a roof in jhb that shit was a tight video      
22   Base Mental Platform Ft. Stacey Epps (?)     Creep      
23   Bataka Squad     Atooba (Uganda)      
24   Bataka Squad     Ssesetula (Uganda)      
25   Ben sharpa    out of the blue and into the black      
26   Ben Sharpa     Ason of Old (South Africa)      
27   Ben Sharpa     Hegemony (South Africa)      
28   Ben Sharpa Kaptain    Check the evidence      
29   Ben Sharpa Kaptain    Edwin the Hardboiled      
30   Ben Sharpa Kaptain    First kiss      
31   Bideew Bou Bess     Ndékété Yo (Senegal)      
32   Bisso Na Bisso -    Dans la peau d'un chef (Congo Brazzaville)      
33   Black Noize     Pumpin' Loose Da Juice (South Africa)      
34   Black Noize     So called coloured      
35   Blk Sonshine     Born in a Taxi      
36   Boul N'Baï     Sida (Senegal)      
37   Bra**e Vannie Kaap    Kaap Van Storms (South Africa)      
38   Buk Bak     Akwensi Broni (Ghana)      
39   Bulloman     Im Gonna make you love me      
40   Burntface     Mindenew (Ethiopia) <    this is heat!   
41   C.R.I.S.I.S     Taking Over (Zambia)      
42   C4     Train of Thought (Zambia)      
43   C4     When I'm Older      
44   Cashless society    Dolly parton      
45   Cashless Society     Blaze tha Breaks (South Africa / Botswana)      
46   Cashless Society     History      
47   Cashless Society     Hottentot Hop (Bantu 1    2) (South Africa / Botswana)   
48   Cashless Society     Life      
49   Cashless Society     Taxi Wars (South Africa / Botswana)      
50   Cashless Society    Stuck      
51   Chachi     Cape Verdean in America (Cape Verde) <    this is heat!   
52   Clueso    feat. Snazz D & Remarkable - Gridlocked      
53   Conscious     Can't Wait       Piga Bao (Tanzania)
54   Constructus Corporation -    Jellyfish (South Africa)      
55   Crisis feat.Exile     Players Worldwide       Stylee (not too sure of exact spelling)
56   Da Fugitivz     Kepp Kui Bangh (Gambia)      
57   Da Hopp   Afon-Dasy (Madagascar)      
58   Daara J     Anti   Blood (Senegal)   
59   Daara J     Mbegueel (Senegal)      
60   Dama do Bling     Boy (feat. Lizha James) (Mozambique)      
61   Dama Do Bling     Chamadas Para Bling      
62   Damola   lead to the gut       
63   Das Primeiro     Liberdade (Angola)      
64   De Plow   Matz       
65   DJ Berry     Hey You (Rwanda)      
66   Dj Jimmy Jatt    Mode9    2Face e.t.c.    
67   Driemaanskap    Itsho into      
68   Driemaanskap    Pitsa Zamadoda      
69   Driemanskap     Itsho Into      
70   Driemnskaap   Go and Ask (Hamb'ubuza)      
71   DRP     Still Doing It (Victory) (Mozambique)      
72   Drudge dialect mixtape    Hip hop royalty (especially sketch's verse    mhh)   
73   Dungeon shack –    kung fu ( I think?)      
74   Dynamic feat. Aba** Aba** -    Clap Ya Handz (Mauritania/Senegal)      
75   Ees feat. Namany -    Windhoek City! (Namibia)      
76   Elddee     The Spy      
77   Elom20ce     Mon étendard (Togo)      
78   Emmanuel Jal     Warchild (Sudan)      
79   Entity     Touch and Go      
80   Féenose     J'appelle (des mots) (Burkina Faso)      
81   Flabba    Accelarate      
82   Flame Ft. Ootz     D.E.A.D. HOT      
83   For hip hop Bonus track (Move it up actII)         
84   Gini Grindith     The Length of Time (South Africa)      
85   Godessa    minds Ablaze      
86   Godessa    Nguwe      
87   Godessa    Social Ills      
88   Godessa     Minds Ablaze (SA)      
89   Godessa     Social Ills      
90   Golden Shovel   Let there be light       
91   Groundworks     ((stereotype))type) (South Africa)      
92   Groundworks     Dungeon Keepers (South Africa)      
93   Groundworks     Sound Hz (South Africa)      
94   H Kayne    Issawa Style (Morocco)      
95   H20     All Natural      
96   H20     Calling Roseanne      
97   H20     I'm an African      
98   H20     It's wonderful      
99   H2O     African      
100   Hard Blasters     Blast Nuff (Tanzania)      
101   Hardstone     Uhiki (Kenya)      
102   HHP     Harambe (SA)      
103   HHP    Danger      
104   HHP    Go Diragalang      
105   HHP    Harambe      
106   HHP    O mang?      
107   Hundred times to a mil         
108   Hymphatic thabs    those who      
109   Illiterate skills    16.Another day another rhyme      
110   Illiterate skills    17. Heads ache      
111   imbumbe    unity! ft looptroop.      
112   Infa    Infatuation   tua   
113   Isaac Mutant    Mr Devious dedication      
114   Isaac Mutant    Sideshow Freak      
115   J Bux    Mr Nobody      
116   Jon Woo Feat.Exile     I don't Know      
117   Kaigan Gaskia -    Toun Ga Ma (Niger)      
118   Kalamashaka     Ni Wakati (Kenya)      
119   Kalamashaka and kaddo    fanya mambo      
120   Kalibrados     Quem manda no teu block      
121   Kantiolis     Comportement (Senegal)      
122   Kapuka     African Hustlers      
123   Karizma & B Sun/ Kudakwashe   Back in the Day (Zimbabwe/ UK)      
124   Kataklyzim     Day & Night (Zimbabwe)      
125   Kaydo    Mad      
126   Kaydo    shine on my shine      
127   Kaydo     Black Queen      
128   Kill A Brother (?)     Sifiso Sudan      
129   Kingpinn     I Salute You (Zimbabwe)      
130   Kingpinn     Inauguration      
131   Klear Kut     Mon Coeur/Murder of Crows      
132   KNaan     Soobax (Somalia)      
133   K'naan     Strugglin'       
134   K'naan ft. Mwafrika     The African Way (Somalia/Kenya)      
135   KONFAB ft. Jaak     How We Roll (Lesotho/South Africa)      
136   KONFAB Ft. Vernon Visqus     UCTorchange      
137   Krukid   AFRICANthem      
138   Krukid   My Music My Country      
139   Krushal   Coke on the table       
140   Krytik     Chasing Heaven      
141   Landmynz    21 rhyme salute      
142   Landmynz   man woman and child      
143   Landmynz     1 Step Kaboom (South Africa)      
144   Lebo Mashile     I like it Deep sometines (Reinterpretation)      
145   Lebo Mashile     I smoked a Spliff with Jesus Christ      
146   Lebo Mashile    I knew a girl      
147   Lebo Mashile -    My immagined Community      
148   Luke the Venda     Molissa You my beautiful princess (still looking for this track)      
149   Madd Scientist     Computer science      
150   Maradona   Not a Thug (SA)      
151   Mau Mau     "Mau Mau" if that's the real title.      
152   mawe2   2nd year flush by       
153   Mawe2     Love lost      
154   Max Normal     Super Evil      
155   Maximum Sentence     Destiny (Remix)      
156   MBS     El Ghorba (Algeria)      
157   MC Nota    Sands of Time      
158   MC Solaar     Bouge De Là (Senegal)      
159   Metaphysics     Can't Get Enough (Zimbabwe)      
160   Method X     Rip The Mic      
161   Mizchief     All The Areas (SA/Zimbabwe)      
162   Mizchif     Fashionable (South Africa)      
163   Mizchif     Place For A Wife (Zimbabwe/South Africa)      
164   Mode 9    that song where he talks about his stomach not being a joking issue (forgot title)      
165   Mode 9     Formidable (Nigeria)      
166   Modenine     Cry      
167   Modenine     It's About To Get Ugly      
168   Modenine ft. O.D.     419 State of Mind pt. 2 (Nigeria)      
169   Morale     I am      
170   Move it up    The movement act 1      
171   Mr Selwyn     People      
172   Mr. Baron and X   Ray     New World Order   
173   Mr. Devious     For My People (South Africa)      
174   Mr. II     Hali Halisi (Tanzania)      
175   MTM     Lazem Bokra (Egypt)      
176   Mwafrika     Nairobi (Kenya)      
177   Mwafrika     Ngoma Za Kenya (Kenya)      
178   Mycbeth   _Cheers      
179   Naeto C + Ikechekwu     Kini Big Deal      
180   Natural Ras -    Hip-Hop Spirit (Gabon)      
181   Necessary Noize     Clang Clang (Kenya)      
182   Nel     no Competition      
183   Ngwenya Feat Nosisi     The Quest      
184   Nthabi   Breathe f. Reason       
185   Nthabi     HipHop      
186   ntik     Il Etait Une Fois L'Algérie (Algeria)      
187   Obita     Shaka Zulu Remix      
188   Omzo     Li Guen Pt. 2 (Senegal)      
189   optical ill   Move it up by       
190   Optical Illusion    For hip hop      
191   Optical Illusion     Capitol O (South Africa)      
192   Optical Illusion     Heat Wave (SA)      
193   Optical Illusion     Move it Up!      
194   Organik Interfaze     (can't remember the track name    it was heat though) (Botswana)   
195   Originz   Family of one      
196   Peace Of Ebony     Vadzimu (Zimbabwe)      
197   Pee Froiss     Djalgaty (Senegal)      
198   Pitch Black     This is life pt 2      
199   Politics         
200   Positive Black Soul     Boul Fale (Senegal)      
201   Pro Kid     Soweto (South Africa)      
202   Pro Kid     Uthini Ngo Pro      
203   Prophets Of da City     heitada      
204   Prophets Of da City     Neva Again (South Africa)      
205   Prophets Of da City     Planet Cape Town (South Africa)      
206   Prophets Of da City     Township Dwella (South Africa)      
207   Prophets Of da City    Wild styles(Fcuk this a cla**ic)(SA)      
208   Proverb    right wrong      
209   Proverb   Rise of the underdog      
210   Proverb   Truth is revealing f. Appleseed       
211   Proverb     I have a dream      
212   Proverb     Letter to my X (South Africa)      
213   Proverb     Microphone sweet home      
214   Proverb     My vers'd love      
215   Question Mark Allstars     Streetlife      
216   RAS   Pan African      
217   Rattex   Township Storm      
218   Real Elements     Simple Things (Malawi)      
219   Reason   Feeling you, Feeling Me      
220   Reggie Rockstone     Eye Mo De Anaa (Ghana)      
221   Reggie Rockstone(spell check)    Keep ur eyes on the road(GHANA)      
222   ROBO & OMEN     Day 7      
223   Ruffrugged N Raw     Kasala Go Bus      
224   Ruggedman     Eh Hen      
225   Sakpata Boys     Vodounvi (Benin) <    this is heat!   
226   Seida Crook   unf***withable       
227   Sharpa     hegemony      
228   Sifiso    Sudan    Rise Again   
229   Sifiso    Sudan    Once upon a time in Africa   
230   Sifiso Sudan and Tumi   once upon a time in Africa      
231   Six Foot +     Anwuli (Nigeria)      
232   Six Foot +     Millennium Bugging      
233   Sketch     Atsha'pha      
234   Skwatta Kamp    all around      
235   Skwatta Kamp    Animal      
236   Skwatta Kamp    Manyisa      
237   Skwatta Kamp    Spark it      
238   Skwatta Kamp    story to tell      
239   Skwatta Kamp    sunshine      
240   Skwatta Kamp    THe rest shut the       
241   Skwatta Kamp    Umoya      
242   Skwatta kamp    We pu it there      
243   Skwatta Kamp     Rau Rau (South Africa)      
244   Skwatta Kamp     Voetsek (South Africa)      
245   Skwatta Kamp     Worldwide      
246   Snazz + "another dude"     2 sides to every       
247   Spaceman   Revolution      
248   Spex     Celebrate      
249   Spex     Hizo (IKO Remix)      
250   Spex     Hizo (South Africa)      
251   Spex     M.O.T.H.      
252   Takondwa     Our Own feat usual suspects      
253   Tata Pound     Badala (Mali)      
254   Terry tha Rapman     I Am Nigerian (Nigeria)      
255   Terry tha Rapman     Money Hungry Chicks      
256   Tha Hymphatic Thabs     Those who      
257   Tha Hymphatic Thabs -    Baby & think about it      
258   Tha Hymphatic Thabs -    I was      
259   The Emcee         
260   The Holstar     Bombs Over Lusaka      
261   The Holstar     Who I Am      
262   The Holstar and Al Kani     Murder Music      
263   The Holstar and Dope G     Take Us There!      
264   The Ultimate         
265   Third World Riders     Trapped      
266   Thorobreds     Street Hop      
267   Tic Tac     Yaa Densoa (Ghana)      
268   Tour 2 Garde   Blè Blè (Ivory Coast)      
269   Tribes Men     Shake Bodi      
270   Tumi     came home      
271   Tumi    Bophelo Bame      
272   Tumi   Blink twice      
273   Tumi     Eyes Wide Shut (South Africa)      
274   Tumi     People of the light      
275   Tumi and the Volume    She spirit fancies      
276   Tumi and the Volume    These women      
277   tumi and the volume   What its all about        
278   Tumi and the Volume    76      
279   Tumi and The Volume     Afrique (South Africa)      
280   Tumi and The Volume     People Of The Light (South Africa)      
281   Tumi and the Volume    The story behind the pain      
282   Tumi and the Volume    Yvonne      
283   Tumi ft Sudan    once upon a time in Africa      
284   Uncanny Sessman     Nutsack (Botswana)      
285   V.O.L.U.M.E     Dzimbaremabwe      
286   VIP     Manenko (Ghana)      
287   WA BMG 44    Xam (Senegal)      
288   Wawesh     Mjanja (Kenya)      
289   Wawesh     Wawero (Kenya)      
290   Writers Block     I write what I like (South Africa)      
291   Writers block (collective and solo)    AlphaBeta      
292   Writers block (collective and solo)    Lost Sheep      
293   Writers block (collective and solo)    Metaphisical misfit       
294   Writers block (collective and solo)    Stuff YOU      
295   Writers block (collective and solo)    Syllable Pracrice      
296   Writers block (collective and solo)    Underneath      
297   Writers block (collective and solo)    With all the words      
298   Writers block (collective and solo)    Writers Block      
299   X Plastaz     Msimu Kwa Msimu (Tanzania)      
300   X Plastaz     Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki(Tanzania)      
301   Young Nations     Mr Hustla      
302   Zimbabwe Legit     Doin' Damage In My Native Language (Zimbabwe)      
303   Zubz    I write      
304   Zubz    Where is the soul      
305   Zubz   Imagery      
306   Zubz   until Victoria falls       
307   Zubz     Handiende(Zambia/Zim/SA)      
308   Zubz     Heavy 8      
309   Zubz     Lovin It (South Africa)      
310   Zubz     My Distress       
311   Zubz     No Place Like Home      
312   Zubz     Performance of your life      
313   Zubz     Superstar (Zambia/Zimbabwe/SA)       
314   Zulu Mobb     Comfort Me (SA)   
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Hot Traxxx / vh1 top100 Hip Hop Videos
« on: September 30, 2008, 07:37:05 PM »
Warming up for the 2008 Hip Hop Honors award show they released this list:

Public Enemy / “Fight The Power”

Sugarhill Gang / “Rapper’s Delight”

Dr. Dre / “Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang”

Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith/ “Walk This Way”

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five / “The Message”

N.W.A. / “Straight Outta Compton”

Notorious B.I.G. / “Juicy”

Snoop Doggy Dogg / “Gin and Juice”

Salt-N-Pepa / “Push It”

Kurtis Blow / “The Breaks”

Jay-Z / ”Hard Knock Life”

L.L. Cool J / “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”

Wu-Tang Clan / ““C.R.E.A.M.”

Tupac / “I Get Around”

Eminem / “Stan”

Missy Elliott / “Get Ur Freak On”

Sir Mix-A-Lot / “Baby Got Back”

50 Cent / “In Da Club”

Ice T / “Colors”

Kanye West ft/ Jamie Foxx / “Gold Digger”

Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force/ “Planet Rock”

Naughty By Nature / “OPP”

Outkast / “B.O.B.”

Eric B and Rakim / “Paid in Full”

Fugees / “Killing Me Softly”

MC Hammer / “U Can’t Touch This”

Beastie Boys / “Hold it Now, Hit it”

Ice Cube / “It Was A Good Day”

Digital Underground / “The Humpty Dance”

Tribe Called Quest / “Check the Rhime”

Kool Moe Dee / “How Ya Like Me Now”

Puff Daddy & The Family ft/ Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim and The Lox/ “It’s All About The Benjamins”

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony / “Tha Crossroads”

Cypress Hill / “Insane In The Brain”

Queen Latifah ft. Monie Love / “Ladies First”

Nelly / “Hot In Herre”

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock / “It Takes Two”

Coolio / “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Tone-Loc / “Wild Thing”

Run-DMC / “It’s Like That”

Funky 4 + 1 / “That’s the Joint”

Roxanne Shante / “Roxanne’s Revenge”

Game, The ft. 50 Cent / “Hate It or Love It”

Method Man ft/ Mary J. Blige / “I’ll Be There For You /You’re All I Need to Get By”

Geto Boys / “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

De La Soul / “Me, Myself, And I”

Young MC / “Bust A Move”

Nas / “One Love”

Boogie Down Productions / “My Philosophy”

Lil’ Wayne / “Tha Block Is Hot”

Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew / “The Show”

Foxy Brown ft. Jay-Z - “I’ll Be”

Lox ft. DMX and Lil’ Kim / “Money, Power, Respect”

MC Lyte / “Cha Cha Cha”

Terror Squad ft/ Fat Joe and Remy / “Lean Back”

Busta Rhymes / “Woo-Ha! Got You All In Check”

Big Daddy Kane / “I Get the Job Done”

Ludacris ft. Shawna/ “What’s Your Fantasy”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard / “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”

L.L. Cool J / “I Need Love”

Slick Rick / “Children’s Story”

Digable Planets / “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”

Kid ‘n Play / “Rollin’ With Kid N Play”

The Roots / “What they Do”

Spoonie Gee and The Treacherous Three / “Love Rap”

House Of Pain / “Jump Around”

Mase / “Feel So Good”

T.I. / “What You Know”

Common / “I Used to Love H.E.R”

3rd Ba** / “Pop Goes the Weasel”

Whodini / “Freaks Come Out at Night”

J.J. Fad / “Supersonic”

Black Sheep / “The Choice Is Yours”

EPMD / “You Gots To Chill”

Lil’ Kim ft. Lil’ Cease/ “Crush on You”

Big Punisher ft. Joe/ “Still Not A Player”

Cold Crush Brothers / “Cold Crush Bros. at the Dixie”

Arrested Development / “Tennessee”

DMX / “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem (Stop Drop)”

Three 6 Mafia ft. Paula Campbell/ “Hard Out Here For A Pimp”

PM Dawn / “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”

Chubb Rock / “Treat ‘Em Right”

2 Live Crew / “Me So Horny”

UTFO / “Roxanne Roxanne”

Black Star / “Definition”

Heavy D. and the Boyz / “Now That We Found Love”

Wyclef Jean ft. Refugee All Stars / “We Tryin’ to Stay Alive”

Jungle Brothers / “What U Waitin’ 4”

Cam’ron / “Oh Boy”

Pete Rock & CL Smooth / “They Reminisce Over You(T.R.O.Y)

Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone / “Ridin’”

Yo-Yo / “Can’t Play with my Yo-Yo”

N.E.R.D. ft. Lee Harvey and Vida / “Lapdance”

Master P ft. Sikk, Fiend, Mia-x and Mystical / “Make ‘Em Say Ugh”

L’Trimm / “Cars With The Boom”

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince / “Parents Just Don’t Understand”

Eve / “Who’s that Girl”

Warren G ft. Nate Dogg / “Regulate”

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz ft/ Ying Yang Twins / “Get Low”

Biz Markie / “Just A Friend”


Media / Heroes: Season 3 - Villians
« on: September 23, 2008, 05:41:58 AM »
Got mine locked & loaded... juiced off the strength of a monster 2hr premier just finished.

Are yall ready?

Politics / A Billi-A Billi A Billi
« on: July 31, 2008, 12:02:55 AM »
"A Billionaire a young money Zimbabwean multi-billionaire tougher than Nigerian Hair"

You gotta wonder how long they will keep slashing the zeroes off the currency as temporary relief.

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