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Politics / MOS DEF interviews Al Gore
« on: June 26, 2006, 12:31:19 AM »

A wasted opportunity IMO. I wish he could have asked more questions about matters that are relevant to the hiphop audience but then again it must be difficult to really get your point across to a politician who believes that he "invented" the internet.

this is from the dope BLOG

General Discussion / HAPPY YOUTH Day!
« on: June 16, 2006, 11:00:47 AM »
:(  8)

Politics / the problem with Africa (leaders)
« on: June 04, 2006, 11:11:57 PM »
this writer called it right in my opinion. Hit the nail on the head. Here's an extract:

"Not long ago, many thought that South Africa’s overthrow of institutionalised racism and its attempt to build a truly nonracial, modern and cosmopolitan society was the best gift Africa had ever given to the world. Less than 15 years after liberation, it is no longer clear that the country has the moral and intellectual capacity to generate an alternative meaning of what our world might be, and to become a major centre in the global south.

As the former national liberation movement is imploding, the Nongqawuse syndrome — the name for the kind of political disorder and cultural dislocation South Africa seems to be experiencing — is once again engulfing the country.

The syndrome is a populist rhetoric and politics which advocates, uses and legitimises self-destruction, or national suicide, as a means of salvation.

It is a syndrome many other postcolonial African countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan) have experienced with tragic effects over the past 50 years. "

Producers - Discussion / J-Dilla dedication
« on: May 28, 2006, 07:31:04 PM »

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hot Traxxx / Maylay Sparks...
« on: May 25, 2006, 01:41:43 PM »

General Discussion / Milkdaddy: the Man, the Myth
« on: May 18, 2006, 11:45:35 PM »
Is that guy still alive? if you see him snooping around (his own crib as if he doesnt own it) drop a note in this thread!

Hip Hop Events / R.A. The Rugged Man
« on: May 16, 2006, 12:47:03 AM »
what do you think about underground legend R.A. or his music?

I went to his show last week.


I'm still trying to recover.

General Discussion / swiss Beer
« on: May 03, 2006, 11:58:54 PM »
Find out more about Swiss Beer: 8)

Hot Traxxx / US Top 200 SoundScan Album Sales 04/26/2006
« on: April 27, 2006, 01:46:26 PM »
Top 200 SoundScan Album Sales 04/26/2006 - (hiphop/rnb biased)

Position/Artist/Album/This Week/Chg %/Last Week/Total

5 T.I. KING 85,934 -37 135,798 929,702
11 L.L. COOL J TODD SMITH 42,072 -64 115,899 158,112
13 NE-YO IN MY OWN WORDS 38,289 -34 57,838 753,312
16 PAUL*SEAN TRINITY 31,832 -8 34,627 886,318
20 CHAMILLIONAIRE SOUND OF REVENGE 28,449 2 27,769 701,267
21 PUSSYCAT DOLLS PCD 27,291 -31 39,741 1,406,454
24 BLIGE*MARY J. BREAKTHROUGH 25,596 -36 39,799 2,176,996
28 PRINCE 3121 22,881 -36 35,628 361,822
30 EMINEM CURTAIN CALL 22,402 -28 31,311 2,309,429
32 COLE*KEYSHIA WAY IT IS 22,069 -27 30,033 1,175,119
36 SPARXXX*BUBBA CHARM 21,072 -30 30,049 102,615
37 BLACK EYED PEAS MONKEY BUSINESS 21,061 -41 35,921 3,709,402
39 BROWN*CHRIS CHRIS BROWN 19,777 -29 27,746 1,286,593
45 MATISYAHU YOUTH 17,986 -32 26,316 331,921
47 GHOSTFACE KILLAH FISHSCALE 17,562 -28 24,396 189,201
52 DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ ON TOP OF OUR GAME 16,050 -13 18,528 414,094
59 E-40 MY GHETTO REPORT CARD 14,505 -19 17,973 210,747
64 JUVENILE REALITY CHECK 14,002 -36 21,782 385,862
65 FOXX*JAMIE UNPREDICTABLE 13,673 -35 21,061 1,732,753
75 HEADLEY*HEATHER IN MY MIND 12,491 -20 15,680 377,865
78 CAM'RON & DUKEDAGOD PRESENTS 11,981 -49 23,378 35,526
82 THREE 6 MAFIA MOST KNOWN UNKNOWN 11,281 -12 12,832 786,177
83 LIL' WAYNE CARTER II 10,966 -19 13,501 901,360
85 FRANKLIN*KIRK HERO 10,816 -20 13,508 518,173
87 T-PAIN RAPPA TERNT SANGA 10,476 -26 14,162 470,507
97 DADDY YANKEE BARRIO FINO ENDIRECTO 9,391 -16 11,186 532,069
98 B.G. HEART OF THA STREETZ, VOL. 2 9,021 -26 12,229 128,971
103 VARIOUS ARTISTS GET RICH 8,619 -22 11,015 1,327,656
107 HAMILTON*ANTHONY AIN'T NOBODY WORRYING 8,429 -13 9,682 433,902
119 WALL*PAUL PEOPLE'S CHAMP 7,902 -16 9,356 722,603
126 YOUNG JEEZY LET'S GET IT 7,539 -16 8,979 1,566,505
134 JAHEIM GHETTO CLa**ICS 6,965 -23 9,017 353,227
140 MATISYAHU LIVE AT STUBBS-AUSTIN TX 2/19/ 6,665 -23 8,635 551,044
144 WEST*KANYE LATE REGISTRATION 6,404 -22 8,231 2,716,195
146 DESTINY'S CHILD #1'S 6,250 -26 8,473 1,081,490
150 * PASTOR TROY STAY TRU 6,073 999 50 6,123
164 VARIOUS/GOSPEL 2006-WOW GOSPEL 5,703 -23 7,406 156,411
165 RIHANNA MUSIC OF THE SUN 5,692 -12 6,501 450,788
166 NOTORIOUS B.I.G. DUETS: THE FINAL CHAPTER 5,660 -19 6,976 1,003,828
167 NELLY SWEATSUIT 5,630 -36 8,748 579,461
169 LUDACRIS & DTP LUDACRIS PRESENTS 5,604 -20 7,013 549,042
175 HUSTLE & FLOW SOUNDTRACK 5,329 -15 6,292 392,798
184 YING YANG TWINS U.S.A. STILL UNITED 5,045 -14 5,863 198,342
186 MARLEY*DAMIAN WELCOME TO JAMROCK 5,033 -5 5,298 498,773
193 REGGAETON NINOS VOL. 1-REGGAETON NINOS 4,860 -4 5,053 108,221
198 SCARFACE MY HOMIES PART 2 4,681 -19 5,760 125,697

 8O wow at a lot of these

Hot Traxxx / new Mobb Deep
« on: April 19, 2006, 11:15:26 PM »
BLOOD MONEY! I see  it just ripped !


Code: [Select]
Track List
01. Smoke It                        2:57
02. Put Em In Their Place           3:56
03. Stole Something (Feat. Lloyd    3:57
04. Creep (Feat. 50 Cent)           4:01
05. Speakin So Freely               3:11
06. Backstage Pa**                  3:05
07. Give It To Me (Feat. Young      3:08
08. Click Click (Feat. Tony Yayo)   4:25
09. Pearly Gates (Feat. 50 Cent)    4:16
10. Capital P, Capital H            4:15
11. Daydreamin'                     3:07
12. The Infamous (Feat. 50 Cent)    3:53
13. In Love With The Moula          3:13
14. It's Alright (Feat. 50 Cent &   4:25
    Mary J. Blige)
15. Have A Party (Feat. 50 Cent &   4:00
    Nate Dogg)
16. Outta Control (Remix) (Feat.    4:07
    50 Cent)

Release Notes:

Blood Money marks the 7th release by Mobb Deep. This doesn't include solo
efforts like Prodigy's critically acclaimed solo effort, H.N.I.C, in 2002 or
their made-for-the-streets mix-tape album.   It does however signal a new
chapter in Havoc and Prodigy's rise from New York City mainstays to
international rap delegates.

Hot Traxxx / 3rd_World_RIDERS - Gutter Press Vol1(Snippets)
« on: April 02, 2006, 09:49:41 PM »
What's up A.G.? The good folks from RIOT Records and 3wR have asked me to share with you some exclusive material from their up-coming mixtape "GUTTER PRESS Vol.1 which I hear is blazzzzzzzzzzzzzing flames. Mixtape is coming out soon. Dont sleep.

More info as I get it...

05_Cone(3wR)-Sweatin Shadows.mp3

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hot Traxxx / jointz
« on: April 01, 2006, 12:24:42 PM »
you gotta check this out! :mrgreen:

DJ Lantern - Saigon/Dead Prez/Immortal Technique - Impeach the President

Code: [Select]

The Thyrday - 07-rutherford_affair_(produced_by_KHRYSIS)-rage.mp3
Code: [Select]

this the track Styles P turned down and KNaan jumped on it.

Code: [Select]


Hot Traxxx / LA THE DARKMAN mixtapes!!!
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:00:13 PM »
J.Love & La The Darkman - Return of the Darkman

J-Love leads the underground hip-hop nation into
the Darkness with his homeboy La The Darkman, whom some
consider the 11th member of the Wu-Tang Clan. These two mixtapes
get you familiar with the Wu-Tang disciple as he gets ready to release his
sophomore album on the Wu-Tang's upstart label Think Differently. The first
mixtape features nothing but the hottest underground, grimey New York hip-hop,
including mad new joints from Mobb Deep, Ghostface, Nas, Inspectah Deck,
M.O.P., KRS-One, Remy Martin & Big Pun, Nas, Cormega, Sadat X, ODB,
Saigon, Tru Life, O.C., AZ and The Large Professor. The 2nd mix
features the hottest tracks, freestyles & cla**ic from La The
Darkman aka. Triple Darkness aka. La Trapa Khan.

King Of What I Do #15 (Hosted by La The Darkman)

1 -    Intro
2 -    LA The Darkman & Willie The Kid - When The Money Comes [produced by J-Love]
3 -    Ghostface Killah - Hidden Darts [produced by J-Love]
4 -    Inspectah Deck - A Lil Story
5 -    Mobb Deep - Put Em In There Place
6 -    M.O.P - Whoop Ya Head (Rmx)
7 -    50 Cent - I'm Not Rich & I'm Still Lying
8 -    Jadakiss & Styles P - Sorry Ms Jackson
9 -    AZ - Royal Salute
10 -    Nas & Papoose - Across The Tracks
11 -    LA The Darkman - Serious G
12 -    Nas, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G - Whos The Best M.C
13 -    O.C. - This Is Me
14 -    J-Love, Sky Grey, Sub-Con - Eye In The Sky [produced by J-Love]
15 -    KRS-One, Large Professor, Cheeba - Did What We Had To Do
16 -    Big Pun & Remy Martin - Thug Love
17 -    Prospect - Bxny
18 -    M.O.P & 50 Cent - Wartime
19 -    Sadat X - Back 2 N Y
20 -    Cormega & Lake - Stand Up
21 -    Killa Sha - Fed Up
22 -    Tru Life - Block Music
23 -    LA The Darkman & Division - Brooklyn Brooklyn
24 -    Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown
25 -    RZA - Out Lines
26 -    Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dont Hurt Me
27 -    Nas - 2006
28 -    Saigon - Change The Game

La The Darkman: Return Of The Darkman
29 -    Intro
30 -    When The Money Comes feat. Willie The Kid [produced by J-Love]
31 -    Resect Made Men
32 -    Fresh Flowers
33 -    Have And Have Nots
34 -    I Work
35 -    Safe Box feat. Method Man, Street Life, Carlton Fisk
36 -    Donnie Brasco
37 -    Its Only Love
38 -    Survive
39 -    1000 Grams
40 -    This Thing feat. Method Man & Rza
41 -    Ny Ny
42 -    Soldier feat. Wilie The Kid
43 -    Gunz Dont Kill [produced by J-Love]
44 -    Polluted Wisdom
45 -    City Lights
46 -    Az The World Turnz feat. Raekwon
47 -    Wu World Order feat. Rza
48 -    How It Goes
49 -    Alleyway Hustlers feat. Bo & Kool G Rap
50 -    What I Like
51 -    A Letter
52 -    Love
53 -    So Good feat. Ol Dirty Bastard & Davina
54 -    Lovin You feat. Inspectah Deck
55 -    Devil In A Blue Dress
56 -    Tell Lies Vision feat. Method Man, Street Life, Carlton Fisk
57 -    Fast Lane feat. 50 Cent
58 -    Outro

8O  8O  8O

Looks like La The Darkman Part 2 is really on its way. I cant wait but this double disk should hold everyone down until the album drops!

Hot Traxxx / M1 (Dead Prez) - Confidential LP
« on: March 15, 2006, 04:52:58 PM »
M1 (Dead Prez) - Confidential LP

  1. One Side (The Anthem)                            
  2. Early Feat. Sticman                                          
  3. Land, Bread, & Housing Feat. My Momma, Raye                
  4. For You Feat. Scrap Daddy                                      
  5. Confidential Feat. Raye                                        
  6. Love You Cant Borrow Feat. Q-Tip, Ca**andra Wilson            
  7. 5 Elements                                                      
  8. Gunslinger                                                      
  9. Comrades Call Feat. Styles P, Bazaar Royale                    
 10. Dont Put Down Your Flag Feat. Young Dre                        
 11. The Beat Feat. Bang Double                                  
 12. Been Through Feat. Ghostface, Raye                            
 13. Till We Get There Feat. K'Naan, Stori James                  
 14. Too Smart                      

New solo album from Dead Prez's M1. I dont know the official release but it should be soon because the advance is out. Its got AG favourite, K'Naan on one joint. holler

Media / Making of READY TO DIE
« on: March 09, 2006, 05:58:41 PM »
dont think this was posted before? definitely an interesting read!

01 "Intro"
Produced by Sean "Puffy" Combs

Easy Mo Bee: The whole story line for the album--starting in the beginning when you hear the robbery happening on the train and "Rapper's Delight" in the background and everything--that was Puff's concept: to create a story line for the album. He just gave me a list of records that he wanted and I brought them back to him. He said he wanted "Rapper's Delight," Audio Two's "Top Billin'," "Superfly." We had "Got To Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye, [but it got changed] probably for sampling reasons. Songs that explain their era.

"Prince" Charles Alexander: First of all, I'm the father on the intro. There are all these voices on the intro. That "Wilona, what the f*** you doing? You can't control that goddamn boy!" That was me. And the guy at the end, the guard that lets them out of jail and says, "You'll be back," that's me also. And the reason that they used me is because three guys had gone in and tried, I forgot who. I was there, Puffy was there, Biggie was there. I was engineering and a couple of guys who were just hanging around went in and tried to do that part. And they're like very stiff-sounding: "God damn it, Wilona." And I'm like, "Yo Puff, I am an angry Black man. You should let me try that." I went in there and I screamed. I mean, Goddammit, Wilona! What the f*** you doing?! I was way, way up in it. They f***ing rolled. They loved it. They kept it. That was one of the things that kind of helped me to bond with the whole project. 'Cause I'm about 10 years older than Puffy, so I was really professional. I had a really professional vibe. So when I went in and did that, that really broke a whole lot of ice.

02 "Things Done Changed"
Produced by Dominic Owens and Kevin Scott

Lil' Cease: That was one that was most played in the car. Big loved that song. There was no particluar story behind it. It was more of a song that had a concept behind it rather than a story itself. Biggie made it to represent Brooklyn. To show how he grew up, how we grew up. He wanted to show what he was accustomed to and the lifestyle he was used to. It was one of the very first ones made. Whenever you make a track of that nature, with lyrics so real, it stands out.

03 "Gimme The Loot"
Produced by Easy Mo Bee

Easy Mo Bee: When he did "Gimme The Loot" I was like, Whoa--dude's got problems! People who wanna battle him, go up against him? Nobody's gonna wanna battle this cat. If you heard everything he said in his lyrics, you won't live. I remember very clearly that that song was done during the daytime. It was still light outside. Junior M.A.F.I.A. was there. I ain't never really worked with nobody that really spit that hard before. So when I was in the studio, I was like, "Yo, man you sure you ain't sayin' too much?" And I remember Cease and Chico sittin' back and sayin', "Yo, Mo, just chill! You sensitive!" I was like, "I just wanna make sure we get sold. I don't want no records getting snatched off the shelves." That's my whole thing. I guess that was their [definition] of being "sensitive."

Maybe Puff didn't necessarily respond to me at the time when I came to him and presented [my concerns] to him, but I remember telling him, "Yo, the shit about being pregnant, and the 'Number One Mom' pendant? Yo, be careful with that. Because you could have all kinds of Christian rights and women's rights organizations trying to pull your stuff down off the shelves and all that." At the time, Puffy kind of brushed it off. And I just walked away in my mind like, all right. But I guess later it made sense to him--even without him coming back to me. 'Cause [that lyric] got blurred out. So it worked out the way it was supposed to.

[As far as Big rhyming the two different characters' voices], he went in the booth and then it just kind of happened. He just started doing it. He would do one voice, then come behind and do the other one later--just like, leave a gap so he could come back and fill the spaces. I was like, Yo, that's creative! And he really had cats fooled. Even just last year, I was around somebody who was playing that, and still after all this time he was like, "Yo, who was that--that was Puff?" I was like, "Man, y'all really can't hear that? That's him! He did two voices." That just shows you how good he was.

Mister Cee: I clearly remember "Gimme The Loot," because I did the scratches on it. Remembering that is like yesterday. I used Kid Hood's verse from A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario (Remix)." And how I did the turntables and made the word "Bad, bad, bad" from turning the knob off on the turntable from pressing the stop button. Each time that I brought the record back, it's a different effect to where you turn the knob off on the turntable to where you stop the turntable. You get a different effect on the record. So when you bring it regularly it's like, "Bad." Turn the knob off, "Baaad"--slower. Press the button, "Baaaad"--slowest.

04 "Machine Gun Funk"
Produced by Easy Mo Bee

Easy Mo Bee: Biggie picked that beat in my car. I had this green Acura, and we used to ride around Brooklyn. Like Fulton St. and St. James where he lived. I'd pick him up off the stoop where he lived. It'd be me, him, D.Roc, Lil' Cease, Chico--as many as we could--ridin' around in the car. We'd just ride around and just blaze and listen to beats. And that's how he picked a lot of the beats. But the actual session for "Machine Gun Funk"... It's vague to me, to be honest. Let's put it like this: There was some hazy years. I'm a changed man now.

Chucky Thompson: Big was crazy. He was just in there with some socks on and some boxer drawers--'cause it was really hot--doing his rhymes. That's when he was actually writing stuff down. He didn't take long at all. It was like he knew what he wanted to say. He'd be in there chilling, smoking or whatever and then he'd write two words, and then he'd go back to chilling and write two more words, and then he'd go in the booth.

05 "Warning"
Produced by Easy Mo Bee

Easy Mo Bee: The significant thing about "Warning" is--and I'm definitely not trying to diss him, he put me on the map, he's the first I ever worked with, so total respect to him--but that beat was offered first to Big Daddy Kane. I remember him sittin' in my crib, and I was playing him beats. I forget the album at the time that he was doing. And you know Kane was always into the Barry White, Isaac Hayes thing. So I did this joint off of Isaac Hayes, and I'm just feelin' it. I'm feelin' myself. I just know he gonna love this. This is the vibe. But he was like, "Play the next beat." I was like, "Yo, hold up, man. You sure you don't want that? That's Isaac Hayes!" He said, "You heard what I said, play the next beat."

So I just kept the beat and held onto it. A few months later when it was time to play Big beats, I played it for him. Aw man, Puffy went crazy! He went crazy, like, "Yo man, this is it!"

06. "Ready To Die" - Produced by Easy Mo Bee

Easy Mo Bee: Again, here we go with the 'sensitive' part. When Big said, "f*** my mom...", when he said "f*** the world, f*** my moms and my girl", I was like "Damn! Okay, maybe 'f*** the world'. Maybe 'f*** your girl', but 'f*** your moms?!" We all know he didn't literally mean that. Anybody knows that. That was just his whole intensified approach to explaining just how much he felt. He was ready to die. It was just an emotional expression. But again, when he said stuff like that, I was like "It's like I'm working with Ice Cube!" Amerikkkaz Most Wanted? I was like, Brooklyn's Most Wanted! I'm sure Cube and N.W.A. and stuff like that had a profound effect on him. I'm sure in some type of way, he was influenced by that stuff. At the time, we all were.

07. "One More Chance" - Produced by Norman & Digga \ Bluez Brothers, Chucky Thompson & Sean Puffy Combs...Additional Vocals by Total...Instruments by Chucky Thompson

Lil Cease: My sister did the interlude for "One More Chance" - with all the girls on it. The other girls on it, that's just my sister's friends. My little niece, she did the intro part before "One More Chance": 'All you hoes calling here for my daddy...' It was just people that was just around. If you're around and he need you - "Yo, I need a hook done."

"Prince" Charles Alexander: "One More Chance", I remember specifically. That song has a piano figure that goes 'ba-bu-da-na-na-na-na'. One of the things I did is, all the way through the song there are two parts of that piano figure, and the second part I had to keep riding, so I had to raise the level. So it's like 'ba-bu-da-na-na-na-na' and louder, 'ba-bu-da-na-na-na-na'. So that it would be the level of the first song. And it was a request. Puffy actually asked me to do that, because it was a sample, and he didn't want the sample to sound just like it had sounded before. He wanted a nuance. He wanted something that had its character in the Bad Boy world. It was little stuff like that he was requesting that really gave Bad Boy a sound. I remember him turning to me and saying 'Do you think we have a sound?' This was after the "Flava In Ya Ear", after Biggie came out, and I think we were moving onto Faith. And Puffy turned to me and said, 'do you think that we, meaning Bad Boy, have established a sound?'

Digga: Puff was in my ear every 10 seconds in the session. When me, Big, Cease and Klept and some of the crew was in the studio it was all good. But once Puff came on the scene everything got tight. At the time, Puff was still learning about production and he wanted to show that he knew something about music. He wanted certain arrangements. And I was looking at him like, 'What the hell is this guy talking about?' We'd listen to him for half a second, then we'd be like, 'Yeah, whatever.'

08. "f*** Me ( Interlude )" - Produced by Sean "Puffy" Combs

Lil Cease: We were just trying to put some personality and just some comedy and some sense of humor to it. Him and Lil' Kim did it. What they did was, there was a piano in the booth of a studio we was working in, it was in Daddy's House. It had the piano and the chair to the piano. Big is heavy, when he sit on something, you hear it creak, that's that shit when there's too much weight on that shit. And he just told Kim to sit on top and he just like started rocking her.

Chucky Thompson: That was crazy, 'cause they kept laughing. There was even sicker takes that we couldn't use 'cause we all kept laughing. But she was tearing his a** up. They were in the booth with the lights out. We didn't know what that little bed noise was. Somebody said "What the hell is that noise?" He was like "It's the piano stool." He was sitting on there, shaking it.

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