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Politics / Al-Qaeda's plan
« on: February 27, 2006, 11:23:05 PM »
sorry to bombard the site with these boring links but this is a good read. this guy sounds like he really knows what he is talking about(maybe even more than the us intelligence?). If a few distasteful cartoons can spark so much mayhem like the riots in nigeria right now imagine what a well planned  strategic event could ignite. "the world is becoming more like a small village"

"AL-QAEDA WANTS TO DIVIDE ISLAM":,,2089-2058597,00.html

Hot Traxxx / new joints - "fresh off the meat rack"
« on: February 11, 2006, 07:40:45 PM »
copy link & paste

inspektahdeck_alilstory(prod rza).mp3
Code: [Select]

Royce da 59 - Best Rapper Alive
Code: [Select]

Producers - Discussion / beatz grimy
« on: February 08, 2006, 12:58:12 AM »
some dirty shit. just trying a new recording chain(loving it). open samples. you know the drill...

(knocked this out from the sound4samplers competition. no, this is not my entry)

Hip Hop Events / about the Killabeez concert!
« on: February 03, 2006, 12:41:32 PM »
for your sake I hope that those shows really take place.

I went to check them out on Tuesday but when I got there the show had been cancelled just before the doors opened because Wu-fam suddenly demanded twice their pay.

According to the promoters they tried their best to talk some sense with them because there were mad rowdy wu-fans waiting for a show, they even gave them some cash upfront which afterwards they didnt want to return when they cancelled the show.
That was a bad move cause the promoters then called the cops and german Po-Po dont play yall. messed up. I had a beer and we bounced man.  :?

Media / The Making Of Killah Priest's Heavy Mental
« on: January 29, 2006, 12:51:12 AM »
Killah Priest - Heavy Mental

Intro - This is dope. The intro came from this movie "The Egyptian." I like watching those old flicks. There was "The Egyptian" and "Jesus Christ" that I used.

One Step (Prod. by True Master) (Feat. Tekitha and Hell Razah) - I actually ended up doing this during a Sunz of Man session. True Master was in the studio. Originally, Poppa Wu was on there. That's why I said, "Freedom, let's feed 'em/They took the first book of Jacob to Jamaica" because Poppa Wu was talking on it. I just got on the mic and did it. Hell Razah was there so he did the hook.

Blessed Are Those (Prod. by Y-Kim) - There's a big story behind this one. That was an incredible time right there. This wasn't an original beat. They had to go in there and do it again. Al Green wouldn't clear the sample. I called up Al Green and got on the phone with him. I called him Al Green. Al Green was fronting because of my name "Killah Priest," because he's supposed to be a preacher and everything. Me and him ended up having words with each other. That's a highlight of my career. They wouldn't clear it, so we ended up having to redo it. I still have the original beat. We're going to leak that one out there too.

This also got the Rhyme of the Month in The Source. I didn't even think this was that strong. We ended up doing this track towards the end of recording for the album and we just put it in the right place.

From Then Till Now (Prod. by Y-Kim) - This is great. This was a great time. There's a big story behind this one too. Ghostface wanted this beat also. I was coming up and I was like, "I got it, I got it." Me and Ghost were going at it over this beat. I think Ghost had enough tracks though. I ended up getting the beat. Y-Kim definitely came through on this one. The whole Clan wanted this track. Everyone was going crazy over the beat. I had known Y-Kim for awhile because he was from Brownsville. My man Full Moon is the one talking at the beginning. This song was magic. I did this in a house studio out in Flatbush.

Cross My Heart (Prod. by True Master) (Feat. Inspectah Deck and GZA) - This was another incredible track. This was done by True Master. It definitely sounds like a RZA joint. There's a good story on this one. We ended up doing this one out in Cali. RZA was on the original one. It was me, RZA, and GZA. At the end of the day, he wanted his verse off of it. I a**ured him that his verse was dope. We went back-and-forth. We took RZA off "Cross My Heart" and put Inspectah Deck on the track, who came in and murdered it. Deck recorded his verse in New York. There are so many stories behind "Heavy Mental" because it took awhile for it to come out.

Fake MC's (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - We did this out in Steubenville, Ohio, at 4th Disciple's crib. This was also done at the end of the album. 4th played the beat. We were in a small-a** room and it was real dope. I was like, "This is crazy." Every time 4th makes a dope beat, he doesn't go crazy over it. I ended up just jumping on this track and doing it right there.

It's Over (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - We did this out in Cali. This was with 4th Disciple. This was my first deal and I wanted to keep it moving. I just made up the intro out there. We did all of this out there. 4th made the beat around the rhymes. I kicked the rhyme and then when I heard the beat, I was like, "It's over!" There were two girls around from New York and we threw them on the track too. That's who you hear screaming "run!" We just put them in front of the mic and they did a good job.

Crusaids (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - This is a phat-a** song. This was featuring Rose Cartel and the whole Sunz of Man. Rose ended up being in The Maccabeez. This ended up being crazy-long. We were all rhyming on this. I think 4th Disciple still has the original track of this. I think there were 12 MC's on there going crazy with long-a** rhymes.

Tai Chi (Prod. by 4th Disciple) (Feat. Hell Razah, 60-Second a**a**in, and Father Lord [R.I.P.]) - This was really the first track I made for "Heavy Mental." Hell Razah and 60-Second went to the studio with me. 4th Disciple played this beat and my girl at the time was in there and she was like, "What beat is that?" It was a wrap from there. 4th Disciple definitely came through on this beat. We did another song that day called "Break it Down" that never came out. Prodigal Sunn was on that one.

Heavy Mental (Prod. by Killah Priest) - I produced this one! This was a song that I always wanted to do to get off my chest. I lost the first one. I always tell this story. I was on a ferry boat in Staten kicking it with Prodigal. I kicked him the rhyme and he was like, "Are you going to say all that?" I was like, "Yeah, man." The rhyme was on a piece of paper, and I turned around and could not find it. I finished up the last part in the studio. I was so mad. I was like, "Let's record it right now." There was really no sample but it was a dope sound I got. It was an Australian musical instrument. I got it in the art department of the guy who was designing my album. I heard that instrument and said, "You're going to the studio" and we laid it there.

If You Don't Know (Prod. by True Master) (Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard) - Oh man, this one has my brother O.D.B. This was during the same time that we did "Cross My Heart." We were still out in Cali. It worked out good. I was out there for a minute. Dirty came to the studio and he was bugging. I don't know if he was high, but he came to the studio saying that aliens were chasing him. He came through with his girl, got on the mic, and did his thing. True gave us two bangers out there, "Cross My Heart" and "If You Don't Know." This was a marriage right here. This was Masta Killa's and GZA's favorite joint off the album.

Atoms to Adam (Prod. by True Master) - This was a beautiful time. This was done during the time the Sunz of Man album was coming together. I heard the track in New York and it blew my mind. It was a phenomenal track and I had never heard anything like it at the time. We were just experimenting with a lot of different styles. We went out to Cali and I just spazzed out. This beat is so melodic. My man Shanghai sung throughout the whole song. He wouldn't get off the mic! We had to chop up his vocals. That's why you hear the "oooooh oooooh." You should hear the original version. I came in and blessed it. This one took awhile because I was just zoning out on the beat so much. This beat is so melodic.

High Explosives (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - Q-Base was working with Y-Kim. I was doing a lot of work at his crib. I did a lot of stuff at his crib, like "Blessed Are Those" and "Mystic City." He threw on this track and I was like, "This shit sounds crazy." At the time, the beat sounded like some high explosive Dr. Dre shit. I just called the shit "High Explosives" and we took it from there.

Wisdom (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - This was done at the same time as "Fake MC's" out in Steubenville in 4th Disciple's room. He had this small orange light in his room and he played this track. This took two takes and it was done. We didn't even want to touch that. I was staying at 4th's crib in Ohio and we were knocking out mad songs. This song came out of a little mood. This was done during the last stages of "Heavy Mental." The album sat around for so long. They kept on pushing it back so we just kept recording songs for it.

B.I.B.L.E. (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - The original one was done in RZA's crib, way back. It was Shabaaz the Disciple who put me on to this beat. He was like, "You have to listen to this track." When I heard the track, I was like, "Yo, this is dope." This was the first track that I ever recorded. I was listening to Raekwon. He was doing "Cuban Linx," recording songs and stuff. He was downstairs. I had actually done this song for "Cuban Linx" but I was trying to be on a positive tip. I did some stuff for that. After I did it, they were thinking about letting this one make it. This came across too positive. I said, "Straight-up, I ain't the thug-type." They were like, "This has to be hard." After that session, I went back in and all of a sudden, the track got lost. RZA was like, "I don't know where that track is at." After I got my deal, we still couldn't find "Basic Instructions." 4th came back and redid the track. Everybody loved this song so much. RZA said it was too positive and happy for "Liquid Swords," but GZA was like, "Nah, we're putting it on there." A lot of people don't know that I came in with one of the illest MC's that started up with the Clan. I was amongst RZA and GZA and it was just crazy for me.

We worked on this so many times. We got it mixed here, got it mixed there. A lot of cats were just vibing to it, smoking weed in a studio out in Cali. I got a bad report. The studio called up Geffen Records and said, "There's too much smoking in Priest's sessions. He's a cool dude, but it's the entourage that he brings with him." I had a lot of cats with me when we recorded. After I laid the vocals, it just came out right. I'm one of the first cats to have his whole song featured on another album. That was the first song right there. That was a blessing to do that song. I had that rhyme for a very long time. It was basically about my life.

Mystic City (Prod. by Y-Kim) - Like I said before, this was also done during the time of "High Explosives." I had to go back and do this twice. I liked the first version, but everyone else liked the second version. I was more relaxed on the first version, but everyone wanted a more aggressive version. Y-Kim wanted me to go back and re-spit it. This ended up getting a lot of props too. I forced this one to be on the album. I think this was the last song that we did.

Information (Prod. by 4th Disciple) - Let me think about this one. We did this during the time of "Crusaids" and all that. No, this was done in Steubenville at 4th Disciple's crib. 4th had given me this conspiracy book and we were reading the scriptures, lighting candles. A lot of information was being given out. Cats don't make songs like this. You have to vibe out on tracks like this. We were lighting candles reading conspiracy books, and this shit just came across. Where are you gonna run, where are you gonna hide?

Media / The Boondocks
« on: January 15, 2006, 02:23:52 PM »
Remember this comic strip?

check it out here:

Here is one of the episodes! It is streaming media so you need Windows Media Player or you can save it to you computer with ASFRecorder or SDP recorder.

[Code]MLK episode

Pt. 1 http://mms://

Pt. 2

Here is one of the episodes! It is streaming media so you need Windows Media Player or you can save it to you computer with ASFRecorder or SDP recorder.

[Code]MLK episode

Pt. 1 http://mms://

Pt. 2


Hot Traxxx / Coalyards Records Sampler
« on: January 11, 2006, 08:45:07 PM »
First and foremost let me wish the whole AG fam a happy & prosperous new year! nice to be back.

Coalyards Records 2006 Sampler: The Heat!

2006 / you know its time to move next-level!

Now these joints here were supposed to be on our year-end mixtape showcasing dope underground talent. Although things didnt really go according to plan with the mixtape due to time constraints, trouble with mic quality(Eish!), moola,  etc, BUT we still managed to salvage something really worthwhile out of those sessions. So now I am asking for your feedback on the following tracks please, please check them out!

And I would really appreaciate critique from the gurus on the (vocal) mixing and mastering because I'm really struggling there! The same dirty, unmastered sampler is doing its rounds in the streets!

1 :!:

Hot Traxxx / DJ Whoo Kid & Kool G. Rap - Dead Or Alive
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:55:54 AM »
New Kool G. Rap Mixtape

DJ Whoo Kid & Kool G. Rap - Dead Or Alive

The Return Intro
Kool G. Rap - Day In The Slums (Produced By Twinz)
Kool G. Rap - Champions (Produced By Wiz)
Kool G. Rap - On The Block (Produced By Sebb)
Kool G. Rap - Heavy Metal (Produced By Scram Jones)
Kool G. Rap - Playas Play (Produced By Scram Jones)
Kool G. Rap Interlude
Kool G. Rap - Gangsta Nigga (Produced By Yogi)
Kool G. Rap Feat. Joel Ortiz - China White (Produced By Frequency)
Kool G. Rap - Gun Ho (Produced By Elite)
Kool G. Rap Feat. Bun-B & Killa Mike - Real OG's (Produced By Dead Beat Brothers)
Kool G. Rap - God
Kool G. Rap - It's Not A Game
Whoo Kid Outro (Produced By Scram Jones)


Hot Traxxx / O.D.B Tribute Songs
« on: November 01, 2005, 10:47:08 PM »
I think its been what, almost a year now? may he rest in peace: we were all in together.

Gza - All in Together Now
Code: [Select]

Raekwon feat Denim - Tribute
Code: [Select]

DJ Noize - o.d.b. tribute
Code: [Select]


Hot Traxxx / I.D. this song Jay Dee
« on: October 31, 2005, 01:52:25 PM »
I've been searching for this song for a while since I recorded it years back from radio onto ca**ete. Came across this little snippet...
I know Jay D does the beat but I am not sure if he is also rapping, what is the name of the song(ROCK, ROCK?) and on which album is it?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Hot Traxxx / Tracklists for Get rich or die tryin O.S.T
« on: October 28, 2005, 01:10:20 PM »

1. Hustlers Ambition - 50 Cent
2. What If - 50 Cent
3. Things Change - Spider Loc feat. 50 Cent & young Buck
4. When Death Becomes You -M.O.P. feat 50 Cent
5. Have A Party -Mobb Deep Feat. 50 Cent & Nate Dogg
6. We Both Think Alike - 50 Cent feat. Olivia
7. Don't Need No Help -Young Buck
8. Get Low -Lloyd Banks
9. Fake Love -Tony Yayo
10. Window Shopper -50 Cent
11. Born Alone, Die Alone -Lloyd Banks
12. You a Shooter -Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent
13. I Don't Know Officer -50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc, Ma$e
14. Talk About Me -50 Cent
15. When It Rains It Pours -50 Cent
16. Best Friends -50 Cent
17. I'll Whip Ya Head Boy -50 Cent feat. Young Buck

its out.

Is anybody going to see this movie?

Hot Traxxx / Self Scientific - CHANGE 2005
« on: October 28, 2005, 12:54:02 PM »
yep, its out!

Code: [Select]

     ..:........:.........                       : :...........:........:

       :........:....... :       Tracklist       :.............:........:..

                :      : :........................             :        :

                :                                              :

           01.  : Intro                                        : 01:08

           02.  : Change                                       : 03:08

           03.  : Balance Feat. Kombo                          : 03:39

           04.  : King Kong Feat. Bun B                        : 04:21

           05.  : Tears                                        : 04:05

           06.  : When I Die Feat. Planet Asia                 : 04:28

           07.  : Weight of the World                          : 04:08

           08.  : 2 Step                                       : 04:07

           09.  : Live N Breathe                               : 04:24

           10.  : Love Bird (Khalil's Theme)                   : 04:47

           11.  : Understand Me                                : 03:47

           12.  : Futurist                                     : 02:49

           13.  : What You Need                                : 03:25

           14.  : Chace's Theme                                : 04:05

           15.  : Free Will (with Hidden Bonus)                : 10:12

                .                                            ..:.... .. .

                                                               : 62:33 min


General Discussion / Jay-Z Declares Peace with Nas
« on: October 28, 2005, 12:46:24 PM »
We'll have the whole review today but yesterday was a great day for Hip-Hop at 105.1's Powerhouse concert in New Jersey.
Jay-Z, who was expected to go at a few industry cats, called 'Esco' to the stage and Nas came to perform the chorus to "Dead Presidents" while Jay-Z left the stage to let Nas perform a few songs.
Then Jay-Z came back and the pair rhymed over Nas' "Made You Look."
"All that beef shit is wack," said Jay-Z, "we're all in this shit together!"
People who were looking for the war declaration were surely disapointed but President Carter made history last night, this was truly a great day in Hip-Hop....
Jay-Z will be performing in Philadelphia tonight (28th)@ Wachovia Center.

damn, no mo Ether.

if this is the end of phony hiphop Beef, then its an end for 50?

Graf Heads / Graffiti, Rep ya Town 2005
« on: October 21, 2005, 04:00:58 PM »
Where them graf heads at?? Space, FukU, etc...

So finally got to scan these flicks from some hiphop event last year ( 8O ) in my host-town, Karlsruhe. Artists were from all around the region though...

click link below:



also check the "Hiphop" page :P



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