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Hip Hop Events / @ Eraze
« on: November 01, 2004, 01:08:00 AM »
What up cuz?I got ur email and mailed u back.Check ur yahoo mail box.I got a few questions thrown ur way.Hit me up on response to them.Its regarding whether u peeps still need hot beats?Also, when u planning to drop the mixtape?

Hit me up on PM and/or email.Much luv cuz.

General Discussion / @ Ootz
« on: October 31, 2004, 11:58:00 PM »
Hey bro, niceness on the Militia track.Played that one for HIPE of Ancient Men and was liking the sampling.

Anyways, u still looking for hot beats for ur compilation album?Just hit me up on PM or email; Also, u say u wanna get on the Maximum Sentence 2 comp.When is that coming out and how u getting ur stuff to the peeps thats putting that compilation together?I wana get my peeps hooked up there too.

Hit me back soon cuz.

General Discussion / @born
« on: October 30, 2004, 12:23:00 AM »
Hey bro.How u doing man?Where in the Cape u at cuz?Hit me up on ur location.

Keep it tight.

Hot Traxxx / dead prez - RGB album
« on: October 29, 2004, 11:57:00 PM »
Anybody got this Revolutionary But gangsta album?Hit me up on how it sounds as compared to the first 1.

Hip Hop Events / palimpsest CENTURION
« on: October 28, 2004, 08:41:00 PM »
And now its finally happened.Congratulations on reaching a wonderous milestone.May u have many more influencial and stimulating posts to offer the ma**es and may ur day be as fruitful as ever.

I could go on and on.........but I wont.Sparing u the bore of it all.Much luv.

General Discussion / @Darkblood
« on: October 22, 2004, 08:02:00 PM »
Hey bro.How u doing man?How´s the exams getting on?U all good in there still?When u leavin for Jozi?

As for the track, I had a squizz at it but didnt like what I was doing.So stopped.Been busy with much other stuff too.U know how it goes.Wann see if I can work it all out next week.Then I can send it to u with the vocal on it.

Media / Kazaa Losing Users
« on: October 22, 2004, 07:17:00 PM »
LOS ANGELES - Kazaa´s long-standing position as the most popular online file-sharing software appears to be over. Last month, the daily average of file-swappers on the FastTrack peer-to-peer network, which includes Kazaa and related programs, was surpa**ed for the first time by users on the eDonkey/Overnet network, according to online tracking firm BayTSP Inc.


EDonkey/Overnet averaged 2.54 million users a day while FastTrack averaged 2.48 million, the firm said. Kazaa users make up the largest proportion of FastTrack, said BayTSP spokesman Jim Graham.

Graham said there has been a steady decline in Kazaa users and a commensurate rise in eDonkey users since BayTSP began monitoring file-sharing networks 18 months ago for piracy on behalf of film and music companies.

Kazaa quickly became the most popular file-sharing software following the demise of the original Napster (news - web sites) network, which shut down in 2001 after losing court battles with the music industry.

Over the past year, Kazaa distributor Sharman Networks has been one of the main targets of lawsuits and monitoring by the entertainment industry. The recording industry also has sued thousands of file-sharers, many of them Kazaa users.

The usage figures are based on numbers displayed by the file-sharing programs. The data are inflated by an unknown number of bogus users, actually entertainment company plants, who constantly load fake or incomplete copies of popular songs and movies to thwart file-sharers.

BayTSP´s monitoring does not encompa** all the file-sharing networks, however. Graham cites the BitTorrent network as an example of a file-sharing community that has grown increasingly popular. The company tracks file-sharing on BitTorrent, but cannot tell how many people use it, Graham said.

Just some useless/useful reading matter.

Hip Hop Events / @ Dplanet
« on: October 20, 2004, 08:07:00 PM »
I say ol chap.

Congrats on hitting the 200 Mark.U did so in record time too.We both made the grade in the same week, but u did it much quicker than me.

And that deserves a hearty applause. :-]  :-]  :-]

Media / Miss SA 2003 Joan Ramagoshi
« on: October 19, 2004, 11:10:00 PM »
What u peeps think of her?I think she´s pretty cool.Nuff sed. :-]

Politics / George Bush - Starting World War III?
« on: October 19, 2004, 06:48:00 PM »
George Bush - Do Not Start World War III (from New York Times 10 Oct 2004)

Over the past two years, Dr. Matthias Rath has consistently exposed the pharmaceutical industry as the largest corporate beneficiary of the war against Iraq and the “war against terror” led by the Bush administration.

Everything Dr. Rath has predicted has come true. For three years, these wars have effectively diverted public attention from the near collapse of the drug investment business brought about by the withdrawal of Bayer’s deadly cholesterol drug Baycol in August 2001. Now the withdrawal of Merck’s Vioxx has started the final meltdown of the trilliondollar drug business fraud.

In 2001, the collapse of the entire drug investment business was delayed by the occurrence of the 9/11 tragedy. Now nothing can delay its disintegration any longer - other than a catastrophe to dwarf the tragedy of 9/11.

The only option for the Bush regime to ensure the survival of the drug industry that brought it to power is to stage an international crisis or war involving weapons of ma** destruction.

With World War III being perhaps only days away, Dr. Rath again raises his voice to prevent it.

The world is on the brink of World War III. Never before in history has a war with weapons of ma** destruction been so likely than in the next few weeks. The greatest threat to trigger such a war does not come from a group of terrorists hidden in the Hindu Kush mountains. It comes from the Bush administration. For the next four weeks, no one anywhere in the world has a greater interest in an escalating international crisis and a new war than the Bush administration.

The Bush administration has a problem that it cannot solve in any other way: the imminent breakdown of the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry from an avalanche of product liability lawsuits.

Questions to George Bush
George Bush, you have to answer some urgent questions for the American people and the world:

Why do you protect an industry that is responsible for the deaths of millions of people in America?
Why do you divert billions of tax dollars a**igned to improve the health of your countrymen into the pockets of drug billionaires making their fortunes from the continuation of preventable diseases?
What will be your plan to avert the collapse of the drug industry after the Merck/Vioxx scandal?
Did you not learn in early August 2001 that the pharmaceutical giant Bayer had to withdraw its flagship drug Baycol because of its deadly side effects? Didn’t you know what everybody else did, that ruinous lawsuits were being filed against Bayer and other major drug companies?
And, in the middle of this crisis for the drug industry, on August 5, 2001, didn’t you receive the now infamous Presidential Daily Brief, “Bin Laden to Attack the United States”? Why did you decide to do nothing?
Why were the ongoing FBI investigations in Summer 2001 “blocked at the highest level”?
Were you deliberately allowing this tragedy to happen to create a media diversion to ensure the survival of the sinking pharmaceutical investment business?
With your conduct already exposed by the 9/11 Commission, what will the American people say now that they have learned about your motives?
With an even bigger threat now posed to the survival of the drug business, are you planning an even bigger scam than you pulled over 9/11?
Are you really ready to sacrifice the lives of millions of people in a world war launched in the interest of the pharmaceutical investment industry you represent?

The withdrawal of Merck’s Vioxx because of fatal side effects in potentially tens of thousands of patients is just the beginning. Almost all synthetic pharmaceutical drugs have life-threatening side effects, and their manufacturers will eventually have to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in damages to drug-injured patients and their families.

The cla** action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical industry will dwarf those brought against the tobacco industry for the harm cigarette smoking did to the health of millions of people and to the economies of entire states.

Already now, millions of patients across America have lost confidence in pharmaceutical drugs, and their doctors are asking urgent questions of the drug makers. The full scale of this imminent collapse is revealed by the following fact: According to the Journal of the American Medical a**ociation of April 15, 1998, the known deadly side effects from pharmaceutical drugs were then already the fourth leading cause of death in America.

Thousands of future lawsuits against drug makers will unmask the financial interest groups behind the pharmaceutical investment business. It will be found that the pharmaceutical industry is no health industry, but an investment business. Its business strategy is a giant fraud scheme: While it deceptively promises health to millions of people, the return on investment of this industry depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases. Vioxx is not the exception: it is the rule.

These lawsuits will also reveal that the financial interest groups behind this drug investment business have systematically sought to discredit and even outlaw effective and safe natural health therapies for one reason only: they are not patentable, and they threaten the pharmaceutical investment business based exclusively on patented synthetic drugs.

These lawsuits will open the eyes of the people of America and the entire world to the fact that for a century, millions of people in America and billions around the world have unnecessarily died for one reason only: the financial greed of the special interest groups that the Bush administration represents.

To make things worse, the pharmaceutical industry was the largest corporate sponsor of Bush’s presidential election campaign with a clear mandate: to protect it from product liability lawsuits at all costs. Under the deceptive cover of “medical liability reform” and hidden within the “Patriot Act,” the Bush administration tried to deliver this “survival kit” to the drug business. But the people of America did not fall for this unscrupulous plan.

Now the worst nightmare has come true for the Bush administration and the special interests it represents. Left without an umbrella of protectionist laws, the drug industry that has maintained diseases among millions of people for the financial gain of a few will finally be terminated by its victims.

Only in the shadow of a tragedy surpa**ing the horror of 9/11 by an order of magnitude can the Bush administration hold on to power - even without elections. And its first “martial law” will be a “drug maker survival kit,” protecting the drug cartel from patient lawsuits.

Instructions to George Bush
Here is what you will do, George Bush:

You will not risk another tragedy like 9/11 happening again to draw public attention away from the meltdown of the fraudulent “business with disease.”
You will distance yourself from the contingency plans of Attorney General John Ashcroft, who in July of this year already started preparing to cancel the November elections under the pretense of a so-called “emergency.” Your administration will not seize dictatorial power through a “coup d’etat” and without any democratic legitimation based solely on the dubious provisions of the Patriot Act.
You will instruct the FBI, the Homeland Security Office and other agencies in the United States not to trigger a crisis or panic the American people through open or covert actions.
You will instruct the CIA not to be involved in covert actions in other countries, triggering international crises or wars.
You will not attack Iran, North Korea or any other country with nuclear weapons or other weapons of ma** destruction under any pretense.
You will instruct your ally Ariel Sharon not to escalate the conflict in the Middle East into a regional war involving weapons of ma** destruction.
You will go to your history library and learn a lesson from 1933: Another ruler representing the giant drug and oil cartel IG Farben used the destruction by arson of the German parliament, the Reichstag, as a pretense to seize dictatorial power and to drag the entire world into World War II.
You will not start World War III as a smoke screen to prevent the demise of the fraudulent drug business. No one will suffer from its collapse. To the contrary, millions of lives will be saved by it.
After the November elections you will quietly pack your things from the White House and disappear to your ranch in Texas.There you will quietly remain until you and your administration are called to trial for violations of national and international law.
You will only reappear on the world stage when prosecuted before an International Criminal Court for the crimes against humanity committed by you and your administration.
The people of America and the world will not allow you and your administration to lead the world into a global disaster with millions of deaths.

With the exposure of your real motives through this public notice, your game is up. Even if you dare to pull the trigger, the entire world will be pointing at you.

Damn skippy, this is some major food for thought.

Peep the link to Dr Rath´s site.He´s got some more Open Letters:" TARGET="_blank">Dr Rath Open Letters

Hot Traxxx / Jigga Lucifer 9th Wonder Remix
« on: October 13, 2004, 08:55:00 AM »
Here´s a link to 2 remixes of The Lucifer track of Jigga man.Which u peeps think is better:The 9th Wonder remix of the Smiff remix?

I am guessing some of u heard these already, but for those that didnt, what thinketh u?Peep the link:" TARGET="_blank">9th Wonder & SMiff Jigga Remix Mp3´s

Much luv.

Hot Traxxx / Immortal Technique 2005 MIDDLE Pa**AGE LP
« on: October 13, 2004, 12:08:00 AM »
Babygrande Records is proud to announce to release upcoming Immortal Technique album

"This album is going to different from the Revolutionary series. Whereas Revolutionary Vol.2 was a response to the government influenced media coverage of terrorism and the addressing of several industry and hood issues, The Middle Pa**age is a more broad and more harsh approach. It is an album that will bring Technique back to the streets on which he started hustling and will have a wider variety of subject matter for people to feel," explained Immortal Technique from his Harlem, NY headquarters.

Immortal Technique´s Middle Pa**age LP will be released world-wide some time in 2005. Babygrande and Viper are also discussing the release of a DVD documentary about Immortal Technique´s life and experiences as a hip-hop artist.

Just thought I´d inform my peeps bout the man known as I.T.U can peep the more informative article at" TARGET="_blank">Immortal Technique´s new Album 2005

Much luv.

Media / Rosa Parks´ Dementia Can´t Stop Rap Suit Against
« on: September 23, 2004, 05:42:00 PM »
Recent article posted this month regarding the suit against Outkast and their Rosa Parks track from Aquemini:

Rosa Parks may have dementia, but she is still moving forward with her lawsuit against hip-hop heavyweights OutKast. Lawyers representing the famed civil-rights pioneer filed papers Monday naming the condition preventing her from testifying in her trademark and defamation dust-up with the Grammy-winning hip-hop act.

In July, Parks was ordered by a federal judge to comply with defense requests about why the 91-year-old claimed she could not testify. In August, Parks honored that ruling by asking her doctor to go ahead and open up her medical file. However, the exact nature of her condition, dementia, was not known publicly until this week. According to, dementia is defined as a group of symptoms, including memory loss and a decline in thinking skills, that is similar to Alzheimer´s.

Defense lawyers representing OutKast´s label, BMG (OutKast has officially been dropped as a defendant in the case), had asked to interview Parks to explain her claims of emotional and mental distress due to the rap group´s 1998 song "Rosa Parks." Now, Team OutKast will only be able to question Parks´ doctor, Joel Steinberg, about her dementia during a hearing in October. A trial is scheduled to start Jan. 10 in Detroit.

Parks originally filed her lawsuit against the hip-hop duo in 1999, accusing Big Boi and Andre 3000 and record company BMG of profiting off her moniker by appropriating it for the 1998 tune "Rosa Parks" and falsely suggesting the song was endorsed by her. The lawsuit was initially tossed out by a lower court, then reinstated. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the reinstatement.

Parks, who famously refused to give up her seat on an Alabama bus 49 years ago, wants her name removed from future versions of OutKast´s Aquemini album. Unless a settlement is reached, lawyers for BMG will have to convince a jury in Detroit, where legal proceedings have been creeping along for years now, that OutKast was not trying to profit off of Parks´ name with their hit song, which features the lyrics: "Ah-ha/Hush that fuss/Everybody move to the back of the bus."

I dont know why she had to sue them for the use of her name.Rosa Parks track was one tight track off of that Outkast album.I mean, they just basically giving more props to her.Also, the use of her name as the song title is so clever cause this would obviously prompt enquiring minds who were not too clued up on the Civil Rights movement and all, to find out who this Rosa Parks is/was and in so doing educate themselves on a very significant part of history.

Anyways, just my view on the above suit.Much luv.

General Discussion / Imagine Such a Fast PC for ur Studio....
« on: September 22, 2004, 07:25:00 PM »
Some trivial info and chatter which I found interesting.This is a post bout the 3-rd fastest pc in the world by a guy called Andrew Kantor in USA TODAY, this month:

Yesterday I stood inside what is probably the world´s third-most-powerful supercomputer - the Terascale Computing Facility at Virginia Tech. (I say "probably" because the testing won´t be done till next week - the Department of Defense is using it right now and can´t be interrupted.) It´s composed of 1100 Macintosh G5 computers running in parallel.

These aren´t your run-of-the-mill Macs; each sports a 2.3 GHz IBM PowerPC 970 processor, which isn´t available to the Little People. But before you Mac people start giving each other high-fives, you should know that the university didn´t say, "Hey, let´s make a supercomputer out of Macs." They were interested in that PowerPC processor, which IBM happened to sell to Apple for those Macs. (All right, one high-five is allowed.)

I was told this by Srinidhi Varadarajan, an a**istant professor of computer science who took me on a tour of the Brobdingnagian place. (Everyone pronounces his name "Serenity," which I´m sure is not quite accurate, but he doesn´t seem to mind. If I could say, "My computer´s more powerful than yours" to all but two people in the world, I wouldn´t care what people called me.) ´Scuse me while I whip this out.

Everything about the computer is big. The Macs themselves fill about six 40- or 50-foot rows of racks, each about seven feet high plus a monster cooling unit on top. (It was comfortably cool in there, but Srinidhi said that it would only take a matter of seconds to get into the 100s if the A/C cut out.) That A/C works with the same coolant used in your car, but the coolant is itself cooled by water - water pumped in at 750 gallons a minute. Think Alabama in the ´60s.

The supercomputer will not be winning the Jimmy Carter Energy Conservation Award: Its breaker panel can handle up to 1.5 megawatts of electricity, although the system only uses about a third of that. For comparison, if you have 200-amp service in your house, that´s 24,000 watts (200 amps x 120 volts). At 1.5 million watts, this has more than 60 times the capacity.

Monster computer, monster power, and monster backup: A room full of batteries gives the computer what Srinidhi called "the largest uninterruptible power supply in the State of Virginia." As a bonus, outside sits a 1.7 megawatt diesel generator that kicks in if the batteries run low. All that power powers a lot of power: The supercomputer can sustain 10 teraflops of computing, and actually perform significantly higher than that at its peak. For many of you, I realize, that means nothing. So a brief digression.

A flops is a "floating point operation per second" (note that the singular is "flops," not "flop"), and is one measure of computing power. The more flops you computer can perform, the faster it is. A nicely powerful home computer performs at a few gigaflops, that is, a few billion operations per second. So at more than 10 teraflops, Virginia Tech´s computer is about a thousand times faster.

And what, pray tell, is the purpose of all that power? You might think it´s a matter of boys being boys: Build the biggest, fastest, tallest, etc., just for the sake of it. And I think there´s some of that involved. But there´s a good use for all that power. Actually, several. But we need another digression to explain that. In theory, if you know enough about something now, you can figure out what it´s going to do later. So said Isaac Newton back in 1687 when he published The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (aka The Principia). In the early 1900s quantum mechanics came along and said, "Well, not exactly," but in general Newton´s laws hold up for the things we can see.

So if you know enough about, say, the weather at this moment, you can predict where it will be tomorrow. The problem is, it´s really, really hard to know enough; you bump into chaos theory. Chaos says, among other things, that tiny differences now turn into huge differences later. A difference in a fraction of a degree in temperature today can profoundly affect the weather in a week. (That´s the too-often-quoted butterfly effect: Whether or not a butterfly flaps its wings in China can determine whether it rains in New York. A butterfly played a similar but more dramatic role in Ray Bradbury´s cla**ic story "A Sound of Thunder," which I see has been made into a movie that looks to be a travesty of the story.) This is why it´s well-nigh impossible to predict the weather more than a few days in advance: No matter how much we know now, there are too many little things we don´t know that can change things dramatically - a degree here, a butterfly there. Still, the more information we have can work with, the more accurate our predictions can be. That´s where supercomputers come in.

As our tour was concluding, I asked Srinidhi something I always wondered: "What kind of interface does a supercomputer have? What operating system?" "Oh, it´s Mac OSX," he said. (In other words, it´s a version of Unix. So the most powerful computer in academia has as it desktop the same screen someone buying a Mac in Circuit City has? "Exactly," he said. But, he pointed out, "we turn off the graphical interface so you have a nice command line."

The End.

Useless drivel?Maybe, but interesting nonetheless. But just imagine over 1000 Mac G5´s as ur heart and soul of ur studio, interconnected to process any operation ur busy with in split seconds.Chills I say, str8 chills.Recording, producing, mixing, mastering........a dream.Just so darn big, but dreamy nonetheless.

Much luv.

Producers - Discussion / 9th Wonder - Interesting Interview and Perspectives
« on: September 13, 2004, 11:43:00 PM »
Hi All

Found this interview which was done earlier this year with 9th Wonder.Give good look into the man and his views and thoughts, also regarding Fruity.Check it out.

9th Wonder: Changing The Game
By Jigsaw

Few people fully understand how 9th Wonder changed the game for producers. In 2003, he created one of the most fan-friendly trends, remixing entire albums. He took Nas’ God’s Son and revamped it into God’s Stepson. Since, a slew of others have followed suit, with largely favorable results.

His work with his crew Little Brother was a throwback to the great producers like Pete Rock or Marley Marl, those beatmaestros that held down entire albums. talked with the 28-year-old prodigy that went from Little Brother to Big Jigga in one summer. What made you start doing these remixes, especially the Jay-Z project?

9th Wonder: They were releasing the Black Album acapella anyway, and I know nobody was going to expect me to do it since I did God´s Stepson. But cats don´t understand is one of the main reasons I did God´s Step Son was not only because it was acapella, but because I really wanted a chance. When you remixing somebody´s joint it feels like your working with that person. Everybody is going to want to know what I did to it. I got my dream.

AllHipHop: To actually be on the album?

9th: Yeah and also I got the chance to work with him and not just that, but on one of the most historical albums ever, The Black Album, his last album. I got my dream shot. Other than me there were three cats that did Step Son or did a Nas record. I´d rather just sit back and watch cats do whatever and jump on it. It´s like when 50 Cent came out with a mixtape just talking, remixing other peoples songs. How many you know were coming out doing that?

AllHipHop: The mixtape thing is getting real old now.

9th: Exactly. I´m waiting to see who puts out what and then I´ll put out a joint, but I´m not really pressing it.

AllHipHop: I heard you were the first one doing it remixes like this.

9th: Yea I did it first, then Soul Supreme did Soulmatic and then MF Doom did Nastradoomus. Then this other cat did Hova´s Son and took all of Nas´ acapella´s and put them over Jay-Z beats, which I never heard before. I guess it´s something I started, remixing old records. For a long time, cats would put acapellas over beats and keep it for themselves. Me? I put it out there.

AllHipHop: So what´s Little Brother up to, anything new?

9th: Well we´re trying to get a deal with a major, we´re in the works of doing that. We´re working on a new record, trying to get guest appearances and hope everybody will be surprised as to who our guest appearances will be.

AllHipHop: On the album?

9th: Yea, we´re trying to raise this backpacking group. Outside of that whole label, rap is rap. And there is dope music and there´s wack music, that´s how it goes. We are trying to find dope MC´s whether it be from the underground or Louisiana. It don´t matter, dope songs are dope songs. But that´s what we´re trying to do now and hopefully the Jay-Z thing will help us out.

AllHipHop: A lot of people call you the new Pete Rock.

9th: Yea. It´s like this, you always know that cat that you grew up with or went to school with that had the nice ride? They had this they had that. But Didn´t really have to say nothing to no girls, didn´t have to develop a personality or talk game? I quote, "It´s the same way with music." So all these cats that got all this stuff, but no feeling of Hip-Hop music in their soul, their music is garbage. On the other hand the cats who ain´t blessed with all that, as far as equipment, they take what they have and flip it. That´s why Pete Rock is the master of the SP 1200, because it´s 12 seconds of sampling time but he takes that 12 seconds and flips it. You know what I´m saying?

AllHipHop: Yeah.

9th: So all that big studio and all that that doesn´t impress me. I´m really concerned with what´s coming out of it. Your finished result. It´s nice to have a cool setting, but what´s the point of having all that if you can´t work it?

AllHipHop: My brother still has the ASR10. It´s not really the equipment, it´s you.

9th: Kanye uses the ASR10 man. I mean make n*ggas change and do what your doing, don´t follow so much. A lot of people came down on me like, why do you use fruity loops? I ain´t have a choice. I did this beat for Jay-Z in the studio from my laptop. He listened to like 29 of my beats, but he didn´t choose any off that CD. I guess he was seeing if I was good enough for the job. So I did it in like 20 minutes and he was like man, I haven´t never seen nothing like this before.

AllHipHop: So you were right there in Jay-Z´s face making a beat?

9th: Well he was in and out, but he told me what he wanted me to do, because he gave me a idea for a song, that´s why when you read the credits it says "Produced by 9th Wonder for The Planet" and at the end it says "and Jay-Z." He gave me the idea to chop the song up, but I was like give me 20 minutes and put it on Pro Tools. It´s just the fact that you got to change the game. It´s my way of changing the game, because I ain´t about to learn no machines. For what? I made it this far, why should I change.?

AllHipHop: Well going to a major the stakes get even higher. How do you feel about taking it to the next level? Your going to have budgets and videos, but the bottom line is the money.

9th: Who you are before you get signed is who your going to be regardless. Some people get signed and they change, become a better person because they might have been a terrible person when they were young, but they learned over the years it´s not the way to be. But one thing I can say about myself and the rest, we country boys man. One thing you notice about down south period, like my man Phonte says, "There´s a lot of honesty in our music. And there´s honesty in our souls." Our parents raised us different. Our parents raised us on southern Religion as opposed to up North, where its not really a big thing. We approach life a totally different way and we just want to do records and get paid for it and do the best we can do. I´m really not afraid of budgets and this and that, our number one goal is to make everyone else´s records sound terrible. That´s our number one goal. Like "our record is dope, but you hear that Lil Brother record?"

AllHipHop: You guys are really different from the majority, like the south is known for getting crunk and wildin out, how do they feel about ya´ll down south?

9th: Well being that we don´t have a video and we´re not on BET nine times a day, a lot of people don´t know that we´re from here. I´m in North Carolina and a lot of people here don´t know that there´s someone born and raised in North Carolina who´s on a Jay-Z record, because everybody relies on TV and Radio so much. A lot of people don´t know who we are here. One thing I do know about the south is that when cat´s find out that your from here they´ll support you.

AllHipHop: So who else are you producing? Are you having any new people hitting you up for you to do stuff for them?

9th: Just cats in the Justus League. The industry isn´t about taking a whole bunch of risks. Once they see the success of Lil Brother it´s going to flip the industry upside down. We already the talk of labels. Everybody´s like "who are these cats, where do they come from?" They got this unique sound but they can´t put us in the box. It´s not soul or Underground so what is it? And they are trying too much to put us in a box instead of putting us out there. I definitely got a wish list of who I want to work with.

AllHipHop: Who´s that?

9th: Ghostface, Faith and Usher because they make dope songs and their albums are very dope. Mobb Deep. Just cats like that because we´re second generation rap stars, so it´s like all the people I want to work with have either been out for a long time or I´ve been a fan of their music for so long and I really want to work with them. Now I want to do something with Nas.

AllHipHop: You never heard back from that did you?

9th: Nah.

AllHipHop: He had to have heard it.

9th: Yeah he got it! So hopefully he heard it and will call me up.

AllHipHop: He got to because truth be told your version was better than his.

9th: Well a lot of people wouldn´t believe that, but there are a lot of these cats that are learning. And a real underground cat is just as bad as a cat you hear on the radio all day. I´ve gotten from underground cats "oh you worked with Jay? Man I don´t know if that was a good idea." What do you mean? They just started listening to rap and now all of a sudden they want to tell us how to think and we all 26.27.28 years old and we know what time it is.

AllHipHop: I just talked to Pete Rock and he said he´s the Band-Aid to Hip-Hop. Do you feel similar to that? I consider myself an 80´s cat, so when I see cats now I don´t see much in them. Even artists I love, I always compare them to a G Rap or Kane.

9th: It´s not much there. Them n*ggas made money but it was a certain integrity there and cats don´t have integrity anymore. It´s just like the Jedi. In order to be a Jedi, you got to know how a Jedi walks and talks. With Pete Rock and DJ Premiere they speak at interviews but when it comes to performing they don´t talk a lot. They speak with their music. Now if you´re a producer that can rhyme that´s a little something different like a JD or Kanye West. Even still producers are supposed to be the humble cats that sit down and chill but when you hear that beat you´re like wow. They supposed to be that and a lot of those cats they don´t understand. It´s just the generation destroying the game, like you see they got closed minded, and cats that sit and watch 106 everyday and feel the only thing that exists in rap music is the countdown. There´s so many that know better and those are cats that need to fix the game. People try to switch up Jay-Z´s perception, like they think he don´t care about the culture. That´s crap. He did in a month that some cats that claim they can rhyme and all that can´t do in seven months. To put together they album and make it sound good in a month, what rapper you know can do that? I don´t know any rapper that can do that. All they see is he on TV with all these girls.

AllHipHop: How old are you?

9th: I´m 28, the beginning of 93, Illmatic, Doggystyle, all that was the corner stone of hip-hop in that year in a half span. I stayed broke; I bought new albums all the time.

AllHipHop: Sometimes I blame the older heads too because they don´t teach them anything about those times.

9th: It´s really hard to teach. You can´t really can´t teach a group of cats unless you get somebody to come speak, if they see the pa**ion on your face they´ll understand. In my CD case I had Ghetto boys, NWA, 3rd Ba**, all at the same time, but cats feel you either got to be all down south or underground.


Much luv.Keep it all good.

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