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Horror Writers Wanted!


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Just checked this plea for Horror Writers for a new publication and thought there should be some sick minds roaming around here.Worth a look into:

Writers, Artists - Something Wicked

Something Wicked is a new Horror quarterly publication showcasing the talents of local horror writers and artists, (in the tradition of such magazine greats as Scary Tales, Cemetary Dance, Weird Tales and CreepShow).

Launching Spring 2006, Something Wicked will bring you the best horror fiction and art from the best new authors and artists .
The magazine will also feature Movie, Book and Game reviews along with non-fiction articles about the genre.

If you are interested in submitting stories, art, articles or reviews for publishing please have a look at our webiste to read our Submission Guidelines and rates.

A Love of Horror fiction or art.

City: Anywhere
Type: Temporary
Benefits: Check website for rates

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shit son i dodnt have to tell a story all
i have to do is spit what actually happens in my life


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Where's syn at? This sounds right up his alley.
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:twisted:  :twisted:
live on the lunch table
Touched fables
Ducked labels
cafeter one heat em live for the terrordome stables
Signed to Rawkus
I'd rather be mouth f***ed by Nazis unconscious