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step up to grip da pen (who wanna battle?)


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some rulz
5-8 bars (i.e. 10-16 lines)
no biting
no feeding
no hating
no dick riding


  • Do u still know da Goblin is Green smokin dat Hybrid?Same mutha fuka witout Batting an eyelid!
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This cat is wack man he needs to get his amp on/
his style is so pussy his logo should be a tampon/
My flows to the letter all i needs to put a stamp on/
Bring your champ on and watch him get tramped on/
I stand my ground meaning i don't get camped on/
I'm a severe sort sea-saw wit sick synergies/
A savage spitting synonyms that won't show no sympathy/
I'm a para-normal author...I do write books
I do right hooks...Wateva i mite do like crooks


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Quote from: "Deuce'sScoundral"

no hating
no dick riding

...that means the end of AG kno this right?
quot;Life's a bitch and drugs don't work!"


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chuckle. funny saskia :wink:
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